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Tragedy Of Being Mr.Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi was always an inspiration for the congress, from ever since he had entered the politics( some people still think he should better be outside it) there were speculations that he will be the next prime minister of India. But as time passes such speculations rises but Rahul Gandhi falls from being so. Being a politician from such a valuable family and giving such a high promises to the nation his policies,his ideology is still alien to people. Sometimes when he ate in dalit houses (who support their families with difficulty and arrange their meals with lots of efforts) he presents himself as ‘ Mesiha’  for them who will change their destiny but when there was a bill on ‘promotion in reservation’ (which his party bring in haste to divert from Coalgate) he remains quite and his views are unclear to the masses. It appears that he his a true Gandhian of today of believes in Gandhi’s monkey philosophy but with a twist. Gandhi ‘s monkeys say never to listen bad things, never to h…