Paan Khaye Uncle Ji Hamaro

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Paan Khaye Uncle Ji Hamaro! ( My Uncle Eats Paan)

Manufacturing is a serious business and that too garment manufacturing,you need to be serious every time. Kabhi kabhi to dimaag ki waat lag jati hai. Being associated with that I also remain serious most of the time,but the business itself gave you chances to laugh out loud all your seriousness and worries in the form of some characters involved with it.( I feel like laughing remembering many of them.) Here I want to share an experience with one of our dealer from eastern Uttar Pardesh. I found most of the buyers from the group of people jinki #conditionserioushai but that one incident happened six years ago was special and still lingers in my mind.

Let me first tell you what I was doing in Lucknow. We have a manufacturing business where we make men's ethnic wear sherwani,designer suits,kurta sets,etc. We held biyearly exhibition in different cities to display our new collection for winter and summer. This was for the retailers in Uttar Pradesh at Hotel Park Inn, Lucknow, I think this hotel now has a different name. Our agents for the state brings various dealer to that hotel where we show them our collection and took order for the same par business ki detail mein jane se achcha hai ki mein point par aaon. I should now come to the point.

This was my first trip to such exhibition. On the second day of the event our agent brought a man there,he had already told us that he was very selective , a big dealer from eastern UP but a bit khadoos ( annoying ) . I am hiding his native city and his name for business purposes. He came inside the room with paan (Betel) in his mouth.From his first sight he looked as a person jiski condition serious thi. If 5-star would have been with me at that time,I would have offered him to bhagao his seriousness.He gestured with his hands to show designs without saying anything. He was watching each one closely and rejecting it in an instant,all were silently looking at him while I was observing his face. His mouth was filled with betel leaves,his motion of chewing them was moving his whole face in a funny way,red liquid was oozing out from his mouth,his facial expressions were suggesting that he would not going to order any design.

Since we knew that he always gave big orders and his payment is also on time from our sources we were hoping that he at least order a single design to initiate business with us but he stood up without any order and said ' Chalo bhai!'( Let's go) to our agent. Oops! With paan in your mouth you should be cautious while speaking. He emitted liquid residue of betel on a sherwani ( Groom's wedding attire) the most expensive of our collection and on his own shirt. All of us looked at him seriously which we got from him. It was then he smiled spit the remaining paan in spit-box kept for those who chew paan. He again sat down and said," Bansal Ji , ye wale design dobara dekhaiye,'( Mr.Bansal show these designs again) to our agent. He started giving order design after design,I was controlling my laughter at that time, soon he selected 90% of designs which he rejected before. He called his driver to bring his cheque book and issued a cheque as an advance payment to indicate that it was a confirm order.

While going he said with smile on his face," Ye wali sherwani ka dekh lena, sorry yaar."( Sorry! Please look into that sherwani.) " " Koi baat nahin sir, ye to hota rehta hai."( It's not a problem,such things happen) replied Mr Bansal and escorted him to his car. We break into laughter when he left. The paan stain worked as Cadbury 5 - Star in taking away his seriousness and gave us a huge order. One of our employee sang ' paan khaye sanyan hamaro' in satirical way to put a Bollywood tadka to the situation whose wordings I changed to ' paan khaye uncle hamaro mehngi sherwani par peek laal-laal."( My uncle eats paan,gave paan stains to expensive sherwani).

This post is written for #ConditionSeriousHai by Cadbury 5 Star at Indiblogger.

Winning Is Creating Winners

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Winning Is Creating Winners

India Today conclave since its first edition in the year 2002 became a global platform for discussions on big issues of the country and the world. A different theme each year brings ideas of global leaders and personalities responsible for bringing change in world in front of the masses for that particular theme. We can't ignore the thoughts and ideas if a head of a state or a country is speaking,neither we can ignore those brains behind policy making or shaping public opinion through cinema and media. This initiative by India Today group put forward the hopes,aspirations,reality,truth,ideas,etc of common people much like the magazine itself on the bigger and impactful platform.

This years theme of India Today Conclave is 'Winning'. The theme will bring lots of new ideas to the public domain about this topic from the eminent speakers like Amitabh Bachchan,K. Radhakrishnan,Vasundhara Raje,Henrick Scharfe,Jairam Ramesh,etc.Winning is a small word which can be interpret in many ways by different people. Winning for me is creating an environment where every one emerge as a winner. Winning is creating winners whether in homes,in offices,in a state and in a country. A home where winning of a single person is celebrated reduce other members to mere spectators who just enjoy with him or her but never become part of that achievements. That person started seeing others inferior to him and thus suppress their hopes and aspirations. Same is the case with governments.

