Kitne Ajeeb Rishte Hain Yahan Pe

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Kitne Ajeeb Rishte Hain Yahan Pe.

Sheena Bora Murder Case is more mysterious than a Bollywood suspense thriller. The case is much more than a TRP gathering news item, it shows the high ambitions and complicated relationships in the high society or page three people which in this case lead to murder of a daughter at hands of a mother.

Some interesting and shocking points of this case:

  • Indrani Mukherjea introduced her daughter from previous marriage Sheena as her sister to her third husband Peter Mukherjea. Why?
  • What is the reason behind this murder is still unknown.
  • Who helped Indrani in hiding the death for almost three years?
  • Why no body contacted Sheena in America where according to Indrani she was doing some course?
  • If Mikhail was aware of Sheena's death than why was he silent for so long?
  • How is it possible that Rahul knew Sheena was Indrani's daughter but his father Peter was unaware of this reality.
  • What is the role played by Indrani's second husband Sanjeev Khanna?
It is not right to say much about the case since it is still under investigation and my views without facts would mislead my readers. Wait for its climax which is waiting behind some more twists and turns.I have made this video with characters of this incidents.

Gujarat Model - A Myth.

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Gujarat Model - A Myth. 

"The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed" 
- Paul Joseph Goebbels (Adolf Hitler's Propaganda Minister in Nazi Germany).

I never believed in the myth of Gujarat Model advertised by BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) in 2014 Indian General Election to show Narender Modi as developmental man because I have read the reports of high malnutrition deaths, most anemic mothers and poor conditions of farmers in Gujarat state. But those who believed could see the proof of it in recent agitation and violence by Patel community lead by Hardik Patel a young individual from this community. "Repeat a lie thousand times and it becomes a truth," this quote is also attributed to Paul Joseph Goebbels is holding a firm ground in the case of Gujarat Model. 

Patels of Gujarat which constitute most of the Gujarati NRI's, diamond traders, big business owners and holds important positions in the government including Chief Minister post (Anandiben Patel) are demanding reservation in the OBC (Other Backward Classes) category due to pathetic condition of their community. The community which is considered rich and prosperous if facing such a situation then you could easily judge the conditions of SC/ST and Dalit community which stands at lower end of the caste system in India. This agitation is also a slap on the claims of caste less society in Gujarat - the dream which Narender Modi also selling to the people of India after becoming Prime Minister without any steps towards its implementation.

I haven't seen any social and economical improvement in the standard of poor SC/ST, Dalit and OBC from reservation since the time I am following national politics closely (i.e last 15 years). The benefits of reservation go to a selected few while the large population remain unaffected with its effects. This is happening from the start making the idea of reservation as uplifting of backward classes worthless. Moreover it has increased the caste divide among those sections of upper castes who lost their seats to reserved candidates in spite of being more eligible for the post. Such people dislike advancement of lower castes and try to humiliate them when ever get a chance.

I see economic help as solution to this problem. Economically weaker sections from every community, caste, religion should be supported with money to study and work. Their should be no reservation only equal opportunities on qualification basis, this also mean removal of privilege classes. This would be the real social justice but the politicians which garner votes just by creating caste divide would never put worth such an idea. The possibilities of RSS propaganda couldn't be denied in Gujarat since they are not in favor of any reservations which lower caste believes is a move against their growth. I pray for safety of people in Gujarat stuck in the violent clashes between the police and demonstrators in the land of Mahatma Gandhi.  

Mere Dushman, Mere Bhai, Mere Humsaye

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Mere Dushman, Mere Bhai, Mere Humsaye

Our only neighbor which is both a friend and a foe is Pakistan. Both nations never named this relationship of love and hate retribution of which faced by people of both the countries. The two nations with a common history have segregated their pasts in textbooks and in their functioning but few people on both the sides found it hard to digest. While few in India claims Pakistan and other countries of the subcontinent as part of erstwhile unified India (Akand Bharat) their counterparts in Pakistan demands Junagad,Kashmir,Hyderabad, Punjab to be merged in them.

