Book Review : The Amazing Racist

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Book Review : The Amazing Racist

The Amazing Racist is a novel based in Sri Lanka and is written by Chhimi Tenduf-La. Chimmi Tenduf-La is half English,half Tibetan who grew up in Hong Kong,London,Delhi and Colombo,where he now lives with his wife Samantha and daughter Tara. This is his first novel. I have received this book which is published by Hachette India as being part of the BlogAdda Book Review Program. It is a story of a sweet and sour relationship between a son-in-law and father-in-law.

Cover : Cover is in the colors of Sri Lanka -green representing their greenery. A wheelchair on its cover and a cigarette in ashtray make no sense when you haven't read the book but after reading you know how much sensible the cover is. It not only arises curiosity in the reader but make reader wonder what relation it has with the title of the book.

Plot : Edward Trusted an Englishmen came to Sri Lanka from England as a teacher in a school. He fell in love with Menaka Rupasinghe  a vibrant carefree modern Sri Lankan beauty who was daughter of Tilak Rupasinghe a hard, orthodox, disciplined man who was suffering from cancer. He wanted to marry her daughter with someone from their race,religion and caste and thus tried every possible way to separate them but Menaka and Edward were adamant about their marriage. They married and after a year Kiki their daughter was born. Menaka went to work for an NGO in North Sri Lanka after the end of civil war in that part of the country and distances herself from Edward and their daughter. Edward then took care of their daughter with the help of Tilak who hated him for his color. How they will come together for Kiki? How will their relationship change with time? Will Menaka return in her family for her daughter? Will Tilak survive cancer? The book answer these questions and culminates into an emotional ending after some comedy,love and drama between father-in-law and son-in-law which make them discover how much similar and different they are from each other.

Highs : The climax is the high point of the story. The emotional ending was written superbly and with full of emotions. Explanation of Sri Lanka's culture from a foreigners perspective was also done nicely. The comic situations arises from Tilak's behavior add flavors to the narrative. The narrative is fast paced and interesting. The story has many similarities with Indian mindset and thus looks as their own to the Indian readers. 

Lows : The writing style and language is difficult to understand and confusing at places. Although the setup for the story is new and fresh but the story is old and I have seen similar situations in many Hindi movies. There are no twists and turns in the story which makes it predictable.

Verdict : A fresh take on old story. But you will love the comic scenes and friendly tussles between Edward and Tilak. A fun read all the way which would strengthen your believe that love has the same language everywhere in the world. 

Rating : I would like to give 3/5.

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Online Shopping With

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Online Shopping

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Online Shopping

Nowadays online shopping is the new fashion. Just like we used to do the window shopping in local markets and shops we now do monitor shopping i.e just looking at things on various online shopping sites for things of our choice,searching for the best offers and then buying nothing but believe me today shopping online is just as easy as shopping physically , they also have all the facilities like trying the product, exchanging if you want something else and return it if you don't want it at all and yes they don't even give you a particular time for returning or exchanging a product. is also one such site which provides you details of the offers running on different online selling sites. Moreover they give you extra discount coupons if you visit particular shopping portal from there site which means double the benefit. You can have flipkart coupon codes ,jabong coupon codes,etc from there site. Flipkart in addition to other payment methods give flipkart vouchers also as payment option which you can receive or give as gifts to someone. 

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Book Review : The Waning Moon

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Book Review : The Waning Moon - When Love Interrupts.

The Waning Moon - When Love Interrupts is a sequel to Six Teen Mistakes - The Waxing Moon by Nikhil Kushwaha which was reviewed by me here. This book is also published by Frog Books of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. I have received this book from the author and it is the continuation of the first part.

Cover: It looks nice with photographs of good times in love, a love letter and an engagement ring all in the foreground of lonely walking boy. It suits the narrative and the poem in the rear of the book which is the best poem in this book.

Plot: This is sad but there is no plot or story in this book. Priya came to Nikhil's hometown to attend her cousin's wedding and also to listen the rest his love story. We already knew at the end of the first book that Shreya was dead, this part only describes the timeline of how this happened.

Boiler : The poems again came to the rescue but this time they are used less , the narrative was simple and easy to understand. Characters are believable. Some love moments are captured well. 

Spoiler : I don't know how to say that but this story is stagnant throughout. I waited till the end for some twists and surprises like Nikhil concocting the story just to impress Priya whom he loved from the first sight or including some event like his elopement with Shreya could have electrified the narrative. Her death was also emotionless and his remembering of those times looks painless and comical to me that's why I actually waiting for some weird or surprise ending which it was not. Some poems looked vulgar to me and others were also not as good as in the previous part. 

Verdict : Read just to know what happens after first part. A simple read.

Rating : I would give it 1/5. 

Kellogg's Waale Gupta Ji Ka Nashta

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Kellogg's Waale Gupta Ji Ka Nashta!

