Healthy Child, Healthy Home

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Healthy Child, Healthy Home

A child sparks a life in otherwise dull homes. Imagine our homes with all grown ups busy in their own work , some busy in mobiles, some in office files, some in kitchen and so on. A child in a home  make them alive again and to forget all their worries. Interacting and playing with them fill our hearts with joy and energy by the warmth of their love. A child becomes the energy which drives a child in us to play and live the life to its fullest. Looking at life with their innocence eases a lot of burden from our shoulders.Same happens in my home also. We all follow the movements, the plays , the attitude of a child in our home my two and a half year niece i.e daughter of my brother.

She ran in the house making others follow her, she plays with toys involving all of us, she give instructions to make us do something , she even call other children in neighborhood to play along with her in our house making our home more lively and energetic with their presence but all this energy runs dry when she falls ill. The house comes to a standstill at the time when she falls sick. Down in her energy due to illness means she would be in her mothers lap all the time, drowsy with effect of medicines and would not play with anybody. Her crying at every small thing feels very bad but we can't do anything because children behave in such a way when they are not well. What should we do in the home if not playing with her? We blame each other for not taking proper care of her. If she falls sick we all become sick by default due to inactivity around her. 

She use to fall ill often before we started giving her Dabur Chyawanprash on advice of a doctor. He said that Dabur Chyawanprash has anti-oxidant properties and helps to strengthen body's internal defense mechanism - the immune system - thereby protecting  from day to day infections such as cough, cold etc.She loves its mango flavor and demands for it herself. The ingredients present in it namely AmlaAshwagandha, Guduchi, Satavari , Bala , Vidarikand are known for their ability as antioxidants, immuno-modulatory properties, anti-allergic properties and as rejuvenators which are also good for eyes and total health. 

After taking Dabur Chyawanprash , I have observed that she is more healthy now and small problems like cough and cold which affect her regularly during change of seasons has also ended. The home falls sick less now with her improved immunity. Here are few lines describing the whole situation: 

" When she falls ill, the home comes to a standstill
What to do nobody knew, blaming each other without any clue
Dabur Chyawanprash comes to the rescue, changing our old view,
with better health and immunity, she filled the home with energy & positivity"

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Book Review - Fraudster

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Book Review - Fraudster

Fraudster is a suspense thriller set in the world of corporate finance written by R.V. Raman who was the former head of KPMG's consulting and the co-head of their Risk Advisory Services. He was also partnered with A.T. Kearney and Arthur Andersen, and boasts an experience of over three decades and covering four continents. Currently a faculty member at the Indian Institute of Management, Trichy, he teaches Business Strategy. He is based in Chennai and this is his first book. This book is published by Hachette India and I have received this book from reader's cosmos as part of their book review program. 

Cover : The cover reminded of Aamir Khan in the poster of Dhoom - 3 but there is no such connection in it. But yes the connection with bank is common in the story but in different way. The man's shadow here at the cover is signifying a fraudster looking at Mumbai as his target. The gun in his hand indicates his intentions of killing anybody who came in between his goals and ambitions to make money. 

Plot : A girl named Shruti Mathur who was fired by her bank after she deposes before a commission investigating large - scale financial fraud and found guilty of negligence in duty. Before police gets some clues about her death, one of the member of commission investigating the fraud Mr. Visht also died. Detective Inspector Ranade of Mumbai Police investigates the case as some more deaths, assaults, attacks, bomb explosions were waiting for him. The people related to Visht and his secrets faced danger of their lives as Ranade further investigates to finally grab the fraudster and reveals his plan. A fast paced thriller about illicit finance take you to the world of corporate finance full of money, deceit, corruption, fraud and the fraudster where you will keep on guessing the culprit behind all these scams and murders.

Thriller :  Being his first book , R V Raman has kept it simple without confusing the plot with sub plots within the main story. Yet he remained hooked to the thrill and suspense till the end and a reader has so many suspects to doubt before the real revelations. His knowledge of banks and financial corporations gave a touch of reality to the plot. He didn't tried to bring lust and sex unnecessarily in the narrative as most of thriller genre writer practice these days. Also I liked that story is inspired by real frauds happened in political and financial circles recently which make it real and acceptable for the readers.

Spoiler : The financial angle is bit confusing, common reader finds it hard to grasp it in one read. I think details of that level are not necessary for the narrative. There are so many men and women but no romantic angle, no relationships, this lack of love angle appears missing to me.