The common people of both the countries are becoming puppets of each other's political conditions. The recent Indian government which have no clearly defined status on Pakistan have worsened the situation to a point that threat of war is looming in the country. This doesn't mean Pakistan is keen in resolving all issues, their internal problems and out of control terrorists are hanging like an Albatross around their neck. The recent cancellations of talks between NSA (National Security Adviser) of both countries is result of confusion in maintaining international images and their images at home. None but people of both the countries are suffering from this tense situation. 

The decision made at political level affect border areas the most where destruction of property and human life due to shelling from both the sides happens. The trade,cultural and developmental loss faced by their people is beyond recognition. The hate-mongers of both sides in such a situation try to sell their propaganda of separation of hearts which result in inhumanity and insensitivity like celebrating the deaths of innocent people. 

The governments of both the nations must talk on all issues including cross-border terrorism and Kashmir. The conversations without these issues would not bring any good to them. They must hear this Javed Akhtar written song music by Anu Malik and sung by Hariharan from the movie Border to calculate the risk of animosity. 


The Fast and Curious

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The Fast and Curious

Image Indiblogger brandcover.

They say 'World is at your finger tips' regarding new age smart phones which are used more as a palm-computer than as mobile devices. The age of voice call is nearing to an end with the emergence of video calls and if you still think about text message than you must be using those old phones better to be used as paper weights because now is the time of video messages. A hand-held device i.e your smart phone is capable of doing all things.

But the smart phone has its own limitations, most of the above mentioned features and some more features like online gaming, live cricket streaming, movie downloads, music downloads, updating social sites with latest selfies and pics, following tweets of your favorites in real-time and many such features are dependent on your phone's Internet network which means a smart phone is dumb without a smart network and all the features like video calling, video messages are useless if you are unable to use them. 

Airtel the biggest network provider in India with nationwide coverage has resolved your speed problems with #Airtel4G. The company with fastest 3G network is first to launch 4G services in India in across 296 cities at 3G prices. You can get this 4G Sim just by tweeting #GetAirtel4G @airtelindia on Twitter. 

A movie buff and curious person like me who wants every information quickly at his smart phone need this speed to get rid of two words 'buffering' and 'loading'. A movie which runs by taking pauses  is like a horse stopping at each turn during a race. When you required information about something or while playing a game phone showing the message of 'loading' 'still loading' is annoying. Sometimes network takes so much time that you forget what you were searching. 4G is fast and resolves these speed problems. The most important thing is that you are getting 4G speed at the price of 3G from Airtel. The time has arrived when your smart phone would be smarter and faster. 

Nowadays we spend most of the time with our smart phones and whether watching a video or posting to your blog and even shopping are performed using this device. The 'Oh Yes Abhi' generation which wants everything instantly doesn't like waiting. It irritates them when slow network prompts for refilling of bank details during an online transaction. So better switch to 4G than to curse mobile gods. During online transactions many times the system deduct money from your account without order being properly placed putting you in trouble to contact customer care thus restricting a common man from using phones for online shopping. A fast network not only ensures safe transaction but also encourages this type of shopping which saves your time and money.

Uphar Tragedy - Where Is The Justice?

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Uphar Tragedy - Where Is The Justice?

"That day I lost my faith in God and Today I lost my faith in Indian Judiciary"
- Neelam Krishnamoorthy (lost two children in Uphar Tragedy)

These words are echoing with me as a failure of our judicial system since the time I heard them on TV from Neelam Krishnamoorthy who lost her children a girl and a boy in 1997 Delhi's Uphar cinema fire. She said that she spent more time in court battle for justice than she spent with her kids who were only 17 and 13 at the time of tragedy. She added that if rich people killed your children than forget about justice in this country and I didn't find any example to counter her statement.

On June 13, 1997 a transformer caught fire during matinee show (3 to 6 show) of the movie Border in which 59 people died of asphyxia and more than 100 were injured. The owner of the theater Gopal and Sushil Ansal were booked for negligence and other charges and granted two years imprisonment by a lower court which reduced to one year by the high court and ruled out by supreme court over a penalty of Rs 60 crore  to the Delhi government. More than a crore for each 59 lives lost.

