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Thought shrinking

World has shrunk a lot. I am not talking about the size of the earth, nor i am concern about the closeness technology had brought. I am talking about thought shrinking. It is a phenomenon developed in the course of time and not a sudden change. The thoughts of people of about 120years ago revolve around the whole world, they wanted to know other cultures other nations, other people. They do concern about the changes in the world or its necessities. Soon time changed thoughts started shrinking to the national level. National problems as a whole was main thoughts. Those countries fighting for their freedom at that time struggled for countries' freedom and liberty, national development used to be their aim. They do not bother for other nations and if do so than it would be for their nations benefit. But as i say CHANGE IS PERMANENT, it happens with the thoughts also as the human race advances in science and technology with the world thoughts too shrunk. People then raises local prob…