Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

He stopped his car after seeing a lady standing in a sexy attire on side of the road which was otherwise deserted." May I help you madam." "Happy Halloween! Yes you can handsome,take me where you wish." It was his day.
Next day's leading newspaper's headline.

" A mysterious bloodless dead body found on road." 

This post completes my October Ultimate Blog Challenge. This is Day 31 post.

Six Word Memoirs - Love

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Six Word Memoirs - Love

A Set of six word stories:

1. Childhood play. Teenage Love. Happily Married.

2. First Sight Love. Eloped To Unite.

UBC Day 30

Page No.67

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Page No.67

She picked that book and turned to page no 67. Rajiv mentioned that page when she asked how he could love her so much without seeing her during a Facebook conversation. It reads:

" Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye - H. Jackson Brown Jr."

She called him and said " I love you too."

55 on Friday #WriteTribe

UBC Day 29

Conversation - 2

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Conversation - 2

India is full of corruption and its judicial system is also not away from it. Victims are victimized by law keeper who make mockery of the system. Following conversation will shed some light on how law resides in pocket of those who have money.

Inside a state high court:

Public Prosecutor: Your owner he was drunk when he was driving his car,he crushed those innocent people sleeping on pavement. They want justice Sir! Hang him.

Defence Lawyer: Sir! He was not driving that car ,he was not in the town that day.

Public Prosecutor : Sir! I have eye-witnesses against him.

After that days' proceedings,in public prosecutor's chamber:

Defence Lawyer: Why you are stretching this case,tell me how much money do you want?

Public Prosecutor(Yawning): You are so much intelligent,even though you took so much time in understanding the case.You have wasted so much time of the court. Now give one million each for three witnesses and only ten millions for me in which I will adjust with the judge.

Next hearing:

Public Prosecutor: Sir! You very well knew about what had happened in the past few days.(Judge smiles) I am sorry to say but witnesses have turned hostile.

Defence Lawyer : Sir! This is a conspiracy against him.

Judge: The court dismisses all cases against the accused,he is now a free man. 

UBC Day 27

Shopping at Cashkaro.com

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Shopping at CashKaro.com

I am very lazy person and I also don't want to go to busy market places that's why I often shop online for the things I need like clothes,shoes,gadgets,etc. I uses sites like Myntra.com,Flipkart,Jabang.com,etc. These sides keeps good products and give heavy discounts also. But what if you get cash back and coupons for shopping from these sites. Yes this is not an idea but reality in the form of cashkaro.com.

I came across this site recently and discovered that they give cash back to customers for shopping from leading online stores through their site. I checked various offers and cash back schemes than I decide to make an estimate of the amount saved if shopped through cashkaro.com from about rupees 10,000. They give Rs 180 cash back on every myntra.com order and 30% off on order above Rs 1599 that means total Rs 600 saved if shopped for Rs 2000 and got Rs 180 as cash back from cashkaro.com.

Similarly in 10,000 rupees one would save Rs 3000 and an extra Rs 180 as cash back and the money saved would again be used for further shopping that means a win-win situation. I am afraid what would happen if ladies hear about this site,they will definitely go berserk about such offers and why only ladies any one who wants to shop will enjoy such treats. After making estimates of savings,it's a good idea to join this site and get benefits while sitting at home.

This post is written for a blog contest by Cashkaro.com 

UBC Day 27


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"What happened? What's the matter?" Akshay asked a man standing among the crowd gathered on road. When he received no answer,he stand his scooter and dispersed the crowd. A wounded boy of 18 or 19 was crying for help, without delay he picked him up made him sit on his scooters back seat with the help of few other people standing there,he tied him with his body so that he may not fall while he drove the scooter to the hospital. He admitted him in hospital and informed the police,he also called his own home so that his parents and wife didn't worry about him for being late.


Few hours before this incident:

"What happened? What's the matter?" Divya bunked her class to meet Vijay at college canteen," speak something Vijay,why you called me here." He told her that they need to elope if she wanted to marry him." What happened to you suddenly.?" "Your brother saw us today morning when I picked you for college." Vijay was informed by his friends that her brother was planning to beat him." Soon our parents will know about us and then there will be no hope?" She told him that her father loved her very much,she would tell her about her love and he would definitely understand the situation.Her brother saw them at canteen ,he called his friends and took him outside college. They beat him ferociously and threw him on road in wounded state.


Present time in the hospital.

Police reached the hospital and record Akshay's statement. "What happened? What's the matter?You look very tense officer." " Yes, I am tense to think the condition of those who had beaten him." Inspector told him that the boy was the son of local MLA cum gangster Krishan Rao who would definitely kill whole family of one who had done that. Inspector told him to go to his home now. At that point Krishan Rao entered the hospital he fired some gunshots even before police could stop him. Akshay silently came out of the hospital and walked his home completely forgetting his scooter in hospitals parking lot.

