Blind Worship

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Blind Worship

These are few recent headlines of the leading newspapers of the country : 

'Jaya supports damaged public property after her arrest'

'Modi supporters hoot non-BJP chief ministers in three states'

'Asaram's followers blocked road to the assembly' 

' Senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai manhandled in New York by PM fans'

' Khan battle by fans on social media' 

' National Highway blocked by those demanding Chaudhary Charan Singh museum'

'Protesters demanding ministers resignation for statement against Sonia Gandhi'

The list of headlines about such incidents is endless where people in love of someone forget their limits, morality and even laws. The recent incident of Jayalalitha's supporters making nuisance on Bangalore roads and Tamil Nadu state after her conviction in ten years old disproportionate assets case shows how irresponsible these blind followers were. In their hullabaloo they forget that they were disrespecting courts, law and the constitution of India. Moreover she was jailed for corruption charges which is not something to boost off.

Similar blind following was observed during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to New York (USA) when people slapped senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai on asking questions against the PM. We live in a democratic country where we all enjoys right to speech which also gives us right to question anybody whatever would be his/her designations but that doesn't entitle anybody to misbehave with one who was asking questions not liked by someone. This tendency to be violent against media the fourth pillar of democracy would raise doubts in independent working of such organisations which in turn lead to manipulation of truth.

Such behavior only hampers the image of the idol in questions in the eyes of his/her critics more and those who attracted towards a particular personality due to love his supporters give to him/her started detaching themselves from these impatience supporters and from the personality itself.. These supporters in their emotions damages public property increasing more burden on common citizen. 

A fan/follower is the image of celebrity in the eyes of non-fans, what they portray would symbolises his /her action. Here the role of personality concerned also increases, they should advise on and condemn any violent, immoral and indecent behavior of their fans,followers and supporters. Our idols shape the course of society being respectable citizens in their fields and by their contributions for country. Their struggle becomes our inspiration and they becomes semi-gods for us but that do not entitle them to any supremacy over anybody and they too are open to criticism in a democratic setup. Demeaning others for their sake is not the right way.

So, just not follow the persons charm and persona but also what he or she believes and practice because these are the things which make them idols.

The Maze

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Team Inspirati's Episode 16 : The Maze

Read the previous part of the story here

Shekhar realized that Aryan knew something about Roohi. His awkward behavior when he visited their home, Tawde's mentioning of his name , all these things were connecting him somewhere to the kidnapping of Roohi. His belief in Tawde was almost zero after Kamla escaped from his hand with Roohi even when he was so close to them. It was time to take the situation in his hands. As Tara fell asleep after her continuous crying , he decided to confront Aryan.


Life plays different games with us nobody knows why but winning or loosing this game matters most to decide the course of our life. When Jennifer didn't want him to speak he was chasing her from Kochi to Delhi to Mumbai but now when she had so many questions in her mind and wanted him to answer them all he was silent struggling for his life in coma. She remembered that Cyrus was behaving weirdly from sometime, his sudden disappearance from Skype chats, forgetting things while speaking and answering oddly to her messages were creating doubts in her mind. She believed that he was disturbed due to problems in their relationship but after looking at his mails it appeared something else, something suspicious.

" But why he would help in kidnapping a girl from Mumbai whom he didn't know?" " What role was Aryan Ahuja playing?"" How they both knew each other?" Whenever she thought in that way it came to her as a conspiracy against Cyrus." Why a law student will do such a silly thing to spoil his career. Aryan Ahuja knows much more than what he shows." Only Cyrus held the answers to these burning questions. Vijay's absence from hospital was giving time to Jennifer to feel her love for him. She started understanding how much she cared for him. The mere thought of separating from Cyrus was pining her. She prayed for Cyrus's recovery by holding cross in her hand which she wore only for fashion being an atheistic for years. It was also the first time that she hadn't smoked any cigarette for three hours, she promised god to quit smoking as soon as Cyrus became conscious. But god was silent and so was Cyrus perhaps this was the test of her love. 


