Diary Confessions - 8

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Diary Confessions - 8 ( Naina's Diary)

Dear Diary,

From last one month I am sharing with you letters I am receiving from the day I have joined my new job. I never shared them with anyone in my family not even with my sister because I liked what he wrote,those love couplets, stanzas in admiration of my beauty I loved them all without knowing who was sanding them. I build a place in my heart for him and was keen to meet him. I placed a letter yesterday at the spot he kept letters for me with description of my desire to meet him.

Today when I was going for a conference held in a hotel with my driver I saw a boy following me on a cycle. I was sure it was him for the way he was peddling to come closer to the car but I couldn't see him clearly as my car raced ahead. I was getting late so I left my meeting with him to fate. When I came out from hotel after the conference I saw the same cycle on other side of the road I ran quickly to see him. But no one was standing near it. Suddenly, some one called my name from behind, I turned and saw a bearded man. He was young but looking older than his age because of that heavy beard. He extended his hand to introduce himself as Rishi the owner of cyber cafe in the same building I worked, the boy who wrote those letters to me. I was shocked not for who he was but for how he was. I told him to stop giving those letters and returned.

I should have asked him, "Will you ever shave in your life?"I don't know what I did was right or wrong but you couldn't impress me with that unkempt appearance and why the hell he was chasing me with a cycle when he had a motorbike with him. Forget him I don't want to think about him anymore.

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Loud And Clear

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Loud And Clear

Image source here.

We all can give long lectures if we asked to present our views on Swach Bharat ( Clean India ) but we cornered ourselves when someone ask how you can contribute to it. We prefer silence at such instances than voicing our opinion. Our love for country and patriotism take a backseat. We say that 'humara ghar to saaf hai aur hum kahin gandgi bhi nahin phekte' (Our houses are clean and we don't throw our wastes anywhere) but remember not speaking against something equals to supporting it.

We see a heap of garbage on road side and move away quickly covering our noses and murmuring 'Yahan kuch nahi badlega' (Nothing will change here). We also move away when some government official come to inquire about incompetency of their staff in not doing their duty of cleanliness by saying that 'Is jhanjhat mein kaun pade' (Why to indulge in such mess). Similar instances happen if someone put garbage in a public place or anywhere according to their convenience. We remain silent even when we know that all these things are making our locality, our state, our country dirty. Our silence indicates that we also are responsible for this uncleanliness.

Its time we raise our voice and understand the power of our voices like Montu did. Montu denotes today's youth in Strepsils #AbMontuBolega campaign. He understands now that Ab Bin Bole Nahin Chalega and if your unclear throat is coming between speaking what is right then clear it with strepsils and speak loudly. This campaign encourages you to speak against various issues to have your opinion count and become the part of the change. Be the part of this movement by registering your opinion at  http://www.abmontubolega.com/ web page or at their  Facebook and Twitter pages.

Mahatma Gandhi said that "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" and he also said that " Be the change you want to see." I think that's says all. We must lead by example to point fingers at others. Keep your surrounding clean and tell others to join in doing so, wherever government help required call,write or visit the concerned official, try to raise awareness in those who defecate in open, litter anywhere, drive vehicles which are not pollution checked,etc. Sharing pictures of dirty places on twitter and Facebook could also be used to create awareness about cleanliness.

The process of change always starts with one voice raised against or in favor of something. Soon different voices combines to become one and then the power of these voices can bring drastic and immediate changes. So charged yourself so that Montu would not feel alone. Ab na sirf Montu balki Sonu,Monu, Pappu, Minni, Golu, Babbu, Chutki, aur baki sab bhi bolenge aur badlenge. We all will raise our voices against the uncleanliness and will make the dream of Clean India come true. 

This post is written for Strepsils' #AbMontuBolega in association with Indiblogger

Wrong Queue

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Wrong Queue

I am a regular visitor at Delhi India International Trade Fair held between 14 to 27 November every year in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. I visit there to see different cultures and traditions of India under one roof, to experience different foods and also for the products which are unique and you usually struggles to find them in local markets. Once in 2008 when I went there and was visiting different pavilions I saw a long queue of boys in one of the stall of a hall. I asked one of the boy standing in queue about the reason behind this line. He said that some company was distributing some products for boys for free as part of their promotion.

