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life in a metro(delhi)

It is easy to live in a metro than to think to live in it. Because when one started thinking to live in a metro say Delhi than some images will come to one's mind. The images of vehicles blocking the movement on the roads, sometimes due to rain ,sometimes for a protest march or some dharna, sometimes for rain and sometimes for just fun purpose. One also gets the images of media attacking you in every nook & corner of the city in attempt to get you views in every possible situation and in every aspect of news shaking the whole country. One also gets the images VIPs & VVIPs celebrating their arrest in the jail. There are also visuals for people roaming here and there without knowing what the are doing. Visuals of people praying for rain and when it comes cursing the civic agencies for their poor management and again praying this time for rain to stop. There are also images in the mind of scattered bodies ,flowing blood due to bomb blasts and people shivering in fear when th…