Naina's Diary Part - 3

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Naina's Diary Part - 3

Previous Parts : Part 1 ; Part 2

Dear Diary,

I am writing to you after so many days since I was busy in my marriage. While I am writing this my husband Rohan was sitting with his friends outside eager to come to me but I know his friends would delay his coming. I met Rohan six months back during a conference I attended on behalf of my company. I was sure from the very first look of his well groomed clean shaven personality that he would impress everyone there. His way of communicating with others, his confidence in presenting himself and his knowledge about his area of work did exactly the same. He bold over everyone there including me.

I introduced myself to him and I don't know why I felt him as the man for me when I shook hands with him. You can see that I was absolutely write we are married within six months. It was amazing that neither his nor mine parents raised any objections about this relationship. I used to tell you that relationships are made in heaven and my story has exactly that divine presence. He is so understanding that when I told him about the letter boy being my first love , he raised no objections and assured me that his love would overcome all my feelings about that letter boy. He was right that letter boy don't come in my memories now, I have forgotten him. I think he is coming , I will write more to you tomorrow.


Rohan came inside the room dressed in a maroon sherwani. She put her diary in the drawer and sat on the bed like a shy bride covering her face. " This is your 'Muh Dikhai' ( a gift giving ritual before lifting the veil) from me." She was expecting some jewelry but he forwarded a letter towards her. Her eyes shone as she read the letter and tears rolled down her eyes. She recognized that hand writing and that poem. Rohan was the letter boy. He was a computer trainer in that Internet cafe later he developed some software which gave him success. " That incident bring two changes in me , first that you must have money which I know now was not the reason for your rejection and second the well groomed clean shaven face to win over a girl like you." They both laughed and hugged each other.

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Marvelous Melbourne

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Marvelous Melbourne 

Melbourne the most livable city in the world is the capital and most populous city in the state of Victoria in Australia. I was introduced to Melbourne during my childhood by Indian Cricket Team's tour of Australia. The Boxing day(26 December ) test held in Melbourne Cricket Stadium (MCG) was my first memories of that place. I knew then that we have only Eden Garden in Kolkata, India which is closer to its size and capacity. It is among the biggest and known stadiums in the world.

The broadcasting channels used to show us the glimpse of Melbourne city in between the cricket telecast. This seaside city have beautiful roads, lovely beaches, high rise sky scrapers, trams, kangaroos,etcetera which all were etched in my memories even before I got access to the Internet and searched them there. Later I found that Melbourne tramway network is the largest in the world and among the oldest. Melbourne is always the front runner for major events in Australia like Cricket world cup matches, commonwealth games , Olympics,etc. Every year we also witness the great fireworks show in Melbourne city to welcome new year on eve of 31st December.

Now I know much more about this financial and cultural center. There are many reasons to fall in love with it. Melbourne has world's one of the best coastal drives in the form of Great Ocean Road where you can have surf breaks and kangaroo sightings. Phillip Islands where one can experience penguins, you can do ballooning over vineyards in Yarra Valley or explore uniqueness of Grampians, it's streets are perfect hosts to clubbing ,entertainment, shopping and eating points. A place where one can taste delicious food and yes there are also restaurants for Indian food. In all its a perfect holiday destination with family or partner or alone and being one of the host city of Cricket World Cup 2015 I think this is the write time to plan a trip for Melbourne.

Rejuvenated, explore and have fun, 

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Question: Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why ?

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Truth Is Relief

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Truth Is Relief 

Image source here

We are humans , we lie each time we find ourselves in difficult situations to come out of it forgetting that a lie is easy in beginning but difficult afterwards unlike the truth which is difficult first and comfortable later. It is common to speak a lie , we all use it in various situations and the one who says that he or she hasn't told a lie was either an alien or be fooling others. A lie becomes a sin if it is hurting somebody emotionally and financially. It is realization of such kind of lie which snatches our sleeps. The feeling that our spoken words have betrayed some one's trust is hard to absorb.

Once during school days , a friend of mine brought out a book from library without being officially issued by the librarian in library period. He told me about it after the class. I didn't find anything wrong in it, "It is just a single book ". Next day when librarian came to know about the missing book, she came to our class and asked us about it. She inquired in each class which attended library the previous day. Both of us remained quite being aware of the consequences of speaking truth in front of class. We would receive humiliation and insult only. When librarian didn't find any information about the book from any class. She announced in all senior classes that no book would be issued before the recovery of that book.

