Tit For Tat

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Tit For Tat

Monika refused Rahul's proposal to be his friend when he hold her hand in the public."She looked most beautiful when she answered his misbehaviour with a slap on his face. He went in anger and confronted her with an acid bottle in his hand on her way to college."I will break your pride baby."

He opened the bottle and raised his hand to throw it on her,suddenly a cricket ball banged into the acid bottle. All acid spilled on his entire body. She had the last laugh when he screamed in pain which he wanted for her.

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Punctured Tyre

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Punctured Tyre

"Damn,the tyre couldn't have chosen a better time to get punctured." Divakar shouted but restricted himself to speak abusive language as his kids eight year old Aaliya and six year old Aarav was with him. He was going to drop them at school. He was not late but the road where his tyre get punctured was going to be sealed by police as protesters headed by Chief Minister were going towards Ministry of Home Affairs for demonstration to sack some police officials.

Police was sealing the road to halt their movement. Divakar knew that protesters were soon came on this road and than it would be impossible to pass the way. He was in favor of that protest since he at several occasions became a victim of police atrocities and corruption but he didn't imagine that the protest would have such an adverse effect on common people like him. He came out of the car to change the tyre when a police officer asked him to quickly took away his car.

He saw a huge crowd coming towards police barricade shouting slogans against police and the central government. He looked at his children they were crying out of fear, he stopped changing the tyre and locked his car. He crossed the road with his children to go away from such noises but people were coming from all directions,they were in attacking mode. He took his children and stand near a media van " I think this is safe,stop crying they will soon pass that road", he consoled both the kids.

Soon crowd passed that road towards their prescribed agitation spot after pushing and hustling with police. Divakar came towards his car to change the tyre and noticed that his hand was wounded in running and crossing roads. It was difficult to change the tyre with wounded hand,he looked around. A policeman was watching Divakar. He approached towards him," Brother I think you need help." " No, I can do it myself." Police officer took Band Aid from his hand which he was trying to apply to his wound and helped him to put it right. " You are afraid of me? " " N... No...", Sir,sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye , your hatred against me is clearly visible in your eyes and I can feel it," he started changing the punctured tyre. " But it's not your mistake some of us have indulged in many criminal activities which made our image bad in public's eyes but we all are not the same."

" We worked all day and night in difficult situations,on holidays too to ensure your safety and what we got for this nothing. Today also we are protecting a man who was against us because it's our duty anyways your tyre has changed, now go your children are getting late for school." Divakar was unable to say anything,his children thanked the officer. He was speechless,he drove the car to school thinking about the other side of the issue. His punctured tyre helped him to inflate new thoughts in him.

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She made herself ready not only in physical appearance but also mentally to answer her three year boyfriend's marriage proposal. She was ready to leave her parents for him as they were against them.Little did she know that he was already married with two children before she visited his home. Her trust has broken.

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Ude Jab Jab Zulfein Teri

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Ude Jab Jab Zulfein Teri

Shampoo makers never thought about the feelings of boys. Picture of girls on shampoo sachet and bottle,girls in advertisements and there too on contest page of Indibloggers.in and even examples shown here are also indicating that only girls need better hair i.e silky smooth without any mess and actually it's not wrong ,long hairs if kept untidy and mismanaged then there will be more breakage of hair.

But boys too have desires related to hairs. Dust particles,pollution,wind,etc do attack our hairs also and if they are slightly longer than usual ,they become messy and entangled to each other. Whenever I think of the reason to recharge my hair an old Hindi song came into my mind. This is the only song about hair or zulf as it is called in songs for the male actor." Ude jab jab zulfein teri " pictured on Dilip Kumar and Vijayantimala is a song from Naya Daur(1957) which means 'whenever your hair flies askew in the air girls heart beats fast.'

I want my hair like this to flew in the air when I move thus attracting every girl passing by my side. The moment where I got compliments and perhaps able to say someone what Dilip Kumar says to Vijayantimala in this song " Tujhe chand ke bahane dekhun chat par aaja goriye" ( I watch you at pretext of moon oh beautiful if you come on roof). I shy person like me needs confidence to say so to a girl so I prefer the movement of my hair do the talking for me.

Who don't like compliments? And that too from beautiful girls would be life changing. Enough to make you hero in your friends eyes,an eye candy for every girl and the talk of the down. News among girls spread faster than light. Perhaps this will inspire shayars (poets) to write more on boys zulfein( hairs) ,perhaps I will be the center of that song. Anything is possible with such recharged hair.

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Lovely Five

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Lovely Five 

We are a nation of movie lovers, we have an audience for every kind of movies whether they are big budget multi-starrer films or small budget movies with fresh faces and new directors and even 'C' grade movies enjoys an audience of their own. That is the reason we produce most number of films in the world and some Hollywood films also release first in India than in USA. Films since the beginning helps in making public opinion,they raise questions,depicts reality and make the masses aware of situations prevailing in the country.

There are so many films marked in my memory which have shook me in one or the other way but I will limit my self to those movies which released last year i.e year 2013 for this blogadda activity.

