The Last Call

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The Last Call 

"Hello Arpit, old friend." Ishaan said hesitantly. He was not sure whether Arpit would answer him or not after so many years keeping in minds the things that happened then. Arpit disconnected the phone as expected by Ishaan but he had gathered that courage to talk to him after a long time and didn't want that opportunity to go without saying his hearty out. Moreover this might be his last call to him.

"Hello Arpit,.." he called him again. "Please don't disconnect this time," he said clearing his throat. " Just listen for the sake of friendship we once had." A long silent followed indicating him that Arpit was ready to listen. " I am suffering from cancer and I don't know how much time left with me in this life. I don't know I will get the chance to talk to you again or not." Tears rolled down his eyes," I want to amend what I did seven years back to ease burden on my soul. If you want that I die peacefully please meet me only once on that same old spot we spend most of our childhood." This time Ishaan disconnected the phone leaving Arpit in thoughts of their old friendship and the new turn came in it.

Both of them were friends since they started understanding about friendship. Born in slum area , they both had big dreams but being orphan no body to support them in fulfilling those dreams. They fell pray in hands of Mathur who was the local don. He trained them, used them in his criminal activities and as they grew up they became his most trusted allies. But Arpit didn't like the way Mathur treated them in spite being strong associates of him so he and Ishaan planned to kill him and control all his black business. Ishaan on the other hand wanted to rule not only a small area controlled by Mathur but the whole city. He double crossed Arpit by conspiring with Inspector Abhijit to kill both Mathur and Charan another leading mafia don of the city and to trap Arpit by blaming him for their murder.

After those murders Abhijit arrested Arpit and Ishaan became the undisputed mafia don of the city. Though Arpit was released after five years of court trials with the efforts of Ragini a lawyer from the slum where he lived. She loved him from childhood and married him after his release from the jail. He started working as a security guard in a private firm after marriage forgetting his past life. He never understood why Ishaan betrayed him. His phone call to meet at that time would balm all what he had suffered because of Ishaan.

Concluding part...

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Sarfaraz and Ravi were soldiers from two neighbouring enemy countries safeguarding their respective borders but became best friends since the time Ravi saved Sarfaraz from a wild animal when his foot was stuck in the border fence while chasing that animal.

Both the countries were at peace without any conflict so other soldiers from their battalion also sat together with them sharing food, listening and singing songs and telling about their lives,families,etc.

They didn't know what initiated war but they started preparing to encounter at battlefield after receiving orders from their seniors.

Entanglement of war brought Ravi and Sarfaraz in front of each other because battlefields are meant for death and not love of life.

They keep looking at each other aiming their guns with teary eyes when a heartless bomb exploded in between them taking away their lives and dilemma.

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday ( entanglement,death,heartless. ) and Five Sentence Fiction ( conflict).  

Is Jeevan Ka Yahi Hai Rangroop !

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Is Jeevan Ka Yahi Hai Rangroop ! ( This is the color of life ! ) 

Part of India Series

उम्र-ए-दराज़ मांग कर लाए थे चार दिन,
दो आरज़ू में कट गए दो इंतज़ार में। 
Umr-e-daraaz maang kar laye the chaar din,
Do aarzu mein kat gaye do intezaar mein.

(Having asked for long life,I brought back four days,

Two passed in yearning and two in waiting I spend.)

Bahadur Shah Zafar's couplet aptly fits on Lal Krishan Advani the senior most leader of ruling party ( Bhartiya Janata Party ) of India who extended his political carrier in this elections in hope of some miracle that he would become PM of India but on the contrary he remained the only person to be regarded as a PM in waiting in Indian political sphere.

He was in the party since its formation as Jana Sangh in 1951 along with former Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He played a significant role in its formation as Bhartiya Janata Party in 1980 and was among the founder members.He remained a stalwart leader until the emergence of Narender Modi who reduced him to a mere spectator in the party.

His political life is an example of how life changes its color. Once a deputy PM and a nominated candidate for PM post is now dropped from decision making parliamentary board of the party and is shifted to the newly formed Margdarshak Mandal ( Guidance Board ) along with Murli Manohar Joshi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee , Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah and Narender Modi with inclusion of current top leadership in this group its evident that senior leader would hardly get any work to do.

The party which always criticized Congress for its treatment of senior members have sent their most senior and popular leaders to a dormant board whose function is still not clear, that too just by releasing a press note. From last one year when Narender Modi became the PM candidate for BJP , L.K.Advani's place in the party is challenged. His U-turn from the resignation from all party posts in 2013 has dented his more image in public and media. I don't know why he fought under Modi's leadership when it was decided that Modi was a PM candidate and no 75+ MP would get a place in the cabinet? He might have thought that party would consider him to negotiate with other parties for support if BJP wouldn't get majority but the historical mandate put water on his desires and dragged him further down in the party.