Gupta family is a small Indian family living somewhere near us having four members Mrs and Mr Gupta and their children a girl and a boy. Kellogg's Cornflakes are not alien to us and have become part of breakfast for years due to their health and nutritional benefits over other breakfast options available to us. It has many variants available in the market to suit our taste buds but even taking this healthy and delicious food daily would started feeling bad due to monotony and what Gupta family have done is breaking this monotony by experimenting with Kellogg's cornflakes and thus they have rightly garnered as Kellogg's Waali Gupta family.

They have over hundred mouthwatering recipes like Cornflake Walnut Chocolate Muffin, Walnut Cornflakes Choco balls, Cornflakes Coconut Diamonds, Cornflakes Chana Chaat, Fruity Yoghurt Cup, Peach Cornflakes, Date Shake, Cornflakes Khatta Moong, Cheesy Cornflakes, Oats Nutri Cutlet , Peppy Papaya Cake,etc which have caught the attention of my taste buds but what I would like to taste on breakfast with Gupta family is Cornflakes Chana Chaat looking at its taste and nutritional value. Just look at its recipe :
Image source

1 cup Kellogg's Corn Flakes
2 tbsp Butter
1 tbsp Finely chopped green chillies
1/3 cup Finely chopped onions
¾ cup Finely chopped tomatoes
1 tsp Red chili powder
½ tsp Garam masala
1 tsp Pav bhaji masala
2 tsp Chaat masala
¾ cup Boiled hara chana
Salt to taste
1 tbsp Lemon juice
3 tbsp Finely chopped coriander

1. Heat the butter in a kadhai (a pan for deep frying), add the green chillies and onions and saute on a medium flame for 2 to 3 minutes.
2. Add the tomatoes and saute on a medium flame for 3 to 4 minutes add the chili powder, garam masala, pav bhaji masala and chaat masala, mix well and cook on a medium flame for another 2 to 3 minutes.
3. Add the hara chana, cornflakes and salt, mix well and cook on a medium flame for another minute, while stirring continuously.
4. Add the lemon juice and coriander, mix well and cook for few seconds. 
Serve hot.

This recipe is not only tasty and spicy as it is filled with lots of spices but also very healthy due to presence of healthy ingredients like Chana (gram ) and cornflakes. I would definitely like to be invited for breakfast by Gupta family for this dish but now since you all too have recipe of this dish anybody could invite me for a delicious Nashta but right now I would prefer Gupta's to call me for Nashta in their home.

If you have loved this recipe than you can visit Kellogg's India Youtube Channel or their Facebook Page for more such recipes by Kellogg's Waale Gupta Ji. 

Different for Differently-Abled

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Different for Differently-Abled

It is not less than a miracle that we score gold, silver,bronze or even gets participation in international events in sports other than cricket in spite no funds and respect for these sports. How pathetic life these sportsmen lives is shame for us and now think of those who are differently-abled or the paralympic athletes. When officials and sports administrators couldn't cater the needs and requirements of normal athletes how could they give better treatment to those who requires special facilities and care. 

It's a shocking tale of apathy, neglect and mistreatment of differently-abled athletes, and a national shame. At the 15th National Para-Athletic Championships, being held in Ghaziabad near Delhi, there are no ramps, no special toilets, in fact filthy toilets, very dirty rooms and grossly sub-standard facilities for the paralympic athletes. The story reveals the very sorry state of affairs in our sports administration and the mindset of the officials who treat the differently abled so shabbily. Even the accommodation that these para athletes have been provided is an unfurnished building in Ghaziabad.

More shocking is the fact that officials are defending themselves by saying that they have world class facilities when athletes are ridiculing them. It is not a new thing we have previously heard such incidents of mistreatment with sportsperson in various other events and the fact that they don't bother us is because these sportsmen are not cricketers about whom we are crazy and who earns crores due to our madness towards them while sportsmen from other sports don't even get timely salaries from their federations.

It is not that sports ministry don't have budgets for these sports but they are not very much and whatever little that they receive was easily digested or wasted by board heads and members who are politicians with hardly any knowledge of sport they are heading. It is better that we search websites like  for colleges in India or the Best Arts colleges in India which at least guarantee some respect after graduation unlike taking these sports which don't guarantee even that.

It is time to change the way we see other sports and more funds should be given to them for their betterment. Athletes of these sports are doing well without much government support think how well would they perform with a backing by government and their federations. 

Killed Without Killers!

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Killed Without Killers!

If there are killings, there must be a killer or killers but this fact for time and again have proved wrong in the lights of Indian Judiciary and recently it happened again with the judgement of 1987 Hashimpur massacre case in which all 16 accused were released for the want of evidence.

On May 22, 1987, members of the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) rounded up about 50 Muslim men from Hashimpura, a settlement in Meerut and allegedly shot at least 42 of them in one night, before dumping the bodies in nearby canals. 5 people survived by pretending their death or with minor injuries. If PAC took these men away in a van than who else can kill them and dump them in canal and if not them then who? Several governments have changed in centre and in the state but all helped in the cover up of the incident. 

