Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Patriotism On Sale

Patriotism On Sale

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis is offering a great scheme for all those who wish to skip the police action against any hooliganism and goondaism. Raj Thackerey the chief of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) is the first recipient of this scheme. Devendra Fadnavis called him to his office after his party workers started threatening Cinema owners against screening of Karan Johar's Ae Dil Hai Mushkil for having a Pakistani actor Fawad Khan. In a closed door meeting where Karan Johar was also present mediator Devendra Fadnavis gave go ahead to the idea of Raj Thackerey of depositing 5 crore Indian rupees by the film producers in an army fund in lieu of allowing Pakistan actor staring film screening in Mumbai and Maharashtra. 

Kofee with Karan host was delighted with this handsome ransom saving him from financial and artistic loss. Experts believe this idea could be a game changer as parties like MNS & Shiv Sena could help contribute millions to the army fund since many film released in India are opposed by them regularly. MNS sources told that they now for the sake of the country would find more faults in the film to protest against them and then demand to contribute in the army fund which would depend on the budget of the film. Farhan Akhtar and Sharukh Khan who are the producers of another Pakistan actor Mahira Khan staring film appreciated this step and asked if they need to deposit this amount before or after the protest for their film started by MNS workers. 

Sources close to the Maharashtra CM believes that he may extend this scheme for gangsters, smugglers and thieves by asking them what they demand for stopping their illegal activities and still look patriotic in front of the nation. Previous governments were criticized by those filmmakers whose films were protested by MNS and Shiv Sena then for not thinking about this wonderful idea. Better late than never, this scheme would be revolutionary in Indian context. Not only other states but other countries are willing to follow this idea thanks to Devendra Fadnavis. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Talaq Talaq Talaq

Talaq Talaq Talaq

The public image of triple talaq (divorce) comes mainly from the movie 'Nikaah' 1982 which has shown male actor divorcing his wife just by saying the word 'Talaq' thrice in anger. This film actually shows the misuse of it rather than the correct procedure of divorce in Islam. In practical practice also there are many such cases of triple talaq where maulvis (Islamic preachers) have validated these divorces which have raised the issue of injustice to women in Islam. It has also become the initiator for bringing Uniform Civil Code (UCC) and to target the Muslim community. The questionnaire on law commission's website mainly points out some Muslim practices in generating public opinion on the UCC whereas it should be an endeavor for common laws for all.

Quran termed divorce as an unavoidable practice and say to use it when no other option is available. In Quran 65:1 Surat al Talaq give a detail account of procedure of divorce. Saying the word talaq (I divorce you) thrice is considered as first divorce and there is a reconciliation time of three menstrual periods before pronouncing the second and third divorce which broke the marriage completely. Thus reconciliation period of around six months is there before marriage is termed as annulled much similar to the modern day practice of divorce in Indian law. There is also a condition that a husband can't divorce his pregnant wife. In case of divorce there are also directions on maintenance of woman and the children born out of wedding. The patriarchal society which governed mostly by men, the maulvis (Muslim preachers) who become the self proclaimed flag bearer of Islamic practices has manipulated this law to the comfort of man which let the women suffers. Some Muslim clerics in their ignorance and influence of money even allow divorce through Whats App messages,emails and through Skype which have created the bad impression for the community.

This should also be noted that in spite of triple talaq practices the case of divorce is less in Muslim community and the law of the land is applicable if anything wrong happened in the marriage or after the divorce. Those who advocate Uniform Civil Code (UCC) must call for removal of different practices of different religions for marriage, divorce, inheritance, etc and not just Islam. Right now the government has not proposed any draft for the civil code so I am unable to understand whether it will include abolishing of tax benefit to Hindu Unified Family, removal of Kanyadaan which portrays girl as a commodity with other gifts, Jain practice of Santhara will be criminal or not, the right of state governments to make laws in the related topics will be there or not after the UCC. There are many questions which are unanswered in bringing UCC and only triple talaq debate is put forward for its enactment. The current controversy looks more as a step to polarize the coming state elections than an endeavor in the way of UCC.