The door of his home was already open when he reached there. His parents,wife,daughter and son were crying then," What happened? What's the matter?" Suddenly all of them started running towards the door where he was standing they passed through him. He was surprised. He turned back  all of them were running towards his dead body brought by police constables.

He was killed by MLA Krishna Rao who thought that being Divya's father he was responsible for his son's condition. Vijay told his father that he was the one who had saved his life. Rao was arrested by police.

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Suraksha(Safety) Tips

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Suraksha(Safety) Tips

I live in Delhi the capital of India which has also became crime capital of the country for daily hosting one or the other kind of crimes. Rape,murders,snatching,theft you name a crime and we have it but that doesn't mean one should stop living here or those who wants to come here for study,work should stop coming here. Yet there is a need to be more alert. You should be aware of your surroundings and people around you. Here I am suggesting 10 tips which in my opinion are must to apply to be more safe in Delhi:

1.First of all download Smart Suraksha App in your android smart phone. This app at the press of a single button sends your message of help to five pre-chosen contacts from your contact list along with your location even if the GPS on your cellphone is switched off. This app ensures your safety at time of danger.

2.Always note the number of auto or taxi you use for commuting and tell the same to someone you trust. This will demotivate the person from doing anything wrong because the chances of him getting caught increased.

3.There is a women help line number 1091 which assist and help you in time of distress.Complaint there if someone harasses you over phone or follows you and passes lewd comments. Ignoring such incidents result in severe consequences.

4.Minor girls should not be left in the custody of neighbors and relatives.

5.Don't believe anybody. Ascertain the identity of plumbers,electricians,domestic helps,etc., and don't talk about money or jewellery in front of them or any other stranger.

6.Check the background of landlord before taking a house for rent. Similarly house owners should verify a tenants detail with nearby police station.

7.Girls should not go to any friends' house without informing parents. Small girls should have name and address of parents on their school bag and must accompany by parents while going out.

8.Don't disclose that you are going for a holiday in front of strangers. Inform your neighbors about your vacations so that they stay alert if something happens in your house. Also tell milkman and newspaper vendor so that they not keep milk and newspaper on door which make strangers know about you being not at home.

9.Don't stop at sights of accidents,crying child,old age people,etc on desolate roads,it might be a trap to loot,call police instead and describe the incident.

10.While leaving bank or ATM with cash keep an eye if anybody is observing you and tell the security guard about the same.

Apart from these steps time to time meetings on safety in each locality will make sure that criminals are not going to escape the crime scene and the punishment easily.

I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at BlogAdda.com in association with Smart Suraksha App.

UBC Day 25

Natural Growth

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Natural Growth

It's a well-known fact from ages that massage helps in growth of a child. Elderly people in homes always advice new mothers to massage their babies for speedy growth and strong bones. It is a traditional practice in many families for rearing a child.  Many studies conducted on this subject suggests that massage reduce the number of illness in child,skin-to-skin contact helps stimulate brain development in babies, it induces a better sleep and most importantly it brings mother and child more closer to each other.

I have seen my sisters,my sister-in-law (brother's wife) massaging their babies and in doing so they used to interact with them which builds their connection stronger,moreover both babies and mothers feel relaxed and enjoy this personal time. I still remember that when my sister first visited our home with her newborn son,she send me to buy Dabur Lal Tail for massaging her child. When I questioned why only Dabur Lal Tail than she told me that this is the best oil in market,she had seen many others using it and her husband had thoroughly enquired this from many child specialists.

Later when I searched the net I found that Dabur Lal Tail contains all natural ingredients like til tail (sesame oil),ratanjyot,shanka pushpi,camphor and urad. These things help in growth,protects against skin infection,cures general weakness,improves blood circulation and nourishes muscles and bones. Efficacy and safety of Dabur Lal Tail massage is also confirmed by a study conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College,Wardha ,Maharashtra.

I have also seen some mothers switching to Dabur Lal Tail from mustard oil which tans babies body and not as effective as Dabur Lal Tail after seeing its benefits. It doubles the physical growth which is now clinically proved.

This post is written for 'Traditional Knowledge,Natural Growth' by Dabur Lal Tail on Indiblogger

UBC Day 24

An Immune India

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An Immune India 

According to an analysis published in the medical journal 'Lancet,' private expenditure on health in India is close to 78% and almost 39 million people in India are pushed to poverty because of ill-health every year. It is also said that nations with less expenditure on medical facilities develop faster than those nations which spend more on medical bills.

Earlier people used to get pure fruits and vegetables,their diets were good and had a set eating pattern which helps them in developing healthy and immune body. This is completely transformed in today's competitive world where in fast paced life one thing that suffers the most is the health because nutritional demand of our body is not fulfilled as a result our immune system becomes weak and we fall sick more often.

Same is the case with children,during their growth period where they need maximum nutrition to develop a healthy immune system there eating habits don't contributes to it and hence every day or so they fall ill this is where role of Dabur Chyawanprahsh becomes important. Dabur Chyawanprash's scientifically proven formula provides three times more immunity to fight virus,flu and infections. If a child eat it daily,he/she will develop a strong immunity system which helps in fighting illness.