Crime Branch Central Investigation Department (CBCID) appointed by state government only helped in destroying the crucial evidences. The case has been postponed and delayed unnecessarily in UP state for about 15 years before it transferred in Delhi Tis Hazari court where after a long trial no one proved guilty. The worst part is that 10 of the accused police officials still holds important positions in UP police without any mention of this incident in their Annual Confidential Report (ACR) as revealed by an RTI by victims. is providing information about Best B.Ed colleges in India , I wish for a similar website which provides the detail of relief and compensation given to victims of riots,massacres and police brutality because they have received very meager compensations that to in installments and those who survived with injuries are yet to receive anything.

I have few questions , if they were not killed by PAC than who killed them? Why investigative agency failed in arresting the criminals? Why their is no record of movement of entry and exit of that PAC van? Where is the record of bullets used by these PAC members since it is mandatory to keep records? I hope soon in the near future I will get these answers and the victims will receive justice. There is no compensation which can heal the wounds of lose of a loved one but they could help in living a respectable life in future. Politicians are just playing blame games and people of this country now only raise their voices for trending hash tag topics. There must be quick decisions on the issues like re-investigation of the case, compensation to victims, etc and in the end I can just say God bless India. 


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Image source Indiblogger Brandcover

Happiness is not just a smile or laugh but contentment and satisfaction. You could find contentment in a thing as meagre as walking in the rain or couldn't find in a thing as big as a Jumbo Jet. Whatever we do, whatever we are trying to do, whatever we wants to pursue in our lives, whatever we want to attain in life is just to seek happiness. Our wishes for luxuries are all meant for our satisfaction and thus for happiness but where will we get it is not known to us. Our faith in particular religion and philosophy is also for happiness, the happiness of mind which makes us content and give us peace and joy. All our life is a journey to find happiness. Lucky are those who could find it in small things of day to day life, in their boring routines or in everything around them while some couldn't able to find it even after searching the world.

I find happiness in writing poem and stories. I used to rhyme the words from the time when I haven't even learnt to write. But nowadays besides writing I found happiness in naughtiness of my two and a half year old niece. Her dancing as soon as she heard some music, her repeating the songs when they played on TV or mobile phones, her repeating of things someone else or I have told her before, her caring for each family member of the family even at such a small age by remembering and taking care of their things if scattered around, these and many more things of her makes me happy. Her cute acts of kindness, naughtiness, playfulness makes all of us jubilant and happy. I also feel satisfied and proud of the fact that her parents are taking good care of her and giving her full liberty right from the beginning to grow to best of her capabilities and enjoy her childhood unlike most of the other children of our country who by choice or by compulsion restricts themselves to cherish their years as children.

By the way I laugh rarely, it's not that I am a serious kind of person but I smile than to laugh out loud at such situation, anyways leave the reasons for discussion on this to some other occasion. I have mentioned this thing just to tell you that I laugh a lot when I play with her and enjoy doing the same thing again and again which otherwise bores me. I forget all my worries and tensions with her and felt satisfied after seeing her happy in whatever she does and that's I think is happiness to me.

Jo Mile Saath Mein Tere, Woh Khushi Hai,
De Jo Sang Tere Waqt , Woh Khushi Hai. 
Khush Hokar To Pehle Bhi Hasein Honge Kabhi,
Jo Khilkhalake Hase To, Woh Khushi Hai

This post is written for Coca Cola India a brand committed to spread Happiness. #IAmHappy. 

Book Review : Curse of The Red Soil

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Book Review : Curse of The Red Soil

Curse of The Red Soil is written by Durgesh Shastri who is a Computer Networks Engineer, currently working as an Asst. Professor in GNDEC, Bidar, Karnataka which is also the place where all actions are happening in this book. I have received this book being the winner at Blog-A-Ton for my post It Was Just A Dream. This book is published by Red Ink Publishers and belongs to the thriller genre. 

Cover : Cover shows a newspaper page with the book title as headline and a story about missing Bidar Statue with image of that statue. I will not rate it as a brilliant sort of cover as it fails to ignite the curiosity about the story inside but yes it mystifies the things inside.

Plot : Aradhyaa and Suhasini returns to their hometown Bidar in Karnataka after completing their engineering in Bangalore. Before the end of the last year in college Aradhaya has also confessed her love for Sachit who thus accompanied her to the railway station with his best friend Ritesh when she was going to Bidar. Aradhaya was disturbed with a dream about her maid Manorama whom she hasn't seen in last four years. In order to inquire about her she visits her family where she knew about her father's linkup with Manorama,  Pratap, Manorama's brother also believed that her father Vaikunth Patil has killed her and stopped them to registered any case with use of her power. Sachit and Ritesh also came to Bidar to investigate his fathers involvement in all this. This investigation not only strengthen love bond between Sachit and Aradhaya but also brought Ritesh and Sachit to Jail. Aradhaya's love, her trust on her father whom he also find involved in smuggling of antics from Bidar fort, her friendship, her past all is at stake in this express ride.

Thriller : I like the way author has used flashbacks, the description of previous scenes in thoughts of the character have maintained thrill and excitement in the narrative. Detail information about Bidar's history, geography, archaeological sites, etc creates involvement of reader in the narrative. You keep guessing what's coming next which is a good thing for this genre. Although the book is a thriller , romantic scenes are also narrated appropriately. Simple language adds a cherry to the cake.

