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Untold Love

Untold Love

Rajan was thinking of the days he shared with Roshni while sitting beside his window. Since childhood they were neighbors and thus very good friends,when at the age of sixteen Rajan lost both his parents in a road accident she was one to console him as she experienced the same feeling being brought up by her elder brother after she lost her parents in her childhood. They always stood for each other in time of grief and happiness,it is on her encouragement and support that he completed his studies and worked now in a private company as a manager.

He always enjoyed her company and started liking her,he don't know exactly when this liking converted into love,he never disclosed his emotions for her and wanted that she understood them by herself. But neither she nor he spoke those words and now it's too late as her brother has fixed her marriage to someone with her consent. He was relaxing and thinking about his untold love when Roshni's brother Arun knock at his d…

The Big Fat Indian Wedding

The Big Fat Indian Wedding.

We in India are fortunate enough to have so many seasons to see due to our position in the world map. Summer,winter,monsoon,spring,etc. You name it and we have it but there is one more season of which we experience many forms and that season is wedding season.

In India wedding is like a destination for each individual to reach at a particular age,one started dreaming about his or her wedding since childhood,beautiful dresses,lavish arrangements,most suitable partner and so on. There are so much expectation in marriages that one spend huge amount of money in food,clothing and other arrangements.Due to huge differences in economic conditions we have so many type of marriage arrangements which one can afford according to budget.

Street marriages where tents were put in streets,food is limited and many times get finished before eating by everybody present there, parks or community center marriages,here marriages started getting bigger with more food items and …

Be The Change

Be The Change "Be the change you want to see" - Mahatma Gandhi
Today we all raise our voices for crime against women. As soon as a rape news flashed on news televisions people are out on streets to protest against the police and government,demands harsher punishments for the rapist and so on. It all ends in few days and life goes on like this.

The problem lies not in minds of few individuals but in thoughts and behaviour of the whole society and as the charity begins at home so is the brutality. Right in our homes position of girl child is miserable,a sister must care for her brother's needs while a brother is free to treat her as his servant,it's a daughter's duty to ask for water to father when he returns home while son plays video games. Still marriages are arranged without daughter's consent,parents think it as below there dignity to run there homes with girl's salary. These thoughts which are prevalent in society project women as soft and venerable c…

Caged Parrot Of India (CPI)

Caged Parrot Of India (CPI)

" CBI a caged parrot speaking in master's voice". This statement by Supreme Court during coalgate hearing was enough to prove the credibility of CBI the main central investigating unit of Indian Government. CBI is reduced to a mere weapon of mass destruction of evidences and a way to hide crucial information and investigations from the masses.
The governments in center use this agency so as to bury allegations over them. There used to be a parrot in arabian nights and Hatimtai's story in which someone puts his on life in it than that person is only killed after killing of that parrot. Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) is also used for that purpose. Government has placed its life in CBI and thus secure itself.
This parrot only speaks against the present governments when these government becomes past i.e when it's master changes. It is an open secret now that this agency is definitely not free which concludes to that the investigation…


Apart from print and television media one thing which contributes most in framing public opinion is Cinema. A medium which is immensely popular among the masses and means a lot to them. Hindi Cinema or Bollywood as it is popularly called is part of each one of us and it has completed its hundred years.
Since first film Raja Harishchandra made by DadaSahab Phalke it has never look back and today it is the most successful film industry in the world. Early films were silent and mostly based on mythological themes as  it was considered taboo to watch films or to work in them and for women it was strictly banned which was also the reason that initial films cast male actors in female roles.
Films are always a face of changing society,it is a mirror which shows what exists in our country and the world.As female progresses soon they also started working in Indian films,after independence films started taking subjects of social importance,films like Do Beega Zameen, Mother India…