I felt excited and also stand behind in that line. What that boy failed to mention was the products were given to those who were clean shaved because they were applying some cream on their faces and clicking pictures of difference in skin quality before and after using that cream and then giving some free samples along with some gifts to those boys who were clicked. You can easily understand a stubble face is not meant for promoting face products for boys. When my turn came the girl applying cream laughed and asked where to apply cream. At first I didn't understand what she meant but when others standing there also laughed and said "Dadiyal (with beard) move aside". I realized what happened. I felt ashamed and came out quickly from that stall and from that pavilion also. I missed out opportunity of getting free products because of non-shaven face.

#WillYouShave. Yes I will shave because I have so much embarrassing instances for not doing it regularly. My nature of not taking care of my looks is very bad and I must change it. With stubble face you not only miss opportunities like that but your confidence in presenting yourself also becomes less.

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Missed The Miss

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Missed The Miss

23rd November 2011 was among the many bad days in my life. I am not among those who carry such bad days with them to curse God and their destiny but  I remembered that date because of a Ghazal I penned on that day. I am sharing few stanzas here to have a glimpse of what happened on that frightful day and then I will tell you the story behind it. 

Woh meri taraf dekh kar guzar gaye,
Na kuch kaha na baat ki,
Na ruk ke mulaqat ki,
Daal kar mujhpar bas ek nazar chale gaye,
Woh mei taraf dekh kar, dekh kar guzar gaye.

Socha ki awaaz doon,
Kisi tarah to rok doon,
Labon par,par lawz na aa sake,
Aur woh mere haal se yuhin be-khabar chale gaye,
Woh meri taraf dekh kar,dekh kar guzar gaye. 

(mulaqat - meeting, taraf - towards, Labon - lips, lawz - words, be-khabar - unaware )

First stanza can be translated as 'She looked at me and went away without stopping and saying anything' while second says, ' I thought to call her,stop her somehow but words seize to come out of my lips and she went away without being aware of my condition. You can read the rest here.

I saw a girl passing from front of me when I was standing on the bus stop of a place I went for some work. I was standing alone on that bus stop waiting for my bus. At that moment she looked towards me, I was also looking towards her at that time and yes we shared a eye contact and I think that she smiled at that instance but I don't know clearly now but I am sure about the eye contact. 

When she moved forward on her path , I thought to call her or walk beside her to initiate a conversation but I restricted myself after feeling hairs on my face. My stubble face pushed me to back off, all my confidence was melted by beard and mustache on my face. How could I present myself in such a way to a beautiful girl? How will she react ? Was looking towards me just a coincidence? Questions increased my doubts and more doubts means less confidence. I sigh whenever I thought of that incidence but I think that's the fate and I should be with shaven face every time waiting for a bus.  #WillYouShave Yes I will what about you?

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Lucky 6 : Game Review

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Lucky 6 Game

image source: Indiblogger.in

Lucky 6 by Fat Cat is the newly launched lottery game played on mobile phones. It can be played on both Android and IOS system although it is not yet available either on Apple App Store or Android Play Store but down-loadable from Fat Cat's site for both the versions. It is a mobile game in which you have to register yourself with a valid email id , upon activation of account user creates ticket (maximum 3 per account ) by selecting six companies from a list of pre-selected brands. To win the jackpot of Rs 25 lakh the brands you select need to match the six best performing brands i.e brands having highest stock price on the game day and that Rank is determined by the stock exchange on which the stock trades. Selected teams should be among top six ranks for a player to win.

