Movies Meri Jaan

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Movies Meri Jaan

I am a die hard Hindi movie fan. I have watched almost every film released in the last two decades of my birth. The films of 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and early 90's I have watched on television or Internet. When I revisit my film watching journey I have realized that I have learnt a lot from them. It was not only entertainment but good behavior, respecting woman, became more law abiding and a positive message that how bad things may become the end would be pleasant. 

The simplicity and innocence of 50's, 60's Raju/Birju/Suraj ( Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Rajinder Kumar),  the restlessness and urge to get something of 70's and 80's Vijay, Ravi (Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna) and coolness of 90's 2K's Rahul, Raj, Prem, (Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir) or the realism of today's movies all are imbibed in me, they all have taught something to me. I remember giving examples to teachers from movies to explain certain things and concepts to us in school. I usually relate things to a situation in film to find out solution and to get the way out. Yes it sometimes makes me too filmy but as they say 'Hum Sab To Upar Wale Ke Hato Ki Kathputli Hain, Wo Jaise Chalata Hai Hum Chalte Hain.'

I have learnt that truth is always victorious, ' Sach Aur Sahas Hai Jiske Mann Mein Anth Mein Jeet Usi Ki Hoti Hai' and that happiness is the final outcome of a situation, ' Agar Ending Happy Nahin Hai To Picture Abhi Baki Hai Mere Dost'. Movies gives us hope, dreams and a satisfaction that one day everything will be all right. Films told us that the corruption, poverty,terrorism and other such world problems has a solution. People said that movies have a bad influence on society but I believe that films are the mirror of society; they show what they see. Highlighting issues by them make us more aware of the happenings around. 

Today 'Candle March' has became the symbol of protest which was first seen in the movie 'Rang De Basanti'. Bhagat Singh was not popular in the masses unless portrayed by Manoj Kumar in the 60's and Ajay Devgen in 2K's. Paan Singh Tomar's achievement was highlighted by a film on his name. Perhaps people also learn something bad from films but 'Bade-Bade Shehro Mein Aisi Choti-Choti Baatein Hoti Rehti Hai'. Movies keep our dreams alive and I will always give wings to my dreams through movies.

Here is a Hindi Poem written for 100 yrs of Bollywood : Sunhera Parda

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Bitter Bread

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Bitter Bread

Bread,doubleroti,pao,bun or we call it with any other name; it is the part of our breakfast which completes our daily routine. This ready to eat item is popular with egg and butter but the recent study by Centre For Science and Environment (CSE) have turned this must breakfast eatable bitter. 

CSE conducted test on various samples collected from different part of the capital belonging to different brands. They found 84% samples test positive for potassium bromate and potassium iodate after tests on 38 varieties which include Britannia,Harvest Gold,KFC, McDonalds, Domino's Pizza and Subway. These revelations are shocking and disturbing as all of us have eaten from one of these brands. It should also be noted that these two substances which are used to soften breads and enhance their color and texture namely potassium bromate and potassium iodate are banned in many countries of the world after a study conducted in the 90's. These substances however are not harmful according to Indian standards and allowed to use for eatables. Now the question arises why such carcinogenic substances are allowed in such popular eating item? 

On second thoughts when I remember the sudden panic created by declaring Maggie noodles as health hazard to set the stage for the launch of Baba Ramdev's Patanjali noodles I forced to think differently with a political angle to all this controversy. The breads we eat are licensed and tested by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) then how is it possible that they permitted carcinogenic substances to compromise with our health. CSE also said that they couldn't confirm in a cancer patient that the disease was caused by eating breads.

If this all a stunt to promote some other brand's launch and everything become clear after sometimes as in the case of Maggie noodles then those responsible for creating panic must be punished and if these tests are really true then FSSAI role is regulating health standards must be questioned. Don't remove bread from your diet before the final reports come from health ministry but be little cautious for excess consumption or unregulated eating. Till next post God Bless India.  