Spoiler : I don't have much complains about this book except the end. The revelations in the end is a surprise element which is fine but the climax before that lacks emotional value looking at the relationships of the character involved in that scene. That could be done differently and could be much better.

Verdict : A fast paced thriller with emotional backing and a fantastic narration is a must read for everyone.

Rating : I would give it 4.5/5

Khullam Khulla Cheat Karenge

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Khullam Khulla Cheat Karenge

Khullam Khulla Cheat Karenge means that we will cheat openly and the situation which brought these lines on my lips was the large scale open cheating in class X board exam in Vaishali Bihar. 
The cheating took place in the presence of police officials and no body bother to stop them even when the video of people climbing the four-storey  Gyan Niketan examination center at Mahnar in Vaishali district.

Bihar HRD minister Prashant Kumar Shahi said it was beyond the state government to curb or stop large scale cheating and that it was the duty of parents to teach their children such manners. Such a scenario is depressing for those students in Bihar and other parts of the country who spend sleepless nights in preparations of their exams just to secure good marks. The students who are copying from chits and books are definite to bring good marks from those who learn and reproduce the lessons depending on their retention power and are more likely to commit mistakes.

Whether Top Bsc Colleges in India or the Best Commerce Colleges in India they all would prefer students with higher percentage due to their high cut offs and then those who cheat would move forward corrupting the system further with this type of mindset to their side.The cheating incident is also a shame on our education system which give so much importance to marks thus to pressurize students to retort to illegal means to secure good marks in the range of 90 to 100. The spider man act by friends and relatives of students is one such example, these people ( standing outside to give chits) were also putting their life in danger during this act because of the chances of falling down but I think they have mastered that art of climbing, looking at how conveniently they are climbing walls and taking leaps from one window to the other.

This is a serious issue and need strict actions and I hope Nitish Kumar's government would also dealt it as a thing necessary for Susashan (good governance) until nothing of that sort happens khullam khula again in the country, Good Bye and Good Day. 

Architecture Colleges

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Architecture Colleges

Architecture is an art of designing building or you can say giving life to bricks and mortar. If you have admired the likes of Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, Sydney Opera House, Big Ben, The White House, Rashtrapati Bhavan, India Gate etc then you have admired the architecture of these places. These buildings make mark in your mind and you memorize the city by the name of the famous building of that city. It's like creating an identity of a city or town and why only city or town it identifies with the person that building belongs to.

We in India have buildings designed with Mughal expertise and hence known as Mughal architecture. Similarly we have Persian, Maurya and Gupta architecture which tell us about their style and technique. So by making a building you can immortalize your self in its style in such a way that people recognize you with its design.

All those students who are currently giving board examinations in India specially those in 12th board exams have one more option to think about while planning for the courses after 10 + 2 and you need not worry to collect information about such institutions which offer these courses because is catering to this problem. Students now need not depend just on their parents,teachers,friends or seniors for guidance but on not only provides the list of Best Architecture colleges in India or Best Agriculture colleges in India  but also contains information about different courses offered in these colleges,their fee structure and so on in a user friendly interface with just few clicks of mouse and you can log in at their site by creating a new account or using your Google+ or Facebook credentials. You can find all details of architecture colleges like School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and many more. 

Top Agricultural Colleges In India

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Top Agricultural Colleges In India

About 70-80 % of India population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture and agricultural products for their livelihood. Be it farmers, florists, vegetable vendors, decorators, textile manufacturers, etc depends in one or the other way to agriculture but still we are using old and traditional ways of farming due to limited knowledge to farmers about new products and techniques of farming.

Farmers are too poor in our country to afford even primary education so forget about affording higher education and if somehow a farmers son reaches up to that level he ends up with a degree in arts,commerce and science and works in his farms due to lack of opportunities. If he has to do farming he must knew more about it to prosperous in this field. Agricultural colleges are solution to this problem which provides various courses in farming,Horticulture,farm management, Sericulture, agricultural biotechnology, etc.

Their are opportunity in agriculture not only for Farmer's daughters and sons but also for all other students who wants to pursue some different courses than regular streams. Agricultural studies opens windows of opportunity from being in government jobs at Kisan Siksha Kendra, Kisan Banks, agricultural research organisations and other such government and private organisations. But where are these agricultural colleges? What courses do they offer? What is the fee structure? is here to answer all these queries along with the list of Top Agriculture Colleges In India. contains all information in user friendly interface with just few clicks of mouse, you can log in at their site by creating a new account or using your Google+ or Facebook credentials. 
So what are you waiting for, if you are looking for choices after school then you have this fantastic option to consider for your studies.

Book Review : Soul Mates

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Book Review : Soul Mates

Soul Mates - Love Without Ownership is written by Vinit K. Bansal whose first novel I Am Heartless is also among national bestseller. This book is published by Red Ink Publishers. I have received this book for winning Blog-A-Ton 51 for my poem Soulmates . This story confirms again that love is selfless.