  • Associating a game with price money is totally a unique idea. You play and you win. Wow!
  • Keeps you interested in the ranks of your company.
  • A win - win situation by sharing it with your friends which increases your chances of winning and give them a chance to try their luck and win.
  • Sharing makes it a competition between friends which grows with each sharing.
  • It took a lot of time in activation of this game, half of my interest for it lost their.
  • It is not a kind of game which keep you hooked in order to reveal more levels or to achieve a target.
  • Their is no surety of winning, it all based on your luck.
  • From a common men's point of view to whom many of these companies are unknown it is useless to guess which company will gain or which will lose. 
  • Those investing in share market could find it interesting but what about others?
  • This game is on mobile platform and that to launched for Indians but to check your account you need to be online all the time which I think is a draw back for this game and will keep away many to try it.
  • Probability of finding Lucky 6 is very low.
There are more lows than high as far as my opinion is concerned and I strongly believe that this game would find it hard to get some admirers in India. Perhaps I wouldn't have tried it if it was not for the contest on Indiblogger where I have a chance of winning. It lacks a mass appeal required for a game to be successful. It is not addictive at all for a user to play it again and again because after raising three tickets your game is over and the wait for result starts which is boring.One would easily leave it after a couple of losses.

This post is written for Lucky 6 contest by Fat Cat in association with Indiblogger.  

Childhood Chapters

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Childhood Chapters

As we keep on unfolding the different chapters in life we realized the importance of stories listened and read in childhood. They have built our moral character and have taught many lessons we didn't notice then but observes their importance today when we are grown up. In childhood we learn everything by heart that's why impressions of them remain there forever in us. I too have listened and read many stories such as 'The Rabbit and The Tortoise' , The Sour Grapes, The Thirsty Crow, The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs, The Lion and The Mouse,etc and I am sure that all of you have also read or listened them in your childhood and by just mentioning their name I have recalled you the morals behind them.

Today T- Series have made these stories along with many nursery rhymes into beautiful animation videos. Children like cartoons, teaching with such animations would be a fun activity for the parents. The Tia and Tofu characters used in narrating stories are very likable and Tulsi Kumar's voice is soothing and lovable for children. Out of above mentioned stories The Thirsty Crow and The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs are stories with which I can associate few things of my childhood.

The Thirsty Crow or The Clever Crow teaches us that if you think and work hard nothing is impossible. When I was in class 2 ,while playing cricket our ball fell into a deep hole in our colony park made by iron rod used to erect tents for marriages or such occasions. When our small hands didn't reach the ball I put water in the hole and ball comes up all thanks to this story. Even today I never lose hope in any situation and tries to find the solution for the same.

The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs teaches us two things don't act in haste and don't be greedy. I remembered once when I was a kid I told this story to one of my friend who was keen to grab all chocolates from another friend who brought them to distribute on his birthday, but sadly he didn't listen. The birthday boy complained to the teacher and she told to distribute chocolates among the class except to him who tried to snatch them. Although he gave one to him after the class. Now I think it is the moral attached to this story which made me retold this when I saw someone acting greedy. I told such story to my nephews and nieces and they listened them with full attention. I hope they will also remember them when required.

I am thinking to show these videos to them now because visual images stays longer in our minds and leaves stronger impressions than verbal images. 

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Toilet Tragedy

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Toilet Tragedy 

image source is Indiblogger campaign page.

India has so many big problems like rape,corruption,inflation,terrorism,etc which remained in the eyes of media that other problems which perhaps not provide high TRPs but are important enough to affect the millions in our country. The problem of open defecating is as serious as any other problem in our country and it is sad that few are worried for this Toilet Tragedy.

Millions of our countrymen compromise their dignity due to lack of toilets and sanitation facilities. This problem is intense in villages as compare to cities because in cities their are government provided mobile toilets but in villages there are no such options but to defecate in open which leads to health problems like diarrhea,cholera,typhoid,etc arising from unhygienic surroundings. The infants and children are more prone to such infectious diseases and the most of them died due to such illness before reaching the age of five. The infant and child mortality rate in India is 60/1000 which means 60 children died out of 1000 before reaching the age of five and in almost every case the reason behind these deaths are one these diseases. If we compare it to our birth rate which is 20/1000 we can see how horrific is this problem. We are loosing our children at three times the rate of their birth.