Rating: This is a real thriller strictly dealing with suspense which you must read. I will give 3/5 to it.

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The Indian World

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The Indian World

India is always a matter of curiosity for the western world.For being among the oldest civilizations of the world they always tried to find more about India and went for voyages to discover India and its culture & tradition. It was this culture and tradition of India, the quality of assimilation of every good thing into it which has attracted the world over from centuries and is continuing doing so even today. People say that India was robbed by many foreign invaders and rulers but I say that they have lost their everything to us by enriching our culture.It is this quality due to which world is becoming more Indian than what we think.

Today in this modern world also India is attracting everyone be it as world's biggest consumer market or as spiritual and cultural destination. Look at the big multinational brands , they are launching India specific products. Companies like McDonald's,Pizza Hut,etc have introduced Indian flavors to their menu. Levi's Jeans and other such brands have Indian fits and styles to their collection. They have became Indian. The Lufthansa airlines as their TV commercial suggests serve Indian food in their flights and offer Indian hospitality, such thinks are rare in other airlines. This is more Indian than we actually think or I should say we never think to connect it to India having its association with Germany. But it has embraced Indian culture which even lacked by some Indian airlines. It is this closeness of Lufthansa with Indian culture which has made it the no. 1 European airline of India.

The Indian culture have attracted the whole world. With increase in globalization the Indianization of the world has also started. We have seen US president giving Diwali wishes and lighting candles in the white house, Hollywood female actors are draping themselves in Indian Saree the famous attire of Indian women and why only female actors, male actor to carry Indian attires on their bodies, Indian musicians,singers and dancers are part of bands, concerts, movies and albums of foreign celebrities, some Hollywood movies premiere first in Indian market and than in the US, many world leaders wishes happy independence day to India and even display tricolors of Indian flag at their important places,  this is the charm of Indian culture which is making the world Indianized.

If we look at these things we can say that the world belongs more to India now than to the any other country of the world. I am sure it will grow like this even more and the Indian hospitality, cuisine and entertainment provided by Lufthansa airline will also copy by others soon, see this video

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Book Review - God Is A Gamer

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Book Review - God Is A Gamer

God Is A Gamer is written by Ravi Subramanian and is published by Penguin Books. I have received author signed copy of this book from BlogAdda as a part of book review program. Before going to the book I must admit that I haven't read previous fiction works of Ravi Subramanian namely If God Was A Banker, Devil In Pinstripes, The Incredible Banker, The Bankster and The Bankerupt and neither his non-fiction I Bought The Monk's Ferrari and after reading God Is A Gamer I regretted not being aware of his writing before. Ravi Subramanian is a banker by profession writing thrillers related to banks and bankers and this one is also one of them and promoted as world's first bitcoin related thriller.

Cover : The bitcoin symbol in the title hints at its involvement in the plot. The shape of man looking at white house and the tag line ' Is Revenge A Crime?' relates story to the USA and to the white house. The shape of the man is looking confident enough to take his revenge but with whom is the matter of reading. The cover reveals that a narrative of intrigue is waiting for you which happens with the prologue in which so many things were happening but how and why is unknown.

Plot: Gillian Tan a senator and close pal to the president of United States was killed in a car explosion. This case was handed over to Adrian Scott a special agent of FBI on urgent basis. The story revolves around Scott's investigation of this case ,its link to the ATM heist of millions in New York city and with the new virtual currency Bitcoin. His findings about Indian involvement in the heist and Tan's assassination. How he finds its connection with Malvika's suicide a banker in India in his search? What's the role of leading gaming company of India in all these things? The fast paced roller coaster narrative cross gamer,banker,politician and terrorist shocking and surprising the reader at each turn. How Scott solve each puzzle to reach the real culprit is heart pounding. A case which moves from US to India and from India to US via many twists,turns and encounters with technicians, corrupt bankers,CBI, drug peddlers and many more.

Thriller : The tight plot keep you hooked and you try to go through the complete story as soon as possible to know who was pulling strings. The narrative is as quick as the story, the things were coming rapidly leaving you awestruck and surprised. The climax was superb and wasn't in haste. The end is like a some Hollywood thriller movie but is justified looking at the situations. I also liked the detailing of some technical and financial terms. Quick switching of scenes from different places to different people in the end makes you restless and more curious which I think is a right approach to such thrillers.

