RIP Favorite Mother of Bollywood : Reema Lagoo

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RIP Favorite Mother of Bollywood : Reema Lagoo

Reema Lagoo along with Farida Jalaal is among the most favorite mother of Bollywood in 90's and early 2000's. Reema Lagoo breathed her last today on 18th May 2017 after a cardiac arrest. She was only 59 and free from any major illness at the time of her death which makes this news more shocking to her fans. She was equally famous in films,television and Marathi theater. I have heard that she remained associated with Marathi film industry, theater also during her working days and was an appreciated name in that industry. 

I remembered her from the days of Tu Tu Main Main where she played Mother-in-law (saas) of Supriya Pilgaonkar and Shrimaan Shrimati where she was a middle class housewife. In both of these comic roles she was superb in her timing and dialogue delivery. As a character actor in Bollywood movies she played mother to almost all superstars of today and has worked with many top directors,actors and productions. Her role as Salman Khan's mother in Maine Pyaar Liya, Hum Saath Saath Hain, Judwaa as Madhuri Dikshit's mother in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Juhi Chawala's mother in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Shah Rukh Khan's mother in Kal Ho Na Ho, Urmila Matondkar's mother in Rangeela, Saif Ali Khan & Akshay Kumar's mother in Yeh Dillagi , Sanjay Dutt's mother in Vaastav, etc are much appreciated role of her. My favorite among these is her character of Sanjay Dutt's mother in Vaastav where she killed her own son to get him rid of his sins.

People come and go in this film industry as a natural law but few left their impressions even without being a lead actor and she was that kind of personality in Hindi movies. With charm on her face and her simplicity #ReemaLagoo used to capture the audience attention even being a character actor. People can relate her with the mothers of that time. She has created a void in both television and film industry which will always remind us of her absence but as they say 'Show Must Go On.' Good bye for now. Rest In Peace Reema Lagoo

AAP Yahan Aaye Kis Liye !

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AAP Yahan Aaye Kis Liye !

Aam Aadmi Party or AAP came into politics to revive it. Arvind Kejriwal the convener of the party said during the formation of the party that to clean the filth in the gutter one must have to go inside the gutter. (Rajniti ke gatar ka gachra saaf karne ke liye usme utarna hi padega). The party which emerged from a nationwide movement gave hope of betterment to millions won majority in Delhi Assembly polls of 2012 in its first attempt and form government with the support of the Congress. This government last for only 29 days in Arvind Kejriwal’s ambition to become Prime Minister of India ( Hawa Mein Udne Lage The) as the party fought in almost every constituency more than any other party of the country. Desh Mein Jhadu Chala Denge they used to said.

Their ambitions fall flat when they won only four seats. The splits in the party started then when some fractions blamed the party for deviating from the path. Even then they won 2013 Delhi assembly elections with a huge majority washing out both BJP & Congress by attracting poor and the middle class. But Ye Politics Hai Meri Jaan, you have to be alert at each corner two stalwarts and founding members Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan along with few others left the party for Arvind Kejriwal’s authoritarian behavior.(Hum Angrezo Ke Zamane Ke Jailer Hain). The party which showed us the dream of change appeared similar to others. After that incident the blame game politics started in which they alleged either Congress or BJP for conspiring against them. Media’s portrayal of the issues rose by them was also selective enough in maligning their image as of anti-national and supporters of Pakistan as a result their other outings in Punjab and Goa polls failed. Moreover they lost in a by-poll in Delhi and later MCD polls after which another split begins which hit the core foundation of the party. Ghar Ka Bhedi Lanka Dhaye.

Kapil Mishra former minister in the Delhi cabinet did a Bhanda Phod in the media after his removal from ministerial post after Kumar Vishwas controversy where Kumar appeared angry with the party. With Kapil Mishra’s allegations of corruption on face of anti-corruption from last five years Arvind Kejriwal another nail is nailed in the party’s coffin. The core foundation is attacked. Although Kapil Mishra didn’t disclose why he remained silent on corruption when he was minister, what he was doing during the deal was made and other such questions but his allegations has dent party’s image further. With this episode it is also cleared that we have to live with the corrupt and disloyal politicians for many more years to come since questions were raised on anti-corruption crusaders. 
People are now asking AAP Yahan Aaye Kisliye and there answer of Aapne Bulaya Isliye has not many takers now. Breaking of hope is always painful and until we get another hope God Bless India. 

Amar is Amar in Our Memories : RIP Vinod Khanna

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Amar is Amar in Our Memories : RIP Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna passed away today (27th April 2017) in Mumbai at the age of 70. If you remember few months back you didn’t even think about that news because he looked fittest among the actors of his era but a picture of his last month in hospital clothes shocked everybody because he was looking weak and pale and now another shocking news came today that he died due to bladder cancer. 

The name Vinod Khanna reminds a father figure for today’s generation who has seen working him as father of Shahrukh Khan (Dilwale 2016 also his last film) and Salman Khan (Wanted 2009). He has also worked in Players,Ramaiya Vastavaiya also in the recent past. Mere Apne, Mera Gaon Mera Desh, Amar Akbar Anthony, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Qurbani, Sachcha Jhutha, Kudrat, Dayaman, Nishchay, The Burning Train, Parvarish, were among his popular movies. If you can see these films and list of his other films you will notice that he was not insecure of his image throughout his career. Film choices are not limited to lead actor roles but to multi actor films also even though he was a hit, popular and among the handsome Bollywood star ever.
I can’t recall his appearances on News & TV shows for interviews and promotions. Even as three time Gurdaspur (Punjab) MP he avoided media spotlight and remained occupied with his work only. During Atal Bihari Vajpayee's government he even elevated to the post of MoS External Affairs which was huge portfolio for a MP with Bollywood background. What I have read and seen about him he appeared to be a humble, friendly and supporting star. At the peak of his career in 1982 he left film industry to join Osho Rajnish’s Ashram and spend 5 years of his life working there before returning to the film industry again. 

