Book Review : The Winner's Curse

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Book Review : The Winner's Curse

The Winner's Curse is a political thriller about National ID Numbers, power and greed which is written by Dee Walker who is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and published by Srishti Publishers and Distributors. I have received this author signed copy from Reader's Cosmos.

Cover : Cover lacks intriguing quality. Though the picture of a metro city and some hint of computer language points out at the involvement of technology and engineering which is clarified by the tag line ' A political thriller about national ID numbers, power and greed'. The voyage of secrets,betrayal,trust and crime you are going to experience in the book is not revealed with the cover.

Plot : The story is mainly revolves around Harsh Mittal a multi billionaire businessman enjoying patronage of the Master of the Popular Party Zoon Draboo. The Master wants to control the politics of India and regain majority in the coming elections with the help of Harsh who was an orphan whose destiny allowed him to study and conquer the IIT. Harsh is ready to do anything for his Master without asking anything in return and he did so with help of some old friends and foes. But the Master has some other plans to acquire his Guru Dakshina from Harsh.. What is he planning for Harsh? How Harsh fulfill his master's dream? Business rivalries, old friendships, money, power, ideals and conscience all are at stake in this thriller.

Thriller : Introductions of characters is superbly done in this book with pointing at commandments out of Ten Commandments suitable for that particular character. First a hint of the character and then description of the background in a separate chapter have made these characters realistic and for readers it becomes easier to understand their psyche. The power game in business and politics showed beautifully. Reading abusing Hindi language felt bad but again it was important for character building in some scenes.

Spoiler : The climax. Nothing hurts more than loose climax. The story which was taking turbulent turns with each passing page fell to a low in climax. It wasn't in haste but in laziness. I was expecting public uproar, News Now debating about heroism of few characters, nationwide demand for hanging the culprit,etc. Their are also some possibilities of love angles which was ignored in it.

Verdict : Read to know how governments can exploit us by infringing our privacy and to affirm that Truth always triumphs.

Rating : I would recommend it as one time read and would give 3/5. 

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Pimple Diary

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Pimples Diary

There are two rhyming words related to face that draws attention of onlookers. But for one you want everyone to see and appreciate them and for other you better hide yourself from sight of others. These two words are dimple and pimple. Each one of us either a boy or a girl crave for dimples but not pimples. 

Pimples are as much a problem for boys as for girls or either more severe in boys due to their carelessness towards their facial hygiene. I too have oily skin the perfect breeding ground for pimples. Oily skin catches environmental dust easily and when it gets clogged in facial pores it gives rise to blackheads and pimples the reddish protuberances on face which are attractive enough to caught eyeballs and give rise to disgusting expressions from the viewer. With onset of puberty pimples started to grow on my face as skin becomes thicker at that time than it was during childhood. I faced constant gazes and some friends even tried to touch and squeeze them to ooze out fluids from it ( at least girls are safe from such tortures from their decent friends).

I thanked my stars for saving me from this problem during their sudden onset. I have five sisters who have experimented everything with pimples till the time they grew on me. Neem leaves paste, bitter gourd juice, Multani Mitti ( Fuller's earth), etcetera along with some herbal syrups came to my rescue. Things are much easier now acne creams and face washes are much simpler.Now I see them using face washes to cleanse their skin. Though I don't use them regularly but when I use them I felt glow and shine on my face.

Garnier Pure Active is also used in my home by my sister-in-law (brother's wife) but I haven't tried it yet. But now on course of writing this post I noticed that it has Neem leaf and Tree Tea oil extracts the age old tried and tested ingredients for skin cleansing which not only brings glow to the face but also fights germs , pollution and removes oil which further restricts pimples.

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"I wouldn't forgive him for his lie", he said to his father.

"But darling it was his duty and it was you who taught him that duty comes before family", he tried to pacify her. 

"He never told a lie to me in his lifetime and see the day he lied to me he died" , she broke into tears in front of a coffin wrapped in tricolors.

Her son was the Indian army soldier who died of a bomb blast while rescuing a family trapped in that house.

"We should be proud of him that he decided to abandon us and not his country" he said to her proudly. 

P.S : This post is a salute to all soldiers safeguarding Indian republic by endangering their lives. We must remember them on this special day. Happy Republic Day.

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Ambitions of A Litterbug

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Ambitions of A Litterbug

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I have dreams or I should say that we have dreams, my team the members of my community who are struggling for a name and fame in the society at least some respect from are fellow citizens. We are the neglected lot in this country. There are people who fought for the rights of women, children, LGBT , SC, ST,etc but none comes to cater our demands for the equality or rather superiority in the society for our services to the great country of ours India.

Afters years of humiliation from the society we have decided to come together to raise our demands and make our talent known not only in the country but throughout the world. Actually sometimes I think these foreigners understands us better that our own countrymen. They are the true jewelers to value the gems like us. They click pictures of our arts of those beautiful textures we made with paan and guthka spits on roadside walls, the garbage we throw to show our high consumption of food items are their favorite and not to forget the patches of plaster falling from walls after years of constant urinating such patches caught their immediate attention. The foreign tourists regularly visits just to see our creations not only at public places and roads but also at historical monuments. But still no special mentions of our services on public platforms.

It is sad to say that the talent admired by foreigners remained neglected at its place of birth. I sometimes feel ashamed when people just move aside keeping hands on their noses after seeing someone urinating on the walls and thus ignoring his artistic urge of giving a unique texture to that wall. My friend Paan Singh is a champion paan spitter, he can aim from a distance of about 10 feet and it is hard to get Gutkiya Lal's intensity while spitting guthka from his mouth. Shanno Aunty is a champion garbage bag thrower, her bag falls at a same place daily from balcony of third floor and not to forget my girlfriend she herself is unaware of the fact that the plastic bottle she threw out from moving car always falls on the road without hitting anybody an unmatched talent I would say.

There are numerous such talents like Peshab Bahudur, Kuda Khan, Thook lal,etc which went unnoticed due to the sorry state of our country in recognizing skillful people. Here I would like to thank The Times of India for providing us the platform to show our talents to the world through The Great Indian website. Here you can post pictures of these unknown people, their creations and help them to exhibit their skills. I would also like to appeal to the PM, the Indian Olympic Association, the Sports Ministry to look into the matter and give us chance to shine by demanding spitting competitions in Olympics. I assure you to win all three medals in this sports for the country. Moreover their must be some efforts from the government to highlight this talent and give some respect to us. I also demands Bharat Ratna for Paan Chand for his contribution in every expect of littering.

Here is a video by The The Great Indian website displaying some of us with their skills:

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