Spoiler : Complex plot and introducing a new character in every chapter in the start may look bit confusing to some readers. Use of some financial and technological terminology distance it from common readers who are not into thriller genre. Also I think the Bollywood connection is missing in the plot,when so much money,traps,betrayal are happening actors involvement is a must.

Rating : Must read for thriller lovers and a must try for everyone. I will give 3.9/5 to this book.

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Gharwali Diwali

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Gharwali Diwali

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We always understands importance of things when we are devoid of them whether they are humans, some things or some festivals, we only understands value of somethings in our lives when we don’t have the opportunity to feel them as we were feeling them in the past. Post my father’s dad we realized how futile festivals are without guests in home without the usual hullabaloo. We have a lot of guests in our house on Eid and Diwali due to my father’s friendly nature. He could easily mix up with anybody irrespective of their ages. He was a child among children, full of energy when with young people, a scholar among intellectuals, a worker among staff and so on. I still remember how people crowded our house with gifts and wishes when he was alive. Neighbors, family friends, staff and even local MLA visited our house. We make sure that we should not go anywhere during Diwali holidays and for that reason we have missed several weddings and other parties from our relatives on the day of Diwali.

After his death we haven't experienced any such festivities on Diwali. It is not that we are not social but I and my brother are not as charismatic as he was. We have guests and friends for Diwali even now but not like in those times. The first Diwali after my father’s death was a silent one for us with no lighting and decorations, even our neighbors decided to celebrate it quietly for him. We lived in a locality where both Hindus and Muslims lived together and that too in a family like environment celebrating each other’s festivals, such gesture by our neighbors was remarkable and worth appreciating. That’s what make India a special country and not that political discussions to identify individuals on basis of religion. They visited our home with sweets and gifts since we were not celebrating the festival like earlier years. They cheered us and made that Diwali special for us.

I can’t imagine a without Gharwali Diwali and with ghar I don’t only mean my family and house but without our extended family in our neighbors who are more than any relative for us. Being a Muslim, the most important festival to us is Eid-ul-fitr but being reared in composite culture Diwali also holds a very important place in my heart. I remembered my childhood days when our group of friends used to burst crackers till late at night but after increase in pollution level in Delhi we all pledged to ‘say no to crackers’ and never bought crackers since then. We started concentrated our Diwali more in distributing sweets, sharing Pepsi with kurkure gift packs, meeting old friends and making Diwali happy for the underprivileged.  I have written few lines to summarize Gharwali Diwali,

Mahsoos karo wo saath jo de kadam-kadam khushhali, 
Wo jhappi jo le ude thakan-chuban duniyawali,
Meethi ho saans, na gham ho pass, ho nazron mein chamak matwali,
Aisi ummed hai kare wahi jo manaye, Gharwali Diwali.

(Feel the togetherness which brings happiness at every step,
An embrace that took away pain and sufferings of world,
Sweet breath, without any sorrows and having shining eyes,
One who celebrated 'Home Diwali' desires such things )

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Here is the video of Pepsi Gharwali Diwali , Happy Diwali to all, may all get to celebrate #GharwaliDiwali

Nature's Plan

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Nature's Plan

"The winter is coming my son," he looked at the vast barren land which used to be his village in that god gifted place and added, "I think we need to leave now."

"But papa, our home is here," "our home was here." He corrected his son and moved inside the make shift home to start packing whatever few things they had. They were among the negligible survivors from their village after the flood which devastated the paradise on earth Kashmir Valley. They refused to go with army when they came for rescue so that they could stay and rebuild their village with the help and aid provided by the government through army.

They lived among the rotten dead human and animal bodies, buried them, helped each other to construct houses with limited resources but never thought of living their village because this would mean the extinction of their ancestral land but the intense cold winds were indicating early onset of winter and snowfall. The make shift houses were not enough to sustain chilly winters. They decided to leave immediately with teary eyes but god has different plans. The Hudhud cyclonic winds in Indian ocean the reason for humongous destruction of property and life in eastern coastal region of India reached Himalayan mountain range causing early snowfall in that region.

Those preparing to leave their villages to safer places in winter got struck their due to snowfall to die a slow death. They were destined to die by natural calamity and they died by one. Nobody can change nature's plan.