Today we know him as father of Akshay and Rahul Khanna who have successful film careers but not even close to the success of their father.  I have learnt today after reading about him that he was married twice and has two more children a girl and a boy. The man who started as a villain was a real hero all his life. He is no more between us but his characters will remain immortal in our memories. The moment can be best described from lines of a song from his film Muqaddar Ka Siqandar (King of Destiny). 

Zindagi To Bewafa Hai Ek Din Thukrayegi,
Maut Mehbooba Hai Apne Saath Lekar Jayegi,
Mar Ke Jeene Ki Ada Jo Duniya Ko Sikhlayega,
Wo Muqaddar Ka Sikandar Janneman Kehlayega. 

#RIP #VinodKhanna.

Half Girlfriend

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Half Girlfriend

Relationships they say completes yourself. As we born god bestowed us with several relations from mother, father, sister, brother to so and so from the extended family. We can’t change them but to live with them. We have certain commitments & duties in them but then there are relationships we make ourselves in the form of friends, boyfriends or girlfriends in which we take easy liberties as we are not supposed to perform some duties or to show some commitments we can enjoy Half Relationships i.e. Association without any Commitment but in reality these are the relationships which shape our lives for good or for bad. 

Rahul (name changed) caught in Love at first sight at the moment when Aditi (name changed) asked him the way to her class at the first day of college. Fortunately they both were in same class and call it divine intervention or just coincidence they shared the same bench. It didn’t take much time for these mere strangers to become best friends. Other students in college now have discussions about their friendship. Rahul’s friend wanted him to step ahead in this relationship by sharing bed with her. ‘Yaar! Sex is the next step of every relationship. Cement your boyfriend-girlfriend bond with a night together.’ Rahul thought he could get success in this as Aditi didn’t mind going out with him alone and he has noticed her blushing when he touched or hugged her. 

One day Rahul decided to put forth this idea when they were sitting in a corner seat of a Cafe after the college. He was on the verge of saying something when suddenly Aditi stretched her hands to hold his, ‘Rahul more than a year has passed in our friendship and I have never told you this.’ Rahul was smiling inside thinking she was going to utter those three magical words which propel his plan further. He was quiet as she spoke, ‘Rahul thank you for being my friend. I am from a small UP town and it would be difficult for me to adjust here in Delhi if I haven’t get a friend like you who was not like other boys thinking about sex while meeting a prone girl like me or forcing to commit love. I never hesitated from your company because I feel comfortable in it more than my female friends who often talk of their sexual relationships while sitting together. Thank You Rahul! Be a friend like this for me always.’ 

He was holding them but he knew he has tears in his eyes for his lecherous thinking. This #HalfRelationship was more than anything for him and he promised to maintain this for lifetime. He is maintaining it even today after four years of this incident. Trust in each other is equal to commitments utter through words. People can say that she was his #HalfGirlfriend as in Chetan Bhagat's novel of the same name but he considered her a #FullFriend.

Here is the trailer of the film inspired from this novel.

“I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

Mera Bharat Mahan?

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Mera Bharat Mahan?

Country is going down at each front except 'Divide & Rule' 

Unique Identification Numbers for cows, reviving lost river Saraswati by filling its so called route with artificial water, editing textbooks to change name of discoverers and inventors with ancient sages, Anti-Romeo Police Squad to arrest couples roaming on UP roads or meeting at some public parks, demolition of achievements of earlier government (Hall of Nation & Hall of Industries in Pragrati Maidan, Delhi) , name changing of roads, airports and cities, etc. These and many other such things right now are the priorities of current right wing BJP governments in nation and in states. 

I wouldn’t have any problems with these things if government was doing enough for farmers, soldiers and poor Indians. I won’t point out at these things even when internal security is not at risk. But I have to point out these things because we have no CRPF chief for two months the agency which losing its life at every troubled area of the country recently been in Sukhma, Chattisgarh where 26 CRPF soldiers killed by Naxals, no Central Information Commissioner the head of RTI agency responsible for transparent governance. Moreover this agency is going to tweak down by government with some new guidelines. Forget about the Lokpal head, the movement for which Anna Hazare left his hometown and arrived in New Delhi to target central government which created nationwide steer is nowhere in place for last three years. 

Kashmir is out of control, intelligence failure in each Naxal attack, Gau Rakshaks (Cow vigilantes) violence increasing, attacks on minorities all these things shows weakening internal security. Job creation is below the expectation and the condition of the farmers is also not very good resulting in increased suicide cases. How we can forget these things in garb of fake nationalism which has nothing to do with nation? The nation is suffering badly from all sides which even foreign media has pointed in several occasions. No one knows how worse situation will become in coming months if things are not controlled properly. 

Only the clean image and oratory skills of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has polished with the time which BJP is using as a shield to cover its shortcomings and attract the voters who still have faith in him for India’s transformation. I think not to speak and write about the current governments shortcomings but I am unable to keep mum at instance of breaking of national and social fabric of the country. The society is divided into two parts now more than any other time in the recent history of India. Only we the people by raising our voices to these things can curb such things and make the government accountable for its shortcomings. It is much needed now. GOD BLESS INDIA. 

The Cow's World

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The Cow's World

Hearing on a Public Interest Litigation Chief Justice Sand Singh popularly known as 'The Ox' declined the demand for equal status of humans in 'The Cows World'. He said that there is no use of bringing stale human rights to their world which don't even existed in true manner in The Human's World. He emphasized on the use of less money in domesticating them for farm use because in they end they are useless. 

Petitioner 'Gau Lal Devi' is disheartened with the decision due to her emotional connect with the humans one of whom saved her from drowning. She said in a dejected tone,' I am disappointed with the decision and wants a larger bench to hear it again. We have a long association with humans and most of them are not as cruel as we think. We live in the liberal world where we must give them equal right as cows enjoys in this world of us.'

Public showed a mix response on social media. While some hailed it as historic authentication of the danger possessed by the free humans some said its wrong because scriptures talk positively about humans. Human right activists remain unavailable for the comment after court issued arrest orders for any public statement in support of humans. Larger bench will hear the petition next week but experts believe they only affirm the Chief justice's view. For now two minutes silence for the human rights. 