Apart from the health issues raised by open defecating , the safety of women and girls is another subject of concern. Imagine woman or girl in your house going to defecate in open at night and that too in village environment where night falls early than in cities and all streets were deserted as soon as sun sets. Open fields or forests areas where open defecation is generally happen are full of dangerous insects and reptiles , moreover mischievous and anti-social elements look such instances as a chance to execute their heinous desires. A study shows that the most victims of rape in rural areas are those women and girls who went for defecating in open. This shows how dangerous open defecating is to our society.But still millions of girls and women compromise their life and dignity due to helplessness of not being accessible to toilets

There is the time we all come together to spread awareness about this issue and come forward to make India open defecating free country. Domex, HUL's flagship sanitation brand is working in this field since November 2013 by running Domex Toilet Academy (DTA) which helps in providing proper sanitation facilities and imparts knowledge of cleanliness. ' Toilet for Babli' program is their latest initiative in providing toilets to villages and making them open defecation free. You can also bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on www.domex.in and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life. 

I think this is a great initiative and we can do a lot by just a mouse click. This small step would be a big leap for health and safety of millions of kids like Babli.

This post is part of 'Toilet for Babli' initiative by Domex India in association with Indiblogger

Let Children Be Children

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Let Children Be Children

14th November is the birthday of India's first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru which is celebrated as children's day in India due to his love and fondness to children. He always interacted with them and they used to call him 'Chacha Nehru' (Uncle Nehru). This year we are celebrating his 125th birth anniversary so I decided to raise some issues related to children.

The children are the most important part of our society as they are the future of the country. What we will give them today they will return to us in the future. So if we want a better society, a better state , a better nation and a better world we must take the best care of our children. Their proper growth is crucial for the proper growth of the society and this is possible only when we let children be themselves and not try to make them someone else.

Today in order to get higher TRP's reality shows compel children to behave like adults, they are forced to dance and talk like grown ups, they make them wear vulgar dresses and so on. Similarly some organisations trained them to kill , they filled hatred in they minds and believe me hatred will only make way for more hatred. Such malignant treatment of children is very dangerous. Many children work due to poor financial conditions of their family and in developing country like India we have millions of children in this condition. Their are laws to prevent them but there implementation is almost negligible. When poverty is not giving them proper food how we expect them to grow to their full potential and discover their inner strengths. They are not voters so why concern about their problems. But it is sad to say we elders have also not raised children problems like increasing burden of education,proper facilities in school,problem of malnutrition ,etc.

For a better tomorrow we should hear to their silent yearnings to let them be themselves. Let them be innocent children learning different things as they progresses in life and we playing the role of their guides telling them about the good and the bad. And for the underprivileged children we should help them as much as possible. There is an organisation Akshaya Patra which is bringing such children to schools by helping in providing meals in schools.

I hope a children's day where every child would be happy is near. I have made a video dedicated to all children using a song from Hindi movie Taare Zamin Par ( Like Stars on earth) starring Aamir Khan and Darshil Safary in lead roles 

This post is also linked to Three Word Wednesday #401 (Crucial, Malignant,Yearning).

Hunger Is Hindrance

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Hunger Is Hindrance

' Ek Mayaan mein do talwarein nahin reh sakti ' ( two of a trade seldom agrees ) that goes with the classroom hunger as well. Their must be only one hunger in the classroom that's hunger for knowledge. We Indians can't afford shortage of this hunger because it is required to build a better country but ' Bhuke pet bhajan nahin hove gopala' which means one can't pray empty stomach. So, if it is not possible to worship god with empty stomach how we wish that children can study and concentrate when hungry.

Many dropouts in schools of rural India is due to this problem, illiterate farmers believes that their children would be benefited more by learning to work in fields and not by learning in classrooms. Poverty in our country also make it difficult for poor people to enroll their children to schools but in areas and in schools where midday meal is offered enrollment of students has increased drastically. But there is the need to spread such schemes to remote areas and to wider population. In places where schools are very far away, I think mobile kitchens should be send with teachers to promote 'Eat and Learn'. Parents with more than one children often left their toddlers in care of school going children when they are off to work thus limiting these children to home caring for their siblings, eat and learn vans are like 'Ek teer se do nishaane' (Kill two birds with one stone) as along with providing education they can help in eradicating malnutrition by providing food for those toddlers and infants in care of their school going brother and children without bothering the parents.