'Sajan re jhoot mat bolo khuda ke paas jana hai na hathi hai na ghoda hai wahan paidal hi jana hai', Aryan was listening old Hindi songs to forget kidnapping of Roohi and divert himself from the situation he was in and to assure that he knew nothing but the song itself was enough to make him uncomfortable. 'Ding dong...ding dong...' the sound of the doorbell brought him out of the trance. He switched off the song and opened the door.

"Hi...hi....Shekhar" he stammered to see him. " May I come in Aryan." " Oh ! Yes...yes of course." For few moments they stared each other while sitting on sofa as if waiting for other to speak. 

" Do you want to say something about Roohi's kidnapping. Mr Aryan," Shekhar broke his silence with a direct question.

"Roohi! How do I know about her. Now you also think that I have to do something with her kidnapping like your wife," he was not directly looking at his eyes confirming that he was telling a lie.

"Mr. Aryan you know that Tara and I always quarrel, my indifference towards my career and her dominating nature are creating a rift between us day by day..."

Aryan interrupted him, "Shekhar why are you telling me all this. Its your family matter I have nothing to do with it."

"I am telling you because Roohi is the only best part of our relationship. She is the bond which holds us together and now when she is not with us we are breaking with each passing second. I know Mr Ahuja that you are also very fond of her. Our distances with her have increased her closeness to you and I believe that you will not like to see her in any trouble."His eyes filled with tears because he knew that she was in trouble. 

"She is like my daughter Shekhar," he took a pause and then continued, " I also want her safety but believe me, I don't know anything." He himself was not sure of what he was saying. The course of events after Kamla's escape with Roohi from Ganesh Visarjan were not at all pointing towards the well-being of Roohi. He stood up and asked Shekhar to leave. 

" Shekhar I understand your emotions but I have to go now. I have to meet someone. Believe me I can't think of hurting her even in my dreams." 

Shekhar had no other option but to leave and went to that home which was silent like a graveyard without Roohi. Aryan on the other hand was adamant about what to do next. For burden of Tawde's favors he couldn't put Roohi's life in danger. 


" Are you sure that girl was not sold to traffickers with other girls." Vijay asked his underworld source. " That means child trafficking racket was not behind her kidnapping and she perhaps was in Mumbai." Vijay was excited with this news. He was sure to impress Jennifer with his progress in the case." If he was kidnapped by some gang then there must be demand for ransom but there wasn't any, that kidnapping is not as simple as it appears. It holds some other secrets. Vijay for years have worked with criminals and police officers. His experience with them have created a detective out of a crime reporter.He called Jennifer and shared his findings with her.

“ Read the next part of the story here

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The Sunshine

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The Sunshine - Drabble ( 100 word story )

Religious fundamentalists poisoned his mind which was adequate to prepare him for suicide bombing in a crowded restaurant. He tied explosives around his body and went to the spot.

He sat on an empty table and started the timer. Suddenly sunshine coming from a crisscross wooden wall,gaps of which were filled with colored bottles struck him and bedazzled his eyes. Flashbacks of his children came in front of his eyes similar to those present in the restaurant. He switched off the timer and realized that his religion condemns killing of innocents and those instigating him were parasite for religion.

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday Week 394  and Friday Fictioneers.


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"Come darling! Rest your smooth face on my hairy chest," she listened these lewd comments without giving any importance to them as being the lone bread earner of her family of five if she would confront them they would make it difficult for her to work so she heard them daily and just ignored.

The grief  to see her family sleeping hungry was more painful for her than to listen such comments but listening silently was her compulsion and not her weakness.

One day when she was standing alone on that bus stand,their monstrous eyes saw it as an opportunity to fulfill their dirty desires and all four of them surrounded her.

She took out knife from her bag immediately and threatened them to kill, her loud shouts frightened them and they ran away never to return back.

Listen to your heart for courage which is breezy enough to cool the grief of your soul.

Linking to Three Word Wednesday ( hairy,breezy,monstrous) , Five Sentence Fiction (grief) and
Theme Thursday ( Listen). 

Pyaar Kiya Nahin Jata Ho Jata Hai

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Pyaar Kiya Nahin Jata Ho Jata Hai.