Death of Democracy

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Death of Democracy

Democracy thrives with the participation of people in the process of government formation. For this voting percentage is set as a mark of people’s trust in democracy. So what to conclude from the statistic of meager 7.14% voters’ turnout? It means people have lost trust in the established government. The statistics I am quoting is from the Lok Sabha by polls of Srinagar constituency of Kashmir Valley. These violent elections also took away 8 innocent lives with clashes between protesters and security forces.

Kashmir Valley is at unrest since the formation of BJP-PDP alliance government. The incidents of protests has increased so is the case of violent protests. The trust with army has further declined among the people with increased incidents of use of pellet guns on the protesters and the stone pelters. More than hundred received serious injuries from pellet guns injuries last year which includes children who have lost their eyesight and many others who have received permanent disability. The current government has lost trust of the people with the incidents like Beef-Ban attacks, Vande Mataram row and many such incidents. The youth which looked more engaged with the mainland India before this government has detached itself again from the country. 

Kashmir students were beaten in many universities of the country and in many others they were treated as agent of Pakistan by the ABVP affiliated students. ABVP which is the student wing of RSS has retorted to violence not only with Kashmir students but with all those students who supported liberal thinking. Kashmir needs our trust more than anything else. If we believe they are our own then we must believe in them also. Labeling every Kashmiri as a terrorist and Pakistan sympathizer will only drift them away from India. The separatist and Pakistan took advantage of that mistrust to lure unemployed youth to fall in their trap. 

Looking back again to low voter turnout in Srinagar Lok Sabha by polls hints to that increasing mistrust in Kashmir people. These elections hold no value and must be annulled at once. Election Commission should also set a lower limit for the voter turnout for the elections to be valid. Lots of work has to be done by both the center and the state governments to bring back Kashmir people to them. I hope government will look at Kashmir issue with a different perspective without any prejudice and misconception. God Bless Kashmir. 

Six Words Memoirs - Cow Vigilantes

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Six Words Memoirs - Cow Vigilantes

Here are two contrasting Six Word Stories holding important message. 

1. Plastic Killed Cows. Cow Vigilantes Active.

2. Men Beaten To Death. Vigilantes Active.

History Repeats Itself

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History Repeats Itself

"Maharajah Abhay Singh of Jodhpur required wood for the construction of his new palace. So the king sent his soldiers to cut trees in the nearby region of Khejarli, where the village is filled with the large number of trees. But when Amrita Devi and local villagers came to know about it, they opposed the king's men. The feudal party told her that if she wanted the trees to be spared, she would have to give them money as a bribe. She refused to acknowledge this demand and told them that she would consider it as an act of insult to her religious faith and would rather give away her life to save the green trees. Thus many innocents were killed by soldiers to fulfill king's will."

Above story is famous among Bishnoi Samaj of Rajasthan who worship animals,trees and other natural resources as part of their faith. Nearly two centuries later history repeats itself when a 28-year-old woman was burnt alive in her village near Jodhpur on Sunday allegedly for protesting the chopping of a tree. What is more shocking is the involvement of village Sarpanch and government revenue officer in the crime. Police has lodged FIR against 10 people including these two. Rajasthan is a desert land trees hold more importance there than any other place in India. Such acts by government officials and the people who have power again took us to the dark ages of autocratic rulers which can do whatever. The accused must be severely punished to stop such crimes in the future. 

History repeat itself also in The Kapil Sharma Show where Sunil Grover (who played characters like Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi) detached himself from the show after misbehavior by Kapil Sharma in a return flight from Australia. Kapil allegedly abused Sunil Grover and Chandan who played tea-seller in the show. Sunil Grover left the show after this incidents along with Chandan, Ali and Sugandha. It is reported that show garnered lesser TRPs this weak without these comedians. Similar TRP drop was resulted earlier too when the show Comedy Nights with Kapil aired on Colors TV and Sunil left the show after altercation with Kapil. 

As a fan of the show I hope everything get back to normal because the show was genuinely lacked energy and fun this weekend. History also repeated when BJP's choice for Yogi Adityanath as UP CM was criticized against the idea of new India promoted by PM Narender Modi. BJP supporters as always labelled these people anti-nationals who must leave for Pakistan. History also repeated in the matter of Aadhar card which was made mandatory by central government in-spite Supreme Court's order. Supreme Court order denial has repeated by government in several occasions. Moreover this move is interference in people's privacy. London terror attack was also an example of history repeat. 

History will repeat many times in the course of making new historical events but I hope and wish this happens in a positive way. God Bless India

Water Water Everywhere

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Water Water Everywhere

He woke up sweating profusely. 'Wow! What a strange dream. That poem has fully occupied my mind. I thought I was the sailor from 'Samuel Taylor Coleridge's' 'THE RHYME OF ANCIENT MARINER ' in my dream.' He woke up from bed and went to kitchen to drink water but he found none in the bottles in the fridge. He shouted for his mother who told him that bottles were empty because dirty water was coming from the tap. 'Even purifier is not cleaning it properly.' 

'But I need water, Mom! I am thirsty like sailors in that poem' His mother was puzzled from his remark and gave him money to buy water bottles from outside shop. His locality shop has sold out all stock of water bottles. He went to other shops nearby but all have same status - 'No Water'. His mouth was dry like the sand in the desert. His lips too was without any moisture. Saliva in his mouth was not enough to sooth his thirst. Suddenly clouds appear in the sky as if god has heard his prayers. He sat on a bench on road side to drench himself in rain water and quench his thirst. Moreover he was feeling so weak to go back home. 

As rain started pouring he stretched both his hands to collect water in his palms. When his palm pit was full he was excited to drink it but some one shook his hand to throw down water. ' What are you doing my boy? Haven't you read these warning government posters about probability of poisonous water in first rain of the season.' A man shouted angrily pointing towards a poster on a wall. While reading poster he laughed hysterically thinking lines of that poem:

Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

Note: Save Water. We Have No Other Alternative for it.

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Book Review - Is It Maya?

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Book Review - Is It Maya?

Is It Maya? By Saikat Baksi is a crime thriller which is inspired by a real life event. The book is published by Frog Books of Leadstart Corp. I have received this book from Readers Cosmos as part of their Book Review Program.