I have tried to elaborate triple talaq here and the controversy regarding the debate on it. Uniform Civil Code and Triple Talaq are two different issues bringing them together will only create confusion and fear in the community. Questions/suggestions are welcome in this post's comment section. Till next post God Bless India 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Book Review - Anya's Lyric

Book Review - Anya's Lyric

Anya's Lyric is written by Nikhil Kumar. It is a story about the journey of a girl with learning disability to find peace from the chaos of her life. I have received this book as a part of Book Review Program by Readers Cosmos.


Cover: Beautiful cover design. It is artistic and gives you a glimpse of scattered life of a girl in the form of leaves falling from the tree. The girl I imagine depicts Anya whose story is told in the book.

Plot: A girl is born to a postman with one hand as a result of love making with his wife on the day he lost his job for failing to deliver a letter because of his inability to read the address correctly. They named her Anya meaning different. She was a special child who understands things differently. When she was just eight years old, her father the man with the one hand discovered adultery of her mother and killed her. The story then has small stories or incidents experienced by her on course of her journey with her father. At the age of sixteen her father died and she fell on the trap of a prostitute racket. How she escape from there and how the chaos of her life ended makes the climax of the story. 

Highs: I like the idea of not naming any character because the story is going on with the perspective of Anya who is slow in learning and has disability. The chapters written in an engrossing way. The confused state of mind of Anya is developed well with the story in a lyrical way. 

Lows: The unconnected chapters creates confusion and it became really difficult to figure out what is happening in a particular chapter when something else has happened in the previous one. The story has no twist and turns. It is just a recollection of thoughts by the character named Anya. If we take book as a complete story you feel bored. 

Verdict: Read to know how a male writer describes thoughts from a female's perspective. 

Rating: I will give it 2/5. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Taste of Love

Taste of Love

Those who love live in a different dimension. Recent news from two different parts of the world caught my attention this week which reaffirm this belief. Their love surpasses the weirdness involved. It again reminds you that Love Is Blind and it Requires No Language to Communicate.

The one story is from America of marriage of 24 year old girl with 68 year old man. This is not something that has happened for the first time but what they discovered while watching the old man's family album I am sure never happened before. The girl found her father's childhood picture in the old man’s album with other children and her grandmother. The old man told her that woman was her first wife and the children in it were theirs. He added that she left somewhere with her children which remained untraceable even after laborious search by him. That makes old man the young wife's grandfather. The news didn't mention the confusion after that but we can imagine the turmoil in that girl's mind. That news would have snatch away the ground beneath the girl’s feet but will not able to snatch away their love which has now perhaps changed from Husband-Wife Love to Grandfather-Granddaughter affection. A strange relation isn’t it.

The second story is lovely one about the connection between people of two nationalities. A vlogger from America and a teenage boy from conservative South Arabia started talking through video chat online. They both were unaware of each other's languages yet through their gestures, expressions, emotions and some broken language understand each other. When their conversation video went viral and more than 60 billion people watched, laughed and also appreciated them the boy was arrested by Saudi officials for breaking the rules of the conservative society which don't allow intermingling of unknown men and women. He was arrested and according to Saudi law may get two-three years imprisonment. A strange law isn’t it. I hope they met in a different scenario after these years and share this unique human bond without any fear.

I will never know what will be the future of these stories unless newspaper will report it but reading them made me think about this stories and diverted my attention from fear,hatred and war. Expect it do the same for you. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Citizens of Tomorrow !

Indian Bloggers

Citizens of Tomorrow !

If frequent rapes, day light murder were not enough to label Delhi a crime capital and the state where the values of society are declining rapidly this incident of killing of a teacher by students will definitely do so. A student expelled for poor attendance by a Hindi teacher Mukesh Kumar (50) at the government school in Nangloi, Delhi had barged into the classroom to confront him during the exam around 5 pm. His friend, who was writing the exam, left his seat and joined him. The police say the boys "lost their temper" and attacked the teacher with a knife. They punched him, stabbed him repeatedly and then ran away, leaving him bleeding on the floor. He was admitted to hospital where he died due to his injuries.