The Ansal brothers in order to make more profit have blocked the emergency gates of the hall with more seats. There were no fire extinguishers and gates were closed when fire broke out in the hall to let people die of asphyxia. Injured were never cared by them and they were arrested only after pressure from people and media but soon released on bail. We always hails the fairness of our judicial system and their commitment in providing equality in justice but when the criminals were rich, influential and powerful this fairness and commitment took a back seat. 

Is this amount of 60 crore a price for the lost lives? How penalty served the justice in this case? It is difficult to understand the pain of defeat in 18 years long battle of victim's relatives. No one is really bothered about the justice now except these relatives. Most of us who were kids at that time hardly have any memories of that incident to flush out our angers on social sites or those who remembered don't want to do anything not even share their views about it.  

Stalled Storytellers

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Stalled Storytellers

Pune police arrested 5 students of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) at midnight of 18-19th August after FTII director Prashant Pathrabe lodged a complaint against them for detaining him in campus on Monday. The action taken by police is result of a long ongoing battle between the Modi government and the students' union for some faculty members appointment.

The government has promoted BJP workers, MLA's and RSS campaigners to the important administrative and decisive posts of the institute ignoring film industry's stalwarts like Naseeruddin Shah, Amitabh Bachchan, Govind Nihalani, Gulzar, Anupam Kher to name a few. The chairman appointee Gajender Chauhan (best known as his role of Yudhishter in DD's epic serial Mahabharata) students believed is unmatched to the status of the institute according to his work profile which includes soft porn movies, short roles in small films and some TV serials. Government adamant in imposing their order yesterday night resorted to police action against the students.

This is second such undemocratic action by Modi regime after their attack on retired army men through Delhi Police at Jantar Mantar area of the capital where they were sitting on the demand of One Rank One Pension ( OROP). Recently government also issued order against four news channels for their coverage of Yakub Memon's death sentence. Media, Retired Army Men and now students. Is the government trying to curb the voices against its policies? Is this an indication of failure of Modi Sarkaar

The move of saffronization of education by government was condemned by several educationist for lowering the standards of learning in India. In this way government is also playing with the future of the country by demeaning world reputed IITs and IIM's. This police action in Pune has a bigger meaning because such actions were previously seen by dictatorial governments in China, Russia Myanmar and India during emergency. The blindfolded followers abusing who ever talk against government are danger to the country as they try to curb the voices which points at mistakes. 

India have suffered at the hands of the politicians at every occasion but the people have emerged victorious each time. It is the people of the country who are responsible for the development in hate-free growth favored environment provided by the governments. I stand with all those students who were arrested and who are protesting for their rights and hope the government will take a suitable step to resolve this issue and give these storytellers a free space to unleash their creativity.

The Merchant of Dreams - Narender Modi

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The Merchant of Dreams - Narender Modi

There is no doubt in proficient oratory skills of Mr Modi. Even his opponents flabbergasted by his ability to mesmerize and hypnotize his audience are unable to bring someone matching to his skills. Yesterday in his second speech from the Red Fort after flag hoisting he was impressive not only for maintaining his energy in such a humid Delhi atmosphere but for delivering an unwritten speech without any teleprompter and bulletproof screen protection.

His speech mainly covered his achievements of the previous year which are contradictory as compare to the real ground situation. For instance more than 90% of the account opened through Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojana (18 crore approx.) have zero balance in them. Those functional have not received Rs 5000 loan promised after six month's transaction and the 1 lakh insurance was only receivable in accidental deaths. Target of toilets in all primary schools is also not achieved yet. Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana to adopt an develop a village in his/her area by an MP is also under clouds for not getting any directions for the same. More than 100 MP's haven't adopt a village and those who have adopted the villages haven't done much in the area. There is no employment generation which is a clear indicator of failing of Make In India and Skill India in already slow indigenous Indian market. If you are an Internet user than you can judge the best about success claims of Digital India initiative which is incomplete without nationwide Internet coverage and enhanced net speed. The Indian roads, railways, public toilet could explain better about Swach Bharat (Clean India Mission.) The rate of crimes against women is also high. 

