Gang Of Four (Part - 14)

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Gang of Four (Part - 14) Final Episode.

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He was sitting dejected after calling Surbhi because he didn't want any relationship with her as it had affected their years old friendship.He didn't know what to do next, he sat there for hours in this condition when suddenly he heard Surbhi's voice." Arjun!" He was surprised to see her because he was not expecting her there.

" Surbhi! how you came here.?" " They bring me there." She pointed on a spot where Ejaz,Rajeev and Raghav were standing. They were all clean shaved." Where are your stubble?" " I hate that unclean stubble which is coming in the way of my friend's happiness." Raghav said putting his hand on his shoulder, " You sacrificed your love for us then why can not we remove our stubble for your happiness", he added. Ejaz than told him that they knew about Surbhi and him from the day he met her in coffee shop because they were following him to clear their doubts.

" Actually we have planned all this to trap both of you and in doing this we have also discovered that clean shaven look always bowled over girls as girls passed smiles to us." They all laughed. " Now! both of you should plan for your marriage." " My parents will not object to that," said Arjun blushing." But I have a problem to tell," " What?" Everybody spoke in unison." Being an army man my father wants me to marry a boy with long mustache." " Gang of four is together mam, we will plan for that also." Arjun said with proud.

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Gang Of Four (Part - 13)

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Gang of Four (Part - 13)

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Arjun called Surbhi and told her about that incident. He started crying on the phone. She consoled him," Arjun don't cry please everything will be all right. You go and talk to them,they will understand." " I think you are right." He went first to Ejaz who said"Arjun I hate that unclean stubble and this competition is a life time opportunity. You know yaar how much I love singing. Raghav needs to think what he wants our friendship or that stubble." Rajeev also gave the same response.

He decided to meet Raghav and compel him to remove that stubble." Arjun I don't want to talk about them,they have changed for worse." " Raghav you said once that we are not bad boys but now you are behaving like one." Raghav didn't listen his any argument ,Arjun then decided to tell him about Surbhi and their planning to make them shave so that they could accept Surbhi in his life. He revealed his planning to Raghav," Now I understand Arjun it was you who were against those oaths. You didn't want this friendship of ours to last long and that to for a girl shame on you Arjun." 

Raghav called Rajeev and Ejaz and told them what Arjun had did to their friendship.They also blamed him for playing with their emotions." I am shocked by your behavior. That girl is against that stubble and you instead of leaving her decided to take advantage of our weaknesses shame on you." Rajeev reminded him that he left Nidhi for their friendship and that he should also behaved in that way." She didn't want our friendship to break. She did all this for our happiness." They didn't listen him, he was again alone, this time with burden of their broken friendship.

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Gang Of Four ( Part - 12)

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Gang of Four (Part - 12)

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Ejaz's entry was fixed by Surbhi but he got selected of his singing capabilities. Judges praised his voice quality. He became one of the top 15 contestant who were going to perform in front of live audience. Arjun and Ejaz came out excitedly to give this news to Rajeev but he was not there,his phone was also switched off.

They immediately took auto to their home and reached favorite destination of their gang where they met daily. Rajeev and Raghav were already present there,they were arguing about their childhood oaths." Raghav none of us exactly knew why we take such oaths then what is fun in carrying their burden on our shoulders." " But Rajeev it's our ideals and virtue which decides our character, how can we leave them." Raghav didn't want any argument in this issue, but Rajeev was determined to break those oaths." Boys of our age looks much younger than us ,they all have girls while girls rejected us by saying 'I hate that unclean stubble' what are we trying to gain from this Raghav."

" Now I understand it's about girls, you want girls not our friendship." Ejaz also entered into the argument by supporting Rajeev he too wanted to release himself from the burden of those oaths. Soon this argument turned into a fierce one. Arjun tried to stop them but all his efforts were in vain and then happened the thing for which Arjun was hiding about Surbhi all of them decided to take their own way. They were free from oaths, years of friendship was ended in few minutes. Arjun blamed himself for all this standing alone on their favorite spot.

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Gang Of Four (Part - 11)

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Gang of Four (Part - 11)

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Everything was going according to the plan. Ejaz was going to the auditions with stubble his clean shaven look bowled over many girls of his area. He became a changed person,his family and neighbors were shocked to see him in this avatar. Rajeev's meeting with Nidhi was also fixed. She met him at the gate of audition site," Hi! Rajeev", " Oh ! Nidhi ! Hi! How are you?" Arjun noticed Surbhi standing at the other side of road. Nidhi pointed out clean shave face of Ejaz ," Oh! He is clean shave, those oaths are over Rajeev?"

Rajeev was puzzled at this question,he didn't know what to say, Arjun and Ejaz left them to talk alone." Nidhi can we talk for sometime." " Ya Sure!" They went to a nearby restaurant ,Rajeev explained that Ejaz shaved for auditions only." It means our relation was not strong enough that you can shave for me", Nidhi asked in anger. Rajeev pacified her by saying that he liked her and wanted to be her friend." But you know that I hate that unclean stubble and it's not much I am asking in our relationship."

