Dhruv never thought in his lifetime that a day would come when he was spying on his wife.But he couldn't ignore those charges levied on her by his neighbors that an unknown person visited his house in his absence, sometimes they also went to roam in the city markets. He never ever responded to their allegations because Tara's behavior with him never changed.. It was an arrange marriage but Tara was always happy with it,he didn't know what's the reason for this betrayal.

He thought that if she was happier with the other man than with him he would left her for him. One day he decided to came back early from office to caught her red handed. He opened the door with duplicate keys he had with himself ,some voices were coming out from the bedroom,he was a little hesitate to move ahead as he didn't want to break the delusion that they were among the happiest couple in the world. He moved forward to open the bedroom door,she was in a compromising position with that man.

He quietly closed the door as she didn't notice his coming. He smiled as he came out of the house because he got the reason to divorce her. She was always happy with the marriage but he was not because he loved someone else. It was he who hired a detective to plan against her wife,she was trapped now,he already had those pictures of her from the detective. If he gave the divorce before he would have to give his half property to her, these allegations would do the magic now. He called his lawyer to file a divorce.

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