Looking at the conditions of previous year's announcements recent declaration about Start Up India, Stand Up India and giving electricity to 1.8 lakh villages 1000 days appears only dreams. From his journey as PM candidate till now he was selling only dreams to the people of India. Dreams for which he don't have some solid program and policy. It is easy to say than to fulfill which he even admitted during his Mann Ki Baat on the issue of One Rank One Pension. He said that he made the promise to implement it after becoming PM without reading its implications.

The application and announcement are two different things. It is easy to announce things to win people's heart but difficult to make it a reality. The bullet train needs 25 years, Yoga is a personal choice and moral teachings best works in India with strict law only. Moreover, the man who speak so much against corruption, communalism, castism,women safety and other such things remain silent when these things practiced by people within his own party and government. He didn't bother to attend parliament during discussions on these issues. Mr Dream Merchant one can forget and forgive a person who break one's leg but not the person who break dreams. Dreams keep alive the hope and trust in us, if they break we left broken without them. Take all safety precautions because you are playing with fire. 

The real independence reside where people have more powers than leaders. They should have say in law making, they should have power to ask questions and they must be protected by law equally. So we are still slaves at hands of few in the power.

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The Red Lipstick

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The Red Lipstick 

Martha Trump a special investigating agent of crime branch was looking at her case files with pride. 

Whether it was an enigmatic robbery or a gruesome murder nothing remained unsolved in her career spanning ten years.

'It feels good to have 100% record in crime solving, err... actually 99%,' she said dejectedly seeing the last page which has details of red lipstick serial killer.

'She has killed twenty five men without any evidence and clue, brilliant,' she smiled cunningly. 

'But these men irritate too much,' she applied red lipstick to lure her twenty sixth prey.

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Book Review : Hooked,Lined & Single

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Book Review : Hooked, Lined & Single

Hooked, Lined & Single is written by Rashmi Kumar and published by Srishti Publications. I have received this book for Blog-A-Ton - 55 winning post The Monsoon Pain. This book is an fictional account of a girl's efforts to find a right match after a failed marriage. 

Cover : It fails in the sensual look it is trying to give. Although the hints at loneliness in narrator's life from both aspects emotionally and physically is conveyed through this picture. This I think not one of the best to go with the story but an apt one.

Plot: A divorcee author in her 30's Alafia Singh is desperate to find a perfect match and is taking help of a matrimonial site for the same. The many men that came in her life through this means only add to misery to her all ready troubled life. She was used by those men either sexually or emotionally thus to hurt her from the core. After her younger sister's marriage she decided to take a firm decision on her marital status. The story revolves around the path she took to find a right destination for her.

Highs : The rawness in the narration impressed me. The character of open minded independent girl came out superbly with the narrative. The marriage scene of Alafia's sister presents the true image of Indian marriages. All men characters were different from each other giving a humor to the narrative in anecdotes about them. 

Lows : The story was stagnant and moved an inch only in the end to give a one line message of the book. I feel the narrative was coming back to the same point after each change of scene without adding much to the story line. The author seems confused in building the plot. The way it ended lives the reader cheated. Even philosophically it has not much to offer.

Verdict : A good read to know an open minded independent girl's psyche who is in her 30's and is a divorcee. 

Rating : I give it 1 out of 5

You can buy this book Here

The Great Indian Terrorist Tamasha

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The Great Indian Terrorist Tamasha

Indian Army catching an alive terrorist isn't a new thing. They have caught 44 Pakistani terrorist last year which are in their custody and under interrogation. But why is arresting a young terrorist between 16 to 20 years of age in Udhampur (J & K) became a matter of spectacle for our news channels? In a race to show themselves as fast they made the mockery of such an important issue. Have you heard or sea Americans coming out of their sleeves for killing of Osama -bin- Laden? No they don't because this hampers your image as a serious fighter to terrorism.

Some cabinet ministers also tweeted it as the second terrorist caught alive after Ajmal Kasab during 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks giving wrong signals in the public domain. The trolls on twitter got an opportunity to target every Muslim of the nation for this arrest. A conspiracy to polarize the masses through this incident appears eminent. The hate mongers must understand that those Muslims who denied Mohammad Ali Jinnah's Two Nation Theory by deciding to reside in India have nothing to do with Pakistan. 