Exams were near at that time many we needed so many books for preparations such an order was a big punishment for us and  a setback for our hopes for good results. The reason behind all of this was my close friend. Being aware of the truth I was also responsible for it. I told him that we must speak truth to avoid such punishment but he was scared. Fear was engulfing me also but I realized that bringing book out of library in this way was like stealing it and telling the truth was the right thing in that situation . 'Sach aur sahas ho jiske man mein ant mein jeet usi ki hoti hai' ,I told this to myself and took him forcefully to our class teacher and explained everything  to her. I was sure for her help because she knew we were not bad boys.

She handled the situation by talking to librarian and we came out unharmed with truth. Our fear was gone, wakai kitna chain hota hai sachai mein. Next day we were praised by Principal in assembly in front of school for telling the truth. He compared us with the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln in showing courage to do so. I always speaks truth , my lies are reserved for just small pranks and jokes only. In adverse circumstances it is sometimes problematic to speak truth but believe me truth itself eases such problems. We always gets relief from truth.

This video of Kinley commercial is affirming that belief about truth. Kinley drinking water is purity in every drop.

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Naina's Diary - Part 2

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Naina's Diary - Part 2

Read Part 1 Here

Dear Diary,

I felt bad yesterday for badly behaving with him. That incident kept me awake all night,so I decided to confront him again today. I went to his office before going to mine, the bearded fellow was seating comfortably even after making a bad impression on me with his unkempt appearance. He stood from his chair after looking at me and said, " He told me that you will come." His words shocked me he wasn't the letter writing guy then why that uncle looking man confronted me in his place. If he was not him, he was the reason for his lost opportunity.

He explained that he was his friend and forced him to do so because he wanted to see what was his image in my mind and how would I react to someone on a cycle. My behavior has broke his heart and he left from here after giving this letter. He refused to tell me about his identity but he promised me to inform whenever he would return. His situation further came in front of me after reading his letter. He said in it that he was hesitant to reveal himself because of his low financial status and my rejection after seeing him on cycle proved him right. He said that he loved me and would always do so till the end of his life.

I was angry at his stupidity he should know that I recognized the internet cafe guy who was well to do and was only annoyed of his beard it has nothing to do with financial status but I thought now that I should have told the bearded internet cafe owner to shave first before chasing a girl. My straightforward 'no' misinterpreted my reasons. That mystery letter guy was gone now ,I don't know whether he shave or like his friend kept a beard but I will never forget him in my life. 

To be continued ...

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YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex

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YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex

Pre-marital sex is sexual activity practiced by persons who are unmarried. Since world is becoming more liberal in its ways, the thing once considered taboo and sin in numerous cultures and societies have became the part of it. The increase exposure to sex and sexual material on Internet is also a reason for its increase among teenagers.The youth adapting to the changing socio -economic factors considers it as a necessity to uplift their status in their group. Those who abstain from it are labelled as hypocrites who don't belong to this modern world. 

I am against pre-medical sex not because I believe it to be against our culture or society or tradition neither because I consider it a western trend ruining our rich heritage but because some of its negative aspects. 
  •  Teenagers tries sex out of curiosity without knowing safe sex practices which leads to increase in teenage pregnancies and increases the risk of contacting sexually transmitted infections.
  • Termination of pregnancies in some cases affect the possibility of being pregnant again in future thus having adverse affect later in life when one plans for a family.
  • A study reveals that individuals who had more sexual partners before marriage compared with those who had less likely to have a high quality marriages perhaps for the reason of sexual satisfaction. An individual tends to find sexual pleasure in many and not one in this kind of cases leading to failed marriages.
  • 63% male Indian youth wants to marry a virgin girl according to a Hindustan Times Youth survey 2014 while whatever be the status of their own virginity. Such youths sometimes perform virginity test on girls whom they want to marry which is derogatory for the other sex.
  • Pre-marital sex and casual relationships have been de-stigmatized in the youths' minds but they are afraid of being found out which if happens leads to mental depression and public shame.
  • Few narrow minded males see sex as an opportunity to show off among friends. They falls to the extend that they record their sexual act to show to their friends, such MMS's sometimes leaked by some friend or sick minded people to earn money. This resulted in public humiliation of couples involved some of which commits suicide in fear of facing society.
  • I also think that it is making people more practical than emotional about relationships and the value of love somewhat left behind when you become practical.
I am believer of true love which is beyond any worldly pleasures which teaches you to love others only for love. I say NO to pre-marital sex doesn't mean that I am against those who are comfortable with this. Neither I am judgemental of their character nor I am questioning their purity. Sex is a natural phenomenon and existed long before the concept of marriage was developed by the so called civilized society. Moreover it is not bad or taboo or sinful if you are doing something you are comfortable with and also which is not hurtful to the others. I am in the opinion that you should first examine its repercussions in your life before involving in it and must be aware of it's effect on yourself.