Its natural Ayurvedic ingredients are tried and tested for ages in providing better immunity. A strong immunity system means less illness which further means less expenditure in medical bills and reduce burden on country.'s budget. Dabur Chyawanprash's availability in mango and orange flavors has made it more popular in children which used to avoid it before for its taste. Sugar free variant is also available for health conscious people. It is used and promoted by people like Amitabh Bachchan and M.S.Dhoni and even doctors advice it to improve immune system.

This post is written for Indiblogger's An Immune India initiative by Dabur Chyawanprash.

UBC Day 23

Delhi: My Suggestions

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Delhi: My Suggestions

I have raised several issues which need to be tackle in My Delhi Manifesto. These are the issues which act as obstacle for Delhi in becoming a city which can give competition to cities like New York,London,Paris,etc. All problems have some solutions and for problems about a city like Delhi government agencies and people living here have to work together for better results.Below I will discuss probable solutions to the problems raised by me:

First problem which I highlighted in my manifesto is the parking problem.Most apartments and societies have parking of their own,the main parking problem arises in markets and colonies. Parks other than those in the green zone or those parks which are encroached should be used as parking sites in such areas. Multilevel parking should be constructed in market areas as already used in Sarojini Nagar Market. Illegal construction of temples,shrines should be checked on sides of the road as they block parking spaces and creates traffic jam.

In Delhi projects are kept on delaying due to non-cooperation between Delhi government and MCD and between different government departments.Delhi Water Board destruct a road constructed by PWD one day before to lay water pipelines,such waste of time and money can be avoided by cooperation between them for this a department should be there which is accountable for such lapses and where we can complaint about the delay in work regardless to any department.

Safety is the issue which needs cooperation of people with Police and other concerned departments. Everybody should do servant/employee verification and tenant registration with Police Station of their area. Police stations must have public relation officers which are polite and sympathetic to the complainer. Women constables should be there to handle issues related to women like rape,molestation,eve teasing,domestic violence,etc. Officers should take a timely round of their area to interact with RWA's ,NGO'S ,etc in their area.Regular police patrolling in desolate areas at night.

Transparency reduces corruption. Policies and procedures should be open and clear so that it becomes difficult to take money in the name of lengthy procedures. Man to man interactions should be reduced by transferring more works to online. Public should follow the rules and not encourage bribery.

Government hospitals needs a complete revamp in all areas be it infrastructure,service,staff everything. Patients are more on corridors than on beds. More doctors should be employed,bifurcation of local patient and other state patient,training of staff to handle work load properly, are some steps need to implement urgently along with opening of new hospitals. Steps should be taken to reduce medical expenses in private hospitals for needy patients by providing grants to them.

There are government shops to provide cheap commodities to people but there is also product scarcity in these shops. Government controlled retail shops should be made stronger by improving distribution system and to fill them properly. Vegetable retail prices should be fixed by government on daily basis according to wholesale rates with reasonable profits for the retailer. Multinational retail chains should be opened for a healthy competition in market which will help in reducing prices.

Population due to migration is difficult to control in a city like Delhi where lakhs of people came daily to earn a living. Some of them gets work but most of them remain jobless and hence tend to begging and occupy city roads. First of all begging should be banned in Delhi and if allowed than only in religious places for a particular time period. Increase in job opportunities. Check temporary migrations from other states due to floods,earthquake,etc and ensure their timely return after things are back to normal in their states.

Some of these issues also needs efforts at national level. Creating job opportunities in smaller states will halt migration of people to big cities,self sufficiency in food products will cut imports and hence prices of many goods which will helpful in reducing inflation,removing of intermediary between farmers and consumers will also help in reducing prices,strong laws to punish corrupt official will be helpful in reducing corruption.

For a better Delhi the heart of the nation,we Delhiites need to think of Delhi before ourselves.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with BlogAdda.com

UBC Day 22

My Delhi Manifesto

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My Delhi Manifesto

Delhi being the capital of India is already in the league of world-class cities. The high-rise buildings for residential and commercial purposes,Delhi Metro Rail service,network of flyovers and underpasses,twenty-four hour water and electricity,easy reach to educational and medical services,etc.are the things which make it to the top-level.

But there are still many problems faced by this city which need to be tackle on an urgent basis. I will like to see following changes in coming years:

1.Parking: Delhi sold the most number of cars daily in the world but space to park these vehicles is hard to get and most of them remained parked on roads which in turn creates the problem of traffic jam. This problem should be at the top of priority list.

2.Accountability: Projects are sanctioned,work on them starts but no body knows when it will end. These unfinished projects are headache for local people as they creates difficulty in commuting and becomes reason for many accidents. There is no one accountable for delays,so this accountability should be set. 

3.Safety: This is the most important issue. No body wants to visit a city where there is no guarantee for life.
Old age people,women,small children,businessman,common man,no one is safe there. There is a need for safer Delhi.