Book Review : Shades of Life - Colors

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Book Review : Shades of Life - Colors

Shades of Life - Colors is an anthology edited by Saravana Kumar Murugan and published by Shades Publication. It has total of 38 poems and stories by 38 writers and poets depicting different shades of life. My story 'The Unanswered Letters' (page no.141) is also part of the book but my involvement with the book will not in anyway influence my work as the reviewer of this book.

Cover: Colorful cover suits the title of the book. Presence of butterflies reminds you of life cycle associated with it from larvae to cocoon to butterfly thus implies shades of life. Full marks to the cover, it ignite your interest for the book.

Content: The book contains stories and poems from different writers and poets which are not arranged in any particular manner. Compiler has tried to put as many shades of life as possible through these collections of poems and stories. You can experience many shades of life in the pages of this book from dark shades to light shades to colorful shades which means their is sadness,happiness,calmness,joyous and different kind of other moments to touch the chords of your heart. These stories and poems travels different destinations,emotions and surroundings.

Highs: Most of the stories selected for the anthology are simple and somewhere near to the real life. Poems are also easy to understand and not the kind which passes above your head. Different writers have different narrative style which enhances reader's reading experience. You will surely like to read these mix of poems and stories in a single book.

Lows: I think the book is lengthy, there should be less stories and poems in it. I also found many stories just plain instances without any twists and turns, as the number of such stories increased my interest for the book decreased. I also feel the lack of theme in story selection. Many stories depict similar shades of life.

Verdict: Nice leisurely read but not a kind to relieve you from boredom.

Rating: I would give it 2.5/5

The book is available on

Book Review : The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

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Book Review : The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is written by the queen of thriller Agatha Christie. This Harper Collins published book is a murder mystery. This one of a kind thriller suspense saga has a jaw-dropping effect once you know the identity of the killer. It is voted as the best case of detective Hercule Poirot.

Cover : The cover of the edition which I have read has an image of an old style telephone which indicates to an important clue of the case which you will know while reading the book. The cover could be better with some more images but for suspense the less is better on the cover.

Content : Dr Sheppard who was also the narrator of the book called by Mr Roger Ackroyd a rich and influential man of King's Abbott to discuss something with him a day after the suicide of Mrs Ferrars with whom Ackroyd wanted to marry. He in his study after the dinner told Dr Sheppard that Mrs Ferrars had poisoned her husband one year ago and someone who knew her secret was blackmailing her for the same. During this conversation Mr Ackroyd received an evening mail from Mrs Ferrars which she had written to him probably disclosing name of the blackmailer. Ackroyd requested doctor to leave without telling him the name of the blackmailer since he wanted to deal with the issue himself. Dr Sheppard on his return to home received a phone call from Ackroyd's butler Parker about the death of Roger Ackroyd. He told this to her sister Caroline and left for Roger's home. Roger Ackroyd was stabbed with a knife in his study and everyone including police for circumstantial evidence believed that Roger Ackroyd was killed by Captain Ralph Paton who was Roger's stepson. Flora niece of Roger Ackroyd who was engaged to Paton knew that Hercule Poirot was leaving in their locality by hiding his real identity. She approached him for the case since she believed Paton was innocent. 

Hercule Poirot's investigation brought all inmates of Roger's house i.e Flora, her mother, Raymond (Roger's secretary), Major Blunt (friend),Parker(butler), Miss Russel (housekeeper), Ursula Bourne (parlor maid) under suspicion by highlighting their false alibi or for hiding a secret. The case which looked so simple from starting became a complicated puzzle. Poirot eliminate each suspect one by one to reveal the identity of real killer. 

Comment : It was not the kind of story which gripped you right from the start. I felt the author has stretched the point to bring detective Hercule Poirot in the plot but after his coming the story was a roller coaster ride of twists and suspense. Story was nicely carry forwarded from there. The drama created in many scenes transported the reader inside the story. It was difficult to guess the identity of the killer, though I guessed it with my experience in such mysteries. The author has progressed nicely with the story and finished it with an amazing climax. 

Verdict : I definitely recommend it for its startling revelation about the killer's identity and for the suspense it has maintained till the end. 

Rating : I would give it 4/5.

I have bought it from you too can buy from there. 