Moreover interacting more with the villagers in such a way bring education closer to the people removing many misconceptions prevailed in people regarding schools and education.' Ek haath se taali nahin bajti' ( Its take two to tango) thus for the success of any program people's participation is must in government's initiative.

A child is a father of a nation, just imagine what a generation of educated youth could do to the nation. It is the lack of education and hunger which misleads many children and they easily falls for t bad habits, violence and crimes. People are ready to do anything for the sake of food for themselves and their family. Education opens the window of opportunity and hunger closes the doors to education. NGO's like The Akshaya Patra is helping in implementing midday meal schemes in government schools as well as government aided school thus opening the doors of education and the windows of opportunity. I am glad for writing this post as it will donate to Akshya Patra by BlogAdda.


Spotlight: Fraudster

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Spotlight: Fraudster

Title:  Fraudster
Author: R V Raman
Category: Fiction
 Publisher: Hachette
Date: 2014
Price: Rs. 250
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9350098008

Fraudster : The Story of Corporate India’s Black Sheep:
Fraudster is a suspense thriller from R. V. Raman set in the world of corporate finance.

Summary of the Book
Some people will do anything to silence anyone they think are obstacles. They won’t stop at anything, not even murder. In this thrilling novel, a young banker deposes before a commission investigating large-scale financial fraud. She is found dead the very next day. Meanwhile, a leader of corporate India falls to his death from his South Bombay flat. In a multinational accounting firm, the high-security server room is hacked. The hackers want more than just company secrets. Illegal finance, high-profile crimes and brutal manipulation combine in this tale of greed, treachery and corruption amidst corporate India’s worst members.

About R. V. Raman
R. V. Raman is an Indian writer and the former head of KPMG's Consulting Practice and the co-head of their Risk Advisory Services. He was also partnered with A.T. Kearney and Arthur Andersen, and boasts an experience of over three decades and covering four continents. Currently a faculty member at the Indian Institute of Management, Trichy, he teaches Business Strategy. He is based in Chennai and this is his first book.

Copies Available at all online stores:

Know More Inside Stories, Connect with The Author:

Twitter: RVRaman_

Read the book? Write a review on Goodreads:

This is a spotlight feature for Reader's Cosmos of Fraudster by R V Raman. My Review here

Book Review - The Madras Mangler

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Book Review - The Madras Mangler

The Madras Mangler is the debut novel of Usha Narayan who is a gold medalist with a Master's degree in English Literature. It was published by Jufic Books an imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. I have received this book as a gift from BlogAdda for participating in Game of Blogs a unique initiative where different blogger connected in penning a story. There were thirty teams of ten members each. One winning team has a chance to publish their story. Although our team Inspirati's story wasn't selected for final round we all enjoyed connecting,arguing,discussing and writing for this initiative.

Cover : Cover to me is unimpressive and not eye catching. The face of a dead girl with hair strands all over it looks as if someone is seeking peace in the mess which means a more philosophical type of novel and not a thriller suspense which it is.

Plot : The story revolves around five college girls from different parts of the country studying in Chennai. All with their own stories ,own heroes and own villains were enjoying their college life until the city came in grip of a psychopath killer who was killing girls and dumping their bodies in the rivers. Bishnu who leads the special investigation team to solve difficult case called Vir Pradhyuman a criminologist from New York to help him in this case. Vir having his own past related to such incident took personal interest in solving the mystery which ends in a nail biting climax where Vir put his life in danger to save the girls in clutches of the criminal. Who was killing the girls? Why was the killer doing these killings ? Answer to such questions made this thriller unputdownable . 

Thriller : The suspense keep you hooked as the needle of suspicion moves from one suspect to another without revealing the real culprit. Nice detailing of various places and incidents making reader indulge in the narrative more as it felt you have seen them or experiencing them in reality. Story of each girl is different yet similar in the sense they all points at the common problem of demeaning status of women in Indian society. 