Cover: Cover is covered with hint of crime and a women face probably depicting Maya the protagonist in the novel. It creates excitement which is much necessary to create thrill about this book.

Plot: Maya Mukhija a media tycoon and wife of another high profile personality David Mukhija is arrested by Mumbai Police for the murder of her sister whom police believed to be her daughter Veena. The high profile case was dealt by commissioner himself. Vivek a senior journalist who secretly love Maya from the childhood also interested in the case and believes that Maya is not the killer. Police on the other hand has received photographs of Maya disposing of Veena's body in the Raigarh forest. Emails which were send by Veena after her death also emerged from Maya's computer, she was also appeared to hate her relation with Ritvik son of David from his first marriage. All evidences pointed towards her. Her mysterious life history was also against her. Will police find more evidence to convict her? Will Vivek able to save her as he did previously for her without her knowledge? The plot full of twists and turns leads to a shocking climax.

Highs: The theme inspired by real life events which are still fresh in readers mind make it a worth read. Author has beautifully weaved the plot taking that event in mind and giving it a believable climax. Narration is also interesting and with right pace. The twists and turns in the plot always keeps you at the edge of your seat and made this an unputdownable read. 

Lows: There is nothing to called as low but I feel flashbacks at some points stall pacy narrative and the fact that it is inspired from real life make it non-original plot.

Verdict: If you are fan of crime thrillers then you can't miss this one. It is how crime fictions should be written. 

Rating: I would give it 4/5. 

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander

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Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander

The result of the assembly seats of five states i.e Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Punjab and Goa stood at 2 – 3 where Modi’s BJP won Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand with a humongous majority while Congress clean sweeps Punjab and has an edge in both Goa & Manipur which indicates they are likely to form government there. In Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand there is clear advantage Narender Modi as he single handily lead the campaign and sidelined every opposition. Congress – Samajwadi Party alliance against Narendra Modi’s Bhartiya Janata Party failed miserably even though his speeches, his actions were labeled by the opposition as ways of polarizing the people of the state. 

Punjab witnessed victory of Capatain Amrinder Singh more than the Congress party who’s Vice President Rahul Gandhi was initially against fielding him as the Chief Minister. In Manipur Congress’s Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh succeeded in securing his fourth term as the chief minister. Irom Sharmila lost to him pathetically. The lady who gave all his life to the cause of the people can’t secure even hundred votes. The surprise in Manipur is the tremendous debut of BJP which won twenty one seats. Uttarakhand also gave clear majority to BJP, even the rebel MLA’s didn’t post any threat to the party there. Aam Aadmi Party performed poorly both in Goa and Punjab. In Goa it didn’t even open its account and there Punjab performance was poor than in the Lok Sabha elections of 2014. 

These elections have some teachings not only for the people who lost and won but for all of us. I have tried to include them in this list: 

  • Never order DJ and sweets believing on Exit polls. If AAP has Prevented Early Excitement they would have save themselves from embarrassment in public and media. 
  • Victory is important and not the way how you have earned it. We have learned all our lives that it is important to play fairly than to win by wrong means but Prime Minister Modi proved it wrong. His Shamshaan-Kabristaan remark was purely communal, without permit road show in Varanasi was also wrong so is the conduct of some of his party people (Kasab remark) to polarize the election. But in the end they won and these issues didn't matter now. 
  • Live your own life that's what we learn from the struggle and failure of Irom Sharmila. The iron lady of Manipur who was on the longest hunger strike to protest against brutalities of AFSPA even when she has wished to have a family live. She didn't even secure more than 90 votes. She wanted to work for her people but what she has earned is discouraging for her. NOTA votes were higher than her votes. 
  •  Listen to everyone before making your opinion. If Rahul Gandhi would not settle on Amrinder Singh the party wouldn't have won the elections. 
  • Young is through attitude and not through age. Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav who were projecting them as young leaders failed to perform against dynamic,energetic Narender Modi
  • Laugh on other's pain. That is the biggest lesson of this elections. When everybody believed that demonetization which has affected farmers, laborers, small businesses badly would have negative effect on election results instead becomes fruitful for BJP because poor was happy to face its pain because those who have money are in trouble. Strange thinking isn't it?
  • Grapes are sour. Mayawati's claims after defeat that EVMs were tempered without proof establish this saying again.
Elections will come and teach us something always. This is the flavor of democracy that somebody wins and somebody loses. I hope those who are forming government do good for the people and the country. Till next post God Bless India.

Book Review - One Indian Girl

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Book Review - One Indian Girl

One Indian Girl is written by the most famous English Indian writer of India Chetan Bhagat. It is published by Rupa Publications. He has written this book from a girl's perspective and give us an inside into the Indian society's psyche. 

Cover: Girl in wedding attire on the cover gives the hint of the setting of the book i.e Radhika's (protagonist) wedding. The city landscape at the cover edge and beach setting with couples holding hands gives us the glimpse of her life moments as told in this book. It is a simple nice cover. 

Plot: Radhika is present with her family in Goa for her destination wedding waiting for groom's family to come. Brijesh Gulati is the groom whom she has met through a matrimonial site. During her wedding preparations she received call from Debu her ex-boyfriend from New York days who wanted to come to Goa to rectify his mistakes and marry her. Neel whom she dated in Hong Kong also called her with the similar intentions. Both of them arrived at her wedding and request to leave the marriage and marry her. She remembers her life in last four years in flashbacks and what happened to these relations. Meanwhile she is also bonding with Brijesh. She was confused about her decision. Her life is puzzled between these three men in her life. What has happened to her relations? Whom she marry? What she finally decides? All these questions are answered in this book filled with Indian masalas

Hits: The theme to tell a tale through a girl's perspective by a male writer is interesting and I must say he has done a good job as far as presentation is concerned. He writes in easy and familiar language which always make his books easy to read. The characters are like-able many of whom you can recognize from your surroundings. It's an easy to appeal to the audience book.

Misses: Predictability makes this book uninteresting to me. From the start it was easy to guess what coming up next and the climax is also dull. Since his book is turning into movies his writing is becoming film friendly or easy to adept in a film. I noticed influence of many Hindi movies like Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, Wedding Pulao, etc. His characters also looked like coming out from Imtiaz Ali movies. Interesting but not exciting. 