There is downfall of every sun, closure of each chapter, change of each season, new for every old. He became the part of that series. Other senior party members who were loyalist of Narender Modi are promoted as governors of various states while He and Joshi remained hopeful for some better retirement policy considering their party as a traditional one where elders are respected. It is like sending elders to old age homes after transferring property to their names. But I also think that he was somewhere or the other was aware of such treatment being sidelined by RSS and party for about a year.

When he was the face of hardliner Hindutva policy he was hailed by party and Sangh and when he started transforming into a much appealing national leader he was marginalized. He remained a vital element of Indian politics throughout his career whether in good or in bad. I have prepared this video with a song in Kishore Kumar's voice from the movie Piya Ka Ghar below for him and hope that he understand that such things are part and parcel of a politician , Ye jivan hai is jivan ka yahi hai rangroop ! ( This is life and such is the color of this life.)

Six Words Memoirs - Victory

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Six Words Memoirs - Victory

A set of six word story depicting two contrasting images : 

1. Banning the war ; Victory of mankind. 

2. Fight for victory. Sight of corpse.

Diary Confessions - 7

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Diary Confessions  - 7

'I was appointed the CVO ( Chief Vigilance Officer ) of this coveted medical institute two years back. Little did I hope that I would do anything in this department of such a prestigious institution known world over but to my surprise I unearthed about a dozen of scams in almost every department from illegally renting hospital space to selling medicines outside to security guard appointment scam ,etc. The politicians and bureaucrats dogs were treated with respect where humans die unattended. I thought that was my duty as a CVO to bring in light these scams and recommended them for CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation ) inquiry.

Few days back the newly appointed health minister removed me saying that I was not eligible for this post which I was holding for two years. Strange ! I was transferred to another state. Today morning I decided to aboard the train without knowing that whole city and nation was behind me, supporting me for what I did. When I reached the platform they gathered around me asking not to go as everyone was standing with me. Tears rolled down my eyes seeing honesty and truth still holds value in today's world. They lifted me on their shoulders and I missed my train.' 

"Right is visible even under layers "

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Fictional account of what happened with honest Sanjiv Chaudhary CVO at AIIMS. I hope same thing will happen if he tries to leave the city.

Wait Over

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Wait Over

The train was approaching towards the station and John was still missing from her sight,"will he come" , Martha's sparse mind questioned impulsively.

They met last month near downtown church and became the ointment of each other's morose hearts as they
were entangled in estranged marriages.

They decided to divorce their spouses to be with each other but John was hesitant about this decision because he felt that her wife still loved him.

Martha assured him to talk to his wife and made her understand about their relationship after which they would leave this town.

As she was waiting for him at the railway station sorting out things with his wife, he came accompanied by police force to arrest her for killing his wife and storing her body pieces in the wooden box she was carrying.

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday ( sparse,impulsive,morose ) and Five Sentence Fiction ( waiting

Manipur's Mardaani

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Manipur's Mardaani

A 70 year old man calls for a hunger strike till death gathers thousands of supporters in Delhi and a nation wide protest follows resulted in change of government as this caused backed by political forces for political gains. On the other hand a 28 year old lady started a hunger strike for injustices was arrested on charges of committing suicide and force fed through tubes. She is fighting for others through indefinite strike for 14 years now. She is Irom Chanu Sharmila regarded as 'Iron lady of Manipur' or Maingoubi ( "the fair one").

On 2nd November 2000, she began a hunger strike which is still ongoing. Her primary demand to the Indian government is the complete repeal of the AFSPA (Armed Forces (Special Powers ) Act 1958) which has been blamed for violence in Manipur and other parts of northeast India. This act is criticized for the inhumanity and dictatorship attached to it. Armed forces in order to control situation many times target innocent civilians. On pretext of this act soldiers rape women, hold mass massacre, allegedly detain civilians and so on. The people of Kashmir valley have similar demands for this act which also got unheard.

She maintained that she was protesting against a draconian law and her hunger strike would continue till its annulment. She advocated this cause also during her detention in hospital. She was released by the trial court on Wednesday ( 20th August 2014 ) after a trial judge found no evidence to support charges filed in 2000 by prosecutors in Manipur that she was trying to commit suicide by refusing food. If this is happening in independent India then how it is different from British rule where similar things happened with those on Satyagraha or hunger strikes for protests.