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Movie Review : PK

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Movie Review : PK

PK is an Aamir Khan starrer movie released on 19th December 2014. Apart from Aamir movie stars Anushka Sharma,Boman Irani,Saurabj Shukla,Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput. It is directed by Rajkumar Hirani who have previously worked with Aamir in 3 Idiots and produced by Hirani,UTV and Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

Marketing: The film is marketed not in the way today's films are marketed nowadays. No promotions on prime time TV shows, no News channel interviews, nothing of that sort. The film is marketed by creating hype about the character of PK nothing much was revealed about him. The nude Aamir poster was good publicity generator in social media otherwise no promotions. They visited different cities but not much invested in this field other than this.

Music: The film fails in this department as compared to previous Hirani movies. Accept Char Kadam and Dil Darbadar no other songs is melodious. Tharki Chkro,Nanga Punga Dost and Love is a waste of time are par below their standards. Bhagwan suits the situation but is having a feel of an old song.

Story: The film is about an alien (Aamir) who left behind on this gola ( earth ) because of theft of his remote. He reached Delhi in its search and knock doors of different gods for its return. Here he met Jagat Janani a.k.a Jaggu ( Anushka ) who is a TV journalist. She helps him in search of his remote by using him to expose tapaswi (Saurabh Shukla) who possess his remote. The story revolves around his experience on earth and how he returns back to his planet giving many comical & emotional situations in between.

Hits : Aamir as always has done full justice to the character. One can believe him as the man from some other planet. His expressions,mannerism and behavior are all superb. Scenes where he try to understand earth and its people are conceived nicely with equally good direction and acting. Sanjay Dutt is promising in whatever small role he was given. The film never bores you at any moment and is entertaining.

Miss : Although film is not dull but it reminds you of Akshay , Paresh starrer O My God's theme, PK's innocence search of god is some what similar to Rizwaan's search of the President in My Name Is Khan. People's response to the TV channel's campaign is like Lage Rahe Munna Bhai's radio campaign. Hirani failed in creating some new moments as he has done in his previous movies. ( like Jadu Ki Jhappi,All Is Well, Get Well Soon )

Verdict : A rare thoughtful entertainer you wouldn't like to miss. Don't miss it.

Rating : I would give 3/5 stars to it.  

Magical Vacations

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Magical Vacations

image source Click Here 

A television channel says ' Asli Maza To Sab Ke Saath Aata Hai ' ( Real fun is with everyone ). There are business outings and you go alone without family. Then in spite of having lots of spare time you better prefer to stay in your hotel room due to lack of enthusiasm and interests. But when you visit same place with the family having children around, you feel the environment much happier and livelier than when you were alone. Children bring that magical touch to any vacation, their enthusiasm and interests in things make you more excited about holidays planned with them.

Today in this competitive world children are so much busy with their studies,tuition,dance classes,music classes,hobby classes,etc that they hardly get any time to cherish nature. I felt very bad one day when my nephew questioned me about how a full moon looks like. I realized that they stay so much occupied inside the four walls of the houses in the concrete jungle called city that they have never seen a full moon by sleeping outdoors. Perhaps they are also unaware of soothing summer morning breeze, floral gardens, birds chirping and things like that. They are not solely responsible for this situation.

We never took out time from our busy schedules to spend quality time with them to discuss their desires. Conversations with them reveals their contentment in smaller things than we think like chasing a butterfly, making a tree house, watching wild animals in jungle, feeding fishes in ponds, spending time with family in camping and if we looked closely to this list these are also the things we want for ourselves. Children with their holiday plans live with dreams some of which are unfulfilled  in our own lives and somewhere in our life we also wishes for these desires to come true.  