Both class 12th students were arrested but they instilled a permanent fear in all teachers which have brought the beautiful bond of student-teacher under threat. We say that schools are temple of education which raises teachers to the position of god and see that's the treatment we gave to our gods. People are ready in our country to die or to kill for a god who is not visible but not even respect the person who imparts education and make us aware of the world around. There is hardly any respect for teacher's in today's students and those in board classes (10th & 12th) believes that there is no point in respecting teachers who will not check your exam papers. Such kids of class 12th becomes unmanageable and often threaten their teachers.

Our education system is responsible for all this fear among teachers and all the hatred for teachers in students. To score high marks is necessary instead of understanding what you are taught and if you are unable to do that you are a bad student. Really! Education decides you are good or bad? In current education system it is the duty of parents to teach their children to respect teachers and take their scolding/beating sportingly in a motivational way because they don't have any personal gain from success of students. Unnecessarily pressurizing the students interested in other things than study will only increase frustration and hatred for education and teachers. Some parents fought with teachers in front of their child in issues relating scolding by teachers or duties of parents. This encourage child to disrespect teacher because parents support them in all their wrongs. I used to hear from earlier generations that parents used to punish more if a student complained about teacher's scolding. This role has reversed now.

It is not right to hit students nowadays because they are sensitive than the previous generation but that doesn't mean they should be so touchy to feel humiliated if a teacher scold them in class and I think that's the duty of the parents. In the above case of teacher's murder we have many things to think like the temperament of students, no fear of police and law, role of parents, security of teachers in schools and the most importantly the value of bond of love and respect in student-teacher relationship. We all in our student life have hated some teachers but never thought of killing them for being harsh on us. An attitude of positivism should be there in the students to be better citizens of tomorrow.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Naive Traveler - Dehradun Trip

Naive Traveler - Dehradun Trip

Clock Tower, Dehradun

I and two of my friends planned Dehradun Trip on Eid holiday i.e 13th and 14th September 2016. Since 13th was the Eid day we booked a train (Dehradun Janshatabdi Express) which runs in evening. We reached the railway station by metro,the train was on schedule time we boarded it and reached Dehradun at around 10 in the night. Our hotel was already booked online so we searched for it and checked in without wasting anytime. 

Hotel Abhinandan Grand was at a walking distance from railway station. We checked in there at 10:20 but to our surprise there Kitchen was closed that early. Kitchen was closed at next day also at around 4 PM when we demanded tea and something to eat. Hotel was good for budget travelers but the Manager was rude in dealing with us when some confusion arises. Anyways let's concentrate on the journey and remember to avoid that hotel if you travels to Dehradun. More better and cheaper hotel are available near railway station.

Sahastra Dhara

We leave the bed at 7 AM; had our breakfast outside the hotel and looked for taxis or autos to travel around the city. After some inquiry from many auto and taxi drivers we finalize an auto after bargaining at Rs 1200 for all main six attractions of Dehradun. We first reached Sahastra Dhara.
Sahastra Dhara is believed to be the place where Guru Dronacharaya from Mahabharata meditated. The fresh water there is flowing noisily amid the big rocks; it's a beautiful picturesque location which gives calmness to your senses. Since we reached early we didn't find much people there which enhanced our experience of enjoying this place. We clicked many pictures there and roamed area around which is mushroomed with eateries, places which give lockers for rent along with swimming clothes if you wish to go in the water. 

Sai Baba Temple

Budhdha Temple

The next stop was Sai Baba Temple and Budhdha Temple which were adjacent to each other. The atmosphere there was spiritual. Prayers were going on in Budhdha Temple so they didn't allow us inside it, though we had a sneak peek at the proceedings inside. We spent some time there and then leaved for our next destination Malsi Deer Park or Dehradun Zoo.

Malsi Deer Farm

Malsi Deer Park right now is under construction an except from greenery there was not much to see. Different species of birds, two leopards and some couples sitting here and there were the things we saw in that Zoo. Looking at its rate of construction after few months many animals could be seen at that place along with some adventure activities and fun zone for kids. At this visit we didn't see deer at the deer park!