Cover : It's cover reminds a pose from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge but here the images are little bit sad implying a sad love story. The background iron rod and brick wall giving the impression about involvement of Jail. Overall a nice cover for the story.

Plot : Rajiv Bhattacharya a budding reporter assigned the task to interview a murderer in jail. After few attempts Neel Gupta the criminal gave his nod for the interview. Neel Gupta was a small town guy who came to Jaipur University for his higher studies. On the day of his arrival he encountered wounded Ranadeep and took him to the hospital. Ranadeep was from an effluent family of politicians,they started treating Neel as their own son after that incident and for Ranadeep also he was a younger brother. Neel fell in love with Aditi a simple girl in his class while Ranadeep started loving Ria also Neel's classmate. Though Aditi also loved Neel, Ria didn't like Ranadeep who was obsessed for her and instead she expressed her love for Neel. Ria died and Neel was charged for her murder. How Ranadeep reacted to it? How Neel and Aditi's relationship changes with Ria coming in between them ? Why Neel charged for Ria's murder? All these questions are answered in this gripping love story.

Boiler : The simplicity of narration , story and the characters is the boiling point of the novel. All the characters appears believable which helps in making the story engrossing. Simple language and proper chapter breaks add interest to it. Dialogues are nice the romantic scenes which I think are the soul of love stories are nicely scripted. Though the start of the story reminded me Veer - Zara but their is no connection between them except both of them talk of Love Without Ownership.

Spoiler : Predictability. As the story unfolds its outcome is easily predictable at least I predicted it right each time . The climax is below expectation and it's there where this story loses points.

Verdict : Those who love love stories can give it a try and if you are not a movie buff like me then you would not be disappointed with the end as I am.

Rating : I would give it 2.5/5

Together We Can

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Together We Can

Image from Indiblogger brand cover

'Together we can and we will make a difference ' this is a line from a crime based show of the 90's India. It was meant for implying that together we can stop crimes around us and we will make that difference happens with our togetherness but this line also underlines a fact that togetherness can do wonders. We often lose our motivation, courage and enthusiasm and it was then we realize how togetherness is important in keeping alive the hope and optimism in the journey of life. When we are together with our friends or family ,their mere presence instills confidence in us.

Years back when I was in school, I participated in a dance performance in our annual day function. Though I joined the dance group due to teacher's pressure and because two of my friends were also in the group, I was hesitant to perform because of my stage fright. I was confident in the rehearsals and I knew that I would perform well during the final take but the problem lied in stepping on stage. I shared this problem with my brother and sisters and they ensured me that there is no need to fear as they would be present in the audience to cheer me. They came backstage before the performance started and boosted my confidence. Even with so much encouragement and confidence boosting I was fearing when I reached the stage but when I saw my family sitting in the audience my brother, sisters and parents. I forgot all my fear and started performing with full confidence. Their presence in the audience was enough for the strength and motivation required by me to perform and be optimistic.

We can do anything when we are together whether at the level of family or at the level of nation. A nation is build when all its citizen works together for its betterment. Being together gives us strength and motivation needed to go with optimism and look up. Housing is building home keeping that motive in mind. We as family faced many difficulties in our life from losing all our business and money to being debt ridden, from having everything to have nothing and then again regaining back. We are able to face all these difficulties because we remain hopeful and optimistic as we are together with each other. We encouraged the one going low and make him/her to look up in the life ahead which is full of opportunities and hope. 

As I said earlier that together we can and we will make a difference. I have experienced this phenomenon in my family where we have made difference in our lives with togetherness. If we are alone we always get negative thoughts but when we are together we become each other's strength and in doing so we forget our own problems and thus in encouraging and motivating other we ourselves get motivated that's the power of being together.

This post is written for Housing

India's Son

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India's Son

People always fall short of words for abuses and curses for the rapist of Jyoti Singh popularly known as Nirbhaya the victim of December 16 Delhi gang rape case even now after two years of that dreadful incident but there are no words of condolences for Syed Sharif Khan who was lynched by a mob in Dimapur, Nagaland on 5th March 2015.

When I first heard the news of publicly killing a rape accused I rejoiced it for the fact that rapists in India went out from the jails unharmed or with small punishments after the end of court trials. A documentary 'India's Daughter' on Nirbhaya case by BBC even shows how shameless rapist could be, they have became hale and hearty in the prison and now justifying there act of raping and killing her. After watching this movie before its YouTube ban by the government of India (which I think is a wrong decision, their mindset should be in front of the people) I felt sorry for the India's judicial system and ridiculed its maker for giving so many chances to appeal in different courts to the accused. 

But after Dimapur lynching incident I found that the makers of law were not wrong in giving full chance to the accused to prove his/her innocence. " Escape of hundred guilty is better than the conviction of one innocent."Police investigation in the Dimapur case reveals that medical examination of the victim denies possibility of rape, there are evidence of consensual sex, there are also proofs that the incident was pre -planned and orchestrated through social media pages and blogs (according to the reports in today's (13.3.2015)The Indian Express newspaper). The news that he was an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant was falsely planted in some local newspapers of Nagaland to instigate the mob instead he was from a family of army men in Assam.