I have kids around me in the form of nephews and nieces and I would want them to experience these beauties of nature with the family in a holiday of their choice a #TravelWithKids. I would ensure such a place for them where they could feel nature close to them. Where they could cherish the beauty of high mountains and at the same time embellish the flowing fresh water of rivers under their feet. A place where they could fully enjoy their childhood and give us elders in the family to relive our childhood with them. I would make sure the freedom of their senses which they otherwise hide behind books or games. I would like to see them as children and not as copies of their elders always occupied with something.

Kids see vacations very differently from adults, their expectations are much different from us and you could have an idea of these desires with Club Mahindra Teddy Travelogue an online travelogue of kids written by kids. While reading them you realizes that holidays are not meant just for fun for kids but they also learn a lot in such vacations. These stories inspires children to travel more and create a platform to showcase their unique talents.

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Dreams Have Been Killed

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Dreams Have Been Killed

16th December again proved to be a dream killer. It killed the dream of a young lady in 2012 in New Delhi, India and now it has killed dreams of those parents whose children were shot dead by Taliban terrorists in Peshawar Pakistan. 132 children and 9 staff members were killed by 7 Taliban gunmen in an Army School of Peshawar. Their parents would have weaved thousands of dreams with them for them which now have been buried with them. The date with yesterday's incident again marked a black day for humanity.

They so called believer of Islam have forgotten that Islam labels killing of an innocent equivalent to killing of mankind. These terrorists were so coward that they targeted small children for what they called revenge from the armed forces of Pakistan. The images of small children soaked in blood coming out from the wounds of bullet shots or those covered in shrouds were heart wrenching. I don't know what made them think that they will reach heaven by such brutal massacre. How a normal human being can think of hurting children in such a way.

Pakistan has paid a heavy price with this incident to learn 'we must reap what we sow'. For years Pakistan is a heaven for these terrorists groups of hardliners who are the threat for world peace. These groups are time and again have also proved dangerous for Pakistan itself but no firm steps have been taken against them. This attack on children was to thwart the forward march of Malala Yosoufzai's who have won noble peace prize 2014 for her work on children education. This prize in a way was a defeat for Taliban who once shot her for going to school. It was their annoyance at her commendable progress in this area.

Islam give equality to women in education,business, military and other such fields and in no way restricts them to have knowledge. Prophet Muhammad's first wife was a businesswomen herself. So, those restricting these girls in name of Islam are tarnishing its image. Not only Islam but no other religion in the world allow such cruelty to innocent children. These spineless worshipers of terror are only hiding behind the veil of religion to fulfill their own dirty desires.

I pray to Allah for patience to families for all those children and teachers who have lost their lives in Peshawar attack. But it's a very good sign that the world stood united for such shameless and cruel act of violence towards humanity and spoke in one voice against it. 

Safety Begins With Me

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Safety Begins With Me

India is growing in every aspect at a very fast speed. It is good as far as developmental projects are concerned but their is also increase in deaths by road accidents at an alarming rate. With more than one death and four injuries every minute, India has the dubious distinction of reporting highest number of road fatalities in the world. Although we all like speed and growth but I am sure no one will be happy with this acceleration in deaths by road accidents. In most of the cases the prime reason behind the accident was driver's fault. 

When we are on road not only ours but others pedestrians and motorists safety also lies in our hand. Our when mistake could be fatal for us or for someone else. Since safety begins with the self, before going on road ensure good health of your vehicle, proper braking system,working indicators and lights,etc for a safe ride.

Following are measures according to me should be taken by individuals, governments,traffic department and vehicle manufacturers for road safety:

  • Use of seat belts in cars.
  • Proper braking system and tire condition for timely stoppage of vehicle.
  • Following traffic rules properly like driving in own lane,maintaining speed limits,stopping at traffic signals,taking turns with indicators on,to halt before zebra crossing,keeping a safe distance with other vehicles,etc.
  • Keeping stereo volume low while driving.
  • Not using mobile phones while driving.
  • Tires with strong road grip for two wheelers.
  • Traffic police and government departments must ensure timely checking of traffic signals for proper functioning in accident prone areas,presence of traffic policeman on busy roads & intersections,to catch traffic offenders and perform required action of fine or punishment without fail and with honesty.
  • Issuing of licence only after completing procedures of written test and driving test. Curb and arrest illegal traffic agents issuing licenses by bribing officials.
  • Car manufacturers must conduct proper safety checks of vehicles according to international guidelines. Most car running on Indian roads have failed such safety tests.
  • Introducing air bag technology in each car and seat belts for back seats also.
  • Punishing traffic offenders on urgent basis and increasing fines and punishment for traffic related offences.
These steps along with our strong will to keep our roads safe would help in reducing road accident related deaths.The Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. conducts Nissan Safety Driving Forum(NSDF) in India as part of its safety driving promotion.It began as an annual activity in 2012 with just three cities and since then extended to many other cities of India. It is creating awareness in road safety by conducting live stimulated experiences and also conducting sessions on importance of seat belts. They are working on changing the mindset of Indian masses regarding road safety.