" I will discuss the matter with my friends Nidhi" , " then meet me after that when you decide something." She left him alone to think about his stubble. He asked to himself that what was the need of this stubble when they were required to curb their desires. " Now it's time to take some tough decision. I will talk to the gang." He hit the table with his fist and leaved the restaurant.

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Gang Of Four (Part - 10)

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Gang of Four (Part - 10)

Arjun's suggestion to get shaving done by all raised some suspicion in Raghav. He took him aside," Arjun what's the matter you have changed since you came from your cousin's marriage, emphasizing on shaving," " nothing have changed,it was just a suggestion." Arjun somehow changed the topic and went to barber's shop with Ejaz .

" Rajeev don't you think Arjun is looking different in his behavior since his arrival from his cousin's wedding." " No! I don't think so." " Is this possible that he liked some girl there?" " What do you mean?" " I mean he shaved there,his clean shaven look bowled her over, he also started liking her and perhaps she is insisting him to remain clean shave and he now stay busy on phone also." " You are watching CID from 16 years you are thinking like ACP Pradhyuman, don't you think he will never hide something from us,this is not expected from him." " But Dost ( friend), when the matter is concerned with women unexpected always happens."

On the other hand Surbhi met that girl loved by Rajeev alone as Arjun was helping in Ejaz's preparations. Her name was Nidhi, Surbhi convinced her that Rajeev loved her but maintaining a distance only because of their gang of four. She planned their surprise meeting at audition site where Raghav was not going with his friends. Nidhi was ready as she was also interested in Rajeev he was his type of person,she still remembered the pleasant time she spent with him.

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Vote For India With Social Mobile Apps

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Vote For India With Social Mobile Apps

'AAP Effect' in Delhi assembly elections of 2013 is no longer a secret. They won 28 seats there,not only that they have their presence felt all over the country with online campaigns through Facebook and other social networking sites. Narender Modi's social media management remains an issue with his opposers who criticize him for spending huge amount of money in that but his followers on twitter,Facebook ,his blog are enough to calculate the effect of his social media management,these are the people who might provide numbers in his rallies.Congress's top leader always maintains a distance with social media which created their distance with the masses.

Today whether it's a new product launch,a film promotion or even promotions of one's self the first medium which comes in mind is social media like Facebook,and twitter, these sites are easily accessible through their  mobile apps which is further increasing their reach. Other mobile apps like Whats App, We Chat, Line,etc are also gaining popularity because they are free and easy to use.

Owing to their mass usage and easy accessibility these apps can become a good source to spread any message of concern to the nation like in mobilizing the youth to vote. App like We Chat which introduces interesting emoticons on various occasions ( Sachin Tendulkar's Farewell, Dhoom - 3 promotional Aamir Khan's emoticons,Varun and Parineeti's emoticon,etc.) has a great connect with the youth, emoticons to encourage people to vote will surely help in spreading the word. Official accounts of superstars,organisations such as election commission,politician,famous celebrities,etc if promote any cause its effect will be more than any other way of promotion.

Group culture of these apps offer a very good platform for discussion about various issues among group members,it will remove misconceptions in some cases regarding some issues,an individual can also clear his doubts about any candidate or party by putting it forward in group discussions. Opinion sharing can become a useful weapon to inspire to vote.

We can inspire others to vote by sharing images of people at polling stations,images of ink mark on our own fingers and news of voting percentages. I have tried this in assembly elections of Delhi,sharing image of my ink mark on various groups in social mobile apps which boosted my friends to vote. If fake videos can result in communal violence by mobilizing people to fight than why not the good videos can mobilize the youth to do good and to vote for their better future. When one see a video of an elderly person going to vote or a physically challenged person or an ill person his/her confidence increases and this will definitely compel them to vote.

Today's time is the time of marketing, how you present yourselves and in what frequency determines the rate of success. If we see any social message,a picture,a person or a thing again and again chances for us to forget that thing,that date or that message becomes negligible. Take example of the movie Ra.One for instance out of the box marketing by Shah Rukh Khan helped in gaining profit from otherwise crashed project. Social mobile apps just plays the same role they let you not to forget important dates,important events,etc.

There are more than 160 Loksabha seats in India where social mobile apps user surpasses the total number of voters in that area according to the survey conducted by IRIS Knowledge Foundation and Internet and Mobile association of India that means campaigning through this medium could swing the results in any body's favor. Mobile phone subscribers in India have reached 875.48 million as of Oct. 2013 out of which close to 400 million are smart phone users. I think this data is enough to show the potential of this platform.