This case not only highlights the misuse of social media in misguiding the mob but also points out a deep and more harsh reality that Bengali Muslim in that area are mistreated and hated because they could be Bangladeshi immigrants. Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants is really a problem in northeast states but this is not the solution to deal with the problem. " Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can, hate cannot drive out hate only love can." He was paraded naked, smacked by the mob of around 10,000 people, pelted with stone that finally killed him. It was the shear act of violence and a shameful act of inhumanity.

This is a very serious incident and I believe that voices against it should resonate throughout the country and government must probe the incident thoroughly to catch the culprits. There is also a need for better policy on immigration problems. There is also a need for spreading the message of love and peace in the country. If mob started taking decision than the country would became a mere Jungle of animals. And remember that India's Son is as important as India's Daughter.

Book Review : Rise Of The Grey Prince

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Book Review : The Saga of Agni - Rise of The Grey Prince

The Saga of Agni - The Rise of The Grey Prince is a fantasy fiction written by Arka Chakrabarti who is a tax consultant cum content writer. His debut novel was The Secrets of The Dark which was the first part of The Saga of Agni. It was published by Shrishti Publishers and Distributors. I have received this copy from Readers Cosmos as part of their Book Review Program.

Cover : Cover suits with the theme of the story. An image of a man looking like a monk but with face hidden in the dark ignite the curiosity in the reader about the character. The sword in the forefront and landscape in the background give a glimpse of Agni's weapon and the land of Gaya where the story is set.

Plot : It's plot can be divided into three parts:
  1. Agni was going to The Land of The Setting Sun from The Land of The Rising Son to know about his destiny and to find his mother,he was lost in the thoughts of Malini whom he loved and who was killed in the first part. He was accompanied by Guru Sidak, Param and his best friend and Malini's brother Vrish.
  2. Yani the prince of Himadri came to know of a secret about his past. He was keen to know about his past and was ready to do anything to know it and is also ambitious to become more powerful.
  3. The rise of the Beast and Charvi's quest to know about the disappearance of her father.
How Agni reaches his desired destination ? How Yani reveals the secret of his past and Darshana? And other such questions were answered in this roller coaster ride.

Thriller : The speed of the narrative is apt for the kind of story. I liked the switching of scenes making narrative engrossing and attaching. The fantasy land came in front of your eyes with its description at each step. The action, drama and suspense is maintain artistically. Although I haven't read the first part but most of it became clear to me as the plot unfolded in this part.

Spoiler : Use of some terms and words is confusing. The story has not moved much. It's end is also abrupt as it,s not ending in a finishing note. Switching to different scenes looks interesting but at some place scenes are switched in haste leaving readers clueless about what has happened.

Verdict : If you loved fantasy fiction and want to roam in a land of adventures , you must read it and its better to read first part before reading it.

Rating : I would like to give 2/3

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Mere Desh Ki Dharti Sona Ugle !

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Mere Desh Ki Dharti Sona Ugle !

Mere desh ki dharti sona ugle but the farmers responsible for this feat is unable to buy sona (gold) for himself due to their poor condition. Some are so helpless to get even food for their family. How ironical that one who fed crores himself sleep hungry. Indian economy is mostly dependent on its agricultural yield although there are the numerous effort to increase agricultural production since independence by introducing high yielding seeds, fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides, etc but no efforts work done for the betterment of farmers and they were only used as vote bank.

Farmers don't get reasonable prices for their product, there are no storage facilities for keeping crops after cutting, irrigation facilities are not proper and most of the farmers depend on rain for that purpose, though there are provisions of compensation for crop damage due to untimely rain,drought or other such factors, the amount given to them was based on the directions laid down in 1967. The grants made through this formula is mere a formality for crop damage. It don't even give them their investment. The recent rains in northern India have compelled some debt ridden farmers to commit suicide.

The land acquisition bill made by Britishers in 1886 was making farmers landless for years until it was changed in 2013 by UPA government. This law allows governments to acquire any property with prior notice and the compensation issues was never settled amicably. Farmers saw some hope after changes came in 2013 but the new Modi government have made amendments in it making it easier for government and private stake holders to grab farmers land without giving them their proper due. 

There are no social media campaigns for such issues perhaps because we care more for what we are eating than for thinking whose efforts are helping us to eat this. Why building new roads, industries, etc labelled as development and not easing life of farmers by giving them more facilities and a good life. It is no matter how develop we become we would anyhow require food to eat. So we must raise farmers issues so that they can live a happy and prosperous life. Lal Bahadur Shastri the second prime minister of India rightly coined the slogan Jai Jawan Jai Kisan as these two are backbone for a country to prosperous but today there is no heed to their need a problem which should be our priority. 

Here is the video of this song Mere Desh Ki Dharti Sona Ugle from the movie Upkar (1967) to remind you of some happy farmers, hope to see some Acche Din for them also : 

A Step Towards Change

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 A Step Towards Change

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Change is permanent. It is the only constant around which our lives moves. Nobody can and nobody will ever be able to stop it. It is happening and it has to happen anyhow in us, in our surrounding, in our thoughts, in our ideas and in our lives. It is not a bad thing as most people believes , it is good since it gives way to something new better than yesterday, better than the past. If we pursue with positivity and optimism then the change which come will do wonders for us.