Experts condemned the television debates which tried to arouse people's sentiment through their loud coverage of the incident. They said that India should take this as an opportunity to pressurize Pakistan to admit the use of their land in promoting terrorist activities against India. The more evidence of Pakistan sponsored terrorism would bring down their credibility in international arena. The small arrest of a terrorist by villagers required an applaud for those brave hearts and not encouragement of mislead youths by showing his fearless visuals 24 hours on TV screens. 

The present government's different statements at different level shows their confused state in dealing with Pakistan issue. Sometimes they exchange gifts with them, sometimes sings phrases of '56 inch chest' and advocates military action on Pakistan's soil, sometimes push for talks, sometimes says no talks without confirmation on terrorists and so on. This attitude has also lead to reemergence of separatist forces in Kashmir with higher intensity and increase influence of ISIS among Kashmiri militant groups. There is a need in government to rethink about their Pakistan policy. 

Diary Confessions - 9 : Time Machine

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Diary Confessions - 9 : Time Machine

15th Feb, 2015 

Dear Diary,

My father sold that blue sofa to a scrap dealer thinking that it was unlucky for me because I have became lazy since he bought it. How silly he thinks, it wasn't unlucky but so soft that I always fell asleep whenever I sat on it to study. My laziness was the reason of my bad grades and not that sofa. But now I am determined to perform well in my coming board exam and will definitely make him proud.


2nd Aug, 2015

Dear Diary,

You are witness to my father's brutality after I failed board exams. I think he is not wrong, I am a useless fellow who has ruined his own life in laziness. All my friends make mockery of me. I can't bear that insult anymore. I am ending my life by diving in this river. 


3rd Aug, 2015

Dear Diary, 

I was never sure to see that day but God have a different plan for me. I should have heard that old man with steel leg who came suddenly from somewhere just before I was going to dive and said that the dive would make me handicapped. He was right I have lost my leg and also my father who died of a heart attack reading your yesterday's page. I have to change my destiny one day.


2nd August, 2055

Dear Diary,

Wow! My time machine is ready after dedicating thirty years of my life in it. I have no family, no friends and only one leg just for an incident that happened forty years ago on that fateful day. Everything was lost by my silly behavior. Perhaps that blue sofa had some bad spirits which washed all sense from my brain and gave me this life of misery. Today I will go back and help my past self to change my destiny.


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Book Review : There's Something About You

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Book Review : There's Something About You.

There's Something About You is a fictional love story by Yashodhara Lal. I have received this book published by Harper Collins India from Indibloggers. Apart from being the love story this book try to find some common sensical solutions to some nonsensical problems.

Cover  : Full marks to the cover. It hints to a love story along with creating a mystery around their characters. Sea beach scene indicts a coastal city which is perfect to refer the city of dreams Mumbai.

Plot : A thirty year old single girl Trishna Saxena aka Trish lived in Mumbai with her Alzheimer suffering father and a nagging mother. She was content with her job in a leading publication which suddenly fired her from her job living her helpless in that big city. Unable to get a new job, she expressed her emotional and mental outburst in a part time assignment which changed her life for ever. Sahil entered her life at that moment and started easing her life situations. She found him connected to an incident happened in her life. How things turned out in between them? How she solves her friend Akansha's problem? The course of event changes to give readers an engrossing read to the relieved climax.

Highs : I like the narrative style of the book. The question and answer part of the book is interesting and really made you think how silly we behave in dealing with some simple problems in our life. The book never bores you even at a single point thanks to the well maintained pace in the narration. The climax is good and satisfactory for me. The characters are believable and you feel a connect with them as story progresses.

Lows : Half of the book revolves around only Trish which I think is an unnecessary stretching of the narrative without any interesting happenings at that time. I also missed some romantic moments between Trish and Sahil. Things are somewhat predictable.

Verdict : Pick your copy soon if you want to read a different kind of love story while discovering a fresh look at life during your book reading journey.

Rating : I would give it 4 out of 5.