Information of polling stations, manifesto of political parties, criminal background of any candidate, portfolio of your areas candidate,works done by sitting M.P.etc, all can be shared and made public through social mobile apps. These apps actually reaches to the voter, so their role in mobilizing them to vote in coming General Elections of 2014 can never be underestimated.

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Gang Of Four (Part - 9)

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Gang of Four (Part - 9)

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Surbhi called the organizers of that singing competition to call Ejaz for audition and to tell him that they required their contestant to be clean shave. " That's interesting Surbhi," Arjun laughed." This condition will confuse him,he is getting a chance of a lifetime on a condition difficult for him. We have to see now how he resort to I hate that unclean stubble for this competition." He then bid adieu to Surbhi because his absence from his gang would increase their doubts.

When he reached the gang they were already discussing about that phone call received by Ejaz. He was thinking that someone had played a prank on him and he was sure that it was Arjun as he was not there. " Come Mr. prankster." " Me prankster! what are you talking about Ejaz." He told him about that phone call for competition auditions." I haven't made that call,if you have doubt call them, moreover you are getting a chance to showcase your talent."

" I think you are right." Ejaz searched the Internet for that competition," Yaar this is real competition,but I never called them." " Take care of the fruit my friend don't count the seeds." Arjun encouraged him, others also supported. After calling the organizers they were sure that it was not a fake call. Ejaz was ready to go to auditions,it was his turn to remove those facial hairs first time." Why not we all get a shave?" Arjun's idea was declined by all.

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Gang Of Four (Part - 8)

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Gang of Four (Part - 8)

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After three days they met in a coffee shop,they talked on phone several times after Anjali's wedding but joy of seeing each other in love is inexplicable. They just sat in silence for few minutes looking in each other's eyes holding their hands. Arjun spoke to break that silence," I haven't told about you to my friends yet.Perhaps they have started doubting my behavior" ," Hmm! we have to work quickly on our mission to change their mind from I love that stubble to I hate that unclean stubble."

" Yes I have something to say on this topic,this is very much possible." " How Arjun?" Arjun explained her that he felt each of them had desires to flaunt a clean shaven look like other boys of their age but none of them wanted to admit it openly." Have you met that girl Rajeev used to love?" " No not yet." She took number of that girl from Arjun and talked to her. " She is ready to meet us tomorrow ,we can then tell her the situation." " I think that will be fine."

"One thing more Surbhi! I think Ejaz wants to be a singer but curbs his desire because all of us wants to do MBA."" Then let's make him a singer." She told him about auditions of a singing competition running in city ,she said that her father knew the organisers and she could arrange direct entry for Ejaz. " Think something for Raghav  Surbhi ,he is the one who is the most rigid about his beard and mustache."

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Dhruv never thought in his lifetime that a day would come when he was spying on his wife.But he couldn't ignore those charges levied on her by his neighbors that an unknown person visited his house in his absence, sometimes they also went to roam in the city markets. He never ever responded to their allegations because Tara's behavior with him never changed.. It was an arrange marriage but Tara was always happy with it,he didn't know what's the reason for this betrayal.

He thought that if she was happier with the other man than with him he would left her for him. One day he decided to came back early from office to caught her red handed. He opened the door with duplicate keys he had with himself ,some voices were coming out from the bedroom,he was a little hesitate to move ahead as he didn't want to break the delusion that they were among the happiest couple in the world. He moved forward to open the bedroom door,she was in a compromising position with that man.

He quietly closed the door as she didn't notice his coming. He smiled as he came out of the house because he got the reason to divorce her. She was always happy with the marriage but he was not because he loved someone else. It was he who hired a detective to plan against her wife,she was trapped now,he already had those pictures of her from the detective. If he gave the divorce before he would have to give his half property to her, these allegations would do the magic now. He called his lawyer to file a divorce.

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Gang Of Four (Part - 7)

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Gang of Four (Part - 7)

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She said to Arjun that they should lure his friends to break some conditions of their oaths by targeting their respective weaknesses so that they could except his friendship with her and allow to stay him shaved. " It is not that I hate that unclean stubble but when you look handsome without those hairs on your face then what is the reason for this stubble.Is this to give you a hard image?" Arjun was unable to answer that ,he didn't know himself what made them to take such oaths. It might be a decision arose from some situations at that age which gain its value when repeated many times in all these years. 

" Marriage functions will be over tomorrow so we should meet after that to decide on our plan of action." " OK! I think that will be fine Surbhi." Arjun told that he think Rajeev was in favor of clean shaven look because a girl rejected him once for his stubble look for other friends he had to dig them inside. " Surbhi can I ask you something? " Yes!" " Why are you doing this for me? I am sure so many boys are behind you." " You are right but I like your simplicity,moreover I don't want you to lose your friends for me because I don't have friends."

" I remained without any friends since my childhood because of my father's regular transfers. It's only after his retirement three years back that I got a friend like Anjali and through her I got you with whom I can think." She stopped in between," I can think what?" " Nothing." She blushed.

