Diary Confessions - 5

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Diary Confessions - 5

"It is true. I was tempted by her beauty. Her looks were intoxicating. I first saw her outside the cinema hall at M.G. Road where she was waiting for a taxi. I offered her lift in my car. I was surprised when she didn't refuse my offer but the depth of her eyes worked as doubt eraser. Soon we become good friends and then husband and wife. I married her against my family's wish,my father wanted his friend's daughter as my wife but his love for me made him accept her as his daughter-in-law."

"We all were happy my father,my mother,my younger brother and sister they all accepted her and she was also mixing well with them. But that happiness was short-lived. My parents died in a car accident,my sister eloped from the house and later found raped and murdered on city road. My younger brother committed suicide in strange circumstances. I too wanted to kill my self but how could I found peace if there were tears in her eyes. People said that my wife was behind all these things. I never listened to any one. Yes I was tempted." As he stopped writing police constable came to take him to the gallows. He was sentenced to death for killing his wife.

One day when he came back early from the office,he saw her performing some strange rituals. Two other men were also there. He heard her saying that she had completely took his control by bewitchment chants due to which he didn't notice that she murdered his family." Now do something that he will also give his business to me and my darling". She kissed a man sitting beside her. He cried like a child for what he has lost after being tempted by her beauty while she was behind her as she was tempted by his wealth. He went to the study where he kept his licensed revolver and brought it to shoot all of them.

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Bumper Sale

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Bumper Sale 

Everybody in our locality was talking about the new shop opened in the area and its bumper sale

" Yaar,all branded items no fakes" ,my friend said.

"But, how can one give such huge discounts when company have no such offers on other shops selling the same brand." " Brother discounts are not the only thing, you got scratch coupons on purchase above Rs 5999 with sure prices like TV sets,washing machine,etc."

" On the spot, prices?" " No, prices will be delivered to your homes within a month, one more thing which will shock you more." " What? A cashback for credit card purchase."

" No, cashback of 10% on cash purchases above Rs 10,000." "I am sure they must be stealing somewhere."

" You always doubt everyone." Then he gave me some knowledge of their honesty that how they called and gave Mr. Sharma the T - shirt he forgot in store and returned extra money given by Karan Uncle while purchasing a pair of Jeans.

" Chal na yaar! we should also go and shop there.In spite of such good offers ,we can still bargain for more" " Really! But I don't like places with so much crowd that's why I mostly prefer online shopping."

" But do they offer cashback." " I have not searched much but there must be sites which offer cashback but anyways I earn reward points on my debit card and I am happy with them."

He forced me to go with him,I denied but soon succumbed to his pressure," Let's go tomorrow morning , few people shop at that time." " Ok."

Next morning he came calling me fully charged up with energy and money and we went to that shop.

" Oh! It is close. Today must be their holiday." " No its a seven day open shop,let's ask someone"

I saw a police constable standing outside that shop. He told us that they have sealed the shop because they were selling stolen goods, the owner was absconding.

" They were selling fresh stocks with company tags,how they were stealing," my friend asked in surprise. " They were stealing from company warehouse,the warehouse keeper and the gate keeper were involved in that. They were doing it from last ten days."

My friend was shocked, the shop was opened ten days ago. They were selling as much they could before being caught by the company.

Casback, discount and coupons do exists and their are many sites online which offer this facility, one of such site is gopaisa.com.

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Immortal Love

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Immortal Love

"It was love at first sight. I never thought that I will become crazy like that for someone. For days I thought what was happening is real or a mirage,how can someone be so beautiful. She moved so smoothly,her impact was permanent and straight in to your heart. I am sure today will be the D day the day she will touch me and I will get a chance to feel her. All these days I saw her interacting with others without even looking at me but my heart  was feeling her from her fragrance. Her curvy body,her swan like neck,her deer like movement,I don't have words to explain her beauty. I have calculated and now I think the wait is over she is coming to me in 10,9,8,7..." Adil tear the last page to note something then rolled the paper and threw it into the dustbin. His meeting with his love the ball pen remain incomplete. But he was satisfied for the fact that incomplete love stories become immortal. " One day all lovers will swear by the name of paper & pen when in love."

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We All Are Equal ?

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We All Are Equal ?

He ran hard to the police station situated 12 Kilometers from his village to save his crops from the hands of zamindar."Police will help me,we all are equal in a democracy." Zamindar's men were already there bribing the inspector. One more farmer committed suicide that day while whole nation was enjoying their dinners. 

Malaysia - Truly Asia

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Malaysia - Truly Asia

Since when I saw the TV commercial of Malaysia Tourism with I tag line of Malaysia - Truly Asia it became my first choice for foreign holidays.  Malaysia is very much like India in its multiculturalism and diversity that might attract me towards it at the first glance. They also practice many religions like us so one can definitely experience beautiful mosques,churches,etc. My first impression of Malaysia than was of a mini India but a lot more organised and well maintained. This contest gave me a chance to explore Malaysia more.

How can one select only 5 things to experience in a country like Malaysia when they have whole of the world in them world heritage sites like George Town - Penang,Melaka City - Melaka,beautiful hill station in the form of Cameron Highland in Pehang, engineering marvels of Kualalumpur Petronas Tower and KL tower, BBKLCC stretch shopping experience, mesmerizing nature's paradise like Sepilok Nature Reserve in Sebah or Mulu National Park in Sarawak,etc.,Putra Mosque,St.John's Fort,Legoland, Malaysia has offerings for everyone, there are destinations for shopaholic,nature lovers, adventurers,culture lover, religious souls,food lovers, travelers and above all peace lovers if one wants some peaceful time for oneself than Malaysia is a place to visit. 