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Book Review - Half Girlfriend

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Book Review - Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend is the latest presentation of India's blockbuster novelist Chetan Bhagat. He is the most famous Indian English writer in India,the reason being his most novels have turned into super hit Bollywood movies like 3 idiots which is inspired from his Five Point Someone, Hello screen adaptation of One Night @ The Call Center, Kai Po Che from Three Mistakes Of My Life and 2 States from the novel of the same name. His another book Revolution 2020 is also in discussions in Bollywood. You can also see him on news channels in various debates and in newspapers writing columns related to youth of India. Now lets come back to the Half Girlfriend. Half Girlfriend is released on 1st October and is published by Rupa Publications.

Cover: The cover didn't reveal much about the plot but still you get an idea that a boy wants a girl but girl was looking disinterested. We can also come on a conclusion that it will be a love story where a boy loves a girl but girl doesn't , Hindi alphabet's on cover are confusing but you will know while reading that they are important factor in the movement of story.

Plot : This is a story of a Bihari boy Madhav Jha who was a prince of Dumraon an erstwhile princely state of British India. He didn't have much money and property now and his mother took care of his expenses by running a school in Dumraon. He came to St. Stephens College in Delhi and get admission there through sports quota as he was a state level basketball champion. He met Riya Somani a high society Delhi girl on the basketball court during trials as she was also from sports quota. Their love of basketball brought them closer and they became good friends. Madhav wanted a relationship and not only friendship but Riya remained reserved and agreed to be his Half Girlfriend. Turn of events followed by Riya 's marriage with Rohan Chandok her family friend after which she moved to London leaving her studies in between. Madhav on the other hand was heart broken after completing his graduation he moved to Dumraon and started teaching in his mother's school . But fate has some other plans for him. He met divorcee Riya. Why she was divorced? Where and when they met again? Why Riya again leaved Madhav ? Will they become one again?All these questions ends in New York.

Boiler : The story deals with the characters we see in real lives. One can easily identify with Madhav Jha and Riya Somani's characters they are from us. Chetan Bhagat writes in a very simple language easily understandable by most people. Within the story line he has beautifully highlighted some of the social problems like the class disparity of Indian society, regional differences, false pride of high society by mentioning abusing husband and a child abuser father, a corrupt politician in MLA Ojha, etc. Inclusion of Gates foundation and Chetan Bhagat himself in the narrative made it closer to reality.

Spoiler : The bad thing about this book is that it is more of a film script than a novel. I found elements and inspirations from the movies like Rockstar, Highway, Anjana Anjaani  and other such recent modern movies. I also think that the end is delayed even when the reader knew what's going to be its end yes it is predictable at every turning point.

Rating : Keeping in mind the good and the bad , my rating is 2.5/5 . You will know a story of soon to be made Bollywood movie by reading this. - A Review

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Which college to choose after 10 + 2 ? Which college offers which course ? What's the fee structure of a particular college ? What's the date of examination ? If you are bothered with these questions then you are either a 10 + 2 student or parent/guardian of the student. All these worries engulfed the fun of last year of school life. One started preparing for life after 12th standard in advance due to tension involved in it. Those without educational background in family seem almost confused with the situation. But now you don't have to worry about these things because to take care of them is available. 

This site gives detailed information about all the medical,arts,engineering,science,commerce and law colleges and courses offered by them in four metro cities i/e Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata.
From the location of the college to the admission date and procedures along with the fee structure is available only at the click of the mouse and that to in a hassle free environment of your home without any need to go to college to college for their brochures.

Once you log in to their site you can view college brochures,fee structure,notices for important deadline and the opportunity to ask questions from senior counselors. There are very few sites which contains complete information about colleges and courses at one place. Friendly interface, filters for each and every requirement, thorough information and statistics related to college/university, up-to-date news regarding any changes and an ever expanding inventory of around 20,000 colleges and 6000 courses make it a perfect destination for a college aspirant.

It is a neatly arranged websites catering all your needs of higher education answering your each and every question. If you are confused about , what Engineering College or medical college or any other college to choose, which courses to select, why to choose a particular college then all your What?Why?Which? have answers in 

Zoutons - A Review

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Zoutons - A Review

If you love online shopping along with huge discounts and offers then this is the place for you which you must visit before ordering something online. As its tagline suggests here the loot is always on and that too on branded products through reputed and famous e-commerce stores and online marketplaces like Flipkart,Jabong,Myntra,Amazon, etc.