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Gang Of Four ( Part - 6)

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Gang of Four ( Part - 6)

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He was sitting sad in his room when someone called him because the baraat has come. There was noise all around with the joy of wedding,groom's friend and relatives were dancing as if they have gone mad,Arjun saw that Surbhi has also joined them in their dancing. He thought to join her too but how after that blunder he has done.

After welcoming the guests everyone was enjoying food except Arjun who was sitting alone in that crowd thinking about how to face her again." Hi Arjun!" Surbhi came and sat near him. " H.. Hi! I...I.. am sorry Surbhi"," Why?" " because I said that I love you, Oops I said it again,I.. am " ,She put her finger on his lips," Stop Arjun I also love you I was just surprised by your sudden reaction." " Your touch made me behave in that way." " Actually your clean shaven looked bowled me over,you are looking more handsome now. Why you kept that stubble look when you look better that way." It's time now for him to face the moment of truth. Time to tell about his friends and their oaths to Surbhi.

" Surbhi I wants to tell you something," Arjun told her about his friends and their oaths of not to shave,not to have best friends outside their group,etc." That means our friendship,our love ends here with Anjali's marriage." " No! Surbhi, I love you, we have to find a solution to that problem." Arjun was in a fix, he didn't want to leave Surbhi but he couldn't leave his friends either." I think I have an idea," Surbhi smiled.

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Gifts For Life

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Gifts For Life

HDFC Life's initiative to collect 1001 gift ideas for children give me a chance to think about this topic. Since I am not married and I don't have children I may think differently on this topic but on the other hand children of my brother and sisters who are fond of me may make me think like a parent itself.

A child's requirement changes with age and at each period of his/her age there are few things which parents wants to be constant. It is not an easy task and one has to plan these things early. Things will be very different after 10 to 15 years from now,that's why gift for futures which you are planning should also be different and unique. Below I am mentioning five gifts which I think I should give a child or a child should have to have a secure future:

1. An education policy which would be helpful in the future when education will be costlier from now and that investment for future should not burden your present budget. That means a policy with low premium and high returns like those offered by HDFC SL youngstar plans.

2. Environment to grow to one's total capability. An environment in home where there is no quarrel between parents which has very adverse effect on a child's growth. Positive environment in society specially for a girl child where girl should not considered as a burden but equal to a boy. An environment where safety is ensured for both girls and boys. This would be the best gift for today's child.

3.Opportunities for all. This is the gift which each generation demands after attaining their youth. Quality higher studies became useless when one doesn't get a job of his/her choice not because they are not capable but because there are no opportunities to show their capability. An assure opportunity regardless to cast,region,religion and gender will surely be a wonderful gift.

4.Independent you. This means that one should be self sustainable at an older age or on that stage when a child starts earning so that he/she may not feel burden to take care of your financial requirements during his's/her's struggling days in their respective career. Children have to take care of their parents but they should not burdened at onset of their earning life. Your happiness is also a gift for your child.

5.Healthy youth. Healthy youth starts from a healthy childhood. Eating habits developed earlier in life follows you throughout in your life. It's parents duty to give healthy and nutritious food to their children. No gift is better than a healthy body and as you prepare for every future requirements of your child right from its birth similarly for good health you have to start early. Investment in health will return you with health.

Above all a child needs lots of love at every stage,give them so much of your love so that they think every day of their life a beautiful gift from god instead of cursing themselves and their destiny for not having a desired life.

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Gang Of Four (Part - 5)

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Gang of Four (Part - 5)

With arrival of Surbhi,Arjun's interest in his sister's marriage increased a lot. He looked for chances to help Surbhi. She also liked his company,he was a reserved kind of boy but not a boring one. Two of them started talking about each other in only a day,this was also the day when Arjun forgot to call his friends. Two days passed all pre-marriage ceremonies were over. In these two days Arjun almost spent all his time with Surbhi sometimes helping her in arranging things for Anjali and sometimes by just sitting and talking to her.

The day of marriage arrived,the day Arjun promised his parents to shave. This was going to be his first shave,that's why he didn't want to risk by shaving with own hands. He went to the barber which was called to shave all relatives for this day. He was first to sit on his chair. After shaving he was surprised to see himself in mirror." Yaar! That's looks nice." As he went outside that room,he saw Surbhi coming from her room,she was looking stunning in that purple lehnga . She didn't recognize him in first glance," Arjun! It's you!" she enquired when saw again. His clean shaven look bowled her over. " You look so handsome like that." She touched his face first time in these days.

Her touch was electrifying,he went somewhere else and uttered those three magical words in a moment," I love you,Surbhi." She looked here and there and ran away. "Oh! My God what I just said," he hit his hand on his head,"How stupid I am?"  