Spoiler : I guessed the killer even before it was revealed due to the predictability of events as they unfolded. Some details are unnecessary and slowing the pace of the narrative. 

Rating : A one time read , I would rate it 2.5/5. 

Scary Ghosts

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Scary Ghosts

"We should take him to our community doctor," said senior most member of their group. " I also think so, he is silent from last two days" another group member shared his concern. Madav the youngest member of this group of ghosts who live in the old municipality building was not in his senses from last two days. He was unable to sleep in day and couldn't concentrate in his work at night. All group members were worried about his condition but he didn't speak to anybody about this. His face was pale in fear and he felt tremors sometimes.

They took him to the doctor who was practicing in the same hospital he died after seeing a ghost in his office. He sat there from 1 am to 4 am. Doctor examined him and told others to wait outside , " What happened to you my boy ? " He didn't spoke anything. " Is it the matter of love because I have tasted your blood ,it is not infectious you drinking from right people." He remain quiet, he was unable to forget that night and that scene was moving in front of his eyes. Doctor understanding the situation asked again, " Have you seen a politician." He looked towards doctor , hugged him and started crying. "So this is the matter, tell me what have you seen."

He started remembering that frightful night, doctors called others inside to share his pain. " Two days ago when I was lurking above a peepal* tree and waiting for some to come, I saw a crippled man trying to run with help of his stick ,blood was oozing out from wounds on his body.He hid behind the same tree I was sitting on but few man came and found him then another man looking like their boss came and started abusing him for instigating the people against his corruption. I thought to intervene and scared them so that I could save the crippled man but to my surprise he didn't move at all even when all his men ran away. He said that he was not afraid from me as he had created so many ghosts , when I told him that I could drink his blood he laughed loudly deafening my ears with a face more dangerous and scary than the ghost king. He then leaned on my neck and I became unconscious."

"He was laughing because he had drunk more blood than us in his lifetime and I think he had drunk your blood also that's why you became unconscious." Doctor explained after examining his neck while all others were shivering to think about a creature who could drink their blood. When Madhav recovered in few days they decided to leave that area without knowing that these political ghosts were omnipresent.

*a tree believed to be the home of ghosts in many parts of India , scientific name Ficus religiosa 

Happy Halloween

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God's Creator

Saturday, November 01, 2014 8 Comments A+ a-

God's Creator 

We worship god because of the fear of unknown and to understand this properly we need to travel back to the time of the start of human race i.e time of the ancient men. When they were at the stage of evolving to be the modern man we know today, they started succumbing to the things they fear, they bow down to fire,lightning, thunderstorm,volcanic eruptions and other such natural phenomenon whenever they were frightened by these things. With growth of civilizations men started worshiping other things which help them to sustain in this world like rain, some cattle and food they grew, it was unknown how these gods acquired name or got a face, perhaps those who guided them in difficult times became faces and names of those god as the civilization progressed. Thus gods were invented out of fear of the unknown.

Now lets examine the scientific perspective. Science call god as 'Nature'. Nature which is the unexplainable and unknown power, the things which occurs on their own which don't have any scientific explanation like ,What initiated the formation of planets and stars? How life comes to earth ? Who gives life ? What happens after death? These and other such questions give way to the emergence of God as Nature in science and again notice it is the one which is unknown who became the creator.

Some wise people would have thought in their times that there must be something which should restrict and limit the human race otherwise those who were powerful would make it difficult for weak to survive in the world that's when the concept of god emerged. We do good things to elevate self to heaven after death, bad people goes to hell which is a bad place with demons where they boil you in hot oils for your bad deeds. You have to, you must be good to others, to those who are weaker than you, to those who are less privileged than you and we all do this to go to heaven,

We need not to fear any god if we are good to humans to humanity. Our souls must be rest in peace when we are alive for what we do in our lives and not necessarily in the so called life after death. If there is God somewhere around HE is in us, His most precious creation and we must respect his creation to appease him. Still after so much discussions and proofs that god is our creation I must insist on believing in Him because that keeps our hopes alive in the difficult times.

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