4.Corruption: The boiling issue in the country is also the point of discussion in Delhi. There is not a single work which can be done in time without greasing the palm of any government official. From birth certificate to death certificate,from ration card to licence everything moves with money. Eradicating corruption is another issue to answer.

5.Medical Facility: Government hospitals are in pathetic condition and those new which are added to the list lacks many facilities. Private hospitals are costly and out of reach of common man. Better and cheap medical facility is a must.

6.Inflation: This issue gives sleepless nights to every Indian and so is the case with Delhi. Ever increasing prices disturbs daily budget of those which have limited means of earning. Control of inflation is necessary for a tension free life of people.

7.Population: Increasing population increases the demands,here in Delhi people who are born are not the only ones which add to the population but migrants from various states add up to the population and increases the demand and burden on existing resources. Migration issue needs to be answered.

Above mentioned issues requires proper government planning and execution. They obstruct are way in becoming a better and developed city.These issues should be part of political parties contesting coming election in Delhi.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with BlogAdda.com.

UBC Day 21

Dinner Time

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Dinner Time

"Never in my life I had thought of this in the Amazon forest where I was several times before also for my photography assignments. They have imprisoned me about seven days ago but today I knew it was my last day there because they are performing the same rituals which they did while sacrificing my assistant and then eating him." A search team found that inscribed on a rock which was enough to understand the fate of wildlife photographer Andre Azkaban and his assistant Farhan Qureshi. Soon wild people encircled search party also while they were looking on that rock.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

UBC Day 20

Honor Killing

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Honor Killing

He fired bullets,proudly rolled his moustache for setting an example by killing his daughter and her lover while they were running on a deserted road. Suddenly he fell on the ground with a heavy blow of large stone on his head. He missed the target,his daughter did not. She eloped with that boy.

written for:  The Nine Flavors depicting Raudra Rasa(furious)

UBC Day 19

Ignorance Is Bliss

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Ignorance Is Bliss

He found an old diary of his father while checking his trunk which he kept inside his bed as they were throwing the waste to carry as little as possible in the new house which he had got after his promotion. He had heard about this diary from his mother which his father used to write and always keep it as a secret. He hide it inside his shirt when his father entered the room. 

"Ved truck has come." His father came to tell him about the arrival of truck of packers and movers. His father was very sad to leave this house,"Ved let me live and die their,I still feel your mother here." " Papa! We are not selling it you can come here anytime you wish and its your love and not home which make you feel that mom is here." Ved knew how much his father used to love his mother,after her death he was completely shattered and became bed ridden. It was his care and his father involvement with his kids that he was back to normal. He now keeps himself busy with his grandchildren, Ved's wife Kavita also take care of his father very much. 

Since childhood Ved had heard so much stories about their parents love even though it was an arranged marriage his father used to keep his mother like a princess. He himself saw in many instances of their love and affection. Thought of their love made him more curious to read that diary which might throw more light on their relation. When his father went out for evening walk with children and wife to market he picked up that diary and started reading.

The first page he read was before his father's marriage where he described an incident of gang rape of which he was a part:
" I don't know what made me to get involved in this,I was drunk but that's not an excuse , I have ruined the life of that innocent girl. That black paint with which we hide our faces is washed away but how can I wash my guilt which has covered my whole body and soul."

Ved was shocked to read this,a man who loved his daughter so much,who taught his sons to respect girls from childhood could do such and heinous crime. He turned some more pages,
" I am dying in guilt, guruji told me that repentance washed away all sins but how should I repent? Should I go to police? I should search for that girl, I will amend my wrong doing."
He read further to know that his father found that girl,she became silent after that incident,her parents kept her inside,she had made several attempt of suicide and the boy was going to marry her had left her. She had become a living dead.

"Today,I told my mother about that incident and that girl. She slapped me. I told her that I want to marry her to take her out of that hell like life. She did not talk to me. I have broken her trust."

"Maa today went to talk about my wedding with her. She told me that she will only talk to me when she will see a smile on her face."

"Tomorrow, I will marry her." Ved's mother was same girl whom his father raped with his friends. It was a dark secret to know,he didn't know how to react after learning that truth. Ignorance indeed is a bliss,he thought to himself because that information was painful,really shocking. Tears were coming out of his eyes as he turned more pages,but he was unable to read now. At that point his father returned home and came towards his room. He saw Ved  crying with his diary in his hand,he silently moved towards his room and sat on his armchair.

Ved when heard his children's voice wiped of his tears and put the diary into the drawer,Kavita was also back home. Ved after knowing all this was unable to control himself he wanted to discuss it with his father to say something to him to hear something from him. He went to his room where he was sitting on his armchair,he went near him and discovered that he was dead. He had his wife's photo in his hand and dried tears on his face. 

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UBC Day 18  

Six Words Memoirs - Justice Denied

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Six Words Memoirs - Justice Denied

Again set of two six word stories.

1. Jailed,fought for justice. Encountered.

2.Raped by relative. Charged for indecency.