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Do Not Disturb

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Do Not Disturb

After the inauguration of new car factory board members decided to have a drink session in board room to celebrate this new venture. " Do not disturb us and don't let any body in." Mr. Mehra told his secretory. He also ordered security guard to be at board room's gate so that nobody try to peep inside or hear anything as group of girls were also invited for fun and entertainment of board members.

This was time for celebration for them,they have faced so many difficulties in getting this land which belongs to farmers. Millions of rupees were distributed among politicians and bureaucrats in bribes to make changes in the paper that saved their other millions they need to pay to farmers as compensation. Farmers protested but they have money and when you throw money state protects you,police ensures that you need not to say Do not disturb instead they let you to disturb others.

No board member came out of room till midnight,it was then security guard opened the door to look inside. He was shocked to see that all board members were down on ground in the pool of blood. Those girls were also not there. He immediately called the police.

Police investigations revealed that shootout was performed by farmers who came disguised as girls to take revenge of occupying their lands illegally. They used silencers to fire the bullet. Guard said that he heard some noises but ignored because he was ordered ' Do not disturb.'

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Gang Of Four ( Part - 4)

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Gang of Four ( Part - 4)

He saw Surbhi coming inside the resort gate dancing with the band,she was laughing,she was singing enjoying every moment to the fullest. He was awestruck to see her beauty,her charm raised in his head so much that the noise of the surroundings became silent,crowd of people became invisible,he was experiencing a filmy situation where no body was present except him and her. She was his type,she was the one who had made his world upside down. He walked towards her in illusion which was broken by the sound of cracker busted near his right foot. He lost his balance and fail down on the ground. 

Surbhi stopped her dancing ,she signalled the band to stop and ran towards him like others present there. He became bit unconscious with fall on ground as well as by falling in love. They took him to a room , his father put water on his face." Where am I ?" " You are here only Arjun,what happened?" " Nothing Dad nothing!" When all other and his father left the room, he saw Surbhi coming inside that room." How are you?" " I am fine now." " I am sorry,perhaps you didn't notice that cracker because of my fantastic dancing." He smiled," Yes,you dance very well, I lost my senses because of that." She laughed loudly and introduced herself." I am Surbhi,I am Anjali's friend,I think you are her cousin."

" Yes,my name is Arjun." " Let's be friends and now forget all worries of a cousin's wedding ,I am here now you look for yourself." He was praying inside that she should not utter,I hate that unclean stubble,he loved her these words could make him think otherwise." OK! rest for now will meet tomorrow." Those words came as a relief to him. " I think she also likes me." He slept in hope to be her good friend soon.

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Gang of Four:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Gang Of Four ( Part - 3)

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Gang of Four (Part - 3)

That was a luxurious wedding with a seven-day long functions including mehndi(henna),haldi ( where turmeric along with some herbs were applied to bride's face and body) and music ceremony. A resort was booked for the occasions where Arjun also stayed with his family. Indian weddings are also a place for arranging marriages of other bachelors in family. Arjun's mother indicated him that they were looking for a girl for him and if he liked someone from these beautiful girls present around he should tell them.

Marriage and that too arranged he was not in its favor but girls moving close to him were really beautiful and he was surely looking at them with some other cousins. He didn't know what type of girl he wanted ," my friend she must be different they are not my types," " but what is your type brother," " that I don't know ,she should make me forget everything else in the world, exactly her appearance I don't know.But yes she should like my appearance instead of saying I hate that unclean stubble she should prefer that smart stubble."

While they were still discussing about girls standing near bride's room to see her beautiful friends they heard sound of drums from below.They ran downstairs to see what was happening. Suddenly songs also start playing ," what is going on Dharm" Arjun asked bride's brother," I think Surbhi has come." " Who Surbhi?" " Surbhi is Anjali sis's best friend,now there will be some Dhoom."

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Gang of Four :  Part 1, Part 2

Gang Of Four (Part - 2)

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Gang of Four (Part - 2)

Arjun,Rajeev, Raghav and Ejaz avoided any family gathering outside the town (like relative's wedding,birthdays,funerals,etc.) only because they wouldn't want to be separated from each other's company. If necessary all of them go there together. Their families sometimes get worried about them for the thought that what would happen if they didn't get jobs in same company,what would be their behavior after their marriages but then they have their faith in time. Time will change their thinking.

One day Arjun's parents told him about marriage of his cousin sister." You have to come with us and there is a very strict guest list you can't bring your friends their." " But dad I don't want to go their and without my friends it's impossible." No further argument on this topic. You are coming without your friends properly shaved,I hate that unclean stubble.Your elder brother looks more younger than you." He protested but all in vain. 

He discussed that problem with his friends who advised him to go with family. " But I will not change this stubble look." " Do what your father says we are not bad boys." said Ejaz. " That beard and mustache is our own property we can grow it any time we wants," added Raghav. " Ok but I will shave only once there on the day of arrival of baraat." " That's not a problem." After two days he went to the wedding.

