A Doctor's Death

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A Doctor's Death

A murder is always a shame for society but the way this murder was conducted and for the reason behind it I being a resident of Delhi is feeling embarrassed. I am talking about the murder of Dr Pankaj Narang a Dentist who lived in Vikaspuri, Delhi by a group of nine people. The event that followed after the murder on social media was also horrifying ridiculing our status of decent society.

It was an usual event that lead to such a big incident. Pankaj and his brother-in-law's son was playing cricket on road in front of their house when a speeding bike came and stopped in front of Pankaj's son saving him from the accident. This angered Pankaj, he scolded both the biker and the pillion. He seized their bike and asked them to bring their parents since one of them was a minor. They returned with cricket bats and sticks in their hand along with seven more people including a woman attacked Pankaj Narang in his home. They beat Dr Narang to death. The cries of help by Dr Narang and his family remain unheard by their neighbors and police as usual reached late on the spot.

Seeing involvement of some Muslims in this incident RSS/BJP workers reached the spot to give the incident a communal turn, thankfully family denied any political interference in their moment of grief but that doesn't put off these rumor mongers on social media. From cricket bats to knives, from group of nine to mob of hundreds and from nearby slum clusters to Bangladeshi migrants, these people try to communalize this issue in every possible way. Here I want to appreciate Delhi police especially IPS Monika Bhardwaj who tweeted correct facts related to the incident. She thwarted communal polarization by declaring that 5 out of 9 accused were Hindus and none of them was from Bangladesh. Sadly she received abuses from those whose agenda she has sabotaged.

What has happened to our society? Why there is so much anger inside us? Why neighbors not interfered when the attackers came? We are disintegrating as a society of humans into the groups with same ideology, same faith, same locality, same community these identities have subdued our identity as humans. We forget that what is happening with somebody else could happen to us if we remain silent during injustice on other. This incident or any other such incidents are highly condemn-able whatever may be the religion of the attackers. It is disheartening that some people try to gain political mileage out of personal grief, we must be alert and aware enough to suppress such anti social elements during these incidents. My condolences for Dr Pankaj Narang's family and I appeal to Delhi police to treat four juveniles in this case as adults for stricter punishment for them. Till next post God Bless India. 

Book Review : Ishq Mein Shahar Hona

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Book Review : Ishq Mein Shahar Hona.

Ishq Mein Shahar Hona is written by famous NDTV Hindi News Anchor and Presenter Ravish Kumar. The book is published by Sarthak an initiative of Rajkamal Publication. In this book he has shared his feelings and experiences about a city in form of short stories or Laghu Prem Kahaniyan (Laprek). Vikram Nayak's art work for each story has enhanced stories for the readers. It is ironical that I am reviewing a Hindi book in English but I want to tell English readers to know about this experiment in Hindi genre. Moreover some English readers do understand Hindi but don't know what to read in it. This book is a good read for such readers.

Cover: Vikram Nayak's cover design reveals the Shahar (city) i.e Delhi which author has explored in this book. Delhi's monuments are visible in it. A couple walking on the road is an indication of lovers exploring this city in love with a different perspective. I like the title most it was the title which attracted me towards this book.

Content: The stories are divided into seven sections with varied number of stories in each sections related to that particular section. These are small stories of hundred or so words which gives you a hint of particular situation or surrounding to convey the story and the love in it. The writer's introduction of book is also interesting and gives you an idea what was in his mind while writing this book. These stories let you know how people become a city in love for love. 

Comment: The author wants to emphasize on the point that there is no place for love in our cities yet those in love found their secret spaces to express themselves to each other in corners, in rallies, in monuments, in buses or on bike rides. I like the way how author has weaved shahar(city) in these stories. Stories are too small to be called even as short stories, they are for me situations which give readers liberty to imagine stories with these characters. Shortness left you bewildered in understanding some stories. But most of the stories are nice which reminds you of people you see everywhere in your cities. Vikram Nayak's illustrations for each story adds value and depth in them and are essential part of this book. The simplicity in language is the strength of this book.

Verdict: Must read to know How people become the city itself in love. 

Rating: I would give it 3.5/5.