I have mentioned in some of my previous post about the fatal accident I met in the year 2005 while returning from an institute where I was pursuing a degree course in computer software. It took several days to discharge from hospital and it took about a month to recover from it completely and to start walking properly without any support and bandages on my body. But what I haven't mentioned before is that my family became more protective towards me. They never allowed me to go outside for anything and if ever I tried to go they accompany me. I was not permitted to go alone even to a barber's shop. My life became still and home bound even though I was recovered. It was then I decided to bring a change in my life and to start it all over again. I decided to start a new life by rejoining the course I was doing before the accident. 

My family protested but I listened to no one at that time because only after this change I could bring a change in my life. I met with accident while riding a cycle and it was a big step for me to choose that mode of transportation again for my ride to the institute. I wouldn't able to complete my course if I haven't opted for that change in my life. During my recovery period I not only changed physically in appearance by my way of thinking was also changed. I became more spiritual and positive. This time also brought me closer to world problems since I surfed News channels more when I was bedridden which further motivated to voice my concerns which became the stepping stone for my commitment to writing and then to write for change.

We all change with time in our thoughts and appearance, it always bring something good in our lives. In this changing world Housing is committed in bringing homes spreading optimism in the world.  Housing envisions a world filled with positivity. As elusive as it may seem, optimism can be found all around - in the laughter of children, in the excitement on your pet's face when you get back after a long day, and in the smile of your loved ones when you go back home after months of being away.

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Book Review : The Recession Groom

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Book Review : The Recession Groom

The Recession Groom is written by Vani and published by Jufic Books of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. I have received this book from Readers Cosmos as part of Readers Cosmos Book Review Program. The book is a story of a Hindu Punjabi boy working in Toronto, Canada whose family is desperately searching for a bride for him.

Cover : A handsome boy in corporate suite with a garland of dollars in his neck perfectly suits the title. It not only hints that the story is related to marriage but also to the fact that the character is working in corporate office. Full marks for the cover.

Plot : Parshuraman who works in a multinational company Vezza in Toronto, Canada goes to India his home country for the project he was working on along with Jennifer Gomes his colleague who was also working in this project. On his visit to his home in Chandigarh, India he founds that his sister Ragini have arranged a proposal for him to marry. He didn't like that girl but his sister fixed his engagement with her. On his return to Toronto , he receives a call from his Aunt Parvati from San Jose, California,USA, she has also arranged a match for him. She liked that girl and everything was settled for their marriage. Meanwhile Jennifer also expressed her love for him which he rejected as he loved the girl Tara with whom his marriage was arranged. Suddenly due to recession he loses his job and everything changed. His marriage with Tara got cancelled. The twists and turns in his live finally give him a better job and a life partner whom he loves.

Boiler : The setting of characters is the boiling point of the story. Indian thinking about marriages is well expressed. It is real and connectable to the people in the Northern India. Aunt Paravati is a character easily available in this part of the world. Simple language makes it a easy read. The pace of the narration is maintained throughout in the narrative and at no single point it sinks to the level of boredom. The recession angle is nicely merged with the story.

Spoiler : The story is predictable and right from the very start I was aware of its end which disappointed me. Many dialogues,sentences and instances appear to me repetative. I also felt that the story is bit stretched.

Verdict : You will love the blend of business with the romantic tale. It is not at all boring and a must read for all those who love love stories.

Rating : I would give it 3/5.

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If There Is Hope, There Is Life.

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If There Is Hope, There Is Life.

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Life is nothing if there is no hope. A hope for the better future, a hope for a better home, a hope for a better car, a hope for a better life helps us to keep going without fail. We even overcome our failures if we have hope. Hope maintains optimism which in turn make life easier and spread positiveness in it not only for ourselves but also for those connected to us. 

Often in life we lose up if some misfortune happens in life and it sometimes becomes difficult to keep alive the hope in us. Once in such a situation I too was dejected and hopeless for some of my decisions which brought loss to me. It was the time when I felt solitary confinement for myself better than to face the world and people. I used to sit in parks or on benches around roads observing children playing, people talking and moving, cars coming and going but found nothing in these things for myself. All world appeared useless to me in those circumstances.

On one such day when I was lamenting my decisions sitting on a bench along the road which was also the pickup point for construction labors. People or contractors came there for masons or labors for the work on their construction sites or homes, they negotiated with few and select one according to their requirement and budget. I saw one labor negotiating for himself and when the deal was done, he insisted to take another labor whom he was suggesting in his place. The man found nothing wrong in it as both labors had same built. He took that labor instead with whom he had negotiated. I sat there for hours and observed that the labor who left his work for another one found no other work that day. As he was going back I stopped him and I asked whether he was repenting his decision of giving his work to someone else. He smiled and said that he was happy than sad because another labor for whom he left his job was his neighbor whose mother was ill and for whose medicine he didn't have money. He said that he could mange for that day but if his friend would not get that job than his friend wouldn't able to buy medicine for his mother.