Road traffic injuries were the ninth leading cause of deaths in 2004 and at the current rates according to the ministry it would be the fifth leading cause of deaths overtaking HIV/AIDS and diabetes by year 2030. Almost 3 percent of total GDP is lost in fatalities and road accident related injuries. Those who died are mostly pedestrians and motorcyclist between age groups of 25-65. Loss of life as well as money is a two way attack on growth of our country and as a developing nation we can't bear such loss. The time has come that we must follow traffic rules and tighten our seat belts whenever comes out on roads. We must also lend our supports to initiatives like NSDF

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Book Review : The Symbol

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Book Review : The Symbol

The Symbol is debut novel of Varun Gautam who is an engineer from Pantnagar University and has worked as a computer professional in prominent IT companies of India. He is now settled in New Delhi. This book is published by Authors Press and I received this book from the author. This story is an amalgamation of fictional and factual experiences. 

Cover: The cover page is deceptive. It gives you an idea of a science fiction where the symbol appears to be some scientific gadget. The chemical formulas,symbols,structures all meant to convey things related to science and the mysterious shadow man looks like a person behind all these things. But as you read it you will find it to be on completely different track away from what cover indicates. Science is related to the story as only being the stream of study of protagonist.

Plot: The story revolves around two characters Arjun a student preparing for admission in IMS and Dhruv also the narrator of the story who was teaching in a school and has failed two attempts at IAS. Arjun the most deserving from his batch failed IMS entrance exam while his friend Mohan who according to Arjun was a failure in life gets more than what he deserved. Dejected Arjun lost hope and interest in education and started working in a company. Dhruv on the other hand was hopeful that he would get success in clearing IAS worked hard in school which run by an NGO to excel in his teaching endeavor. The Symbol then came in Arjun's life which change his love and professional life. Who gave him The Symbol? What The Symbol can do? How Arjun and Dhruv gets success? Will Arjun achieve what he wanted?  All these questions were answered as story progresses and then ends with an unexpected twist.

Highs: The comparison of ups and downs in their lives with Indian cricket team's triumph and downfalls is the highlight of the book. This inclusion of cricket in narrative is remarkable. The characters looks familiar and believable. The simple language maintains the flow of the narrative. The author has done a commendable job with his debut novel in keeping readers hooked while trying a genre different from romance and thriller liked by most people. 

Sighs : Their is no high point in the story. It maintains a similar level throughout without giving a surprise to readers in spite having so much opportunities in the narrative. I predicted the end before the climax due to lack of some interesting twists and turns. No development in characters other than Arjun and Dhruv.

Verdict: Read for self realization of the value of success in your lives and for an introspect of life itself.

Rating: I would give it 2.5/5.

The author can be contacted at his website , Facebook Page and Twitter handle. The book is available online at Amazon and Flipkart

Rise Above Fear!

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Rise Above Fear!

Image source

Fear is only a four letter word but having numerous types which obstruct our path to success. Fear to talk to someone, fear to face the public,fear to go somewhere, fear of meeting new people, fear to climb a tree, fear of interviews, etcetera , etcetera, etcetera. The list is endless. You can see a similarity between all these examples, on one side of fear is the success or the result achieved after performing these activities and on another side its you, that means the only thing between success and you is your fear and when we rise above it we comes out as a winner.

I too have many fears like each one of us and there were many instances in my life where I faced them to come out as a winner at least for myself. In 2005 I was doing a degree course of multimedia and web designing in a computer training institute near my house. I preferred my bicycle for going there and on one fateful day in November of that year when I was returning from the institute a speeding car hit my bicycle from behind and I became unconscious on the spot. Some rickshaw puller standing nearby stopped that car and forced the driver and her companion to take me to the hospital.