1.Shahid :(release date 18th Oct.2013): This film is based on life of  Shahid Azmi a lawyer and human right activist who was assassinated in the year 2010 in his office. This film through his story throws light on the condition of those who were framed by police in false cases owing to their religious background. Rajkumar Rao's performance as Shahid Azmi was superb in this film. I liked this film because this issue finds no place in the mainstream cinema,simplicity of characters and powerful performances.  This film is a rightful approach to the topic.

2.Ankur Arora Murder Case:(14th June 2013): This film based on a real life incident talks about issue of medical negligence. How a hospital manipulates evidence to save it's reputation after a death of a child due to mistake of one of it's senior doctor. The film scores point with it's ability to do justice to the subject. Tisca Chopra and K.K Menon's performances were worth appreciating and this was also an untouched issue. It's a reality in today's world where profession of doctor has associated itself to money rather than to patients.

3.BA Pass :(2nd Aug.2013): This film deals with a bold subject of male escorts which is not discussed often. Shilpa Shukla of Chak de India fame gave a brilliant performance in it. I liked it for the fact that it shows how futile is the life of high society,they need to hide themselves with different faces at different times. Although it's an 'A' certificate film but it's really promising for the way it handles such a bold subject,it didn't turn vulgar anywhere,mindset of an astray youth is exquisitely depicted.

4. Jolly LLB:(15 March 2013) : An off-beat subject of injustice to poor treated in a commercial way so as to reach more people. We read and heard how people with money change the course of justice in their favor but we never reacted to it because it's none of our business.This film make you realise that being an Indian citizen it's our duty to provide equality in justice by coming forward for the injustice without being preachy and boring. Highlighting helplessness of our judicial system. Best performance of Arshad Warsi till now,nice scenes,gripping screenplay and good direction make this film likable.

5.Club - 60:(6th Dec.2013) : It has now became the last film of Farooq Sheikh. This film encourages you to live your life to the fullest in spite of problems in your life. The message given by the movie is not for 60+ only but for all those who curse their life for their losses in personal or professional life. It makes you alive again. Fantastic performances by all actors specially Raghuvir Yadav. Strong story,connectible characters make me like this film.

I think the reason for less viewership of these films is that they went unnoticed and many movie goers don't know when they were released. Above mentioned films are all  falls in HIT category as producers promoted them in a way that viewers were aware of their release. I like them because they all handled issues which are taboo for mainstream filmmakers or if handled they don't get justice due to big names associated with them which took away the credits of good story,performances and direction. Characters in them are real and one can associate with them. I also liked them as they are not lengthy and stick to the plot throughout. These films are required for us to grow as a responsible society.

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Conversation - 3

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Conversation - 3 ( Love For Chair )

Opposition  : Kill him otherwise we will loose center also.

Secretory   : But he is doing good for the common man, let him do the mistake,we can catch that chance.

Opposition : We can't wait for his mistakes elections are near. I can't tolerate anyone coming in between my Love for chair at this crucial time of our democracy,you do what I  have said.

Secretory  : Sir! I think you forget that I am also a common man,that's my resignation,police is coming.

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Baba Ramdev's 'Tax Asan'

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Baba Ramdev's 'Tax Asan'

Baba Ramdev's interest in bringing back black money and his affiliation towards Narender Modi and BJP has made him to introduce a new Asan ( Yoga posture) for his followers the 'Tax Asan'. He announced it recently and asked BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narender Modi to practice this asan to be next Indian Prime Minister.
He also added that this posture is a result of research by him and 'arthakranti.org.Practice of this asan includes:

1.Removal of all present taxes in India(except import duties).
2.Levy a single Bank Transaction Tax of 2% on receivers account instead.
3.Distributing this amount among various agency in the ratio, Central gov.(0.7%): State gov.(0.6%):Local bodies(0.35%):Bank(0.35%).
4.Withdrawal of high denomination currency (i.e above Rs 50)
5.All transaction to be done through bank only.

Benefits of 'Tax Asan':

1.Rate of all items to be reduced by 50%.
2.Guarantee of 300 lok sabha seats if practiced by BJP.
3.Prosperity and peaceful living of all citizen of India.
4.Removal of poverty,corruption,etc.

Baba said that it's non of our concern that this asan failed in Brazil,absence of an expert like him was the reason behind it according to him.

Other's experts who are working in simplifying the already exiting tax asan are against this asan due to the following reasons:

1.Unavailability of banks in each nook and corner of India.
2.Rich and poor to be taxed at same rate.
3.Increase the tax burden as more transaction means more tax.
4.Not used by any developing or developed economy except some tourist destinations.
5.Decrease in tax collection which are used in running our country.
6.Increase in black money because people then will prefer cash transactions to save tax.
7.Easy for black marketers to turn their money into white by paying just 2%.

Baba Ramdev's mission is to make each individual of India whether they reside in village or cities to be flexible like him to be able to accept and perform this asan. Banks where this has to be performed has not said anything yet.The success of this asan is still in question but Baba has started preaching it in his yoga camps.


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Awesome - A Drabble

Arvind came out of boring new year party and sat in his car. He saw a girl coming towards car in rear view mirror." Hi!" She said in a sexy voice and moved her fingers on his face. They went to his home. She gave him a drink and unbuttoned him. He didn't know what happened after that until he woke up in the morning only in an underwear,all clothes,car key,wallet ,etc were gone along with that girl. Only a message was written on the wall with nail polish.
Thank for making this year awesome for me.

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