Vyapam Scam

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Vyapam Scam

Madhya Pradesh's Vyapam scam is again in News after one more death of the person related to the MP Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal(Vyapam) which took the toll to 44. The mysterious deaths of accused and witnesses is pointing towards a bigger conspiracy and indicating the involvement of bigger names in the scam. The fire of this scam is also touching the office of Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan who is not acting promptly in the investigation.

The biggest recruitment scam in examinations including pre-medical entrance test and government jobs including teachers,food inspectors, sub inspectors,police constables ,etcetera  hints at involvement of Rashtriya Swamswvak Sangh (RSS) functionaries along with the governor and CM. The RSS was trying to post the members adhered to their ideology in the important government department posts thus to impart and spread their orthodox and fragmenting teachings in the masses. The majoritarianism thinking of RSS was previously responsible for partition of India ( along with Muslim's League) and riots and hate crimes after Independence of the country. This scam thus is a threat to internal security and democracy of the country.

The scam is more dangerous because the doctors,engineers and even police constables were inducted by cheating and fraud and now the deaths of many accused and witnesses have threatened the emergence of truth in the public domain. Some other witnesses also facing death threats and are either living in fear with police protection in MP or have escaped in other cities for the fear of their life. 

Why MP chief minister is not recommending CBI (Central Bureau Of Investigation) probe in the scam? Why SIT was formed only after High Courts interference? Why the mysterious deaths of accused and witnesses was labeled as normal by the state government? Why the party which promises corruption free governance is defending its CM and not demanding CBI inquiry? All the questions must be answered before someone else related to Vyapam fall prey to death. 

World Yoga Day - New Aasan

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World Yoga Day - New Aasan

International Yoga Day on 21st June 2015 was an eye catching event owing to its vastness and reach. The PM famous for his marketing and event management skills stood victorious again at this time in making it a world event without any flaws if we ignore some asanas (posture) he performed wrong. But I am not here to praise the achievements of this day since our PM expert in Swayam Prashansan (Self-Praise Posture) is enough for this, I am here to make you aware of the few New Aasanas (postures) trending in the country.

Ram Madhav with his latest tweet after World Yoga Day about Vice President Hamid Ansari joined the league of other BJP leaders like Sakshi Maharaj, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Yogi Adityanath and some others who are expert practitioner of Murkh Samvad Aasan (Foolish Talking Posture). In this aasan the practitioner speaks without knowing the facts and repercussions of his sayings as Ram Madhav did with his tweet without knowing that Vice President was not invited for the event due to protocol perhaps he was trying the age old favorite Sampradayik Aasan (communal posture) of RSS and BJP. 

Recently PM Narender Modi who has become a pro in Ulat Palat Asan (Shuffle Posture) by changing his views on various issues before and after the General elections has now learnt Maun Aasan (Silent Posture) by keeping silent on Lalit Modi, Vasundhara Raje and Sushma Swaraj's Bhrashtachaar Aasan (Corruption Posture) which sources close to him claims he has learnt from Manmohan Singh the former Prime Minister of India during their 45 minutes meeting recently at 7 Race Course Road. It is not difficult to understand that PM is a quick learner the use of Made In China yoga mats despite his urge for Make In India appears to be the practice of Jumla Aasan (Phrase Posture) taught by Amit Shah to him and used previously for Black Money issue.

Modi government in partnership with Arvind Kejriwal lead Delhi government is also doing Kathputli Aasan (Puppet posture) and Nautanki Aasan (Drama posture) with Delhi L.G Najeeb Jung leading the troops leaving Delhi citizens in Tang Aasan (Trouble posture) due to restrictions in developmental work. The already troubled public is fed up of all these aasanas of politicians and want something to uplift their spirit, though Rahul Gandhi's Sakriya Aasan ( Active Posture) brings some hope but they are not stopping doing  Shanka Asan (doubt posture) looking at his previous performances. 

Just keep practicing yoga taught by Yoga Gurus for healthy mind, body and soul because politically taught aasanas have bad effect not only on our health but the health of society and nation.