You may wonder why I am humming this song written by Anand Bakshi for movie Woh Saat Din (1983, Music Director- Laxmikant-Pyarelal) which translates into ' Love is not planned it happens '.
This song came in my mind while thinking about ' Love Jihad ' a new phenomenon to spread hatred and creating misunderstanding between the communities.

Before going further in this topic lets understand what is Jihad. Jihad means 'struggle' , it is striving in the way of Allah. This is the most misinterpreted word in of Quran in the modern world. Essentially Jihad is an effort to practice religion in the face of oppression and persecution. The effort may come in fighting the evil in your own heart, or in standing up to a dictator. Military use is included as an option, but as a last resort and not ' to spread Islam by the sword' as the stereotype would have one believe.Many fundamentalists spread terror and violence in the name of Islam and Jihad. It is better to take actions against them rather than seeing the whole community with a same eye. 

Now come to 'love jihad',  according to Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) , some BJP MLA's and MP's and RSS it is :
  • A type of terrorism funded by some terrorists organisations in PoK , Pakistan and some Arab countries.
  • Handsome Muslim boys are trained to lure non-Muslim girls by changing their names.
  • They dressed in branded clothes, carry expensive phones , roam in costly bikes so that non-Muslim girls started loving them.
  • They eloped with these girls and marry them.
  • Force girls after marriage to accept Islam.
These people and organisations also states that rates were fixed for girls of different religion which these boys received for this task of luring them. They then dictate parents how to save their girls :
  • Don't give mobile phones to girls.
  • Accompany girl when they go to markets and keep them away from Muslim shops and shopkeepers.
  • Keep an eye on their activities.
  • Take out them from Muslim majority schools or colleges.
  • Marry them as soon as possible with suitable boy of their castes.
Women organisations and some scholars believes this strategy as another weapon of patriarchal society to keep women in limits of four walls of the house so that they will not reach ahead of men.
I don't know why these people questions the intelligence of girls. Did they believe that girls are foolish and don't have mind of their own to be lured by things like branded clothes, expensive accessories to love someone.

Some Yogis and Sanyasis who are giving hate speeches don't understands love. A sanyasi for me is one who have abstained himself from the worldly pleasures for the love of god. How one who loves god discriminate between HIS most precious creation humans on the basis of religion. It is a proven fact that nobody can force anyone to love someone, love is a natural feeling.

The previous reported cases of love jihad in Kerala and Karnataka were proved baseless and those which are presented in the recent scenario have loopholes in them. An inquiry made on love jihad after Kerala reporting revealed that there is no proof of any organised gang behind these incidents. Don't we see betrayal in same religion weddings? Some incidents of betrayal in inter-religion marriages buttered with baseless charges are highlighted to break the thread of oneness just for political gains. I am glad that recent by-polls in UP where 'love jihad' was used saw failure of those using it which means voters understood that unity is required for the development, violence would harm both sides.

It is also necessary to mention that forced conversions are prohibited in Islam. Moreover how can one accept another religion without understanding and assimilating it in one's heart. If forced one can pretend to save oneself and then complaint about it. Why the cases reported coming out after so many years of marriages and that to before by-polls and some state assembly elections? We need to be careful with these propaganda which are hampering national integrity and unity. Pyaar ko pyaar hi rehno do koi naam na do ( Don't give any name to love, let it be love only.)

Let's end this post with that song from the movie Woh Saat Din, : ' Pyaar kiya nahin jata ho jata hai'

*some information sourced from Wikipedia and About religion.

The Mystery Continues...

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The Mystery Continues...( Part 4 of team Inspirati)

“Read the previous part of the story here

"Madam! Is there any news about Roohi baby," asked Kamla as Tara and Shekhar returned from the police station. Kamla came to their house as a maid six months back when the husband of their old maid died in her village. She recommended Kamla in her place because she would remain in village with her children thereafter.

