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Misinterpret - A 55 word fiction.

He came to spray perfume in the bedroom where memsahib was standing clad in a towel listening her favorite CD." You idiot! Go out?" She shouted at him. In haste he slipped and bumped into her, both of them fell down on the floor. Sahib misinterpreted the scene and shoot them with his licensed revolver.

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Aarushi Murder Case

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Aarushi Murder Case

Aarushi - Hemraj double murder case is a very mysterious case of our time. A 14 year old girl named Aarushi Talwar who lived with her parents Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar in Noida found murdered in her house on 16th May 2008, first it was believed that she was murdered by their domestic help Hemraj Banjade because he was missing, next day the case took a new turn when Hemraj's dead body was found at the terrace of Talwar's residence this made Aarushi's parents Rajesh and Nupur Talwar as main suspects. The case saw many up and down in its investigations during its transfer from UP police to CBI and finally after five and a half year Rajesh and Nupur Talwar the parents of Aarushi Talwar were convicted to life imprisonment by special CBI court on 25th November 2013 on circumstantial evidence.

There were only four people present in Talwar's house at the night of 15-16th May 2008 two of which were killed since no evidence of any outsiders' entry was available hypothesis of crime clearly proves that other two present in the house were responsible for killing of both the victims and then further destroying the evidence. In spite of this clear theory police and CBI are still clueless of what happened that night. The accused even after conviction states that they are not guilty and haven't killed any body. The case received heavy media coverage which also leads to the media trial of the case,many theories regarding the case were spread, Aarushi's character assassination also happened which was criticized by many women groups.

The case was twisted and became mysterious due to the improper investigation by UP police.There failure in securing crime scene and not following leads immediately resulted in loss of important evidences. It was very clear from the beginning that Talwar couple was behind the crime but inefficiency by police investigation team helped them in manipulating the course of event and in destroying the evidence. The case reached CBI but the tale remain the same and the case was almost closed without the lack of evidence and motive. Later court ordered that there are enough evidence against Talwars to be tried in the court. There were also reports that Talwars used their connections to distort the case. One can easily conclude by courts judgement and substantial evidence available that Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar killed their daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj after seeing them in indecent position in fit of rage.

The importance of this case lies in the fact that it highlights the widening ridge between working parents and their children if there was a closeness between Hemraj and Aarushi than parents must be aware of it and should have taken some measures about it timely. In upper middle class where both the parents are working children often become close to domestic helps as they spend most of the time with them. We are unaware of what happened that night but there is a possibility that their closeness get interpreted in a wrong way because no other domestic helps,security guard ,etc never ever noticed any unnatural behavior between Aarushi and Hemraj. If we consider indecent activity theory true then honor killing by educated reputed class is again a dangerous sign in social scenario. Such behavior is unacceptable from educated lot in the society. Anyways the justice is delivered according to the law in time as compare to many other cases of our times. 

I also hope that Talwars must confess their crime and tell true story of that night to the world as possibility of them not being guilty is less than one percent.

Diary Confessions

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Diary Confessions

Had I looked back? I think I have not. I have not looked back to those promises I made with her, to her eyes which always wanted to see me close to her,to those moments which I can not buy today with enormous money I had, I never ever looked back to her love. But still the smell of old books brings her face in front of my eyes which she used to hide with them. That peacock feather which she kept in them takes me to her. If I had forgotten her then why this happens? Why? Why?........

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Midnight Visit

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Midnight Visit

Tarun the editor of weekly magazine "The Storm" called her inside the board room," Here she is ladies and gentleman her fearless reporting on issue of women safety had stir the whole nation," everyone present in the room started applauding her. She was standing with confident and feeling proud to be part of such a magazine which always raised the plights of countryman in such a way that government falls on their knees to take an action, she was feeling happy to be praised in such a way by his boss, " This time,she raised the bar to the point that we have to work harder to match her. Well Done Sanjana. Congratulations!"  Tarun also told her that she was going with him to Goa for a media event organised by their magazine.

Sanjana was excited not because she was going to Goa but a man like Tarun who was an inspiration for journalists has appreciated her work so much.It was a privilege for her to share the stage with him. Next day they reached to Goa and attended the event according to the schedule. It was a two-day event she would hardly get a chance to see the beauty of Goa but nonetheless she was satisfied to be part of the event. After the day's work she was very tired and fall asleep as soon as she reposed on bed in her room. She woke up with a knock on the door at midnight. It was Tarun at the door who wanted to discuss something about next day's programme at the event.

