Gang Of Four (Part - 14)

Gang of Four (Part - 14) Final Episode.

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He was sitting dejected after calling Surbhi because he didn't want any relationship with her as it had affected their years old friendship.He didn't know what to do next, he sat there for hours in this condition when suddenly he heard Surbhi's voice." Arjun!" He was surprised to see her because he was not expecting her there.

" Surbhi! how you came here.?" " They bring me there." She pointed on a spot where Ejaz,Rajeev and Raghav were standing. They were all clean shaved." Where are your stubble?" " I hate that unclean stubble which is coming in the way of my friend's happiness." Raghav said putting his hand on his shoulder, " You sacrificed your love for us then why can not we remove our stubble for your happiness", he added. Ejaz than told him that they knew about Surbhi and him from the day he met her in coffee shop because they were following him to clear their doubts.

" Actually we have planned all this to trap both of you and in doing this we have also discovered that clean shaven look always bowled over girls as girls passed smiles to us." They all laughed. " Now! both of you should plan for your marriage." " My parents will not object to that," said Arjun blushing." But I have a problem to tell," " What?" Everybody spoke in unison." Being an army man my father wants me to marry a boy with long mustache." " Gang of four is together mam, we will plan for that also." Arjun said with proud.

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  1. What an end! The last twist (Her father wants to marry a man with a long beard) Loved it Cifar! Good luck to you!! Thank you as well :)

  2. Very nice read Loved it. . . A G+ for ur post and Happy New Year. . . :)

    1. thank you and Happy New Year to you as well


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