So many questions came in my mind when I think about this situation in northeastern India and Kashmir that why a law which is against democracy is enforced for so long ? Why the situation is still out of control? Is the power abuse by military in those areas creating more tension among the masses ? Why government changed but this law not repealed ? We may not find answer to these questions as our politics is excellent in hiding and manipulating the truth.

I salute this lady to stand and fight for the rights of others. My support is with her. I hope a day will come soon when she swallows down something from her throat. I also appeal both state and center government to look in to the matter with utter importance and find some solution to this as we are a democratic country and not a country ruled by military. We also have responsibility to spread awareness about her cause and not to neglect issues of northeast. Since PM Narender Modi showed her concern towards northeastern states during his election rallies I hope he would show some seriousness now also when he is in power and in the position to change.

My House, My Home

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My House, My Home

'Home is the mirror of personalities of people living in it.' 

Our houses are our partners of joy, sharer of griefs and witnesses of our dreams. They are the place we spend the most of our lifetimes. They silently comforts us in every situation and now with initiative by and BlogAdda we are getting chance to comfort them. To seriously think of making our wonderful houses our proud and more beautiful homes.

I often think that we are detaching ourselves from traditional arts and values in our tryst with modernity which is making our younger generations ignorant about these art and crafts. I would like to re-do my house in traditional style with things like Marwar Stores Painted Peacock Wall Clock  , Aapno Rajasthan Lantern-048 and Jeel Koko Maison Inc Foil Printed Cushion cover -3799 so that I could cherish such arts and crafts gifted to us being blesses to born in India.

This painted peacock watch as you see is made up of wooden handicraft elegant to suit any wall color, moreover it's stylish looking rooted to our tradition. The peacock which is our national bird and also the auspicious one would make it look divine on the wall of my house.

This lantern is sure to add brilliance to home decor owing to its gold embossed design with Meenakshi and Kundan work. Many of us are unaware of these traditional style which adds curiosity to inquire about these things making me the center of attraction along with this beautiful lantern. 

This satin foil printed cushion cover are suitable for every sofa type and would highlight the traditional and ethnic style I am working on with artistic designs reminding designs in palaces and forts of medieval era further attaching more to our roots.

These things would definitely add traditional flavor to otherwise un-themed house. Since houses are mirrors of personalities of people living in it, my connection to roots in spite of being a modern thinker would be visible with such a theme. I would also want my nephews and nieces to understand and appreciate these art of our India. Make my home website is filled with other such products to enhance this look or to opt for any other items suitable to any other style.

Wherever in the world you visit and roam,
Heart gets comfort in your style of sweet home.

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Maps To Peace

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Maps To Peace

Mercenary found some MAPS in that companion soldier's pocket who committed suicide during the battle due to unknown reasons when he was eradicating the enemies.
                                                                                                                                                                His death was intriguing so he traveled on that route to uncover secret of one of those non-confidential maps he found in the soldier's pocket as the place shown on it was unknown to him.

He reached to a meditation house situated on very high altitude where so many people were meditating.

He discovered that the soldier was squeamish at the sight of blood and violence and had joined
battle for the sake of his country.

He questioned himself, "Is it right to kill people,shed blood for money in such wars even when some soldiers are against it?"

This post is part of Three Word Wednesday ( mercenary,eradicate,squeamish ) and Five Sentence Fiction ( MAPS )

Hindi Hain Hum Watan Hai Hindustan Hamara?

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Hindi Hain Hum Watan Hai Hindustan Hamara? (Part 3 of India Series)

Previous Parts : Part 1: India In Danger? ; Part 2 : Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyara Hai?

The following post is part of Indispire Edition 25 at Indiblogger 

(Inter - Religion marriage still taboo among Indians ? What is your take on it .)

We as Indians are still confused for our cultural identity i.e who we are as residents of this country. Hindu,Hindustani,Indian,Bharatiya,Hindi or something else. When there is so much struggle in conveying our identity then how people who consider even inter-caste marriages as taboo would accept Inter - Religion marriages. We are all united under our constitution which make all of us equal and grants freedom to follow any religion. An adult individual thus holds the freedom to choose his or her partner regardless to any religion.The constitution also declares India as Bharat or India and not as Hindustan which denotes its secular identity not related to a particular religion. How a Christian, a Muslim, a Parsi, a Buddhist be Hindu ? If it is so then where is freedom of religion? Why can't one be Indian Muslim, Indian Christian,etc?

Many radical groups taking advantage of this situation in the country always creates an atmosphere of fear among minorities. They inculcate feeling of hatred among each other which stood as the main reason for opposing inter-caste marriages.They considered them as the sole bearer of our traditional and cultural values are working against the constitution. They are the ones who set rules for follower of the religion they belong and separates them from followers of other religion. They mishandles those who marry outside their religions and boycotts them from society. They pressurizes parents by threatening them of ill consequences of their approval of such marriages resulting in non-acceptance by families. But these groups are not the only reason.