Verdict: It's a one time read you can use to pass your time. 

Rating: I would give it 2/5

Hate the Hate

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Hate the Hate

'Hate the Hate or It Will Destroy the Entire Race'

The business of hate is prevailing around the world and we may understand it in few years time but until then it will be too late for some to come back to love. I am not saying it because three Indians killed recently in USA due to hate crimes where killers said them to ‘Go Back To Your Countries’ after ban on immigrants of certain nation is imposed by President Donald Trump but because such crimes are rampant in all parts of the world. 

Be it atrocities on Rohingya Muslims in Burma, common Syrians in Syria, Immigrants and Black killings in USA and Europe, Hindu killings in Bangladesh, Americans killing in many Middle eastern countries, attacks and killings on North-East Indian, minorities, Dalits and Muslims in India. These all are due to hate. These crimes has arose from teaching people that one is better than the other and that other don’t belong to us who are better. Weather it is for people of some color, religion, region or for people who eat differently, who behave differently, who look different from us and who are not the same like majority. These people or organizations play victim card that their existence is threatened by some people and if those people/religion must not be stopped than it perish them. If such things happening they highlight it many folds and if nothing of that sort is available they will create situation for their benefits. 

The danger of this situation is a divided world and divided humanity. We see the pains of few and neglect the sufferings of others. We inculcate in this way a habit of hatred and hatred will never give rise to love it will only open gates for more hatred which then will not see the color/religion/region of the victim at the time of attack. The people who can hate easily can hate anybody and not the others created by them. What Donald Trump has started is ongoing in India and many parts of the world for years and since there were not many strong voices against them it has increased to such an extent. With President of one of the biggest country in the world is endorsing it this is spreading like an epidemic now. 

The people of America has condemned such hatred since the time Donald Trump used it in his presidential campaign but his win suggests that majority supports this idea. Similar victories are happening and have happened in last few years in many parts of the world. The growing unemployment has given a proper breeding ground for spread of this decease. The growth models are not people centric which are worsening the situation further. The only solution is Love and compassion for each other. It’s time we promote Universal Brotherhood and Humanity to save the world from this disease. God Bless the World. 

Kerala Killings

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Kerala Killings 

Kerala has become the battleground for Left and Right ideology. While the people there believe in left and also has voted it to power several times the right wing party BJP is also trying to stretch its feet to that part of the country as well. RSS the parent body of BJP is working in that direction for so many years and Prime Minister Narender Modi also trying hard to make his party’s presence felt in this area as he was doing in the North-East region of the country. 

I don’t have the problems with anybody trying to influence the people there for their political gains but I have problems with the ongoing killings of people attached to or working for these ideologies. I don’t know the ground realities of Kerala but what I have understood from newspaper reports and TV coverage of that area I can say that Kerala government for over the years has failed in maintaining law and order in many parts of the state. Either a BJP/RSS man killed by Left thinkers or the CPI/CPM member killed by Right thinkers and in both the scenarios local people were forced to live in the atmosphere of fear.  Those involved in this crimes are either escaped or if arrested didn’t receive serious punishments on time. 

It is the duty of government to ensure law and order in the state. Not a single political death should occur in the state. Both the parties should resolve their differences peacefully in a democratic manner. These killings used by these parties (mostly by BJP) to spread hatred in other parts of the country should also be stopped and for that police must act swiftly. The correct facts should also be made public by the police because many killings which are for personal enmity also used to spread propaganda against each other nationwide. We are a democratic country where every ideology should be respected unless it don’t create rift in the society. The workers and the followers take care that they don’t become the pawn in the hands of their leaders for their political motives. 

I hope Kerala government impartially investigate all killings to give justice to the victims as quickly as possible and preventive measures should be taken for stop such crimes in the future. Let god’s own country a peaceful place. God Bless Kerala. God Bless India. 

Anti National Again

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Anti National Again

Last year around this time of the year started the anti-national debate after an alleged anti India sloganeering in Jawahar Lal University campus. This time ABVP resorted to violence in Ramjas College of Delhi University when in an event they invited JNU student Umar Khalid who was accused of sedation in last year’s JNU row. ABVP student hurled stones at AISA and other students who were participating in the event. Delhi police instead of dispersing stone pelting ABVP students put off the event and asked them to run away. The incident again set the stage for anti national debate and it should be noted that Bihar assembly elections were taking place last year and UP elections now. 

Nobody knows what happens to last year’s allegations and arrests. They just became the tool of political gimmick and gave lots of ‘masala’ to prime time news channels who become judges themselves to hear the case and announce the punishment. Universities I think should be open for all kind of debates and discussions. Students should reserve right to condemn or critique different views but they must not curb any voices through threats and violence. What ABVP has done is nothing new in last three years since BJP is in government. They are disturbing universities decorum in Hyderabad, Bhopal, Jaipur, Mumbai and Delhi (JNU & DU). 

The slogans are only raised and violence attempted only for a period of time and after that neither the ABVP nor the party leaders like Kirin Rijiju, Ravi Shankar Prasad, etc spoke over this issue. These incidents which are orchestrated for political motives are creating a rift in the society and decreasing the mutual trust between different people, who worship differently, think differently, eat differently or support different party or ideology. The nationalism they say belongs to whoever adhered to their ideology and identify with them and all other are traitors. They label them anti-national. 

They may gain political benefits from them but that will gave the idea of India a permanent injury which can’t be repaired. This modern day divide and rule will further give rise to the forces which once divided the nation into two parts pain of which has shattered many people for always. I appeal that think about the nation before thinking about your religion, region or ideology because that is what important for all of us. Till next post God Bless India. 

Book Review: The ABC Murders

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Book Review: The ABC Murders

The ABC Murders is written by Agatha Christie and is published by Harper Collins India. This is my fifth Agatha Christie novel. I have bought this one from the Its a serial killer mystery and from one of the cases of detective Hercule Poirot.

