Gang Of Four ( Part - 6)

Gang of Four ( Part - 6)

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He was sitting sad in his room when someone called him because the baraat has come. There was noise all around with the joy of wedding,groom's friend and relatives were dancing as if they have gone mad,Arjun saw that Surbhi has also joined them in their dancing. He thought to join her too but how after that blunder he has done.

After welcoming the guests everyone was enjoying food except Arjun who was sitting alone in that crowd thinking about how to face her again." Hi Arjun!" Surbhi came and sat near him. " H.. Hi! I...I.. am sorry Surbhi"," Why?" " because I said that I love you, Oops I said it again,I.. am " ,She put her finger on his lips," Stop Arjun I also love you I was just surprised by your sudden reaction." " Your touch made me behave in that way." " Actually your clean shaven looked bowled me over,you are looking more handsome now. Why you kept that stubble look when you look better that way." It's time now for him to face the moment of truth. Time to tell about his friends and their oaths to Surbhi.

" Surbhi I wants to tell you something," Arjun told her about his friends and their oaths of not to shave,not to have best friends outside their group,etc." That means our friendship,our love ends here with Anjali's marriage." " No! Surbhi, I love you, we have to find a solution to that problem." Arjun was in a fix, he didn't want to leave Surbhi but he couldn't leave his friends either." I think I have an idea," Surbhi smiled.

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