UBC Day 17


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Eid ul Adha or Feast of Sacrifice is celebrated by Muslims all around the world as an act of submission to Allah. It honours the willingness of prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son Ismail on Allah's command and his son's acceptance to being sacrificed,before Allah intervened to provide Abraham with a lamb to sacrifice instead.

It shows the Abraham's and Ismail's devotion and belief in Allah that whatever HE does is always for the good.Well to do Muslims all over the world sacrifice an animal like goat,buffalo,sheep,camel,cow and chicken and distribute one third of it among neighbours and friends,giving another one third to poor and needy people This ritual is also performed during Hajj pilgrimage.

This festival signifies to sacrifice one's pride,greed,pleasure,etc and to distribute love and food among poor and needy. By sacrificing an animal and sharing its meat with others one develops the habit of sharing happiness with others,as the blood flows out from the animals body in the same way bad habits should come out of one's body. It also reminds that man is mortal and hence check his deeds to have a better fate in the world and in after life.

UBC Day 16

Smart Suraksha App

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Smart Suraksha App

After incident of 16th December in which a girl was raped by a gang of six people in moving bus in Delhi huge demonstrations were held by public and NGOs for death penalty of the rapists. As a result government came into action to form a stricter law for the crime of rape. Those culprits are now sentenced to death by a Delhi session court.

People's effort in this case helped in speedy trials,everybody admired courts decision but problem remained as it is as it was before. These incidents never stopped,daily we hear so many news of rapes not only with adult girls but also with small children. Stricter laws don't ensure women's safety ,there is a need for certain safety measures for their protection and the first one in that line comes up with Smart Suraksha App designed by Dark Matter India. This android app at the press of a single button sends message of help to five pre-chosen contacts from your contact list along with your location even if the GPS on your phone is switched off. 

After reading and seeing this app I wish she had Smart Suraksha with her at that time not only her I wish the girl molested by Asaram,photojournalist raped by a gang in Mumbai,small girl raped by his teacher in Jharkhand the dalit girl that raped in Haryana and many such girls had this app with them. But it's never too late we can encourage girls to download this app for their safety,it is a must have app for each girl whether she is a student,a working women or even a housewife. It keeps those close to you whom you can depend for help if attacked by adverse situation or wrong people at anytime and anywhere.

I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Smart Suraksha App.

UBC Day 15

Cyclone Phailin

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Cyclone Phailin

Cyclone Phailin is a tropical cyclone formed in Gulf Of Thailand in October 2013. It developed and eye and became half the size of India as it reached the Indian Ocean. It affected the coastal areas of Thailand,Myanmar and India including Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It was predicted by Indian Meteorological Department that this cyclone was much bigger and intense than cyclone Katrina which hit United States Of America in the year 2005 and thus devastation caused by it would be much higher.

But first time in the history of India,state government agencies along with NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) were prepared after IMD's (Indian Meteorological Department) warning. IMD's predictions were also proved true which in itself is a big achievement because most of its prediction about weather made by them went wrong.The reason behind that is Japan Meteorological Agency was also monitoring this tropical depression, anyways this is another point of discussion but the fact which I like to highlight is the alertness shown by Indian agencies in handling the situation is worth mentioning.

Odisha was also affected by cyclone in the year 1999 in which many lives were lost and property worth millions were destroyed. After this cyclone many changes were made in the way of working of the agencies in spreading warning to remote areas the result of which is that about 550,000 people were evacuated and moved up from the coastlines of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh to safer places in time. The efforts were admired by world over. It also proved that if government wish than it is possible to complete the task in time and with full efficiency. Odisha and Andhra Pradesh governments responded well to the situation and really deserve a grand salute.

People may not have lost their lives but their homes,their occupations have destroyed by this cyclone which will take a while to restore.We should pray for their well being and speedy recovery from this disaster. 

UBC Day 14


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He knocked the door after coming back home from half way as his car crashed into a tree because he didn't see properly  in such a heavy rain. He was wet and becoming angry for the time taken by Gitika in opening the door. He opened the door with his keys,inside there was so much silence that even tic-tic of the clock was audible.

" Gitika! Gitika! atchoo!" He was sneezing and shouting but Gitika was not visible anywhere. "Where is she?" He went towards the bedroom and before he can thump the bedroom door he heard voice of a man from inside," Darling, I know you are married but what is wrong in keeping this relation going?" Jatin fixed his ear on the door to hear their conversation clearly." But my husband is a good man,he loves me very much, moreover he is rich I can't leave him like that"," I know baby don't leave him but don't leave me either. He mostly remains in office and tours this time is enough for me to express my love,Muah!" Jatin started crying, he banged his head on his palm and asked himself where he went wrong.

He decided to open the door to caught her red handed, just then he got a pat on his back," What happened Jatin? What are you doing here at this time." Gitika was standing behind her with their son Aashish who was in a school uniform. She went to drop him school but returned to see the heavy rains. Jatin again put his ear on the door, this time he heard some jingle of a TV commercial," It was the voice of some serial on television", he said to himself." Are you crying Jatin?" "Me ! No! these tears.... perhaps due to cold." He told her that he was on a holiday today because his car crashed into a tree. She gave her towel and clothes.