Cover and Plot: The cover is simple giving hint of murders with marks of gun shots on alphabets ABC and blood spots on the cover page. 
Hercule Poirot received a printed letter challenging him to stop the murder at Andover on 21st of that month. Poirot informed the police but didn't take this letter seriously thinking it as a hoax. But murder did happen in Andover of Mrs Ascher. Police arrested her husband for the murder but Poirot believed it was done by someone else someone who has send him the letter. His doubt confirmed when he received another letter warning him of killing at Bexhill on sea on 25th. In spite police arrangements a girl named Betty Barnand was strangulated at the beach. Poirot and police again failed to track the murderer and then the third letter came and third murder happened of Carmichael Clarke in Cruston. Poirot observed that killer is killing alphabetically and leaving ABC railway guide at the murder scene but not any connection among his victims.
Hastings suggested to call those associated with the victims to form a group to discuss these murders to point out any similarities or clue which they have missed earlier. Police on the other hand found another murder at Doncaster but here the ABC sequence broke as the one who killed has name different from alphabet D. Someone also spotted the murderer which gave police clue about his identity. Will he was caught at this time? Was he the murderer? Did Hercule Poirot has something else in mind? The great detective deduction reveals a thrilling climax. 

Review: The narrative was not as impressive as I have found in other Agatha Christie thrillers. I felt the pace reduced at many points. But the story was interesting and gripping. All murders were unconnected which made it difficult to guess the motive of the murderer which keep you hooked till the end. Suddenly a dull thriller came alive during the climax when Poirot revealed his deductions which startled everyone. 

Verdict: Another Unputdownable thriller from Agatha Christie.

Rating: I would give it 3/5

Boom Boom Afridi

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Boom Boom Afridi

Shahid Afridi the evergreen cricketer of Pakistan also retired from the international Cricket. The last cricketer of the 90's generation when I used to watch cricket (now I only watch few Indian matches and IPL) and I think he was the man who changed the dimensions of the cricket. Sanath Jayasuriya was the first man who started utilizing the 15 over Power-play and he also become the perfect exploiter of these overs. However I have not watched him playing many long innings except the one when he scored 37 balls century fastest at that time on his first match. Otherwise he has scored few runs but mostly with boundaries. 

He was famous in India too and garnered appreciation for his play and looks when Pakistan team toured India. He was more of a bowler than a batsman. His batting innings were usually short and he got out quickly after scoring few quick runs but as a right arm leg spinner he appeared as a match winner for his team in many occasions. He started pinch hitting which was followed by many cricketers after him. The chants of Boom Boom Afridi were always heard when he was on the pitch not only from his country's supporters but also from the opponent country fans. He always made the match entertaining through ball or with bat.

Now when he retired from the international Cricket at the age of 36 he still remembered for the youngest cricket debut (16 years). He holds many world records and records for his country like :

  • Highest T20I wicket taker (97)
  • 86.97 among batsmen with more than 25 Test caps he has the best strike rate.
  • 9 Five wicket haul in ODI's which makes him thirs highest with Brett Lee. 
  • Only all-rounder after Jacques Kallis with 10,000 runs and 500 wickets.
  • Most sixes in international cricket across all formats (476)
With him heroes of the 90's cricket fans have all retired. I will remember him as the cricketer on the field who always brings energy to the game. I wish him good luck in his future endeavors. 

Book Review: Peril At End House

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Book Review: Peril At End House

Peril At End House is written by renowned suspense thriller writer Agatha Christie. It is from series which featured detective Hercule Poiret. The book I bought from is published by Harper Collins. It is among the ten best detective novel of Agatha Christie according to an online survey.

Cover and Plot: I think cover is not significant in this novel since it has changed several times in various editions since the time of its publishing. So lets talk about the plot.
Hercule Poiret is on a holiday on the Cornish Riviera where he met a girl Nick Buckley. While talking with her he discovered that someone has fired a bullet on her which has struck on her hat. On inquiry from her she describes her recent accidental brushes with death which alarmed Hercule Poiret that someone is behind her life. He started investigation to find out the reason for these attacks. He investigate everyone i.e her friends Fredrica Rice, Commander Challanger, Mr Lazarus, her neighbor Crofts and her cousin Charles Vyse. He also advised her to call someone to accompany her for her safety so she called Maggie Buckley her cousin to live with her.

Someone again tried to kill Nick but Maggie get killed because she was wearing her shawl. Now the case of attempt to murder became the case of murder. Hercule Poiret curse himself for not being alert enough to prevent that innocent death. He send Nick to nursing home for safety and no one allowed to meet her but again she was poisoned there. Will she survive this time. Who was behind all these attacks and what was the motive behind these murder attempts. Hercule Poiret deduce every angle to reach a logical conclusion which surprised the readers.

Review: Last year I became fan of Agatha Christie and read her four novels since then. This one was also interestingly weaved to bind the readers to the book. Though the narrative become slow in between the overall impact is of a fast paced suspense thriller with an surprising ending. The climax part is well build and add the drama to the narrative. I recommend you to read it at a time when you needn't have to put it down for some other work because its a kind of book you will read in one go.

Verdict: An unputdownable suspense thriller which you must read.

Rating: I would give it 4/5.

Movie Review : Jolly LLB 2

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Movie Review : Jolly LLB 2

Jolly LLB 2 is the sequel to the 2013 film Jolly LLB starring Arshad Warsi also directed by Subhash Kapoor who has directed this film also. It stars Akshay Kumar in the lead role of Jolly supported by Huma Qureshi, Annu Kapoor and Saurabh Shukla in crucial roles. This is a satire on Indian Judicial system which highlights how the wickedness of lawyers in manipulating the evidences and the witnesses which denied justice to many people. The film is on a larger scale than the first one with Akshay Kumar in it. 

Music: Music to me is not much effective neither have it helped in film's promotions. 'Go Pagal' is a fun song which is difficult to hear in loops similar is the case with 'Jolly Good Fellow'. The Qawwali 'O Re Rangreza' and romantic song 'Bawara Mann' are melodious but they too are not catchy enough to hold with the listeners. 

Marketing: Akshay Kumar like Shahrukh Khan is a star good in marketing his movies. He never misses shows and events to create the buzz about his films. Viewers are waiting for the movie since he first announced it on Twitter. 