I have selected following five dream destinations to visit in Malaysia

1. Petronas Twin Towers : The twin skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur is synonymous with Malaysia. Whenever one imagines Malaysia view of world's tallest twin towers comes in mind,the bridge connecting both the towers is also the highest twin storey bridge in the world. These towers are landmark of Kuala Lumpur with nearby Kuala Lumpur Tower. An example of modern architecture has traditionally inspired interiors. Night view of the skyscraper make you forget everything around. These towers tops my list in things to experience in Malaysia.

2.Jalan Alor - Kuala Lumpur :The name of this place is in my mind since I hear it first in a food based show in which contestant prepared a dish famous in this food street. I have forgotten the name of that dish but Jalan Alor resonates in my mind being a food lover. We in Delhi always wish for such a food street in Chandni Chowk where one can feel the foods of our nation. So such a destination for me is a dream come true. Its full of stalls at sidewalks of the food which represents Malaysia. I believe in eat and let eat, that place seems to be perfect for me a foody by birth.

3. Kinabalu Park - Sabah : I knew Mount Kinabalu from my school days as highest mountain peak in Malaysia now I know that Malaysia has developed Kinabalu National Park in that area which is also UNESCO's world heritage site for outstanding universal values and the role as one of the most important biological sites in the world with more than 4,500 species of flora and fauna, including 326 bird and around 100 mammal species. How can one restricted in a concrete jungle miss such a green heaven full of gifts of nature. A site to experience mountain trekking and hot natural springs.

4.Kabili-Sepilok Nature Reserve - Sebah: The credit of visit to that reserve goes only to Orangutan. This reserve is responsible for rescue and rehabilitation of endangered species of orangutan. Baby orangutans from logging sites, plantations, illegal hunting or kept as pets were rescued and then trained to survive in the wild since the opening of the rehabilitation center in 1964. I who haven't seen a normal monkey from close fascinates to see orangutan. Moreover this place is natural rain forest with many species of vegetation. I have heard about the tours in that area it will be fun to experience one of them.

5.Tioman Island - Pahang : That destination deserves the place owing to its serene beaches. Away from the hullabaloo of city life this place is relaxing. I first came to know about this island through Discovery Channel in the list among the best beaches of the world. Not only that it is a famous scuba diving spot in Malaysia. One can also have the experience of varied aquatic life. If you see pictures of that place you will surely want to be pictured in that area. It is not much populated and serves as an inspiring place for a writer,musician,director or anybody related to the creative field.

It is difficult to select the best mango from the bucket of ripened mangoes similarly it is difficult to select few places out of so many destinations in Malaysia and it becomes more troublesome when every place is your dream travel destination. Malaysian destinations comes in the list of Times's magazine must visit travel destinations before you die. Many Indian films were shot in Malaysia. It comes in the list of F1 race organizers,fashion show event and award functions were also held there. I am sure it is a dream for not only  me but many around the world.

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Note: While I was writing about Malaysia the MH370 Flight Incident was lingering in my mind hoping for some miracle to happen which save all the passengers in that flight. I hope you all will pray the same while reading this write up.

Self Identity

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Self Identity

" Today's final award for Social Change at this 6th Annual Women For Change Award on the occasion of International Women's Day goes to Mrs. Shalini", host called her on the stage where a famous film star presented her the trophy. It was never easy for her to be at this position.

Ten years ago she was married to a reputed businessman of her city. It was dream come true for her as well as her family. A middle class family like theirs always wished for a son-in-law like him,he was well settled ,having big bank balance and even promised Shalini that she could pursue her dream of being a fashion designer even after their marriage. She was excited to have such a husband so understanding and loving but that love ended soon.

She faced daily abuses from him, not allowed to go anywhere or to talk to anybody. He used to beat her when she said anything against him. She became a slave in her house of dreams. Her family and friends met her only in his presence. The phone given to her was like a showpiece which he used to give his orders.Things went on like this for five years when her father died. He told her not to attend her father's funeral but that was a limit. At that point she recollected all her self respect which he broke into pieces gained all the strength to take the decision to leave him,to realize the power a women possess,to show him what she was capable of.

She became a fashion designer,earned a respectable living and then started working for those women who faces physical and mental abuses by their husband. She was thinking about all those years of struggle passed while receiving her award a journalist interrupted her thoughts," Madam what inspires you to work for those women." She smiled and said," this conversation with my ex husband when my father died", she showed her text conversation with her husband to journalists on her phone.

" I wants to go my home my father is no more."
" I am not in the city we will go tomorrow,"
" But my father died" " Shut up you b***h, don't argue with me,I gave you food,clothes,everything,I am your father,I am your God."
" I am going." " You can go but never to return I will take care to ruin your life there also."
" I will go Prakash"
"$#****,+@&*$, be in your limits. I am coming now than I see how you will go."

He come but she was not afraid instead he stopped his hand and hit him back,she took a wooden rod and hit him till he became unconscious. She went to her father's house and called the police. Police arrested him, no body helps anyone until you help yourself that's what she tell to other women come to her for help.That conversation helped him to gain her lost self respect and to take the initiative to inculcate the same to others. One's own identity and existence is important before anything and anyone in this world.

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