" Darling! you should switch off the TV while going out." " Yes, I will darling..... and one thing what you were doing with that kitchen knife." He looked here and there and said," Apple! apple my love, you were not home so I think to eat an apple.Phew!"

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UBC Day 13

Truth Always Wins

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Truth Always Wins

Navratra marks the beginning of festive season in India. These nine days ends with Vijaydakshmi which is celebrated as Dussehra and Durga Puja in different part of India,Nepal,Bangladesh and many other countries with Hindu population.

Both these festivals i.e. Durga Puja and Dussehra epitomizes the victory of good over evil. Dussehra marks the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana the evil king of Lanka who kidnapped his wife Sita whereas Goddess Durga's victory over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura is celebrated as Durga Puja. Both these stories confirms that how stronger the evil may become in the end truth will prevail.

Effigies of Ravana are burned on Dusshera day to symbolize the fate of evil. These festivals make our believe stronger that if one follows the path of truth he may face many difficulties but one's efforts don't go in vain and victory is inevitable. On this day we wish to have the courage to follow the idealistic path shown by Lord Rama which is full of difficulties and one tend to wander from it.

May God destroy all evil around us and fill our life with happiness and prosperity. Happy Dussehra and Durga Puja to all.

UBC Day 12

Six Words Memoirs - Rich and Poor

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Six Words Memoirs - Rich And Poor

Here is my first set of two contrasting six word stories.

1. Born Rich. Enjoyed Life. Died Lonely.

2. Born Poor. Struggling life. Death mourned.

UBC Day 11 post.

Conversation - 1

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Conversation - 1

Elections are very interesting in India,we learn some lessons during this procedure and decide not to repeat mistakes. But we are very innocent people, this conversation between a politician and a voter will give a glimpse of the situation.

During Election Campaign:

Voter: Sir we have no food, no water,no electricity.........

Politician: I am here for this only my dear. I will give you 24 hour water,24 hour electricity,food more than your hunger,free education for your children,jobs for jobless in your family,I will waive all your loans, I will give free treatments in hospitals, subsidies in petrol and gas.....

Voter: How we will get all these things?

Politician: You will get all these things at your door steps, I will personally check all this.

After Election Win:

Voter: Sir... Sir...Sir...

Politician: Some sound is coming from somewhere,guard close the door, I need a sleep now.

After 5 years during election campaign:

Politician: I am here for you only, I am always at your doorstep. I will give you 24 hour water...................

Voter: (to another voter) He looks a promising candidate, I will vote for him.

After Elections:

Voter: Sir.......

UBC Day 10

The Security Guard

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The Security Guard

He picked up the bomb and ran towards the empty place when there was no way out as it was difficult to diffuse it in two minutes. The bomb was planted in the shopping mall next to the petrol pump on busy city street. He was scattered on the road by explosion all were secured.

Flavour : Veer Rasa ( Heroic)
written for Nine Flavors by  My Umpteen thoughts

UBC Day 9

Tandoor Kand( Naina Sahni Murder Case)

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Tandoor Kand ( Naina Sahni Murder Case)

Among the many incidents that occurred in 90,s India and caught the attention of the nation and the world was Tandoor Kand or Naina Sahni murder case. Naina Sahni a congress party worker was shot dead by her husband Sushil Sharma a congress youth leader MLA. 

He killed his wife by firing two shots from his pistol in his house on suspicion of her illicit relationship with her co-worker. He then took the body to the restaurant called Bagiya and tried to disposed off the body by chopping and burning it into the restaurant's tandoor (clay oven) with the help of restaurant's manager. Two patrolling constables came to know about the incident when they visited the place after seeing the smoke and getting smell of flesh burning. Manager was arrested by the police and Sushil Sharma surrendered later on 10th July 1995 eight day after the incident.

This incident grabbed the massive media coverage on being one of its kind. The in humanness showed by him in disposing off the dead body and breach of confidence made it to the list of the rarest of the rare case in the eye of law and he was sentenced to death in 2003 by the lower court,the decision which was also upheld by the high court. He filed a petition in Supreme Court against the verdict, the decision of which came today on 8th October 2013 which converted his death sentence into imprisonment till death on the ground that Sharma didn't have a criminal antecedent and there is a possibility of reform of him.

The verdict of The Supreme Court also confirmed that Indian judicial system believes in reform i.e to kill the crime and not the criminal. Moreover it will give the message that one should think twice before taking any action in the heat of the moment. He may be a big politician today had he not committed the crime then,all his future was ruined because he had not controlled his anger at that very instance.       