Horses To Go For Species Change Operation

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Horses To Go For Species Change Operation

Shaktimaan the police horse who was seriously injured during BJP protest in Dehradun is now demanding a species change operation. After amputation of his leg Shaktimaan and other police horses are demanding species change from horses to cows. While they were being attacked for being in police force 'Gau Raksha Samiti' of different states are attacking people for harming cows. They too were demanding such kind of Z plus security in which instead of harming them humans would kill humans. 

A horse on promise of anonymity has revealed that they are in touch of doctors in America for this operation. He referred to Jharkhand incident where two cattle traders were hanged to death for protecting cows as the precursor of this idea. He added that people are attacking them while they are going to the extent of killing for saving cows. He also told us about their application for government aid for this operation. 

According to some sources they will head to US once Shaktimaan's recovers from his injury. Other animals like dogs, bulls, buffaloes,etc are also discussing this option for respect in this cows' world. Experts believed if the condition persist some humans may also opt for this operation. 

Bharat Mata Ki Jay

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Bharat Mata Ki Jay

Now 'Us versus Them' debate took a new turn with 'Bharat Mata Ki Jay' slogan. The controversy this time created by AIMIM chief and MP from Hyderabad Asaduddin Owaisi and with suspension of Waris Pathan an MLA of AIMIM from Maharashtra Assembly for not chanting this slogan the issue has taken an ugly turn. 

I find nothing wrong in saying Bharat Mata Ki Jay which means Long Live Mother India and I also find nothing wrong if someone wants to say 'Jai Hind', 'Jai Bharat', 'India is Great', 'Hindustan Zindabad' etc instead of Bharat Mata Ki Jay because phrases doesn't define patriotism feelings does. A woman is respectful in all forms and not only as mother similarly are all other slogans equally respectable as Bharat Mata Ki Jay. Do other nations in the world which don't give a face to their motherland or which don't depict her as goddess loves their country less than us?  By relating her to Hinduism we are only sidelining all other communities as outsiders who need to follow this concept to prove adherence to their country. 

We all know elections in five state assemblies are round the corner. Attempts are made to polarize the voters. BJP by commenting and reacting on Owaisi is helping in two way polarization to get benefit in coming polls. Chanting this slogan is not a life or death issue for Muslims, they are from years chanting this slogan without feeling offended. Even Vande Mataram is comfortable with millions of Muslims it becomes problem when someone force you to say this or try to make it a compulsion to affirm your identity as an Indian. 

India is a multicultural country and constitution guarantees all their identity as a person and as a community no one is entitled to challenge it. We as Indians must not give these political parties opportunities to use us for their political gain and for Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi I have a suggestion to keep your views to yourself and not impose on all Muslims. Islam promotes love for motherland and if a slogan shows my love for my country I have no shame in saying it. I will end this post by repeating words from Javed Akhtar's Sahab's farewell speech that it is not my choice but my right to say 'Bharat Mata Ki Jay'. Jai Hind. God Bless India. 

Nadiya Ke Uss Paar - The Art of Living

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Nadiya Ke Uss Paar - The Art of Living

In ancient times saints and sages used to sit Nadiya Ke Uss Par or across the river to meditate in calmness for the world peace and order. Today a contemporary saint has taken this practice to an all new height to teach the world his art of living here in Delhi on Yamuna flood basin. Ever shrinking river Yamuna has reduced to a drain by negligence of government and ignorance of Delhihites is now posing a threat of irreparable loss to its flood basin due to this World Cultural Festival.

Rivers were never our government's priority not even when we consider them as god and not even after so many programs running from so many years to save them. 60% sewage water goes straight into the river Yamuna without treatment. It is on the verge of extinction when 57 million people are directly dependent on its water including farmers and fisherman. The various NGO's are working towards replenishment of the river but unless there is a strong will from both the central and the state government the river's condition is not going to recover. 

from Newsflicks.com

The Congress government neglected Yamuna during the construction of Commonwealth's Game Village and also during the construction of Akshardham Temple and now both the government in the center and state which boost their quality of being different from Congress are doing the same mistake by giving nod to this cultural festival which causing immeasurable and irreparable loss to the river( according to NGT ruling before festival starts). The presence of Prime Minister Narender Modi and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in this function shows their indifferent attitude towards environment and ecology. 

