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Faltu( Waste)


Nothing is faltu or waste in India,everything considered waste elsewhere hold it's value in this part of the world. In other words we can say that we know how to make waste useful. We are actually resourceful (Jugadu as called in desi language) thus utilise everything to it's full extent, take for example a school uniform,i elder brother or sister's uniform is preserved for the younger sibling if it's doesn't fit to the elder one.
There are many things like that old clothes are exchanged for utensils which are again used to make pillow covers,foot mattresses and many other things,even cow dung is used as fuel in our country. Those who consider us backward must see how we use waste products like old clothes,shoes,broken glass,plastic bottles,old newspapers,old wooden doors and windows,etc.productively.

This habit also have a drawback,it is true that less waste is generated in reusing,reducing and again using old things which put less burden on our natu…

Flash Flood In Uttarakhand

Flash Flood In Uttarakhand

Flash floods in Uttrakhand which have killed hundreds,made homeless to thousands and made losses of lacks in that region again exposed our preparedness for natural disasters. Government sources said that it will take around three years for life to be back to normal there,thousands still are missing and search operations are still running.

This is not the first time that flash flood has hit Uttarakhand,it's a yearly phenomenon only difference this year is that it's too early and more intense. It also open our eyes to the threats posed in altering our natural landscapes by building excessive roads and houses by cutting mountains and trees. Even after having a National Disaster Management Authority( NDMA) we failed in early flood forecasting and our after disaster arrangement also lacked preparedness.To minimise the effects of such disasters there is a need for better weather equipments and expertise to deal with such situations. There should be proper…

World Day Against Child Labour

World Day Against Child Labour

We often see special google doodles on special occasions, social media was bombarded with greetings or messages related to that occasion by governmental or non governmental organisations and even by individuals,we also see TV debates,newspaper coverage for such special events and days,but yesterday there was none.No prime time debates,no newspaper adds,no social media coverage,no active blogosphere,none.

Actually, yesterday i.e on June 12, world observed since 2002 on ILO's ( International Labor Organisation) initiative " World Day Against Child Labor". But it is said or rather shameful that many of us don't know about it. This day was launched to focus attention on the global extent of child labor and the action and effort needed to eliminate it. Even after having laws against child labor and compulsory education for all we are unable to eradicate child labor from our society. The biggest reason behind this is unawareness about the is…

In Unison

In Unison

We often see political parties fighting on various issues,whether it is Food Security Bill, Foreign Direct Investment(FDI),Lokpal Bill, Anti Rape Law,etc. There views are always differ from each other and it is next to impossible to have hundred percent support of a particular issue.

But this miracle happened on June 3,2013 after Central Information Commission(CIC) ruled that the six national political parties namely Congress,Bhartiya Janata Party,CPI,CPI(M), Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party "have been substantially financed" by the government and thus RTI will be applicable to them. As soon as this news spread all political parties dismissed the stand in one voice. They said that they all ready gave there audit report, there details of expenditure etc. to Election Commission and one who requires such information should contact to election commission for that. They said that there rivals might misuse it and it would create confusion among the voters.

RTI ex…