UBC Day 8

Last Message

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Last Message

One day Sandhya noticed an unread message on her phone after reaching back home.It was Rishab's which said," I know you never miss weddings and funerals,hope to meet you there." Sandhya didn't understand the message but she realized that she always remained occupied with work which has so much disturbed her love life. The best couple of college days hardly met now. Every once in a while you got someone who loved that much. While she was still thinking of Rishab a friend telephoned her to give news of his suicide.Last message of his was now deciphered.

UBC Day 7

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

Learning Colors Of Life

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Learning Colors Of Life

" A child is born.................rainbow color thrive."

This poem describes different stages of life with colors. Each color has its qualities and signifies one or the thing. With this poem I have used that color symbolism to connect it to different stages of life. 

When a child is born he or she don't know anything neither the goodness,nor the evilness of the world. A child is not contaminated with impurities of this world much like the color white which is pure. White is linked to God or heaven because of the purity it signifies. It is peaceful much like an innocent child.

When in adolescence one is full of energy and joy same as color yellow which is used in this poem to describe that stage of life where one is careless about this world,weaves dreams and is free to do anything which one wants. Color yellow denotes this happiness and imagination. Similarly color red denotes passion and love which one carries in teenage. The age of dreams,where one started planning for life,for carrier and also for love. This is the period of learning. Learning by doing and also by mistakes.

Then comes the age where one gets matured,settles down have family and friends. Like color green ,the color of nature,calm and hope.One thinks before taking any decision,life is almost smooth at that time of life. One have work,home,future everything which one requires.

This smooth life ends into the dark age,the old age where one becomes dependent and starts thinking about the death. Death which reminds of color black. Black denotes the darkness of this age which is tasteless and pleasure less. All things become useless and tension of the unknown prevails.What will happen after death,where one will go,will one get a good side(heaven) or evil side(hell) are the questions resonates in the mind.

Following is the link to the poem:Colors Of Life

UBC Day 6

Rhymed Confusion

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Rhymed Confusion

Kapil and Riya were among those rare husband and wife which never fights or argue. They almost adjust with each other on matters of difference. Riya once said during their romantic conversation that she would prefer to die than hear some bitter words from him. Kapil at that time said,"we will never fight darling and if ever (may god forbid) any argument occurs we will resolve it by talking to each other politely." Since than they avoid circumstances which leads to quarrel between them.

But life did not follow our commands and sometimes its inevitable to bypass certain things. One day while cleaning the house Riya threw papers into garbage without checking them. Those papers were very important for Kapil and he might face humiliation in office for his negligence. In anger he forget all his promises and bombarded her with missiles from his mouth enough to start river of tears from her eyes. She went into the bedroom crying and locked it from inside.

After sometime Kapil realised his mistakes,he went towards the bedroom door and heard Riya talking with someone on phone. She said bun. He mistook it to be gun.  "Gun! Oh My God!." Riya's words started revolving around his had that she would prefer to die than hear some bitter words from him. She said on phone to bring that gun to her immediately. He knocked the door forcefully. " Riya please open the door, I want to talk to you." She didn't respond. "Who is bringing that gun? What is in her mind?" Fear was visible in his eyes," wait a minute man,if she wanted to kill herself than why with gun? She can use knife or poison. Is she planning to kill me? " That thought intensified his fear three-fold, he said to himself that she might had called a killer home with a gun to kill him and to settle the issue. He thought to leave the house before that killer came.

He took his car keys and moved towards the door. Suddenly door bell rang,he watched through the fish eye on the door. A tall man with heavy moustache was standing at the door having a packet in his hand." OMG, he has come he looks criminal by face." He didn't open the door and ran towards the back door." I don't believe Riya can do this to me,those words were not so harsh to decide to kill your husband." He drove his car to the police station and describe the scene,on duty officer told him to leave his car there and came with them to his house in their Police Jeep." We should move fast we might caught him red handed." Kapil said to the police officer.He saw that man on the road and pointed to Inspector who stopped him. Inspector slapped that man and asked him to give his gun to them." Gun sir, I am delivery boy of that bakery . We possess bun not gun." They went to the bakery where they came to know that Riya has ordered some buns and that man went to deliver those buns to Kapil's house.

Kapil apologized with Inspector for mistake arisen from his rhymed confusion. They dropped him to his house where Riya was waiting for him. She had prepared his favorite burger to mollify him and amend her mistake. He also said sorry and kissed her.

After sometime police constable came to give his car back. " Kapil what happened,how your car reached the police station." He smiled and said," Due to this gun,I mean bun darling." He explained whole incident to her after which they laughed for hours.

UBC Day 5

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Quotes - 1

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Quotes - 1

Politics is like a game with no set rules but still there are things which are followed by politicians and is famous all around. Some of these famous sayings in politics are given below along with their hidden meanings i.e the meaning which these quotes really signify.

Political Quotes.(With Hidden Meanings)

1. There are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies in politics.
(Politicians are opportunistic and rolls towards that side which is beneficial to them.)

2.Public knows everything.
(Public is dumb,make them feel good to use them for your wish.)

