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Amazing Teenage Singer

Amazing Teenage Singer In my quest of life,I mostly roam in books or on Internet or hear people's experiences and also through television and news paper to gather information and experiences. This journey of mine is never ending and teaches me something somewhere.But the incident or situation I am sharing through this blog is felt by me in the real world and the thing what touches my heart and made me compel to write this article is voice of a teenage boy named Md. Faiz whom I met on a marriage I visited with my family. He was from a very small town and cousin to the girl whose marriage I attended. Somebody told me that he sings very well and than everybody asked him to sing. He sang Sonu Nigam's Apna mujhe tu laga from the movie 1920 Evil Returns. He sang it so well that I wanted the song never come to an end and to keep on listening him but the situation and that gathering was not a place for that to happen as everybody was busy in something and I don't want anybody to …