From Newsflicks.com

The decision of using army to make a bridge for a private function is also under scanner but I give so called nationalists opportunity to critique that action my concern here is the river which is facing a slow death in phases. The effect of encroaching natural lakes and rivers we have seen time and again in Uttarakhand, Kashmir and recently in Chennai yet we are not caring about nature. Those who are buying flats and attending festivals are equally responsible for the damage caused to the river than those who are building permanent and temporary constructions in flood basin. 

Sometimes I think our Parliament or Delhi assembly building should be near Yamuna so that they would have acted like British Parliament had acted after unbearable foul smell from river Thames. The time has come to value a political party not only on the ability of fulfilling basic necessities but also on its ability of safeguarding nature and its resources. I would have appreciated Sri Sri Ravi Shankar if he has changed the venue to some stadium after realizing his mistake rather than sticking to a wrong decision. 

I don't know even after pointing out so much negativity in our society, politics religion, culture and traditions I still hope for a better future for a better society perhaps because there are still many people who are working for a new dawn. Till next post God Bless India. 

The King of Good Times

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The King of Good Times

There is a Hindi song from the movie Heer -Ranjha 'Yeh Duniya Ye Mehfil Mere Kaam Ki Nahin' which means that 'I have nothing to do with this world and the people here' strangely this line gives different inspiration to different people in the same situation. The indebted farmers commits suicide leaving this world and all its miseries while the industrialists left the country to live luxurious life in another part of the world when unable to pay their debt mocking and laughing the pathetic system. 

The 'King of Good Times' Vijay Kingfisher Mallya is the latest in the list who left India after unable to pay bank dues of around Rs 7800 crore. His airline company is also defaulter for not paying salary of its employees. These employees are feeling stranded in this situation while the chairman remains busy in IPL and calendar launch. When State Bank of India announced Vijay Mallya as willful defaulter and freeze the payment of around Rs 500 crores he received after selling his share in UB Group to a European country fled away fearing arrest after Enforcement Directorate's notice. 

Vijay Mallya is not the only one who hasn't paid bank dues but there are many more like him. Shockingly public sector banks who send goons at your doorstep for non payment of loan amount has written off Rs 114000 crore of loans of industrialists in last ten years in different parts of the country. These same banks have pressurized farmers for loan payment which forced them to end their lives. One lakh fourteen thousand crore is not a small amount bank officials must have gulped millions to write off these loans. 

The Supreme Court has recently ordered the center government to prepare the list of loan defaulters of Rs 500 crore and more. The court has also questioned how after such big losses these people running there businesses smoothly. This looks like a big bank scam to me and I wouldn't be surprise if there is a political backing in it. Banks should take stricter actions against all billionaire loan defaulters. ED, External Affair Ministry and Finance Ministry must ensure that these criminal offenders not leave the country without payment of dues. These King of Good Times are giving bad time to there employees and to the nation's economy. They must be harshly punished to set an example for others or else there would be more Modis and Mallyas living abroad happily laughing at weak legal system. 

Jacket Jeans Mein Aaya Kanhaiya

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Jacket Jeans Mein Aaya Kanhaiya

Kanhaiya Kumar Jawaharlal Nehru University Student Union (JNUSU) president who was arrested by Delhi Police on charges of sedition after February 9 incident of alleged anti national activity smothered all his critics with an impressive speech after coming out on bail by Delhi High Court on 3rd March. Literally,'Jacket Jeans Mein Aaya Kanhaiya Sabki Band Bajane Ko.’ 

What he said holds ground if we factually examine all the evidence available at present in the public domain. Let’s talk about the anti India sloganeering by group of students lead by JNUSU president Kanhiaya Kumar. First of all FIR submitted by Delhi Police didn't mention any anti India and pro Pakistan slogans in the list of 29 slogans. Secondly five out of seven video tapes referred in FIR are doctored as found by forensic analysis. Finally the role played by Home Minister, HRD Minister, Delhi Police and some of the media channels in portraying that JNU was running by funds from Pakistani terrorist Hafiz Saeed is also under suspicion and shows signs of a planned conspiracy. An organized group was leading the #CloseJNU campaign on roads, on news channels and on social networking sites supported by BJP MP’s Subramaniam Swami, Mahesh Giri , BJP MLA’s like Gyandev Mishra of Rajasthan, O.P. Sharma from Delhi and even Ministers Rajnath Singh and Smriti Irani.