3.No issue is dead in politics.
(If an issue is dead vote bank politics comes into danger)

4.Personal and party line is different.
(Necessary to rectify mistakes of over speaking in public.)

5.Follow the leader.
(Leaders are rare so do whatever confirms you a victory.)

6.We believe in Judicial system.
( We know that at the day of judgement either we are dead or retired.)

7.Constitution is supreme.
(We are law makers and can amend it according to the need.)

UBC Day 4

Besharam - Movie Review

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Besharam - Movie Review

Ranbir Kapoor's much awaited film Besharam was released on 2nd October in about 3600 screens in India. It was his second release this year after Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani which was a box office hit with earnings around 188 crores and hence expectations with this one is also high. 

The film stars Pallavi Sharda opposite him,along with his parents Rishi Kapoor,Nitu Kapoor sharing screen space with him first time and Javed Jaffery in lead roles and is directed by Abhinav Kashyap who made his directorial debut with Salman Khan starrer Dabangg in 2010.

1.Plot : Film is about a car mechanic cum car thief Babli who with his partner Titu steals car and feeds an orphanage in which he was also brought up. He falls for a girl Tara at first sight and tries to woo her with his besharami(shamelessness). He started improving in her love but she keeps herself away from him.One day he mistakenly stole her car and feels bad about it. In his determination to bring back her car he put himself  in trouble with the bad guy Bheem Singh for whom he works. Inspector Chulbul Pandey and constable Bulbul Pandey gets involved in this situation and helps Babli in his fight with Bheem Singh. A rowdy turning into a good guy for a girl is age-old Bollywood masala film formula which needs a different approach if presented again. This approach is there but director is not clear in his approach as film fails to establish balance between action,comedy,romance and drama.

2. Promotions : It is marketed in almost every big Indian television show along with News channels and print media. The buzz around for the film is great and it scores good marks for it.

3.Music :    Music for the film is composed by Lalit Pandit who also composed "Munni Badnam Hui" for Abhinav Kashyap's Dabangg. Lyrics are penned by Rajeev Barnwaal,Nikhat Khan and Himanshu Kishan Mehra. Except one or two songs,no other song make much impact and you tend to forget them as soon as film ends. Here this movie looses much point for the fact that music is heart of Indian films, people watch a bad movie even if music is good similarly bad music keep away the audience from the movie.

3.Casting and Direction: Ranbir can be better with character,there is not much for him to show his acting skills . Rishi and Neetu has done a worst performance of their lifetime with some cheap dialogues given to them. Pallavi has limited work to do in the movie and she is average in her role. Javed Jaffery don't fit in this negative character who is neither a serious nor a comic in performance. Direction is not up to the mark,some scenes are unnecessary and he looses his grip from the plot as film progresses.

Ranbir's fan may like the movie but it is difficult for it to break any records. It may gain as there is no big movie releasing this week. In my opinion film is below average and gets only two stars from my side.

UBC Day 3

Name Of Helplessness Is Mahatma Gandhi

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Name Of Helplessness Is Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi was a face synonymous with Indian Independence struggle. The direction of the independence movement was changed as soon as he entered in Indian arena from South Africa where he fought for the rights of non white people. His efforts unified whole Indian Independence Movement under single leadership of Congress party working in his guidance. 

At one point during his period of emergence everyone in the country was certain for freedom but that is also the point where his helplessness first appeared. He called off non- cooperation movement after Chauri-Chaura incident where protesters retort to violence after police action. The man who send Indian soldiers to help British army in World War 1 suspended the almost successful movement on the ground of violence that too after police atrocities. Gandhi's failure to secure commutation of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev's execution also revealed his helplessness. Suspension of civil disobedience movement after Gandhi-Irwin pact,no strong action against partition,communal violence intensified and he never strongly opposed communal forces by starting a movement for it. All these incidents proved his helplessness in many occasions.

Indian Independence was the result of  not only of Gandhian movement but it was the part of changing world scenario after world war 2 and the formation of United Nations. The decrease in power of British Empire resulted in many independent nation during that period and India was also one of them. The freedom which was our right was granted to us as an act of kindness that too at the cost of partition which sow the seed of everlasting conflict in the country. The nation formed on his ideas is thus weak and helpless. After independence we succumbed to our neighbors China and Pakistan by giving them parts of our land. People easily accepts everything as part of their destiny without raising any voice,we stop working and sat on protests on very petite issues which in turn hinders with growth of nation. 

World celebrates International Day of Non-violence on his birthday i.e 2nd October and his philosophy of truth and ahimsa(non-violence) is admired throughout the world,many world leaders like Nalson Mandela,Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan,etc followed his ideals in their respective struggles. But this is also the fact that the helplessness we inherited from him is responsible for corruption,poverty and hunger.

UBC Day 2


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Brajesh returned home early that day to send his parents to old age home forgetting their contribution in his life and success. They stayed and died there. Thirty years have passed,his son dropped him in that same old age home. He to committed the same mistake like his father,its useless to remorse now.

Note: One day,we all had to grow old.

UBC Day 1