Sniffing to Ban Body Odour

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Sniffing to Ban Body Odor

#SniffSniff activity at +BlogAdda stimulated both nose and mind to uncover the mystery behind the clues. The mention of the word sniff was enough to realize that it was something related to the nose and right from the first clue i.e a male image with cloth clip on its nose I was sure that the product is related to the removal of bad body odor , I guessed about a soap, a powder or a deodorant but I was not sure about this at that time. The first clue started this wonderful adventure of revealing the product an activity which was unique in itself.

I was always thinking about the product during the period of Sniff Sniff activity. The activity was designed in a way to keep us hooked to it. When the second clue i.e Coffee Bean Bag arrived I have made my mind that the product is a deodorant but this clue was a bit confusing. It changed my thought process and compelled me to think in the different direction but again the mention of the body odor in the card attached to it indicated towards a fragrance perhaps of Coffee flavor which in the end came out as a hint to a smell which over powers all other smells or I should say all body odor. 

The face mask which is the final clue in the series was an apt indicator to a product which allows to breath freely in body odor free environment. The thing written on card which assist the mask was also interesting and hinted towards the arrival of a fresh fragrance. With the face mask I was sure that it was a body hygiene product for men.

The final product i.e Nivea Men Body Deodorizer ended all my doubts and rightly pass the body odor test. I have received ICE COOL variant of this product which is also available in Energy variant. This product is specially designed for today's men who wants to be ever ready for any occasion in less time. It controls your body odor and gives you a fresh feel throughout the day just with one use. Nivea Men Body Deodorizer has a revolutionary concentrated yet skin friendly formula that works on the skin and prevents the formation of odor at its source. I have a sensitive skin and I found it apt for my skin type. Now just #BanBodyOdour with this product

 “I'm using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda

Privileged Fugitive

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Privileged Fugitive

You will wish to commit a crime if you would see Lalit Modi's Instagram and Twitter images with celebrities in parties or his images of relaxation in destinations like Venice, Paris and London. The accused of money laundering in IPL (Indian Premier League) is enjoying in England and other European countries after taking refuge there in 2010.

A big corporate player Modi has good relations with both BJP and Congress leaders which resulted in his easy escape in 2010 and getting favors from external affair minister Sushma Swaraj even in the Narender Modi regime which flaunts its spotless image freely. Why any accused would have such an easy access to top ministers without having any fear of being caught by the investigative officials ?The silence of Narender Modi on this issue brought him at par with Manmohan Singh who remained silent on various scams during his tenure as PM of India.

It is an open secret that IPL is more of money than cricket and spot fixing allegations on players and officials are equal news makers along with the cricketing geniuses. I am not against IPL because it has helped in giving a big platform to emerging young Indian cricketers which otherwise lost in cricket politics but it must be free from fixing issues to have a genuine impact. We all know that corporate means profit, they don't see good or bad in making profits and if such people are heading top posts in sports bodies then they will try to make profit in them also by hook or by crook.

Sushma Swaraj should clarify her stand because there are no humanitarian ground which could justify helping a criminal. If this is justified then Dawood Ibrahim  someday would ask her to visit his ailing relatives in India on humanitarian ground without any fear of being caught or other accused who are outside India would also roam freely like Lalit Modi mocking Indian judicial system. I hope Finance Minister, External Affair Minister or Prime Minister should say something on this issue.

Natural Care is The Best Care

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Natural Care is The Best Care

Image from Indiblogger brandcover

If you have sisters and that too five in number then one thing you would know the best is the hair and skin care techniques. I am lucky too have five sisters thus home-made remedies for different problems are easy to find. They keep newspaper and magazine cuttings about skin care, how to get slim, how to grow your hair long, what to eat for glowing skin et cetera, et cetera and I am being younger to them was their Guinea Pig to test new products and solutions they made after reading in newspaper and magazines or watching them in television. I didn't protest because I knew they would not try anything harmful on me and because after that they have to make things I like to eat.  