Kamla although new in their house took over the charge of the house as if working for years in that house. She easily mingled with Roohi with her friendly and caring nature impressing Tara who needs someone better than her husband to look after her to concentrate more on her career, she completely handed over Roohi's charge to her. Kamla was not like usual maids she had basic education, knew driving, understood nutritional requirement of children and was soft spoken. She remained properly dressed in a Saree ,her hairs oiled and set with center partition, applied fairness cream to lighten her complexion ,wears lots of bangles in both hands and had special handmade slippers gifted by someone.She looked more like a government school teacher than a maid.

Shekhar could concentrate more on her writing having her with Roohi which was the reason he remained mostly in his study room after she took the charge. Kamla was equally worried since the absence of Roohi. " We have complained to the police, they are searching for her and they will come here to record your statement. O! Roohi...." Tara resort to crying again. Shekhar hugged and console her. Tara never experienced such warmth in his embrace from almost a decade actually he never embraced her in all these years. We often come closer if our pains are same and both of them were in a same position.

Later in the evening a constable came and recorded Kamla's statement, " When did you noticed that Roohi was missing? asked the constable in firm voice. " I... I ... noticed when madam become unconscious," she answered hurriedly. " OK ! Listen don't go anywhere until baby was recovered," he turned towards Shekhar," Sir! inform us if you receive any call for ransom don't try to negotiate yourself it could be dangerous for her life." He left the house increasing their worries. Crimes against children are increasing day by day all bad thoughts started coming in their minds.


' Love tortures more than law books,' Cyrus said to himself while sitting in his room with packed backs. "Should I go to her when she is happy with Vijay a handsome crime reporter, why the hell he only wants her to be his companion ? Don't he know that crime reporting is a dangerous job and girls are at risk at such crime scenes. But I know Jennifer herself would have chosen him. Her liking for adventure would kill me one day with worry. She is not picking her phone should I go or should I not." He was sandwiched between his heart and mind. Heart wanted to be with her while mind advising him to forget her as she loved Vijay.


" Jennifer I think you are not all right. I should drop you at your home and go alone for this assignment," Vijay's voice showed that he was concerned about her. " No... no... I am all right, this is a big investigative reporting I was craving for such an assignment for a long time.I will definitely go to Mumbai." She wiped off her tears and lit a cigarette coincidentally radio played ' Mein zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya har fiqr ko Duaen mein utada chala gaya' from the movie Hum Dono when she blew a cloud of smoke.They were going to Mumbai to investigate about the cases of child trafficking in Mumbai. Vijay had some leads from his sources that children between 8 to 12 years were being kidnapped and sold to gulf countries. The gang planted their members as security guards,maids,housekeeper,laundryman,etc, in houses with children. These members kidnapped the child whenever they got the chance without coming under police scanner. Some believes that police was also had hand in gloves relationship with this racket.

Vijay and Jennifer's itinerary included meeting with inspector Tawde, parents of some victims and his sources in police and underworld as he doubts hands of some politicians. This was a big story the biggest in Jennifer's career and it has the kind of thrill she always wanted. She befriended Vijay for the same reason to get the name and fame she deserved.


After losing battle with his heart Cyrus decided to go to Kochi and sort out differences between them. He called her room partner as she was not picking the phone. Her room partner told him that she was headed to Mumbai with Vijay in evening flight. " Destiny have always snatched what I liked but this time I will not let Vijay to grab my love." This was first time he admitted that he loved her. He took the next flight to Mumbai for confessing his love.


"Where is mummy and papa? " She asked as she woke up from sleep. He gave her milk mixed with sedatives as ordered by her. When she fell asleep, he received a phone from boss. Boss telephoned him for some instructions, "the time to deliver this 'Samaan' has not came yet be extra cautious police is searching hard for her," " Aap bhool gaye kya police to apni jeb mein hai?( Have you forgotten the police is in our pockets)" he said confidently and disconnected the phone.

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Failure - 55 word fiction

He was sitting on the carcasses of dead animals he had killed through his unsuccessful experiments. Albert was a geek since childhood. He wanted to give back life to the dead for which he was working from his high school days. He had alienated himself for this. Succumbing to the failure he slashed his wrist.