The governments which try to win only a section of society or if promote a single agenda make the whole nation a country of losers. Leading in a way where everyone emerge as a winner is the true leadership. Governments policies and decisions should aim at maintaining that balance. A project beneficial for one group may become obstacle for the growth of the other thus taking opinions of both the sides is required before the implication of the project, a mid-way or the other way may suits the both and will create winner out of both  which in turn make the policy maker as winner.

Balance of resources will create winners. Winning doesn't mean stepping ladders upwards and become unreachable for those standing below but to stand among those who have faith in you infuse some goals in them and then to work towards achieving these goals. It takes time and it will take time. Winning is to stay with your goals even when the time is unfavorable to them. Winning is also not to lose hope ,keep your hopes alive along with the hopes of those associated with you. 

All subsidiary points mentioned above strengthen my main point that winning is creating winners. This can be achieved by leading in a way where everyone emerge as a winner,by balancing the available resources by creating and staying with goals and by never losing hope in yourself. Winning is a continuous process and not a destination where sometimes a small defeat become a reason for a big win. So always think to win as a team and not as an individual. You can find yourself alone in this thought but escaping the fear to be alone is winning.

This post is written for 'Winning' for India Today Conclave 2014 and Indiblogger

Empower Women - The Hope Project

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Empower Women - The Hope Project

Every time we hear intellectuals talking about empowering women in various sectors of life,we also become part of those discussions but when it really comes to helping them to make them self sustainable we pull our hands out of such matters. do the opposite of that this organisation is helping women and other groups by providing a platform where each of us can contribute to empower them. The women who are victims of age old Devdasi system are standing on their feet by their strong will power and helps by various NGOs. Milaap comes in between these projects to strengthen their hopes by connecting their cause to millions around the world which then provide them with required money. The money is returned to the lender after a stipulated time. The Hope Project thus uplifting the status of these women entangled in Devdasi system to be master of their own fate instead of reducing themselves to mere Temple Prostitutes.

These women have stood against their exploitation by the rich and powerful people of their villages and are now making efforts to earn their living by doing different works. Their projects need certain amount of money to come in shape, some of them wants to expand their already existing businesses while some only needs things like solar lamps or toilets or clean water. Take Runa Layla Shake and Group of West Bengal for example. They are a group of 20 women working in agriculture jobs they just want solar lamps to save their money wasted in kerosene lamps during long power cuts. These lamps will make life of their families more productive and peaceful. Small contributions can make a big change to their lives. You can help this group by visiting below link:

Other women groups like that of Shanti of Tamil Nadu needs money to start masala making business. They have learned these skills of masala making after years of labour. They need only Rs 50,000 for this task a amount which we easily spend on a new smart phone or holidays or any other things of luxury. I am not saying that you should not buy such things I am only suggesting to halt them for a while and help them to make a new start. 

You can also help in other causes of your choice by visiting either

Change comes if we take things in our hand instead of blaming system and governments.Mahatma Gandhi once said that empowering a women means empowering a home thus empowering the village,the town,the state,the district and the country. Here by contributing even small amounts for the hope project we can help transforming many lives and in doing so we will also become a part of the movement which is igniting hopes in millions of people.

Part of 'The Hope Project' by Milap in association with

Light A House - The Hope Project

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Light A House - The Hope Project

When I read about the Milaap initiative on indiblogger ,I thought it to be a charity programme to help few people by giving them money but after visiting their site I came to know that they are doing exactly what their name suggests i.e amalgamation. They are uniting women who were exploited by Devdasi practice in various Indian villages to the rest of the world and helping them to raise funds so that they can live a respectful life by providing them opportunities to earn their livelihood. In doing so they are also empowering India by making an oppressed section of our society self sustainable.

 The most important thing which I like about this whole process is that the money which one gives is not a charity but a loan which is refundable. This makes borrower responsible for money and their ground partners ensures that borrower use money effectively and for the purpose for which a lender is helping. The money lender is not doing any kind of favor to borrower instead he/she is helping someone to complete their projects without hurting their self-respect. Moreover I don't believe in giving money to make anyone dependent on you and remain hopeful for more money in future but here the money is used to make people independent and self sustainable,they are not begging but asking to support them with money which they will return in stipulated time.

I chose to promote the cause of  Kumari Tarasia and Group of Odisha. It is a group of five people Kumari Tarasia,Lakshmi,Sumitra,Rina and Subasini. They work in variety of jobs like agriculture and grocery stores. They required a loan amount of Rs 13,320 to buy solar lamps as kerosene lamps which they use in their houses required constant refilling of kerosene. Kerosene produces poisonous fumes which causes many respiratory infections,lung and throat cancers,serious eye infections,cataracts as well as low birth weights.Apart from its health hazards it act as a barrier in the way of education. Children if study under kerosene lamps finds it difficult to read owing to its low light which in turn discourage children from studying as a result of which most students quit schools. There is also a danger of fire with these kerosene lamps. In India alone 2.5 million people ( 3,50,000 of them children) suffers severe burns each year primarily due to overturned kerosene lamps.