After hearing him I realized that some of our decision if not beneficial to us were helpful for someone else. There is always a good in every bad and instead of finding that good we started cursing our bad luck. We must not lose hope for such decision and should not waste ourselves in repenting them but to learn from them and start again anew. An unknown stranger filled me with optimism and hope for a better future. It is this hope which runs this world , it is this hope which keep us alive.

World is full of hope and positiveness but only when we see it. Housing envisions a world filled with positivity. As elusive as it may seem, optimism can be found all around - in the laughter of children, in the excitement on your pet's face when you get back after a long day, and in the smile of your loved ones when you go back home after months of being away. Housing are bringing homes spreading optimism in the world.

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Book Review : Shatru Kronikles Book - 1

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Book Review : Shatru Kronikles Book - 1

Shatru Kronikles Book - 1 is written by Bommadevara Sai Chandravadhan ( Vadhan ) and is published by Frog Books of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. I have received this book as a part of Readers Cosmos Book Review Program. It is a fantasy fiction set in modern day Gurgaon, a city near New Delhi - India  where author also lives with his wife.

Cover : A big green monstrous eye looks nice on the cover, though it does not give the idea about the story but surely gives hints about the character of protagonist Shatru - the Asura Half Breed. That cover image with dark back ground takes the reader in that dark unknown world.

Plot : Shatru - the Hunter or an investigating agent of the unknown world found and killed a Rakshahs charged with murder of innocent Half Breeds. The Guardians who maintain balance between the Devas and the Asuras gave him another task of finding killer of Kaushalya who was working on their biggest project i.e the Unison of Light and the project Union. Shatru in his journey of finding the truth put his father, his dog , his assistant and even his own life in danger. The evil forces were spreading around on the earth to destroy the humankind and only Shatru can stop them by finding Kaushalya's killer and solving the mystery of the New Born. Will he able to do so or will he lose everything in this biggest battle? 

Thriller : The narration make you to believe this fantasy world to be true. The characterization , the fight sequences and the mythological citation are thoroughly explored and depicted in the story. The language is not very simple but easily understandable. The pace of narrative in maintaining the mystery and suspense makes it engrossing and an amazing read. It sometimes reminded me of secret world of Men In Black

Spoiler : There is not much as a spoiler in this book as far as thriller genre is concerned. But yes the mythological detail makes it complicated at points but when you understands these references it also becomes easier to understand. Some strong dialogues would have made it better.

Verdict : A must read for thriller and fantasy lovers. You should also read to have the taste of our mythology. 

Rating : I would give it 4/5.

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Sar Utha Ke Jiyo

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Sar Utha Ke Jiyo

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Zindagi ki rah mein jo na hota saath tu,
raston ki bheed mein manzilein milti nahin.

Life is a learning process. Right from the time we came to this world we start learning and doing things some by choice and some by compulsions. Learning and doing things is not as simple as it looks. Our hesitations, inhibitions, shyness and deep thinking often comes in our way of learning and doing things. We stop at that point and try to motivate ourselves hoping for a push to put our best foot forward. The push which helps to overcome our fears and make us more self reliant. Push from your family,from the member of your family who knows you need to make things easier.

An incident comes in my mind from the time we children used to do Ramlila in our locality during Dussehra holidays which reminds me the importance of that push which helped me in becoming more self reliant person. The major part of the money for Ramlila budget came from our families i.e the families of all the children who took part in it but that amount was not sufficient and it wasn't write to pressurize our families more so we decided to collect donations by visiting door to door around the houses in our area. We made groups for this task but each one of us was hesitant in doing this, what would happen if they scold us? How it would look to ask money from people we don't properly know? Such questions decreased our confidence. We were discussing this near my father's shop, he heard our problem and called us in his shop.

He looked at me and told me that we should start from the houses near his shop. He would watch us and would intervene if their was any problem. " Beta ! Koi na se badi goli to nahin marega."( Son ! No body will use a bigger weapon than no.) We did what he said. While visiting first few houses we were looking at him while interacting with people but as we moved on we gained confidence and that task which was looking as difficult as climbing the Everest became so easy.

I remembered his this teaching even now and always recall his words while facing someone that "It's only a 'NO' " life not ends with rejections. This move of his encouraged me to grow into a better more self-reliant person. He could contribute more at that point with money or would have arranged from some of his friends but he boosted our confidence to face people and to be more responsible for your duties. We did Ramlila for three years and stopped it after one of our friends died of dengue on Dusshehra eve but after the first year we managed funds easily by visiting to more people for donations even beyond our locality.

We also organised Independence day and Republic day functions, Janmashtamai celebrations, New Year Party, etc during those days with our newly found confidence. Apne hi apno ko khud ke dum par jeena sikhate hain, aur aise apne hi sahi mayno mein jeena sikhate hain. Much like HDFC life insurance which helped you to keep your head high Sar Utha Ke Jiyo.

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