We are reared in such a way that we considered those different from us as untouchables and  recognizes someone on the basis of his or caste and religion and not merely as human beings. Our society is wearing a glass which discriminates rich-poor, Hindu-Muslim,upper caste-lower caste and many other such differences it never views the society as one with a glass which could show the commonness of humans and that love is what all religion teaches. It's the common thread of love which binds human race together. Imagine what result this inter-religion marriage would be on our society. The children born with such marriages would be free to choose any religion, they would be born Indians and not as Hindu,Muslim,Sikh,etc.They would know the best of both religion.

World is changing,India is changing. Marriages are breaking more rapidly, understanding one another is more important than understanding religions. So to find perfect match is more important than to find it in our religion. When we believe that couples are made in heaven then why it is important that they must be of same faith. It would be better for the society to accept them. Lets not bring religion between love. Let humanity be the guiding star for society. Acceptance would stop the crimes of honor killing thriving in the society. I would like to recall Iqbal's lines from 'Sare Jahan Se Achcha' that:
Mazhab nahin sikhata aapas mein bair rakhna,
Hindi hain hum watan hai hindustan hamara.

( Religion doesn't teach us to bear ill-will among ourselves,
We are of Hind (India), our homeland is Hindustan (India).

Back To The Future

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Back To The Future

It's not unusual that I woke up early today. I may find difficulty in doing so during school days but summer holidays have started, so to play games,to watch TV and to read the whole set of Diamond and Raj comics you need more time. Moreover I have to wake up my whole cricket team being their captain since we have a match today with Police Colony team.

We reached the playground where our opponent were practicing. We won the toss and decided to bat, the interesting match with lots of up and downs ended with our victory. I came back home quickly to watch Disney Hour. It was my routine in holidays that I have my breakfast while watching this show. Then I did some holiday homework and rushed to my friend's shop who lend comic books. He took money from others but for me they were free. He was so fond of me in spite of our age difference ( I was five and he was in his twenties) that he gave new set of comics first to me than to anybody else on the condition that I wouldn't fold or torn them and returned them within one or two days.

Not only me my brother and sisters waited for me to bring those comics. As I reached home each one of us picked a comic and lost in their world. Chacha Chaudhary, an elderly man who could solve all problems with Sabu, Billoo, a teenage boy enjoying his life, Pinki a young girl who entertain with her naughtiness, superheroes like Nagraj, Super Commondo Dhruv,etc fighting evils of society, etc. The world of comics turned every other thing secondary for us. We exchanged comics after reading. They were addictive we could only left for other work only after reading them. I took the most time in reading being the younger of them all and a slow reader as I learned reading recently. In order to finish reading them I didn't know when I slept with dreaming about all these characters.


I woke up in the morning from my smart phone's alarm. I searched for all comics but there were none. I realized that it was only a dream and I am not a five year old enjoying 90's era. I was back into the future, into the same monotonous life where cartoon shows have taken the place of comics in today's kids. I saw my nephews and nieces watching shows of stubborn Shinchen, lazy Nobita and Kenichi, greedy and authoritative Chota Bheem,etc which hardly inspire or teaches some positive qualities unlike Chacha Chaudhary comics which teaches that we should go to elders in time of problems instead of trying to solve them ourselves he being the aged protagonist solving every problem, fighting evil and emphasizing that truth and honesty always triumphs.

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Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time

‘Back in Time’. Imagine, one fine day, you wake up as a 5-year-old child and not as a grown up! What will you do then?

This post is also a tribute to Cartoonist Pran ( died 5th Aug 2014 ) who made our childhood fanciful. 

Luminous Smile

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Luminous Smile

She felt elated in his arms and felt free from the age-old traditions the burden of which she was carrying for years on her shoulders.

Her twelve years old son, her only companion after her husband's death just entered the room at that moment in muddy clothes.

He was shocked to see a man hugging his mother but he noticed that her mother was happy which he never saw when she was with his vicious father who use to beat her daily.

He once pushed his father from terrace to liberate her mother from his cruelty and now he smiled in confirmation of her mother's relation which liberated her from burden of useless traditions.

His smile for her was more luminous than a moon or a star which had brighten her dark life.

This post is linked to Three Word Wednesday (liberated,vicious and muddy) and Five Sentence Fiction (luminous).

Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyara Hai?