Robber's Cave or Gucchu Pani
The next stop was Robber's Cave or Gucchu Pani. Robber's Cave was name given to this place by British Police because robber's used to hide in that place and usually escape from there easily. Natural cave is formed between two hills where water is flowing at a force from a water fall inside the cave area. The clear water is usually polluted by wrappers of chips, noodles and other things by the people who visited there or by the shops opened around the place. Do carry extra clothes if you wish to go inside the cave as the water in the middle is up to the waist height. We enjoyed in the water, drank eat and then moved on to our next destination. 

Tapkeshwar Mander got its name from the dripping water from the mountain walls of the temple over 'Shivling'. People believed that Shivling occurred naturally there. In its complex there are idols of many gods. A huge Hanuman Statue was also situated and there was also a Vaishno Devi cave. The area around is filled with trees, a fresh water stream is also flowing there. You are not allowed to open and devote the packed worship material to the gods. I think these materials returned back to the seller outside the temple. Why people like to insert business in faith?

Forest Research Institute

Corridor of the building

Our last destination was Forest Research Institute (F.R.I). It is in the military area well maintained having green tree covering the whole surroundings. The building and the location gives you the feel that you have reached some foreign destination. It has four museums about different things related to the forests displaying things about trees, their uses; need to save them and things like that. It has a canteen which offers food at reasonable price. After visiting all the places we returned book to the hotel, changed our clothes and then went outside to pass our time in Paltan Bazaar of Dehradun which is a crowded market that leads you to the city Clock Tower. We returned back by Nanda Devi Express which ran from there at 11.30. It reached Delhi at 5.30 in the morning. 

If we would have one day more we can travel to Mussoori also which is famous for its waterfalls and adventure activities.

For more pictures of Dehradun and other interesting pictures please visit me on Instagram. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Yaad Karo Kurbani!

Yaad Karo Kurbani!

On September 18, 2016 four terrorists attacked an Indian Army Brigade headquarters at the town of Uri near the Line of Control which killed 18 Indian Army Soldiers and injured about 30 army personnel. This is a second attack on army base in this year after the Pathankot Attack. The army which ensures our safety is unable to save its own base camps.

Did anyone care after the Pathankot Attacks to strengthen the safety measure of army base? From last one or two years the terrorists are mostly attacking police, CRPF and army personnel but in spite of these attacks authorities and government have no strategy to cater such attacks as a result we are losing precious life our soldiers. Every time there is an attack we blame it on Pakistan and in the case of Pathankot Attacks we reach to the extent of inviting their investigation agency to establish Pakistan link in those attacks but that move fall flat on the face of government and army when Pakistan denied any involvement in the attack after examining the site. 

I know it is tough to stop infiltration in difficult terrains of Line of Control but it is not difficult to equip the Indian soldiers with better arms and artillery. According to an army report 80% of ammunition/arms/artillery used by soldiers is outdated. Soldiers are not provided with bullet proof jackets and such frequent attacks also shows negligence of army in protecting its base. There is a call for war from every corner of the country but according to CAG report Indian army ammunition won't last 20 days of war (Read Here). This is a serious matter for a country which lives in the constant threat of terrorist attacks. After every attack there are demands for retaliation but no one demanded safety for army-men. The political establishment of India on the other hand uses these martyrs to bake their political breads by playing with emotions of people for the soldiers. 

Until Pakistan is not ready to punish people involved in Mumbai Attacks, Pathankot Attacks and other such attacks there should be no diplomatic relations between both the countries. India should boycott the meetings of organization where Pakistan is present; this will pressurize other nations to put pressure on Pakistan for action on terrorists because no nation will think of leaving a strategic partner like India. Cultural ties through artists should be strengthened and they should be used as tools to promote friendship in common people of both the nation. Direct trade treaties between both the nations should be nullified and any special status to Pakistan should be cancelled. These are my suggestions but government knows the best for the nation and its people. I like to advice the government and minister to comment less on relations of both the nation neither in the negative aspect nor in the positive way. 

I appeal you to maintain two minute silence and remember all those who have lost their lives in terrorist’s attacks all over the country after reading this post. God Bless India.