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Gang Of Four ( Part - 1 )

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Gang of Four( Part - 1)

Arjun,Deepak, Ejaz and Raghav were childhood buddies. They attended same school and were studying in same college. They were like one soul in four bodies.Their bond of friendship got a new name in college the Gang of Four. They have some conditions attached to their friendship since their school days like not to date the same girl, to choose similar stream in high school regardless to family pressure,to have a stubble look throughout their life, always to attend each other's phone even if busy,to not have best friends from outside the group,to not hide any family problem from each other,etc.etc.

Their stubble look gave them an identity of their own. They sometimes look identical to each other owing to their same heights, body shapes and with that mustache and beard style. Their bond of friendship also gave them a reputation in their locality and college but there was a drawback of this. Girls avoided to have friendship with them first because of their closeness and second because most girls like a clean shaven look,they refused them by saying ," I hate that unclean stubble." Sometimes they thought to change their style but how can they forget their oath they took in class six.

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16th December 2012

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16th December 2012

She wanted to be a doctor. As elder sister she also had made many plans for her younger brothers. Her parents had struggled throughout their life,she had desires to make them happy and then she had also dream of her marriage. All those dreams were shattered on that horrible night of 16 December 2012.

Dreams - Festival of Words 2 - Day 7

For Write Tribe Festival of Words 2 ( 8 - 14 Dec. 2013)

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Diary Confessions - 3

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Diary Confessions - 3

I was waiting for my bus at the bus stop as my bike was at mechanics shop when she came there. I was playing a game on my phone when I caught her looking at me. I was clean shave than unlike my stubble look. I thought that my clean shaven look bowled her over. I knew that she was looking at me but I couldn't get the courage to say something to her. I was also looking at her covertly.

When at next moment I looked at her she was also looking at me, our eyes met my heart started beating fast. It was first time that something like that happened to me. She started coming towards me, I was getting goosebumps. Oh! My God. She stood near me and said that I should go back and shave again as some hairs were present above my lips and near ears. She told that her brother also did such mistakes during shaving , I made her reminded her brother studying in another state. I went back to home to shave again.

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People Power

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People Power 

Her husband came drunk daily and beat her not only inside the house but also outside in front of the people. Most people enjoyed this show some sympathized with her,but no body came to stop his husband. One day she stopped him when he raised his hand instead she slapped him in return. He became more furious but now people gathered around to save her.They scolded him and warned for police complain.

As god supports the brave so is the case with people. One should first stand for oneself then people power stands for you and supports you.

Happily Married

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Happily Married

P.A.S.S on Blogadda is very helpful in recollecting all my memories related to beard and mustache. This happened about eight and half years back when my family went to see a boy for my sister number three.  By the way I have five sisters. So the boy and his family have already seen my sister's photograph and liked her,it was now our turn. I was not among those who went to see him but they came back to respond after discussion in home. They brought his photograph to show to my sister.

When we saw the photograph along with the sister concerned we rejected him because he was bit fat and kept beard and mustache. She said ," I hate that smelly stubble." But those who met with him told that he was a good guy. My father told our concern to them that he looked elder than my sister through the mediator. He said that he wanted to marry only her and asked to give him fifteen days before making any decision.

After fifteen days he was thinner than before with a clean shaven face thus was looking younger also. My sister was married to him in 2005,they are now leaving happily in Delhi with two sons and a daughter.

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After reading spiritual books,listening spiritual teachers he started considering all relations,all things in this world futile. He wanted to meet god and for that he went to a journey to sacred places. He left no place and traveled every pilgrimage regardless to any religion.As much he travel his anxiety increased more and he was unable to find god. He found no result in his meetings with different priests,maulvis,pandits,etc. One day he encountered a hermit who told him to go back home because god was there only. He returned without understanding his meaning.

When he reached home he saw his mother and father in very pathetic condition without him. He used to be the sole earner of the family without him they were unable to fed themselves properly owing to their limited resources. He cried after seeing them in such condition." How I can find God leaving my parents in this condition. To make them comfortable in this age was my first duty, I was running from that to have God?" He hugged both of them and apologized for his wrong doing.

He had spent all his savings in this traveling to search god. He would start again his journey of life. But now he was certain that he need not to travel the world to search god. They were with him. 

One can't get god by hurting others,Bulle Shah once said that :
                                        मस्जिद ढा दे ,मंदिर ढा दे ,ढा दे जो कुछ दिसदा,
पर किसी दा दिल न ढावीं,रब दिलान विच वसदा। 

Break down mosque,temple and everything in sight,
But don't break any one's heart, God in it resides.  

So travel you inner self to have a glimpse of God and don't hurt others.