I remained in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for six days before coming back to my senses all thanks to efforts of doctors and prayers of my family & friends. It was a new life for me. The wounds on my legs confined me to bed for about a month. After coming back to normal routine it was time to complete the course, the institute allowed me to continue my course with another batch and I faced no problem from their side. But the real problem was waiting inside me, my fear to ride a bicycle again, my fear to go back on road, my fear that this would not happen again. During recovery period talks of well wishers intensified my fear more, " Do take care when you go on cycle again. " " Take someone along with you when you go out." " Don't ride a cycle again." " You know this could me more fatal. God has given you a new life." These kind of instructions were demotivating. But my family said that I should go there again on cycle to face my fear.

I collected my courage and when I pushed the pedal of my cycle first time after recovering from accident I not only moved forward on road by I also moved forward from my fear. I felt victorious and as they say in Mountain Dew ads Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai ( There is victory ahead of fear). It was a very small thing but for one who have passed that condition of accidental trauma and hospital procedures it was among the biggest achievements of my life. I overcame my fear. I rose above fear. We must rise above fear to get success we deserve.  

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Here are the Mountain Dew videos to inspire everyone to rise above their fear. (In Tamil and Telugu ) Understanding language not necessary to understand their objective.

Face to Face with A Habitual Convert

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Face to Face with A Habitual Convert

Change is the only constant. Since the birth of human race we are in the process of change from animal like to humans, from ignorant to enlightened and from god fearing to god fearing. No, you haven't read it wrong we were and we are god fearing people having no understanding about him. We fear to question his existence. We fear to question his ways and in this fear we bow to him. Many perhaps don't consider me correct but believe it or not this is true for most of us. But this man is different whom I met during this period of nationwide discussions and parliament uproar on Ghar Wapsi and Conversions. Here is excerpt of my conversation with him :

Me : What you do?
Habitual Convert (HC) : I beg to feed my family of six. I, my wife and four children.

Me: Where do you beg?
HC: It depends on the day of the week ,Tuesday - Hanuman Temple, Wednesday -  Shiv Temple, Thursday -  Gurudwara, Friday - Mosque, Saturday - Sai Baba Temple, Sunday - Church. Monday is my holiday. I spend time with my children and my wife goes to Durga Mata's temple.

Me: It's obvious that you beg in name of different gods at different places. What else you do with your appearance?
HC: Tilak for temples, skull caps for mosques, and nothing for churches and gurudwaras only god's name is enough.

Me: You change your religion,faith daily. Don't you fear God?
HC: No, I love god without differentiating in his types. Sahab! See, my gods changes daily but not my condition. I am either a Muslim beggar, a Hindu beggar and so on. When god don't fear from my deplorable condition why should I fear from one whom condition is unknown to me. But yes I fear from police they sometime hits very hard to move us away from some places.

Me: Have you ever officially converted your religion?
HC: Yes! You don't know about life nothing is easy to achieve. For ration card I converted to Hinduism, for minority card I became a Muslim, for a year's supply of food I prefer Christianity. One religion for easy Aadhar card, another religion for BPL card and another for food security and another for children's education. It takes only 1 to 2 hour in changing your god.

Me: What was your religion of birth?
HC: I don't know my father, my grand father,uncles every body used to change religion for their benefits. Either we follow all religion or none. 

Me: Is there any change in your status when you change religion?
HC: See in cities you don't see much change, poor remains poor here in every circumstances but I can tell you about my one uncle who was not allowed to enter in a temple because of his low caste. He converted to another religion and then for sake of his Ghar Wapasi they reconverted him in the same temple he was not allowed to enter before. He was also allotted with a home in the village. What a lucky man he was? Sometimes I wish I would be at his place.

Me: Do you know about Anti-Conversion Bill?
HC: No!

Me: It will stop such conversions of benefits, if it becomes a law.
HC: Please sahib! Stop it any how. It's matter of my family's livelihood. Hey Bhagwan! garibo ki thodi si khushi bhi tujhse bardasht nahin hoti? (O! God! Can't you see poor happy.)

I heard somewhere that hunger knows only one religion that is food and I don't even know whether changing one's religion is good or bad but I do know what hunger means. We often see and read people committing crimes as harsh as murders to satisfy their hunger in that sense conversion appears a petty crime. But we look religion as a matter of identity then no crime is as harsh as taking away once identity. I let your free thinking decide on this crucial issue. Perhaps I write more on it in my coming posts.