New Opposition

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New Opposition 

I am confused with the way current government is behaving in most of the cases the recent being the Augusta Westland Scam related to some army chopper deal with Italy in UPA regime. The government seems keen to target Gandhi Family i.e Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi for their involvement in accepting bribe in this deal from the company. In no way I am giving clean chit to them or defending them in this case but the power of investigation, inquiry, arrest and punish rests with the government in power and the courts and not with the Congress party. Why government is behaving like opposition and targeting Congress and its two main leaders instead of investigating their roles and arrests them if they are guilty?

It is also interesting to note that Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar in his address to the parliament on this issue didn't mention Gandhi family name neither indicated their roles. He talked about some invisible hands which he was and CBI unable to investigate in 4 years , 2 years of which were under Narender Modi. Government even denied time bound Supreme Court monitored investigation on this issue which clearly indicates that government is just using the issue to malign Congress Party's image for future electoral gains. Please note that the company was blacklisted and the deal was cancelled in the UPA period itself while Modi government revoked that company's name and allowed it to work in India. 

In 2013-14 during election campaign period and also during Anna Movement we heard both Arvind Kejriwal and Narender Modi accusing Congress of corruption,corruption and corruption. They showed evidences against them, promised that they would bring down 'The Tower of Corruption' called Congress as soon as they came in power. I thought then that soon the Indian myth of Gandhi family is our only savior and only Congress can rule the country will soon burst and a corruption free India would emerge when these stalwarts would serve the jail term but nothing of that sort happen. On the contrary these two parties when allegation fell on them defended themselves in similar way as Congress used to do when accused by the opposition. 

Corruption is the main cause of poverty and slow growth. These parties and the two leaders Arvind Kejriwal and Narender Modi should act on their promises. People behind bars on charges of corruption were more in Congress rule then now, they even arrested their party-men and allies on corruption charges while current government is unable to arrest even people of opposition. Either they don't have any evidences against them and those pre-election talks were just to grab votes or they are incompetent enough to punish corrupt people. It is very necessary in current scenario that God Bless India. 

Forest Fire

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Forest Fire

Wildfire is a natural phenomenon in many forests during summer. It helps in faster decomposition by heating soil and increasing microbial action. It also helps in clearing forest area for fresh growth and thus replenishes forests. I am not conducting a science class on the subject forest fire, this information is necessary to understand the things I am going to tell ahead in this article. 

As I have mentioned wildfire is a natural phenomenon, it also happens in the forests of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh the two Indian states having most of the forest cover in the northern India. It usually started in February and ends with the monsoon. They are not of high scale and damage if occurred is controllable naturally but 95% forest fire in India is due to man maid reasons like burning dry leaves by villagers, honey collectors using fire to send away bees, falling or touching of high tension wires with trees, drug traffickers using it to clear their ways,etc. It was happening from past so many years but local people used to control that kind of fire but the fire spreading this year is burning from 80 days and have affected 4500 hectares of forest area in Himachal Pradesh and 3185 hectares in Uttarakhand with 80+ fire incidents at different region. Now due to lack of jobs and employment options in hilly areas people are migrating to cities leaving their villages vacant and less habitation in these areas which made these fires to spread in the jungle from small area of origin. They remain unnoticed because of fewer inhabitant in this region.

Our forests have reduced to half from what they are 25 years before due to illegal cutting of trees by wood merchants, unplanned development models by governments and ignorance of common man. Such uncontrolled fire will further destroy our green covers and imbalance our fragile ecosystem. It should also be noted that current fire have also killed animals and birds including migratory birds when it spread to wildlife sanctuary in Agra and other areas. The governments of both states and centre have acted now almost after three months to the seriousness of this fire. NDRF(National Disaster and Relief Force) and IAF (Indian Air Force) along with forest departments are trying hard to stop spreading of fire. 

I hope they soon get control over the fire and investigate the reasons behind it to punish the wrongdoers. Also measures should be taken to check further incidents of human made fire. Employment opportunities should also be increased in these regions so that people don't migrate into cities and help conserving their forest lands. God bless flora and fauna of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. God Bless India.