Standing Ovation

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Standing Ovation

Dikshit returned to his native place to meet a man without whom he would not be a famous singer and music composer. His family never liked his inclination towards music and singing. He was banned from singing at home. At that time an old beggar who used to sit at the corner of the road was his only companion. He sat by his side and sang with him. He praised his voice and encouraged him to sing more.

His encouragement made Dikshit to participate in school singing competition in front of a famous music director who liked his voice so much that gave him a chance in his next movie project. After that Dikshit never looked back. Initially his parents protested against his singing but later when they saw his fan following they also supported him. In all these years of fame he never forget the man who gave fire to the spark in him.He was the one who told him that music is life, an inert body starts moving when gets the sound of heartbeat. 

As soon as he reached there he went to that road corner where that beggar used to sit but he was not there. He came to know of his address from a nearby shop. He visited his home without wasting a second. When he reached there he found he was not there also,in fact he was no more in this world,he was dead. He met his son and said to him," Your father was my first audience he used to listen me daily and praised my singing which encouraged me to sing further." " But how was this possible my father was deaf from his birth." That was a shock for Dikshit, a deaf man was the reason of the standing ovation he was receiving. Sometimes talented people get lost in the darkness of this world without getting their real worth for the lack of encouragement. That old beggar understood his love for singing and gave him courage to face the world.

Stubble Politics

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Stubble Politics

I might have reviewed these elections differently had there been no P.A.S.S activity going on at BlogAdda. This activity tends to make me think like that. Till now we all know that Congress is erased,BJP is praised and a new force AAP is traced. The stubbornness of Congress high command in dealing with issues related to public importance has failed their efforts of attracting people through food subsidy and direct cash transfer. On the other hand dominance of Narender Modi in national perspective helped BJP in gaining majority in three states. AAP in Delhi emerged due to their reach to each voter and their clean images.

 But this is against the P.A.S.S activity. All the gainers in these elections i.e Dr. Harshvardhan and Arvind KJejriwaal in Delhi, Raman Singh in Chattisgarh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan in M.P and finally Narender Modi (BJP's PM canditate) have beard or at mustache on their faces. Voters instead of hating that unclean stubble praised them and the losers namely Rahul Gandhi, Jyotiradhitya Sindhiya in M.P, Ajeet Jogi in Chattisgarh and Ashok Gehlot in Rajasthan were denied by voters in spite of having a clean shaven look to bowled others.( I don't think it is good to bring two women namely Sheila Dikshit and Vasundhra Raje in this hairy conversation.)

It is clear that clean and clear look works well with voters only when you work for them. But we who are participating in P.A.S.S should protest against this trend and encourage all politicians to have a clean shaven look.

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His father died when he was one. His mother worked hard to enroll him in school so that his fate would be different from theirs. He also loved books and knew their importance in changing destiny. He was definite that books will be helpful. Today these books helped him to buy medicines for his mother.

Six Words Memoirs - Food

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Six Words Memoirs - Food

A set of six word stories showing two contrasting images.

1. Worked Hard. Feed Children. Slept Hungry.

2.Lavish Wedding. Abundant Dishes. Food Wasted.

Diary Confessions - 2

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Diary Confessions - 2

That photograph reminds me of my youth of my good old days I spent with you. Those memories still brings smile on my face. I remember how you used to forget all your day's tensions after seeing me smiling. But your ambitions took you away from me. Away in your world surrounded by materialistic pleasures,filled only with money. I waited for you whole life and still waits for you with a smile on my face so that if ever you come to me in tension you forget them all to see me smiling. My eyes still search for you.

Day 1 : Write Tribe Festival of Words - 2 Prompt : Memory/Memories

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Just Joking

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Just Joking

One of my colleague is a big fan of Emraan Hashmi, he usually follows his style and his looks. One can easily see him singing his songs not just that he also try to include his dialogues while talking. His phone ring tone,his caller tune,on wallpaper of his phone there is only Emraan Hashmi. This incidents happened during the release of Dirty Picture. He started growing his beard to have a stubble look like Emraan.

One day he asked me to take his picture in that stubble look so that he could upload it to face book. As soon as the photo uploaded he received a message from his girlfriend," What is this?" " What?" " What have you done to your face?" " Nothing!" " I am talking about that beard and mustache." " Oh! That's my Dirty Picture look of Emraan Hashmi." "Don't you know that I hate that smelly stubble. I like a clean-shaven look like SRK." Their argument increases with arrival of Shah Rukh Khan's name in it.

After few minutes I saw him dialing her number as she was not responding to his messages. When she picked the phone I heard him saying that he was just joking and made that look with his friends help using Photoshop. He also said that how he could do something not liked by her. I smiled and said to myself that it's better to let go things in just a joke when it started turning serious.

