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Naive Traveler - Agra Trip

Naive Traveler - Agra Trip

I have started traveling since last Diwali to break the routine of my monotonous lifestyle which revolves around office and home. From Diwali i.e November 2015; I have visited Jaipur, Delhi's different places (twice covering different destinations at both occasions), Rashtrapati Bhavan tour the experience of which I have shared earlier and now Agra. Since I have Mondays off so I with two of my friends visited Agra this Monday (25th July 2015). 
We took Taj Express from Nizamuddin station at 7:15 in the morning luckily it was not late so we reached Agra at 10 am. We have checked the places to visit on google so didn't waste a single minute in hiring an auto for the purpose. The prepaid autos there takes Rs 500 and show you just Taj Mahal, Itmad -Ud - Dualah, and Agra Fort but we convinced one to show us Sikandara (Akbar's Tomb), Mehtaab Bagh (Taj's back side) and other places if time left, we paid him Rs 600. 

Bedai and Jalebi is famous breakf…

Dope Break Hope

Dope Break Hope
India is sending its biggest contingent ever in the Rio Olympics 2016 which automatically increases chances of highest medal tally ever but the doping clouds have raise doubts over these hopes. I will not name any player here because charges on them are still on primary stage. But whatever be the result of doping tests this time, India is the third highest country in the doping list which is a shameful thing. The country which cares least for sports this high number in negative aspect of the game is alarming. 
Our governments were always negligent of sports or if they care it is for one or two sports only. The players which reached national level in various sports like wrestling, shot put, athletics and other such games do this with their hard work, self training and passion. Government's support comes only after their achievement in particular field. Some sportsperson belongs to villages and some are even unaware of the presence of something like ban drugs which …

Book Review : Tell Me Your Real Story

Book Review : Tell Me Your Real StoryTell Me Your Real Story is a poetry book by Savita Nair. It is published by Virgin Leaf Books of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. I have received this book from publishers. This is a collection of poems on living, loving and losing. 

Cover: Impressive cover, I liked such pictures and I have posted it on my Instagram account also. The talking eyes visible from the tresses of hair covering most of the face of the lady on the cover connected you to the book at once. It assures you for a ride on reading some beautiful poems. 
Content: The book contains 57 poems from poetess' pen starting from 'I Believe You're Not There' to That's The Spirit'. Poems are written in both prose and rhyme. They covers almost all emotions like love, romance, pain of separation, spiritualism, happiness, sadness, etc. Some poems are small and ends in half the page while some covers the page or go to next pages also. 
Comment: I like the ideas in the poem a…

Hum Sab Ek Hain ?

Hum Sab Ek Hain?

Hum Sab Ek Hain which means we are all one seems a complete nonsensical idea in the view of current situation in India where people are identified with their religions/castes and attacked for not adhering to the standards of a particular community. The recent incident of Una, Gujarat in which four lower caste Dalit youth were beaten mercilessly with Aluminium roads and paraded half naked with their hands tied behind a SUV by members of Gauraksha Dal (Cow Savers ) is an example of increasing caste based atrocities. Similar incident was also registered in another Gujarat town few days before the Una incident. Cattle transporters also faced similar attacks from such  Gauraksha Dal goons in parts of Haryana, Delhi, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. The beat, molest and kill people in the name of cow. 
The constitution of India considered all Indians equal but even today this equality is registered with golden words in pages of constitution only. Most of the people of so called…

Media : Speak or Not to Speak

Media : Speak or Not to Speak

Journalism or media as it is called today is known as the fourth pillar of democracy. It keeps a check on government’s activities and maintains a balance in reporting things. It highlights any wrongdoing anywhere in the country or the world so that the associate agency can take action against the evil doers. It helps in forming public opinion on things of local and national importance. Journalists maintain a non-biased way of reporting things by not including their personal views about a particular topic. 
 All above mentioned things about media may sound funny if you look at today’s journalism and journalists because no where you see them helping in making public opinion but instead they manipulate public opinion according to their political affiliation. Calm and balanced news anchors are difficult to see. Even those you think are honest and fair try to impose their views due to pressures from their bosses in the media houses. The masses today go to TV …

Heaven Turned Hell Again

Heaven Turned Hell Again

The killing of Hizbul Mujahidin commander Burhan Wani triggered widespread protests in the Kashmir valley against the armed forces and the government. Burhan Wani was that face of terrorism which glamorized his activities by openly challenging authorities through his social media posts. He was just 23 when he killed by the armed forces in an encounter few days ago. Neither the army nor the government estimated the support he received during his funeral and the protests afterwards which have killed more than 30 Kashmiri and injured around 300 people. The situation is tense and government is holding high level meetings to control the situation. 
It seems the government and authorities are running away from the reality of the Kashmir issue. The youth which was entering in mainstream society through education till few years back has again turned towards militancy and violence. The current BJP-RSS/PDP government’s conflict of interest in dealing with the issues rel…

The Islam I know !

The Islam I Know 

The Islam I know is totally different from the public perception. It not in a single word promotes terrorism. I learned about Islam from my mother, father and from maulvis (Islamic teachers) in the local mosque but never ever I felt they are promoting hatred against another religion or faith in me. I always remember my father and brother playing Holi with equal enthusiasm as their Hindu friends. Not only them I also played Holi along with my Hindu and Muslim friends, similarly they visited our house to be part of Eid celebration.
My mother who is the grand-daughter of an Imam (mosque priest) never stopped us visiting Hindu temples. I was the regular visitor to temples during Janmashtami and other such festivals. There are no objections in our home on our visits to Gurudwaras, Temples or Churches. When I went to MountAbu in Rajasthan which is famous for Jain Temples in a school trip no one taught me to stay away from the Jain temples there and I visited all of them. …

Book Review : Six Degrees

Book Review : Six Degrees Six Degrees is a collection of three stories written by the top three teams of BlogAdda’s Game of Blogs a contest in which about 300 bloggers collaborated to write stories with certain sets of characters and conditions. I also participated in this with my team. I have received this book for being part of the BlogAdda’s Book Review Program and the book is published by Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. These three stories bring you three different scenarios experienced by the same set of characters which creates an amazing reading experience. 

Cover: I am still confused about the title ‘Six Degrees’ and how it relates with the stories but I like the cover design having so many faces perhaps indicating towards all the participating bloggers in the Game of Blogs. 
Plot: The book contains three stories by three different teams namely The Awakening by Team By Lanes, Entangled Lives by Team Potliwale Baba and Missing – A Journey Within By Team Tete-A-Ten. Here is the lo…