Plot: Jagdishwar Mishra aka Jolly (Akshay Kumar) is an struggling lawyer working under a reputed senior lawyer of Lucknow. He lives with his wife Pushpa Pandey (Huma Qureshi) and a son. He has intention to get his own chamber for private practice. One day he took money from a client rejected by his boss to buy lawyer chamber by bluffing her that his case was taken by the senior lawyer. When this client who was fighting for the justice of fake encounter of her husband knew about his cheating exposed him in front of his friends and family. She committed suicide after losing all hopes of getting justice. This shattered Jolly whose father disowned him after that incident. He pledged to fight for the justice and file a PIL against the police officer for fake encounter. The film ends with the courtroom battle between Jolly and famous Lucknow lawyer Sachin Kantilal Mathur (Annu Kapoor) with an historic decision by Justice Sunderlal Tripathi (Saurabh Shukla).

Review: Screenplay by Subhash Kapoor and dialogues creates moment in the film which ignites your emotions of laughter, anger and sympathy in a way that not let you leave even the single scene of the movie. Akshay Kumar performed well in his role supported by Huma Qureshi. Saurabh Shukla walked one step higher in his role as Justice Tripathi. Annu Kapoor as a cunning lawyer gives justice to his role. Unnecessary scene of Justice Tripathi's daughter's wedding looked inappropriate to me. Climax is also stretched to create more drama. Overall after a long time a film has come in which story and screenplay weighs more than the star power. 

Verdict: This film is a family entertainer you must watch this weekend or any day you have time. 

Rating: I would give this film 4/5. 

Tamil Nadu's Political Thriller

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Tamil Nadu's Political Thriller

As expected split in the ruling AIADMK in Tamil Nadu is widely visible after the death of J.Jayalalithaa who was the undisputed leader of the masses and also in the party. But as happened in the case of regional parties where there is only a single mass appealing leader leading the political party split was unavoidable as every leader try to taste the slice of power voided by that leader's absence. In this case Sasikala popularly known as Chinamma (Mother's sister) and O. Paneerselvam who was Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in various occasions in absence of Jayalalithaa are fighting over her legacy in the party and the government. 

O. Paneerselvam was leading the government as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and Sasikala was leading the AIADMK but it was decided by party legislature that there should be only one power center for which they elected Sasikala as chief minister of the state. Paneerselvam who resigned from the CM post after this decision later claimed that he was pressurized to do so by people of Sasikala group and he will remain the CM unless decided differently by the governor which triggered the plot of this political thriller in the state. Some believed DMK the largest opposition party of TN was behind this controversy while many others believed that central government is trying to destabilize the state government to impose President's rule as it did in the state of Arunanchal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Now its up to the governor to check the claims of both the leaders of support of MLAs and then give a nod to any one of them to prove majority in the assembly and form the government. Governor's delay in judgement and sending reports to center government for further decision also raising doubts of some conspiracy. Coming of Jayalalithaa's niece Deepa in this drama to target Sasikala also adding to the drama of this thriller.

I have said earlier that it happens in regional parties when the popular leader died or resigned from the active politics that people inside the party fought for the claim of his/her legacy. When Bal Thackerey leaved the active politics and made his son the president of the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra his nephew Raj Thackerey split from the party to form another party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena which claimed to be the true bearer of Bal Thackerey's ideals. Somewhat similar kind of power tussle also witnessed between Akhilesh Yadav and Shivpal Yadav in Samajwadi Party ,UP to claim Mulayam's heritage. Congress, BJP, AAP and many other parties saw such splits in the name of serving the people arguing that party has deviated from its original path. 

Like in Tamil Nadu every party or state witnessed such political thriller's in name of public will while actually it is for power control. I only hope whatever happen in Tamil Nadu has betterment of people store in it. Till next post. God Bless Tamil Nadu. 


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Jallikattu is an ancient Indian practice or sport of holding the bull from its hump for a particular time or distance to win reward. Recently it was in news after Supreme Court banned this practice on the grounds that it is dangerous for both the people and the bull involved but the protest by people of Tamil Nadu forced the state government to pass the ordinance to legalize it. (Read Jallikattu on Wikipedia - Here.)

Banning anything is not the solution and when there is a thing which not only associated with the profit of small farmers and tamers who raised the bulls for this sport but also with the emotions with its attachment with ancient cultural practice. Supreme Court instead of banning it should have tried to find a midway through which Jallikattu can happen without hurting the bull and the people. In our country people are touchy about identity related issue and with this sport people identify themselves. In the eastern part of India i.e in Nagaland imposing 33 % women quota in local body election resulted in the violent protest by many tribes there. 

Here I like to bring the issue of Uniform Civil Code also. The country where there are so many cultures and identities how can one forcefully try to govern them through rule of law which destroys their identity as a person of particular region,religion and culture. But then again if the practice in a culture is damaging our progressive society or hurting anybody it should be regulated through dialogues and talks with each party involved. As far as Jallikattu is concerned it has started in Tamil Nadu and today (5.2.2017) reports of injuries to 36 people including one serious injury has reported from Madurai which I think is wrong and should not happen because each life is precious.

I just hope that a solution is reached where neither the rule of law is overruled and nor the sentiments of people get hurt. Till next post. God Bless India. 

Maar Dala

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Maar Dala

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a name which not requires any introduction. The kind of work he has done through his films Khamoshi, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdaas, Black, Sanwariya, Guzarish, Ram-Leela, Bajirao Mastani , etc has not only shows his skills of a showmanship who makes poetry in motion kind of cinema but also his ability to show Indian customs and traditions to the world. He through his films has made India proud in the international arena. The praises he receives from world over are praises for not only him but for the country he belongs. 

Here I am highlighting his achievements because he faced a disgusting and disgraceful behavior from a headline grabbing Hindu Karni Sena who attacked him while he was filming for his upcoming movie Padmavati in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This so called history savers were against him for allegedly distorting history while filming for Padmavati. They who didn't even know about the script of the movie, who didn't involve in the film process without seeing anything claimed that film showing Rajput princess Padmavati in bad light. It should be noted that this group remained inactive for their rights when there is no TV or film involved while register violent protest at such occasions. They even disrupted shooting of Ashutosh Gowarikar's Jodha Akbar and Zee Media's show of the same name. They get fame by doing such things. 