Next morning Sanjana was not her real self, she was indulged in the event but her excitement was diminished. It seemed that something was disturbing her but she remained quiet and not said anything to anyone. In the evening they were going back and things might sort out there.

After coming back she emailed managing editor Shoma of "The Storm" and alleged Tarun for sexual harassment and misconduct with her. She wrote that he came to her room at midnight and tried to gain sexual favors with her. Shoma after reading that mail discussed it with Tarun who unconditionally apologized to her for his misconduct and leaved his post of editor of "The Storm"  for six months. Soon the news spread in media like a forest fire. The man who used to shake others with his Storm was himself facing the storm.

It was also found that the magazine which was fighting for social issues and women's rights was not following Vishakha Guidelines in their own organisation. Self action without any enquiry by Tarun was also criticized by experts in media reports. In such cases women usually prefer to keep quiet and not to report the incident as this may lead to obstacles in their carrier but this time,she raised the bar by again fearlessly reporting the incident. After media reports police also came into action and arrested Tarun for raping his colleague. He claimed that he was being framed by political forces in this case.

Nobody knows what was the truth behind the incident and that midnight visit except Sanjana and Tarun and it's definite that one of them was telling a lie. Investigations are on thus I leave the end of the story to your imagination. If Sanjana is right and he had raped her than he must be punished and if Tarun is right and he was being framed by some political forces than the truth must come out and those forces should be punished along with Sanjana.

Note: This story is a work of fiction inspired by true incident.

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"He is a God's man,only he can connect you to God. I am listening him,attending his religious ceremonies,donating for his charity work and you won't believe how enlightened I feel in doing all these things." Rajesh was praising his spiritual guru in front of his friends,another friend of his came and said," So ,you think you know it all about Baba", "Off course!" " Let's put on the TV." All news channels were showing breaking news of baba's arrest in child molestation case.His ashrams all over the country were also under government scrutiny for illegal possessions.

The Wounded Man

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The Wounded Man

She came home and rummaged in the drawer." I think it is there!" Akansha was a nurse in a private nursing home. Before the end of her shift a patient came with a wounded knee, after dressing his wounds she gave him a tetanus vaccine. It was then she saw that tattoo in his biceps.She knew that she had seen that tattoo before! If only she could remember where, she would be able to clear her doubts.That was a peculiar symbol which might donate an organisation or something. She was searching for a magazine where she thought she had seen that symbol.

She was living alone in this rented house for about three years. Her parents died when she was a child, someone send her to an orphanage where she got education. After getting the job in the nursing home she left the orphanage and rented that house. " Yes there it is?" She quickly turned pages to see that symbol. It was a symbol of a secret society which was believed to be worshiper of Satan. There was not much information about them but it was rumored that followers of this group could bring the dead people back.

She always longed for a family ,a caring mother, a loving father." What has god given me? He always took things from me. Today I am alone only because of Him. I am ready to worship Satan. I want my parents back." All years of loneliness passed through her eyes,how she remained devoid of love which was her right. She had no friends ,no relatives not anyone to whom she could say her own. A boy who loved her also went away few years back leaving her alone again.

She decided to talk to that man when he would come again to change his bandages. He came in the evening, when doctor went away after seeing his wound she spoke to him in a low voice," I know you are member of a secret organisation." The patient looked at her suspiciously . She pointed towards her tattoo and said that she knew about it." This tattoo!" He laughed," I don't know to which secret organisation or society it belongs, I have selected this design from so many design shown to me." She became upset and quietly leaved the room.

The wounded man felt very bad and went to her. She told her about that tattoo," I wants to join those people, I want my parents back." " That's impossible but I can give you parents." Glow again came in her eyes. He told her to come with him.He looked a good man,she had seen him many times with doctor before this incident so she became ready to go with him. She thought that to maintain the secrecy of that society he didn't want to talk about that tattoo and society in nursing home. He would show his magic at his place.But he took her to an old age home.

" I am also an orphan,lost every single relation in course of life,but one day I visit here when I was feeling depressed and you won't believe how lonely they are,they were left by those for whom they have spent their whole life when they need them most.I have found my parents in them and I am sure you will also find them." She became a regular visitor there after that day,she found solace in their company. That wounded man was Akash soon they started meeting each other regularly ,their parents of old age home arranged their love marriage. They lived happily now with their adopted parents, that tattoo really gave him parents.