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Useless Parcel

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Useless Parcel

About three-four years ago,I was reclining at home watching television when my mother came and said to me ," You are on holiday today that doesn't mean you can't shave, I hate that smelly stubble look of yours,It seems ugly on your face," I interrupted her with a dose of enlightening thought that body is mortal one should try to make one's soul beautiful at this point door bell interrupted me. I went outside there was a man with parcel. I was surprised to see a parcel with my name on it, because I hadn't order for anything.

He refused to give it to me because he could only gave that parcel to the one whose name was on it by verifying it with the photograph he had.He was carrying a photostat of my old photograph with a clean shaven face unmatched to my stubble face that day,my curiosity to open that parcel was also increasing so I made him wait for few minutes and shave off my beard and mustache my mother laughed at me.I went again to him with a new face and my driving license then he smiled and gave that parcel to me.

It was from a publication house.I remembered that I filled a form during my Delhi Book Fair visit for free comics and magazines.I opened it with excitement as this was the first time I was receiving something free but all my enthusiasm came to an end to see a magazine and lots of pamphlets with different subscription offers to be filled and send with a demand draft to receive their books and magazines. I threw them in dustbin and thought that why I shaved.

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Stand Still

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Stand Still

I am a bit lazy in a sense that I don't bother to spend time on things like hair cutting,shaving to enhance my looks and that put me in strange conditions many times. My mother,sisters,brother,sister in law all insists me to shave daily but I prefer to avoid their angry looks and commands,they give me examples of other boys of my age who are regular visitors of men's salon and one can hardly see them in beard and moustache. They said that my stubble and unkempt  look present me older than my age and that it made me look dirty.

One day I went to a salon for hair trimming and shaved off my beard and moustache after about a month when I returned home my niece who is only one and a half years older was playing with her toys. Usually she ran towards me when I call her but that day my clean shaven look bowled her over , she stand still and didn't come to me instead hide herself behind her mother. I don't know she was shy or afraid of me. After a while she recognized me then came to me and kissed on my cheek which she used to avoid due to my heavy beard.Since than my habits have not changed but now I shave quite often to not to shock her again.

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Assembly Elections Analysis

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Assembly Elections Analysis

Assembly polls going on in 5 Indian states concluded with end of polling in Delhi on 4th December 2013. These assembly elections hold it's significance in the fact that they arrive before Lok Sabha elections thus projected in the media as semifinals also there is a direct fight in four of these five states between two leading political parties(Congress and BJP) in India. These states are Rajasthan, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. Media coverage of these elections make the scenario more interesting with daily debates and analysis of the ground situation. These debates and analysis actually are confusing for the issues raised in them some of which are useless in state politics.

This years hot election issues remain corruption,scams,Narender Modi's projection as BJP's PM candidate, development issues, Rahul Gandhi's ineffectiveness, etc.  In Delhi presence of Aam Aadmi Party also made the fight more interesting.

My motive of writing this article is not to analyse the situations and then predicting the probable outcome of these elections ,it is better be done by News channels with opinion and exit polls( which usually go wrong but helps in maintaining the heat till the result day), neither I am trying to look at the impact of Arvind Kejrival, Narender Modi and Rahul Gandhi on these polls it will become clear on 8th December the result day. I am here to boost the other side of these elections a better side for our democratic setup that is the increase in voting percentage.

The voting percentage in all these five states have increased from previous polls to the extent that it has created records in those states. Delhi gave it's best with 67% voting,Rajasthan with 74.38%,Madhya Pradesh with 70%,Chattisgarh with 71% and Mizoram with 82%. Increase in percentage shows that more people are now taking part in the political system. These trends also shows that a big change will happen as more voting percentage implies clean sweeps as observed in previous state assembly polls. It also showcase the efforts of Election Commission ,it is because of their awareness campaign that people came out in big numbers,increase number of polling stations along with mobile polling booths encouraged more people in remote areas of Rajasthan and Chattisgarh to vote. Provision of NOTA( None Of The Above) button in EVM's (Electronic Voting Machines) helps in bringing those voters to vote who don't like their candidates.

Whatever be the result of this election but this trend will definitely make our elected members more responsible as people are becoming more aware of the power they possess with a vote. This will encourage better candidates more accountable to the people. I hope that increase in voting percentage in these states will also boost voters in other states to vote in big numbers.

                        Let's pledge to always vote,
                        for India not for currency note.


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photo credit: Morgue File (
He started going out of the class when he knew that everybody was talking about him being a HIV positive. He had this experience in his previous school as well where all his friends started maintaining distance from him when heard that he was suffering from AIDS, feeling of alienation was more painful than suffering from a deadly disease. Aisha one of his classmate ran and stopped him,"Where are you going?" " Back home.You all knew about me now things will repeat." " I'd do things differently." She embraced him and kissed on his cheeks.Others also pull him inside.

The Boy:     Write Tribe   Wednesday Prompt 27 November 2013

100 word on Saturday 10 :     I'd do things differently. 

Note: 1st December is World's Aids Day. Treat AIDS patient equally.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe