Amar is Amar in Our Memories : RIP Vinod Khanna

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Amar is Amar in Our Memories : RIP Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna passed away today (27th April 2017) in Mumbai at the age of 70. If you remember few months back you didn’t even think about that news because he looked fittest among the actors of his era but a picture of his last month in hospital clothes shocked everybody because he was looking weak and pale and now another shocking news came today that he died due to bladder cancer. 

The name Vinod Khanna reminds a father figure for today’s generation who has seen working him as father of Shahrukh Khan (Dilwale 2016 also his last film) and Salman Khan (Wanted 2009). He has also worked in Players,Ramaiya Vastavaiya also in the recent past. Mere Apne, Mera Gaon Mera Desh, Amar Akbar Anthony, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Qurbani, Sachcha Jhutha, Kudrat, Dayaman, Nishchay, The Burning Train, Parvarish, were among his popular movies. If you can see these films and list of his other films you will notice that he was not insecure of his image throughout his career. Film choices are not limited to lead actor roles but to multi actor films also even though he was a hit, popular and among the handsome Bollywood star ever.
I can’t recall his appearances on News & TV shows for interviews and promotions. Even as three time Gurdaspur (Punjab) MP he avoided media spotlight and remained occupied with his work only. During Atal Bihari Vajpayee's government he even elevated to the post of MoS External Affairs which was huge portfolio for a MP with Bollywood background. What I have read and seen about him he appeared to be a humble, friendly and supporting star. At the peak of his career in 1982 he left film industry to join Osho Rajnish’s Ashram and spend 5 years of his life working there before returning to the film industry again. 

Today we know him as father of Akshay and Rahul Khanna who have successful film careers but not even close to the success of their father.  I have learnt today after reading about him that he was married twice and has two more children a girl and a boy. The man who started as a villain was a real hero all his life. He is no more between us but his characters will remain immortal in our memories. The moment can be best described from lines of a song from his film Muqaddar Ka Siqandar (King of Destiny). 

Zindagi To Bewafa Hai Ek Din Thukrayegi,
Maut Mehbooba Hai Apne Saath Lekar Jayegi,
Mar Ke Jeene Ki Ada Jo Duniya Ko Sikhlayega,
Wo Muqaddar Ka Sikandar Janneman Kehlayega. 

#RIP #VinodKhanna.

Half Girlfriend

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Half Girlfriend

Relationships they say completes yourself. As we born god bestowed us with several relations from mother, father, sister, brother to so and so from the extended family. We can’t change them but to live with them. We have certain commitments & duties in them but then there are relationships we make ourselves in the form of friends, boyfriends or girlfriends in which we take easy liberties as we are not supposed to perform some duties or to show some commitments we can enjoy Half Relationships i.e. Association without any Commitment but in reality these are the relationships which shape our lives for good or for bad. 

Rahul (name changed) caught in Love at first sight at the moment when Aditi (name changed) asked him the way to her class at the first day of college. Fortunately they both were in same class and call it divine intervention or just coincidence they shared the same bench. It didn’t take much time for these mere strangers to become best friends. Other students in college now have discussions about their friendship. Rahul’s friend wanted him to step ahead in this relationship by sharing bed with her. ‘Yaar! Sex is the next step of every relationship. Cement your boyfriend-girlfriend bond with a night together.’ Rahul thought he could get success in this as Aditi didn’t mind going out with him alone and he has noticed her blushing when he touched or hugged her. 

One day Rahul decided to put forth this idea when they were sitting in a corner seat of a Cafe after the college. He was on the verge of saying something when suddenly Aditi stretched her hands to hold his, ‘Rahul more than a year has passed in our friendship and I have never told you this.’ Rahul was smiling inside thinking she was going to utter those three magical words which propel his plan further. He was quiet as she spoke, ‘Rahul thank you for being my friend. I am from a small UP town and it would be difficult for me to adjust here in Delhi if I haven’t get a friend like you who was not like other boys thinking about sex while meeting a prone girl like me or forcing to commit love. I never hesitated from your company because I feel comfortable in it more than my female friends who often talk of their sexual relationships while sitting together. Thank You Rahul! Be a friend like this for me always.’ 

He was holding them but he knew he has tears in his eyes for his lecherous thinking. This #HalfRelationship was more than anything for him and he promised to maintain this for lifetime. He is maintaining it even today after four years of this incident. Trust in each other is equal to commitments utter through words. People can say that she was his #HalfGirlfriend as in Chetan Bhagat's novel of the same name but he considered her a #FullFriend.

Here is the trailer of the film inspired from this novel.

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Mera Bharat Mahan?

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Mera Bharat Mahan?

Country is going down at each front except 'Divide & Rule' 

Unique Identification Numbers for cows, reviving lost river Saraswati by filling its so called route with artificial water, editing textbooks to change name of discoverers and inventors with ancient sages, Anti-Romeo Police Squad to arrest couples roaming on UP roads or meeting at some public parks, demolition of achievements of earlier government (Hall of Nation & Hall of Industries in Pragrati Maidan, Delhi) , name changing of roads, airports and cities, etc. These and many other such things right now are the priorities of current right wing BJP governments in nation and in states. 

I wouldn’t have any problems with these things if government was doing enough for farmers, soldiers and poor Indians. I won’t point out at these things even when internal security is not at risk. But I have to point out these things because we have no CRPF chief for two months the agency which losing its life at every troubled area of the country recently been in Sukhma, Chattisgarh where 26 CRPF soldiers killed by Naxals, no Central Information Commissioner the head of RTI agency responsible for transparent governance. Moreover this agency is going to tweak down by government with some new guidelines. Forget about the Lokpal head, the movement for which Anna Hazare left his hometown and arrived in New Delhi to target central government which created nationwide steer is nowhere in place for last three years. 

Kashmir is out of control, intelligence failure in each Naxal attack, Gau Rakshaks (Cow vigilantes) violence increasing, attacks on minorities all these things shows weakening internal security. Job creation is below the expectation and the condition of the farmers is also not very good resulting in increased suicide cases. How we can forget these things in garb of fake nationalism which has nothing to do with nation? The nation is suffering badly from all sides which even foreign media has pointed in several occasions. No one knows how worse situation will become in coming months if things are not controlled properly. 

Only the clean image and oratory skills of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has polished with the time which BJP is using as a shield to cover its shortcomings and attract the voters who still have faith in him for India’s transformation. I think not to speak and write about the current governments shortcomings but I am unable to keep mum at instance of breaking of national and social fabric of the country. The society is divided into two parts now more than any other time in the recent history of India. Only we the people by raising our voices to these things can curb such things and make the government accountable for its shortcomings. It is much needed now. GOD BLESS INDIA. 

The Cow's World

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The Cow's World

Hearing on a Public Interest Litigation Chief Justice Sand Singh popularly known as 'The Ox' declined the demand for equal status of humans in 'The Cows World'. He said that there is no use of bringing stale human rights to their world which don't even existed in true manner in The Human's World. He emphasized on the use of less money in domesticating them for farm use because in they end they are useless. 

Petitioner 'Gau Lal Devi' is disheartened with the decision due to her emotional connect with the humans one of whom saved her from drowning. She said in a dejected tone,' I am disappointed with the decision and wants a larger bench to hear it again. We have a long association with humans and most of them are not as cruel as we think. We live in the liberal world where we must give them equal right as cows enjoys in this world of us.'

Public showed a mix response on social media. While some hailed it as historic authentication of the danger possessed by the free humans some said its wrong because scriptures talk positively about humans. Human right activists remain unavailable for the comment after court issued arrest orders for any public statement in support of humans. Larger bench will hear the petition next week but experts believe they only affirm the Chief justice's view. For now two minutes silence for the human rights. 

Death of Democracy

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Death of Democracy

Democracy thrives with the participation of people in the process of government formation. For this voting percentage is set as a mark of people’s trust in democracy. So what to conclude from the statistic of meager 7.14% voters’ turnout? It means people have lost trust in the established government. The statistics I am quoting is from the Lok Sabha by polls of Srinagar constituency of Kashmir Valley. These violent elections also took away 8 innocent lives with clashes between protesters and security forces.

Kashmir Valley is at unrest since the formation of BJP-PDP alliance government. The incidents of protests has increased so is the case of violent protests. The trust with army has further declined among the people with increased incidents of use of pellet guns on the protesters and the stone pelters. More than hundred received serious injuries from pellet guns injuries last year which includes children who have lost their eyesight and many others who have received permanent disability. The current government has lost trust of the people with the incidents like Beef-Ban attacks, Vande Mataram row and many such incidents. The youth which looked more engaged with the mainland India before this government has detached itself again from the country. 

Kashmir students were beaten in many universities of the country and in many others they were treated as agent of Pakistan by the ABVP affiliated students. ABVP which is the student wing of RSS has retorted to violence not only with Kashmir students but with all those students who supported liberal thinking. Kashmir needs our trust more than anything else. If we believe they are our own then we must believe in them also. Labeling every Kashmiri as a terrorist and Pakistan sympathizer will only drift them away from India. The separatist and Pakistan took advantage of that mistrust to lure unemployed youth to fall in their trap. 

Looking back again to low voter turnout in Srinagar Lok Sabha by polls hints to that increasing mistrust in Kashmir people. These elections hold no value and must be annulled at once. Election Commission should also set a lower limit for the voter turnout for the elections to be valid. Lots of work has to be done by both the center and the state governments to bring back Kashmir people to them. I hope government will look at Kashmir issue with a different perspective without any prejudice and misconception. God Bless Kashmir. 

Six Words Memoirs - Cow Vigilantes

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Six Words Memoirs - Cow Vigilantes

Here are two contrasting Six Word Stories holding important message. 

1. Plastic Killed Cows. Cow Vigilantes Active.

2. Men Beaten To Death. Vigilantes Active.