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Ta-ta Tendulkar

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Ta-Ta Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar has said goodbye to all forms of cricket with the end of India's second test match with West Indies which was his 200th test match. In his 24 years of cricket his name became synonymous with the game,he broke most of the records set by earlier generations and made so many new records which might remain intact with his name always.

Sachin's cricketing carrier was like a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs in it. At the one end he was making and breaking records and on the other hand he was criticized for playing for himself. India lost most of the matches in which he has scored centuries. We have also witnessed his jinx with nervous nineties. He avoided captain-ship of the team because of the pressure involved in it and when he got captain's cap he leaved it within a year. His interest in brand endorsements was questioned when he didn't performed well.

I will not remember him for his records because someone may break them someday but I will never forget him for the man he is. He never misbehaved with any senior or junior player,encouraged younger generation,supported his captain and coach, remain spotless at a time when match fixing hold every cricketer's collar, remain a true champion of the game even off the field,his mere presence in the game was enough to generate a hope among cricket fans,never ever indulged in fights on or off the field, always spoke with the bat when criticized. There was a time when he was above the game but he never took appreciations to his head and always remained humble to everyone.Cricket will never forget its true son who is an example of how a cricketer should be. 

After his retirement cricket fields will miss a small man who brings energy to the game. Some are crying ,some are shattered and some don't think he should retire now but I am satisfied that he retired when we still think that there is something left in him. He is also a parliamentarian now I hope he will set an example there also. Ta-ta Tendulkar!


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Ganesh was living this solitary life from last six years trying to run from his guilt which was eating him from inside. His search for peace had made him to roam all religious places known to him. He had knocked the doors of every temple,dargah,gurudwara,church,etc but all in vain. He was running from himself but you can't get away from yourself by moving from one place to another. He never faced himself because that encounter with self might put a question mark on his existence. He didn't deserve to live for what he had done.


Six Years Back

Aarav was taking shower and his phone was ringing continuously ,he came out in haste soap bubbles were still on his body he looked at his phone,"38 missed calls in 10 minutes!" He wondered what was going on, it was Sheena's number,he called back her." Sheena are you all right." She started crying as her parents were taking her to their village near Amritsar where they had planned her wedding. Aarav consoled her and said that he was coming to her house to talk to her parents.

He told about the incidents to his parents and took them with him to Sheena's house. When they reached there she was already gone."Dad,I can't live without her,you go home with mother I will bring her back." He called his best friend Ganesh to come with him.

Next day police recovered Aarav's dead body from the river. It appeared that he had committed suicide but his parents were convinced that he was murdered. Police didn't care what they said and closed the investigation. Sheena was married to Ganesh by her parents. She remained unaware of Aarav's death for days but when she came across the truth she drank poison and died. After that day Ganesh also leaved that town.


Two days before Aarav's death:

Ganesh gave them money and told his plan.He had plotted for Aarav's death after getting confirmation from Sheena's parents of his marriage with her.They were against Aarav for being below their status, Ganesh was equal to them. Ganesh loved Sheena since childhood,they were best friends everyone in their family knew that they would marry one day. Aarav had spoiled all his desires,she met him in college and they both fall in love. Ganesh hated him since than,it's time to remove him from his path. He also gave money to police to close the case as early as possible. " She will call him and when he will not find her here,he will inform me. I will bring him there where you will beat him and then we will throw him in the river." 


Present Time

Ganesh decided to leave the life of a recluse and returned to his home town. He must confess his crime which was the only way to get rid of this burden. " only confessing my crime to Aarav's parents will make my repent successful." He came back and visit Aarav's home. He was shocked to see Aarav and Sheena there with their children. Aarav told him that Sheena heard about his plan to kill him." I contacted my friend Inspector Khan and told about your plan. He arrested your men and make them do what he wants." He explained that he was alive when thrown in river and poison ate by Sheena was also fake. " Doctor who declared us dead was also involved in our plan. We were to confront you after some days but you were not there.My friend when you start to live outside yourself,it's all dangerous. You never realized what you were doing with us the two people who trusted you the most." 

He came out without saying anything and looked at himself ,he lost his parents in these years. His property was occupied by his relatives and now he stand nowhere in the society. He now lives a life of a recluse somewhere near river Ganges. 

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Festival Of Light

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Festival Of Light

One thing they didn't know that they were being watched by CCTV cameras when they were teasing that girl with Diwali crackers. Police reached before her clothes caught fire. Their fun play could have ruined her life. Now in jail they should learn that Diwali is a festival of light and not darkness of evil.

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