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Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyara Hai? ( Part 2 of India Series)

Independence Day, one of the few days when we remember greatness of India. Feels proud of being Indian, sing patriotic songs,watch patriotic movies and enjoy this whole day being a holiday. But forget these things after that. Are we Indians only for day or two? Do we really feel proud of India and Indianness? Sadly answer to this questions comes out in negative. One bad habit of Indians which I would like to change for our India is not thinking India as their Identity.  

We can find a Hindu, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Christian, an upper caste, a lower caste, majority, minority, a Bengali, a Marathi, etc,etc. but not Indians. This species is either extinct or is critically endangered species. We have forgot our roots, our composite cultures, our blended traditions, our common problems, our similar motives and are projecting ourselves different from one another just to ruin at the hands of few politicians who bake their bread on fire of such issues. We are divided in regions,religions and color.

After Independence the new government took the steps to unite India into one nation under Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's monitoring who took this daunting task in his hand and created The Union of India. It was possible because we have combined histories, the problems we faced under Britishers were not different from each other, they exploited us and our nation in the same way. It was only amalgamation of our strong intentions against them and for our country which gave us independence.This independence appears in danger when we fight with each other on bases of our differences. We all are one even if we are separated in our cultures,traditions,geographical regions,religions,cast and creed, that's what makes us Indian and we should proud of our Indianness.

Moreover constitution of India grants us similar rights which we should respect equally for others as we deserve for us. This bad habit of not considering India as our first identity is the root cause of many other problems prevailing in the country and only leads to violence and hatred for each other. India is build on value of love so we should concentrate to spread only love. Next time when someone ask you who you are? Tell him/her that you are Indian from India. Here is the song Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyara ( India is dear to us more than our lives) composed by A.R.Rehman and sung by Hariharan which we should remember in such difficult and dividing time :

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What The Black

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What The Black

What the black is no more a secret. It is new Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal toothbrush. It is a first black bristles toothbrush which reach deeper between teeth and along gum-line with micro-slim tip bristles which are charcoal infused to remove plaque bacteria. Everything from egg shell to newspaper, from cup tissue paper were turning black because the tooth brush turned black.

I would like to thank blogadda and Colgate for such an interesting and engaging activity. I haven't feel such excitement during any contest period. I am lucky to be among the selected bloggers for this activity. Three days and three clues to solve the mystery, it appears as a plot of a suspense novel. I guessed it something related to mornings but cup confused me to think that it is some coffee or some other morning hot beverage. At this point I also want to salute the whole team behind this contest for delivering packages everyday to large number of bloggers situated at different ends of the country. The prompt delivery of the clue products was an essential element of this activity and all the fun,thrill and excitement of it depended on this humongous task which was performed superbly.I also liked the idea of sharing pictures of clues on Twitter and Facebook to involve our friends and followers too in this activity. I enjoyed doping that and receiving responses of others on these platforms.

Colgate is the household name in India and many parts of the world from many years , we all used its products for oral hygiene. Time to time Colgate brings different and innovative products according to the changing demands and requirements of the masses. This product is also an example of that, soft on gums but equally effective in removing food particles hidden between our teeth. The introduction of this product in such a way was responsible for creating buzz around for it. Many friends of mine are waiting for Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal toothbrush's availability in the market while I have started using it thanks to BlogAdda and Colgate.

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Auspicious Rain

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Auspicious Rain

"Durga", Narayan called his wife to bring water outside to wash his hands and mouth covered with mud." You are looking happy," Durga inquired. " Why not? Today I got the job for one whole month under MNERGA at the site where government is levelling hill slopes with huge machines. We don't have to worry this month for anything." They thank god for giving them happiness.

As Narayan came inside his small mud house he saw his son and daughter reading in kerosene lamp. " I will bought solar lamp tomorrow for your studies children." Both of them get excited and hugged their father. Durga said that she was sure for some good news today looking at dark clouds since sign of good rains was considered auspicious. " Yes, Durga, Indra Dev ( Indra God ) is showering his blessings on us." After dinner Narayan covered thatch of his house with plastic sheet because it leaked during heavy rains. He decided that if he got the work also for the next month he would repair the roof as well. Dreams were flying high, this one month would release many burdens from his head.

They slept, the whole village slept and it rained that night heavy unstoppable rain resulted in landslide. The already loosened land by flattening of hill slopes and deforestation wiped out the village of 700 people. Dreams,aspirations,hopes were all buried under soil and debris of houses. In morning when rescue teams and media reached the site they found only heaps of soil engulfing men,women and children. They blamed auspicious rain for the tragedy neglecting carelessness of humans.

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This fiction is a tribute to people of Malin village(Pune) who lost their everything in this tragedy. My prayers are with them.