Gang Of Four (Part - 7)

Gang of Four (Part - 7)

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She said to Arjun that they should lure his friends to break some conditions of their oaths by targeting their respective weaknesses so that they could except his friendship with her and allow to stay him shaved. " It is not that I hate that unclean stubble but when you look handsome without those hairs on your face then what is the reason for this stubble.Is this to give you a hard image?" Arjun was unable to answer that ,he didn't know himself what made them to take such oaths. It might be a decision arose from some situations at that age which gain its value when repeated many times in all these years. 

" Marriage functions will be over tomorrow so we should meet after that to decide on our plan of action." " OK! I think that will be fine Surbhi." Arjun told that he think Rajeev was in favor of clean shaven look because a girl rejected him once for his stubble look for other friends he had to dig them inside. " Surbhi can I ask you something? " Yes!" " Why are you doing this for me? I am sure so many boys are behind you." " You are right but I like your simplicity,moreover I don't want you to lose your friends for me because I don't have friends."

" I remained without any friends since my childhood because of my father's regular transfers. It's only after his retirement three years back that I got a friend like Anjali and through her I got you with whom I can think." She stopped in between," I can think what?" " Nothing." She blushed.

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  1. A girl like simplicity in her man. That's true Cifar.. Way to go.. Thanks for accepting the tag :)


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