A study produced by Evan Mills in 2002 founds that one kerosene lamp consumes 0.04 to 0.06 litres of kerosene per hour and the daily usage is approximately two to three hours. Thus 1 lite of kerosene per week multiply by $1USD is equal to $52USD per year. Some houses uses more than one lamp hence their hard earned money is wasted in kerosene lamps only which decrease their budget for other essential commodities and things like food,cloths,health and education. Use of solar lamps will burden their budget less and they will able to think of better quality of life. 

Solar lamps runs with solar energy which is free of cost,they are not dangerous to environment because they don't emit green house gases as produced by kerosene lamps. For the same reason they are not harmful to health also. I also believe that after a day of hard work these women requires rest in the evening which is not possible with kerosene lamps which they buy daily and than refill these lamps this quality time can be used with their children and for themselves. We city people rarely think of villages with no electricity but being an energy deficient nation most villages are still deprived of electricity.If we are getting 24 hour electricity it is because many people sleep and awake in darkness in a way we are enjoying light a share of which belongs to such villages and to people like Kumari Tarasia and group.Lets be part of this big change with your small contributions. This will not only help in spreading hope but also awareness to the practice of Devdasi.

You can help many other groups to buy solar lamps by visiting below link or chose any other cause running on

No To Racism In India

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No To Racism In India


India is known for its quality of amalgamation for years and centuries. Different people came here to make it their permanent home and their cultures and traditions have mixed with values of India so much that with time they have become indigenous part of our country. Another specialty of India is its varied geographical and climatic differences which make its people look different at different places unlike other places in the world where whole country experience almost similar environmental conditions as a result India in itself holds people having similarities with Chinese or African people. But does that change their identity as Indians?

A recent incident in the capital indicates to this black spot on our society. On 2014 January 30 Nido Taniam, an 18 year old Student from Arunanchal Pradesh died after being beaten up mercilessly by locals at a marketplace in the Lajpat Nagar area of Delhi. Nido Taniam was the son of Arunachal Pradesh Congress legislator Nido Pavitra. He was studying in Lovely Professional University, Jalandher. Before that incident another incident also happened in Delhi's Khirki Extension where Nigerian women were treated badly by group of people headed by Law Minister of Delhi Somnath Bharti. Recently a minister in Goa Dayanand Mandrekar was also involved in racist comments for Nigerian communities. Last year north eastern people were threatened in Karnataka by some groups. Such incidents bring us to the same league as those western countries where they differentiate people on the basis of their skin color and many times Indians residing in those countries also falls prey to such racists.

Such incidents in India are really very shameful. Above mention incident have media attention due to the involvement of ministers in it but what about those incidents which went unnoticed. North East Indians in different parts of the country face alienation due to their looks. Majority of people make fun of them, the reason behind it is again politics. Many local parties centralised their politics on local issues and in doing so they sow seed of hatred among masses for people of other part of the country, many such hate speeches for north Indians are on record by local leaders of Maharashra's local parties.

We have emerged into a free nation after facing so much discrimination, so such incidents not only break our unity but also weakens foundation of our country. 'We the people of India are one whatever our caste,color,region or religion.' These words should be part of our thoughts otherwise politicians take advantage of these weaknesses to gain votes for or against a particular issue. Just remember we all are some and enjoys similar rights and opportunities instead of fighting with each other we should fight to get those opportunities which are deprived to us. INDIA IS ONE FROM KASHMIR TO INDIRA POINT( A & N ISLANDS) AND FROM ARUNANCHAL TO GUJARAT.  

Diary Confessions - 4

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Diary Confessions - 4

She has lost all ideals of this great republic. I regarded his father as my elder brother and her as my niece that's why I met her to resolve our differences. It is difficult to believe that power as such adverse effects. A whole network of people is against her today and she is behaving like a dictator,I don't know why she is behaving like that ? Today I read Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar's poem 'Singhasan Khali Karo Ki Janata Aati Hai'( Vacate the throne,people are coming) which he wrote when India became republic on 26th January 1950. What he wrote at that time inspire us even today. Tomorrow when I will recite it in Ramlila Maidan,I am sure all those suffering from atrocities of Indira will get inspiration from this poem. We will write a new chapter in the history of this great country tomorrow. We will fight for Total Revolution. I don't know what will be it's result on her but I am confident that the change will come.

24 June 1975

( An imaginative page of J.P. Narayan's (who lead peaceful Total Revolution against Indira Gandhi during Emergency) diary to get an idea what was going in his mind at that time.)

There are many examples in the history of world where one write to inspire millions to network themselves against a system or tradition,this is one such glimpse from the perspective of a great political leader of his time. This is also notable that most of the famous leaders of today like Lalu Prasad Yadav, Nitish Kumar,Mulayam Singh Yadav,etc emerged from this movement.

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