Gang Of Four (Part - 5)

Gang of Four (Part - 5)

With arrival of Surbhi,Arjun's interest in his sister's marriage increased a lot. He looked for chances to help Surbhi. She also liked his company,he was a reserved kind of boy but not a boring one. Two of them started talking about each other in only a day,this was also the day when Arjun forgot to call his friends. Two days passed all pre-marriage ceremonies were over. In these two days Arjun almost spent all his time with Surbhi sometimes helping her in arranging things for Anjali and sometimes by just sitting and talking to her.

The day of marriage arrived,the day Arjun promised his parents to shave. This was going to be his first shave,that's why he didn't want to risk by shaving with own hands. He went to the barber which was called to shave all relatives for this day. He was first to sit on his chair. After shaving he was surprised to see himself in mirror." Yaar! That's looks nice." As he went outside that room,he saw Surbhi coming from her room,she was looking stunning in that purple lehnga . She didn't recognize him in first glance," Arjun! It's you!" she enquired when saw again. His clean shaven look bowled her over. " You look so handsome like that." She touched his face first time in these days.

Her touch was electrifying,he went somewhere else and uttered those three magical words in a moment," I love you,Surbhi." She looked here and there and ran away. "Oh! My God what I just said," he hit his hand on his head,"How stupid I am?"  

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