More interesting is the fact that Rajasthan Government has not taken any strong steps against them in previous occasions and this time too they were arrested only when media pressurized them to do so and I didn't know about there current whereabouts. I am sure they were released since they are political vote banks. Every time there is a historic film or a film with any religious reference such groups stands from nowhere to disturb freedom of expression without any concrete proof that film is doing anything like that. Recently AR Rahman has also faced a fatwa for being involved in a film music based on Prophet Mohammad. Similar incidents has also happened in the past also. 

Films, books, TV, newspapers , etc are easy targets for these fundamentalists who are self proclaimed guardians of tradition and religions. They grab headlines in this process and no strong actions by politicians for fear of losing vote-banks has further strengthen them. Freedom of expression must be respected and safeguarded by our governments. Filmmakers should also avoid unnecessary controversies by deliberately mention anything which hurts someone's sentiments. People should wait till the release of the film before taking any action against the film and people involved. Today I am standing in solidarity with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his crew for this unconstitutional behavior against him. 

Character Dheela Hai

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Character Dheela Hai

V. Shanmuganathan resigned yesterday i.e on 26th January 2017 from the post of Governor of Meghalaya and Arunanchal Pradesh (having additional charge of AP state) after staff of Raj Bhavan complained to President and Prime Minister of his indecent behavior and reducing his office to the ladies only club. He was in this position for being a loyal RSS and BJP activist that RSS whose cadres prefers to remain unmarried in order to their promise of serving the nation and society. What an irony? 

The post of governor which is already useless and is there for political benefits of the veterans of ruling party. This post act as retirement plan for the aged politicians and often interfere with functioning of non-ruling party state governments on command of the ruling central government who has appointed him. This post serves as a political tool which was often accused by non-ruling party state chief ministers as agents of the central government. The post which should be mark of dignity have lost its stature in recent years and this behavior of V. Shanmugunathan has further demean the grace of this post. 

The Raj Bhawan of Meghalaya staff has also accused him of sexual offences. They said that he has compromised the security of the Raj Bhawan by giving some young ladies free access to his bedroom anytime of the day. By preferring only ladies staff he has displayed his vulgar intentions only. It is evident that government has pressurized him to resign after such complaints but such act of indiscipline should also be punished to set an example for future governors. Not only this behavior but acts like snooping of elected government of the state, hindering in government's functioning and trying to impose his party's agenda in the state should also be prohibited and punished as it is an unconstitutional and undignified act. 

Removal of V. Shanmuganathan give the benefits of this post to another veteran loyalist of the BJP and RSS and will settle the goals of their old age. Unless this post remains. God Bless India. 

RIP Om Puri

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RIP Om Puri

Om Puri is one actor who has worked both in Indian and International cinema garnering accolades in British and American cinema along with his successful run in Indian Cinema. He was a fellow of National School of Drama with Naseerudin Shah and later joined Film & Television Institute of India (FTII) , Pune also with Naseerudin Shah and he started his career like him in the Art Wave Cinema of the 80's but easily adapted himself to the commercial cinema later on in his career. I think a good actor is one who needs good films whatever be their medium and whatever be their audience. He was such an actor who won hearts of every kind of audience. Today on 6th January 2017 he died in his home of cardiac arrest. 

In his last days he almost remained in controversies for sharing his views in the various topic in the mainstream media. Most recently he was criticized for his comments on Indian Army for which he later apologized. Questions were also raised for his comments during Anti-National debates. His second wife's allegation of domestic violence on him also garnered the headlines. Leaving apart the controversies; he was known for sharing his comments openly on various national and international issues. He has won various awards in international and national platform including BAFTA, National Awards and Filmfare Awards. You can read more about his personal and professional life Here.

He has done great roles in various categories and has equally justified his each role. His role of a villain in Narsimha, Honest Inspector/Army-man in movies like Ghayal, Gupt, China Gate, Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha,etc. Or his comic roles in the movies Hera Pheri, Chor Machaye Shor, Mere Baap Pehle Aap, Dulhan Hum Le Jaenge, Chachi 420, Chup Chup Ke ,etc are all examples of his versatility and acting prowess. Except these commercial successes he has won awards in art cinema for his roles in films like Jaane Bhi Do Yaro, Aakrosh, Arohan, Ardh Satya, etc. 

We will remember him as a great actor who remained an important part of every film he has acted in and for popularizing Indian cinema internationally by acting in films there. I wants to mention Late Mehmood's one comment for him in his interview I watched years ago in which he referred him as the great actor having so many holes in his face to filled with about half kg mince meat as he forgot his name at that time. Rest in peace Mr Om Puri your vocal attitude on issues will be missed by this generation. 

Assembly Elections 2017

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Assembly Elections 2017

This is my first post for the year 2017 so I want to wish Happy New Year to all of you. This post is also a kind of achievement for me since I am completing 500th post with this one. I am blogging since 2009 and it took a long time to reach here. Between my 1st and 500th post I have won many contests, recognized by many blogging platforms for my work, have earned some valuable readers, rewarded for various feats and have become published author by participating in two anthologies. Since my blog is now more into politics and society; I hope to continue my fearless writing in years to come. 

Click Image For Better Resolution 

Election Commission today announced polls in five key states of India i.e Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Punjab and Manipur. The electoral process starts with the notification of elections (January 11) and ends with the announcement of results (March 11). Model code of conduct is enabled after announcement which means political parties are not allowed to inaugurate any government projects or policies. Manipur is still in disturbed state which need to be controlled before it goes to polls and that I think will remain the main concern for the voters. 

Demonetization going to remain the main poll issue where opposition will count on the drawbacks of the policy and Narender Modi led BJP will shout out its benefits. Only the result will decide how note ban has affected the nation. As the campaign progresses I am sure I would find more poll related issues to write during this period till then we have to see that Election Commission ensured that Supreme Court order about not using caste, color, religion to ask for vote is followed by the candidates along with the money limit allotted to them. Till then God Bless India.