Zoutons is a coupons and deal aggregation website helping online shoppers and deal hunters to locate latest coupons and offers from a vast pool of online retailers,banks and brands.You can also share these offers with your family and friends through social networks like Twitter,Facebook and Google Plus. The discount offers and coupons are regularly updated and you found the most latest deals every time you visit the site. Zoutons also offers email subscription for regular news letters about latest deals and discounts.

The look and feel of the site is also nicely managed. It is not like the stock of offers haphazardly arranged here and there in the site but properly placed in blocks easily recognizable by the user with brand or e-commerce portal. The special thing about zoutons which differentiate it from other such sites is that it also involves offers by various banks for there debit and credit card holders. All online users either possess a debit or a credit card but are not aware of various offers on them thus this platform introduces you with such offers.

We all do online shopping for the convenience and ease provided by this medium , zoutons just enhances this experience by giving amazing deals and offers on various products like clothes,mobiles,jewelry,computer accessories,discount on holiday packages,kids products,home appliances, etc.

If you don't want to log in with your email id ,you can also log in with your Facebook account. Although the offers are great and different from other such sites but it lacks option of cash back which most of the sites are offering now. But still I recommend shopping through it for the offers and coupons like that of Jabong Coupons.  

The Performer

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The Performer 

John committed suicide after his expulsion from a reputed band due to his arrogant nature resulted in misfortunes for his family.

His son Albert was crude in knowledge of music but started performing in bars and restaurant to support living of his mother and younger sister.

His hard work, talent and supple behavior soon made him famous in his town.

Tears rolled down from his eyes when he was contacted by the same band for which his father used to play the drum to be their lead performer.

It's our perspective which unites earth surface with sky at the horizon.

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He Who Would Sow Well, Must Reap Well

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He Who Would Sow Well, Must Reap Well

This saying has a positive effect, it encourages us to do good so that we also receive good from others and most of the time this statement holds its ground but not always. Recently we receive a stab on our backs by one of our close relatives which made me rethink about that statement.

Let me explain you the details. We ( my brother and I ) are manufactures of men's attire. We decided to open a retail outlet and since we both remained occupied in office and factory my brother decided to call our relative who at that time was facing financial crisis due to loss in business. Moreover we also observed that there were no chances in near future for him to recover those losses and came back on track. We offered him partnership in that retail outlet and when he asked about the investments we assured him keeping his financial condition in mind that it was not much while we made the initial investments.During this period he cleared most of his dues and started preparing for a manufacturing unit like us which we ignored. Lots of petty things happened in between and finally it was decided after three years that we would leave that shop because there was not much profit in it or I could say that he was looking for his own profit neglecting our investments.

It was during the time of accounts that he showed his real colors and blamed us for cheating with him. It appeared hilarious to us since he was maintaining the accounts by himself and all sales and purchases were first passed his eyes and then came to us only he could change those records. In these three years his condition has improved financially but I am sorry to say that he deteriorated morally. He changed his eyes and talked in higher tone. My brother hurt more by his behavior because he was the one who brought him for the shop and gave him partnership even after disagreement by me and our mother.

But anyways he took few lacks of money by some manipulations in accounts and his conscience. Loss of money is repairable but he has lost respect and reputation from us which is irreparable. Now coming back to the saying, ' He who would sow well,must reap well'. After looking back to the whole episode I think it is right we have reaped well in this, we have learned a lesson not to trust anybody blindly. In the end it is good heart and inner beauty of your character which matter the most. His face betrayed us but his soul exposed his character completely. 

All other relatives stand by us but we still gave him the desired amount of money. We got attracted and misguided by the superficial looks of a person but it's the inner soul which matters the most.So always do good for others but be cautious in today's world.

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" Her dance shows her hunger to win," he raised her hand upwards to declare her the winner of the dance competition.

But worry and trouble on her face portraying her unhappiness regarding results, she looked at the barren face of the runner up contestant and took the mic from the presenter.

"Ladies and gentlemen I want to confess something," the organizer standing at the corner of the stage gave her an intense look of anger.

"I have paid a huge amount to the organizers to win this title as the other girl was unable to do so for her low financial status," she gave her prize to the runner up girl while the crowd gave her standing ovation.

Money can give you fame and luxury but satisfaction comes only with truth.

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