Banega Sawach India

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Banega Swach India 

Charo aur macha hai shor,
Chalo-chalo swachta ki aur,
Chutega na koi chorr,
Jab sab milkar denge zor.

The resonating slogans of Swach Bharat or Clean India will come from dream to reality only when we will work for it collectively. The problem of sanitation and proper hygiene is one of the biggest problems of the country responsible for high Infant Mortality Rate and Child Mortality Rate and it stands much higher in the ladder if we talk about the most neglected problems of the country. The reason behind its rise is our ignorance about this issue.

We in cities enjoys luxurious lives. Whether its attending nature's call in the morning, bathing, cleaning our homes, washing clothes and utensils or using dust bins for our wastes they all has became our routine. We are at so much at ease with this routine that we can perform these activities even with our eyes closed. But a large part of our population is deprived of such basic facilities of sanitation and hygiene. Due to lack of toilets, they are forced to defecate in open and due to dirty surroundings washing clothes and utensils becomes just a formality and of no use. Open defecation also compromises safety and dignity of girls and women. Poor financial condition restricts them to buy dustbins,soaps and other sanitary products required for cleansing of their homes and for themselves. Their are also some parts which don't even know about the existence of such products.

Banega Swach India an initiative by RB and NDTV is working in this direction of empowering such people with these basic facilities and requisite knowledge for cleanliness. This five year plan aims at creating awareness about sanitation and hygiene in various parts of the country by making toilets, providing clean water and by teaching the importance of cleanliness in maintaining a healthy home. A day long event 'Cleanathon' for the same is also organised on 14th December 2014 on NDTV network's news channels. Dettol Banega Swach India's campaign ambassador Mr. Amitabh Bachchan will host the event and various other personalities from the field of cinema,politics,sports,business will also participate in this campaign to bring together entire nation for better sanitation and hygiene.

An India with proper knowledge of cleanliness of self and its surrounding would be much healthier and much prosperous than India which is deficient of this. Cleanliness leads to healthiness which means less medical expenditure in clinics ,medical stores and hospitals which further means prosperity. A diseased nation cannot develop in any way, diarrhea,cholera,typhoid and other such diseases prevent children from going to school. Many children died due to such ailments. The two major things health and education responsible for a developed nation losing to mere cleanliness only due to our unawareness and negligence. Why not use this public money in prevention of dirtiness related problems which otherwise used in curing of diseases related to uncleanliness.

As they say that charity begins at home. The time of blame game is over. Its time that each one of us should take the responsibility of making India clean and hygienic. We must learn and teach how to wash hands properly, how to clean our surroundings and how to dispose off our garbage and wastes. Be part of this initiative. Jab milkar aage badega India, tabhi to banega swachh India.

Saaf haath,saaf pani, saaf ghar-chaubara,
shauchalayon ke upyog se swach banega India saara.
Ma,bahan,bahu,beti ka nahi hoga ab apmaan,
Na hi bimari se ghar baithega koi bachcha daubara.

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The Sound of Silence & The Cry of Innocence

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The Sound of Silence and The Cry of Innocence

Yesterday was not a normal day specially for us at Indian Subcontinent. The representatives of two warring nations were first time standing on a world platform and that too for peace. I am talking about Kailsh Satyarthi and Malala Yousufzai , recipient of Noble Peace Prize for this year who belongs to India and Pakistan respectively. The two nation which are enemies,friends and brothers.

Both Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousufzai are fighting for the rights of children in their countries. Satyarthi's Bachpan Bachao Aandolan is committed to bring working children into schools and to provide them environment where they can dream for themselves. As he himself said that he represents the sound of silence and the cry of innocence and their is no greater violence than to deny the dreams of children. Malala on the other hand is fighting hardliners who oppose education for children which in turn restrict them to dream a good life. She said during his noble prize speech that making tanks are easier in this world than to make schools.

Why is it so that such flag bearers of child rights were never honoured in their homeland ? Is it because children don't vote ? Don't voice their problems with candle marches ? Why media don't focus on problems like child labor and children education? We can easily see debates on construction of temples and mosques but never on construction of schools. We never ask a working child why he/she don't go to school. We have accepted that poor children must work and we even employ them in our homes and factories. 