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday Week no. 392

Paradise Lost

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Paradise Lost

अगर फ़िरदौस बरोए ज़मीन अस्त,
हमी अस्तो ,हमी अस्तो ,हमी अस्त। 
~ अमीर ख़ुसरो। 

Agar firdaus baroye zamin ast,
Hami asto,hami asto , hami ast

Amir Khusrow's couplet which translates as ' If there is paradise on earth, it is here,it is here,it is here' aptly describes the beauty of Kashmir valley. Kashmir always remain at the top of the list for those planning holidays. We have seen its mesmerizing beauty in various films of sixties and in some recent flicks like 3 idiots,Jab Tak Hai Jaan and soon to be released Haider.

But the recent( Sep. 2014) flood in Kashmir the worst since independence has devastated the charm of that place. The flood due to torrential rain have affected both the sides of Kashmir(J & K and PoK ) filling the whole state with mud and silt.  About 400 villages are completely submerged in flood water from 2000 villages that are affected by the flood making thousands homeless and killing around 200 people in J & K. Indian army's rescue operations have rescued around 25000 people till 9th September 2014.

The question here is not about the rescue and relief operations both the central and state governments are trying their best in saving lives of people and to send relief materials to the stranded people. The army's efforts are also commendable without any doubts but what I like to ask is Do we learn from mistakes ? What's the role of meteorological department if they can't predict anything ? Why no preparations for flood conditions at state level ? What National Water Resources Council (NWRC) is doing for such situations? We have faced similar situations during flash floods of  Uttrakhand last year, there also we have no predictions about such floods which consumed thousands of human lives.

The new government has completed more than three months and still we don't have deputy chairman of NWRC (since chairman by default is PM ) which shows our negligence regarding floods. There are no flood warning system in J & K, the state government don't have boats to rescue people, meteorological department always fails to predict such disasters. It's the time that we better equip our Met department for better predictions, NWRC also required to act promptly in reviewing such conditions. There is always hue and cry during the disaster period but things went to cold storage once situation becomes normal which is the main reason why history repeats self. 

We as a nation always stood together to help each other during such natural calamities. The whole nation is praying for the people of J & K and helping them by donating relief materials and money. I hope situation will be normal soon in Kashmir and prays for well being of all those who are struck in remote places. May god help them in this tough time. The paradise which have lost will soon recover from the hell of rain. Ameen. 

The Last Call ( Part - 2)

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The Last Call ( Part - 2 )

Read Part 1 : Here

He went to the old mill compound to meet Ishaan in spite Ragini's resistance, "you should not meet him." " But why Ragini ? He owe me the answer of his behavior. Where was he during my trials ? Why this sudden love of friendship? " " I don't know Arpit but I only know that he is not a good man not worthy of your friendship."

The old mill was closed for a very long time. This was the place from where they used to operate during their early days but now Ishaan has a good reputation in that bad business. He did everything from kidnappings to smuggling to murders to extortion, etc. He was the undisputed leader of the underworld. When Arpit reached there, Ishaan was already waiting for him with his men who were holding guns.

"What do you want from me now?" He was expecting the word 'apology' from Ishaan but on the contrary he said," Ragini." Arpit was shocked to hear her name." Yes! Ragini! I conspire against you because Ragini loved you. I want you to be out of our way but she loved you and refused me." Ishaan 's eyes turned red in anger but Arpit listened him quietly, " She fought for you and married you after release and it was then I decided to kill you. You always came in our way, after killing you my hurdle will be clear, she would be mine only." His laughter echoed in the mill compound. He praised himself for his crimes and described everything he did in all these years. He told him stories of his ferociousness to frighten him. " I know you were the same fool you used to be seven years back that's why I trapped you emotionally this time."