It was all propaganda and if it was not then why some news channels run these doctored videos continuously without examining them? What was the motive in drawing parallel between the soldiers and these students by labeling them anti-national?  ‘Sipahi wahan apni jaan de rahe hain aur ye desh virodhi nare laga rahe hain’ such sentences were spoken in TV debates which not even let JNUSU representative speak to counter attack and if soldiers are dying whose foreign policy lapse is responsible for it. It should also be noted that soldiers don't have exclusive rights on patriotism and nation loving all those who dis their duties honestly and love the country are also patriotic. Why JNU expenditure was shown to provoke people that government is rearing these so called anti national students on public money? Was it all a conspiracy by ruling party BJP its government and its ideologue RSS to malign JNU image which promotes rational thinking, freedom of speech, political awareness, higher education for poor and above all democracy in its true sense. 

I want to ask Mr Narender Modi why he didn't share his opinion in Parliament about JNU issue even when this was the hot topic of discussion in current session and referred by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi in his speech a day before PM’s speech. How will youth flourish if they were targeted like terrorists? Kanhaiya Kumar also mentioned in his speech that reason behind atrocities of government machinery was to divert Rohith Vemula suicide case and with Prime Minister's silence on this issue too I found no reasons to deny his claims. Kanhaiya also urged PM to listen everyone’s 'Mann Ki Baat' instead sharing his own 'Mann Ki Baat all the time. 

Kanhiaya spoke for poor, for farmers, for soldiers, for policemen, for labors, for all oppressed classes of society and their rights. He said that his fight is for 'Azaadi' (freedom) in India and not freedom from India. He called for unity to fight for this freedom from all those things and from all those people who are trying to destroy democracy in India by destroying and suppressing voices of dissent. All those who believed that Kanhaiya Kumar is anti national and traitor must hear him once and think where he was wrong in his demands. Below is the video of his speech.

Book Review : The Game of Life - Stolen Hope

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Book Review : The Game of Life - Stolen Hope 

Ramayana The Game of Life - Stolen Hope is the third book of The Game of Life series by Shubha Vilas. The book is published by Jaico Books. I have received this book from author who has also penned a beautiful personal message for me along with his signature. This book starts with Rama, Lakshmana and Sita's years in exile and ends with Sita's kidnap by King of Lanka Ravana. Read Review of Book -2 Here : The Game of Life - Shattered Dreams.

Cover : Cover depicts Rama's encounter with Jatayu. Jatayu who has an important role to play in this book appears apt to me on cover but featuring Sita's kidnapping on cover would have been better idea. Perhaps he has maintained the series's cover continuity to feature Rama on cover.

Plot: Rama, Sita and Lakshmana were spending their exile days happily in the forest. Lakshmana did his best to serve his worshiped brother and sister-in-law. They met various sages and helped them in getting rid from demons and monsters. They also met celebrated sage Agastya and learned about his legends from one of his disciples. Finally they set in the domain of Panchavati where they met Jatayu a giant bird who was guardian of that part of jungle. He was also the friend of their father and requested them to give pleasure to guard them from sitting high up the mountain. The part of the forest they were living came in the territory of Ravana and hence ruled by the demons. Suparnakha ,Ravan's sister spotted their dwelling place and fell for Rama and Lakshmana which lead to Rama's deadly fight with demons. Will they survive the onslaught of thousands of demon forces? How Ravana came and kidnap Sita? All these questions are answered in this wonderful book.

Highs : As I mentioned in my review of the second book the author has recorded the incidents as a true devotee and he has done a wonderful job.  His footnotes and explanations of some scenarios give readers detailed insight into these events and helped reader to understand relevance of Ramayana in modern times. The language is simple and soft. The narration take you deeper into the minds of the characters and help you to know the reasons of their particular action. I also liked the back stories of sage Agastya, its incorporation in the plot makes it more interesting. 

Lows: It is difficult to criticize such works but I found this part a bit slow in narration at certain points. The story get stable in those points. The Sita's character is not highlighted much and her perspective on issues is missing in this book.

Verdict : A must read for all those who want to understand Ramayana better and for its relevance in today's time. 

Rating: I would give it 4/5