This award to them is reminder for us to contribute in upliftment of deprived children. For those children who are deprived of education and of better life. I like to salute both Kailsh Satyarthi and Malala Yousufzai for their efforts in this field and hope that we all should work hand in hand for dreams of our children. For dream of a better tomorrow. It is also a time to cherish and to strengthen our believe that India and Pakistan can stand for peace together. 

The Midas Touch

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The Midas Touch

"Sir we should give him Bharat Ratna before your tenure end, otherwise I think he would be the next Prime Minister of India", PM's secretory was worried of my popularity because I helped in eradicating poverty along with garbage and waste from Indian streets which was promised by him five years back during his election rallies.

"It was also my mistake that he became so popular in the country. If I would have stayed in the country more than on foreign visits, I could catch his potentials early and forced him to join our party." PM knew that it was too late none of his policy could stand against my Midas touch. I have turned all the garbage and waste on streets and roads into gold which was picked by people. This changed fortunes of every Indian, those who never saw garbage touched and put it in their pockets and home. With lack of cleaning staff government even lost opportunity to grab gold.

I became so famous that not only Indian PM but state heads of other countries were also discussing about my Midas touch and its effect on the world. They were also planning to bestow me with highest civilian awards of their country. Their were also speculations that Noble Prize committee would confer me with Noble Peace Prize. Although I faced difficulty in doing my regular work like eating and cleaning myself but I dedicated myself to service of humanity and for doing my personal work I appointed a secretory who used to feed me, help me in bathing and after nature's call. 

All my nephews and nieces were engrossed in my story when their mothers called them. I always told them such stories without asking whether they believe it or not.But I know they enjoyed listening them. I think I have made it clear my action plan if I had the Midas touch

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" I love you from the bottom of my heart," she was the third girl in a week to whom he was repeating the same sentence and in the same jubilant manner.

She neglected him when he advanced to kiss her and stared towards the door as looking for someone. 

Suddenly door opened with a thud and two girls entered when both of them was compact in each other's arm.

These two girls were called by the girl in his arms to show his real face to them as she was friend to these girls.

They scolded him and threw him out of the room for breaching their trust while he dusted off his clothes and walked away to find a girl more trustworthy than all of them.

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Book Review : Six Teen Mistakes - The Waxing Moon

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Book Review : Six Teen Mistakes - The Waxing Moon

Six Teen Mistakes - The Waxing Moon is a romantic fiction written by Nikhil Kushwaha and published by Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. I have received this book as a part of Book Review program from The Reader's Cosmos. This is writer's debut novel having glimpses of his own life.

Cover : Cover page with a shadow of a girl and a boy is enough to have an idea of romantic story you are going to read. But as you look at the back page a poem in remembrance of a loved one and a shadow of a lonely boy hints at their incomplete love.

Plot : First of all I want to make it clear that this book is only half the story and to read the complete story you will have to wait for the second part. This part starts with narrator's claiming himself as DILM (Deficiency in Intelligence, Luck and Money ) while narrating his teenage life to a girl named Priya at Puri Beach in Orissa where they both appeared for the first phase counselling of JEE. He then describes his teenage life after when he joined the Kendriya Vidhyalaya in 11th standard. How he make new friends? How he involved in some immoral practices? His love at first sight? The separation with that girl and then finding true love in another girl. Will his second attempt at love was a success? The story ends with many unanswered questions about his unfinished love story and about that girl who made him realize true love.

Boilers : The high points of this book is small poems weaved in between the story giving a unique style to the narrative. All teenage characters are believable and you can easily finds them in today's school or perhaps experienced them in your own school life. Simple language and fast narrative make it engrossing. The writer is not judgemental about any character and that's what give you liberty to have your own opinions about the characters and the story. Being a Bollywood movie buff myself I also liked the movie references and one liners from them. It is a complete masala kind of a novel.

Spoilers : Writer seems influenced by Bollywood movies and specially Shahrukh Khan. Sharing story with a stranger (Anjana Anjani ), experiencing presence of beloved after death ( Mohabbatein), preserving tear drop (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ), believing in true love and waiting for someone special (Dil To Pagal Hai). These and many such instances in the story reminds you of Hindi movies. Story would have been better if based in college than school for the kind of freedom they are getting there. Incompleteness is also a setback.

Verdict : Read for a feel of  youthfulness,energy and for the poems weaved in between the narrative. Specially recommended for Hindi movie buffs.

Rating : I would give 3/5.

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