Politics At Its Best

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Politics At Its Best

Before the start of 2013,the preparation for 2014 polls by political parties started in full swing. There are sessions of blame game,there are situations of credit grappling and of course partners swapping. Since 2012 opposition is finding ways to degrade the reputation of UPA government and Prime Minister,with inflation on a high and boom in scams of this government an early poll will be boon for opposition and that's where political game begins.

If any body wants to learn politics observe what is happening in India from 2012. There are so many scams unfolding each day but the big one came with coalgate where Prime Minister was also involved. Opposition took it as an opportunity and disrupted the Parliament's monsoon session without any work,FDI was to be discussed than that's where government played it's first card FDI was passed in the cabinet meeting and than the magic happens it also got passed in the Parliament (Yes,CBI played a crucial role in it but this is how politics work.)

Than came game changer scheme i.e direct cash transfer to lure the lower and middle class changing the focus of masses away from scams and inflation. Then came the Railway recruitment scam which again disrupt winter session and part of budget session opposition was again on a high but to counter that government has food subsidy bill in it's hand for which government is working very hard, what a move I should say. 

But here is more to come,Jagan Reddy son of former Andhra Pardesh CM Late Y.S.R. Ready has become powerful in his state being separated from Congress and it might be possible that he may join hands with BJP after elections also Chandrashekhar Rao of  Telangana Rashtra Samiti is a threat to them. With creation of Telangana UPA and Congress hit two aims with one arrow ,there popularity increases in state and Jagan's power decreases and now Chandrashekhar Rao may again join UPA.

There are also other decisions during this period which are great political moves which I would like to mention,secret hanging of Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru,suspicious death of main accused in Delhi gang rape,Lokbal bill passed in Lok Sabha curbing Anna movement, anti rape law came into force,making Pranab Mukherji as president of India. There is still time in 2014 election so we have chances to see more politics in coming months. 

Population Boom

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Population Boom

We all know about the Spain train crash which kills about 80 people on Wednesday through media reports,this incident ignited another thought in me about our country. This Spanish train was carrying only 247 people in its peak time i.e for the pilgrimage destination Santiago de Compostela which is a very rare situation for such pilgrimage in India.

During festive seasons for Chatt Puja in Bihar or for Kumbh Mela in Allahabad our train runs with out of capacity passengers which carry thousands sitting inside as well as outside on top of the trains.A train carrying only 247 passengers may appear a joke for us because we see much more people only in a single carriage of a train. This is not because we have very few trains,our railway system is one of the biggest in the world but the problem lies in the fact that we are second most populated country in the world.

Our population is increasing rapidly and soon we will overtake China to be the most populated country in the world. With ever increasing population all arrangements becomes short,our resources are burdened with over population. We are now short of land,water and other such basic necessities of life due to which we excessively use our natural resources disturbing our flora and fauna without giving a thought for the future. Ever increasing population is burden for the nation and hindrance in our development. This is the reason that we have so many people die out of hunger,youth is unemployed,literacy rate is below average,malnutrition and many other problems.

There is a need to create awareness about this problem among the masses,programmes run by government to control population boom should be implemented more strictly and to the villages of India. With population increases hands with hands increases demands and when demand crosses the thresh hold system collapses. The slogan of "we two our two" of eighties and nineties should now be changed to "we two our one".

Mid-day Meal

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Mid-day Meal

Midday Meal Scheme started in 1960's involves provision of free lunch in weekdays in government schools. This programme started from Tamil Nadu in 1960's soon spread to other states and after 2001 Supreme Court court verdict it became mandatory for state governments to provide free meals to all students. Apart from protecting students from hunger this scheme also helps in increasing school enrollment and attendance,it improved socialization among children belonging to different castes,reduced malnutrition and empowered women by providing them employment.

Right since the Midday meal scheme gets widespread acceptance in all parts of India,it's misuse also started. Many schools in order to take extra ration show more students in their attendance register than actually enrolled and than sold extra ration in open market, grain distribution system for midday meal is full of corruption. In many schools lower castes students are devoid of midday meals by members of upper castes, in many places grains used for food is stale which leads to food poisoning and many other such ailments,food is prepared in unhygienic conditions which again leads to many diseases. Many such incidents happened and were reported by local residents to concerned authorities but in vein. 

Recently on 16th July 2013,20 children died and many are still in hospital due to food poisoning after eating midday meal in Bihar's Saran district. Why authorities came in action only after such incidents? There are schemes,there are laws but there is no authority to ensure proper functioning of such schemes and to implement the laws. Midday meal scheme which is an effort to reduce deaths caused by malnutrition is in it's self becoming deadly. Only harsher punishments to those responsible in it can make people associated with this more accountable.


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He was on his bicycle,she was going in car with her parents she gave a casual glance,soon they became friends which grew into love. They are from different castes and in India castes give no chance for such glance. They both now rest in peace.

This post is written for the 55 Fictionist Contest, hosted by IndiBlosp 

Encounter-Licensed Killing

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Encounter-Licensed Killing.

An encounter is a euphemism used in South Asia,especially in India to describe extrajudicial killings in which police or armed forces shoot down suspected gangsters and terrorists in gun battles. It started from Mumbai in India with killing of gangster Manya Surve,in year 1982 after that Mumbai police killed many gangsters to remove crime from the city. It was also used by many other state police departments in a move to give on the spot justice.

Encounter killings are criticized by human right commissions as it devoid alleged criminal a chance for a fair trial in the court of law. But if we look this phenomenon in a different light we pat police for there work. There are thousands and lacks of cases pending in Indian courts waiting for justice,cases of these dangerous criminals only add burden on our judicial system. Those killed by police in encounters are gangsters and terrorists dangerous for society police killed them when they try to escape from police custody and res torts to gun battles. These gangsters and terrorists are those who don't show much sign of improvement if provides opportunity to do so and hence there killing is justified by police in such encounters.

But as I maintains that there is always an other side of the story,since encounter killings are started it's misuse has also been in the run. Many innocent youths are targeted by police force in various states on charges of terror links and killed by police in encounters without judicial hearing many of such killings were confirmed as fake by Indian authorities. When we can kept a terrorist like Ajmal Kasab and gave him a lawyer to fight his case than why these young boys and girls were killed without giving a chance?Why criminals escape so easily from police custody?From where they get guns while in jail?Why police don't try to arrest the criminals alive?Why our intelligence don't have any information of such terrorist activities?Why encounters always remain in doubt?There are many such questions answers of which we might never get. Police is for our safety and must not act as licensed killers or used by politicians for there political gain and to hide there wrong doing.