Sound and smoke of bullets filled the compound followed by the pin drop silence which broke with footsteps of police. Ishaan was puzzled with sudden change of events as police entered with Ragini. " She told me everything about how you forced her to marry you during my absence." He hugged Ragini," It was then I realized that you are trying to trap me again because if you would have suffering from cancer maintaining it's secrecy would be a daunting task looking at your reputation in media. I met Inspector Abhijit last night who was also betrayed by you." Inspector Abhijit smiled looking towards Ishaan at the mentioning of his name." He required proofs  to nab you which he recorded from that window when you were boosting of your deeds and a chance to take his revenge. I forgive you as a friend because you deserve more than my life in friendship but now as an enemy since friends don't repeat such behavior I wants to kill you for what you did as a friend."

He took Abhijit's pistol and shot him at middle of his forehead and as planned by him and inspector it was declared as an encounter. The last call made by him helped police to close his file for always.

The Darkness

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The Darkness

Being accused of bribery Dheeraj was feeling skeptical to visit him this year instead he was thinking to commit suicide feeling unable to cope pressure of media and society

Although he was not guilty but trials by media has clobbered his public image which was making it difficult for him to face that man whom he respected the most in the world, the man who brought him into light of education from the darkness of illiteracy, his mentor,his teacher Mr Gyan Dev.

Gyan Dev saw him polishing shoes at railway station when he was five years old having books kept by his side which made him discover Dheeraj's silent urge for education and admitted him to his orphanage where he took care of his education and well being like a father.

After becoming Dean of the coveted state university Dheeraj made it a habit to visit his teacher on the occasion of Teacher's Day i.e 5th September and to spend the whole day with him whatever would be his condition but circumstances this year were making him hesitant and suicidal.

As he prepared to hang himself from ceiling fan Gyan Dev came and hugged him releasing him from the darkness of death he fixed for himself.

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday ( bribery,skeptical,clobbered ) and Five Sentence Fiction ( Darkness).

Note: This post is dedicated to all teachers who shapes our future and to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan whose contribution to the field of education give us his birthday on 5th Sep. as Teacher's Day

Book Review - Private India

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Book Review - Private India

Private India written by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson is a continuation of James Patterson's world famous Private series( I haven't read any Private series yet ). It is published by Arrow books and I have received this Ashwin Sanghi signed copy as a part of BlogAdda's Book Review program. They both are bestseller writers although I haven't read any of their books as of now but aware of their works such as Chanakya's Chant, The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi and Alex Cross series of James Patterson.

Cover : From the front cover itself one can deduce that it is a thriller based in Mumbai and a race against time for the protagonist looking at the running man in the picture. It tells reader about the intrigue and the mystery they are going to experience.Pictures of Taj Palace Hotel, Gateway of India and Bandra -Worli sea link contemplate your interest. As you read the prologue you got the idea that it has something to do with the terrorist attacks on Mumbai but as you started reading chapter one you realized that many twist and turns are waiting to come your way.

Plot : The story revolves around the head of Private India Santosh Wagh and his team consisting an ex-lady cop, a technology expert and master of forensics. All of them having their stories of past adding interest and suspense to the narrative. They got the charge to investigate and solve the case of killings of women unconnected to each other. They were strangled in a chilling ritual and with strange objects carefully arranged with the corpses. Who was the killer? What's the motive of killing ? Why were these women killed ? What were these rituals ? How many more murders? Will they able to stop the killer ? How the Private India is connected to the killings ? What role does head of Private play in the case?Answers to all these questions made them face their dark pasts,broke their trusts,and took them to much bigger conspiracy which staggered the foundation of their organization. 

Thriller :A power packed pacy layered plot is the highlight of this book. Each chapter reveals a layer further increasing the suspense and curiosity of the reader. Short chapters maintained the pace, quickly turning pages creates involvement in the story. Each character's entry brings a new twist. There are all flavors of Mumbai in it having covered almost all of Mumbai in it's narrative from Chowpaty to Kamathipura to Churchgate,etc. Excellent portrayal of psychic of each character, reader gets aware what was running in particular character's  mind. Fully packed with thrill,action and suspense like a Bollywood movie. It's a kind of book you would like to finish in one go.  

Spoiler : I think revelation of killer was in haste. Scene shifting at an important point was sometimes confusing. More closer to a film script than to reality.

Rating : I will give 3.5/5 and would definitely recommend to someone who enjoyed the suspense/thriller genre.

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