I have oily skin which is perfect for pimples but you would be shocked to know that my face remain unaffected by pimples due to the use of Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth) on my face. Multani mitti also gives relief against prickly heat. I still remember that when I was a child they rub my complete body with Multani mitti paste during hot Delhi summer. It is more effective on face when you apply it by mixing sandalwood powder which is good for skin glow. Sandalwood powder and rose-water mixture is also an alternative for glowing skin. 

You must have heard the old VICCO turmeric cream jingle , ' keel muhaso ko jad se mitai, haldi chandan ke gund isme samaye,' (removes black head and pimples, with turmeric and sandalwood qualities) which clearly indicates the importance of sandalwood in skin glow. This cream is a regular in our house from always. I have also used other things like sandalwood face packs, turmeric face packs, neem face packs et cetera on advice of my sisters and believe me the natural products are better than artificial chemical based products. Now I don't listen to their advice much but during my childhood and teenage they used to guide me for healthy skin and hair. Now I too have knowledge of many things from their experience and by searching Internet.

Using natural products for your skin maintains the originality of your skin thus keeping your face younger and energetic for a longer span of your life. You must have noticed the soft skins of  your grandmothers, this is due to the use of natural products more in the past. It is true that pollution and changing environment have increased the risk of skin damage and you are required to use much more things on your skin than before but you can still use Ayurvedic products or products with the natural ingredients like VICCO turmeric cream instead of chemical based products.

Saving Is Income of The Future

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Saving Is Income of The Future

Government comes and goes but the inflation remains the same. The much hyped election promises to act against inflation in 100 days of coming in power went at the last of the to-do list after coming to power. Since prices increases and earnings remains the same the only way to save and run the house in a specific restricted budget is by saving only. As they say saving is income of the future.

But what will you do to save more money? Run to shops and markets in search of extra discount and deals in extreme heat conditions or knee deep monsoon waters. I think it is not the good idea and I am sure you also believe the same. In today’s modern world when you could have every possible thing on earth at your doorstep just by few mouse clicks who bother to go under the sun and waste your time.  Just visit any e-commerce site and get the product you want. There are lots of e-commerce sites selling so many products and providing so many coupons and deals thus the task of finding the best deal becomes difficult again.

But the solution has arrived in the form of Coupondesh.com. It is a place which gives you easy access to best coupons and deals among all sites. You can get coupons, deals, discount codes for almost anything and everything starting with electronics, toys, apparel, food, furniture, appliances, jewelry, footwear, home décor, beauty, wellness, travel, gifts, flowers, books, stationery, school supplies, gadgets, health supplies, medical facilities for men, women and kids. From your everyday to occasion day needs, great discounts and coupon codes are available for various websites.

What I liked more about this site is the ease of finding these deals and coupon, offers are separated in different categories for men, women and kids, you can also sort products according to a particular site like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, etc. You can even get offers for Mobile recharges which is a necessity among mobile savvy generation. Through Tip of the day section they suggests best offer for that day to shop, I found this feature unique for such sites.

The site is arranged in a nice manner. The recent and best promo deals for all the stores appear on the top and when you keep scrolling down you get the old and recently expired deals for that particular store. If you are searching for any product you would get a list of top coupons for that product. Another good part about Coupondesh is that the expiration date is also mentioned on the coupons (unlike some other coupon websites) so you know when your coupon is expiring thus saving your time to visit for that offer.

There are over 140 stores and 50 categories to choose from which means more the option more the competition more the products more the offer and more the savings. For customers there is always a win-win situation. Coupondesh is fast growing and becoming popular creating more options for customers. All the stores and categories have their separate description making it easy for the consumer to navigate through the stores and finding the right product. 

The customer support system at Coupondesh is also really good. If you are registered with them than you stand no chance of missing out on any of the deals as they send out regular updates on best deals and top coupons. They have a FAQ’s page that tells all about coupons and how to use them. They also feature their own lifestyle blog which deals with fashion, food, travel, shopping, et cetera, another positive about Coupondesh is that you can stay in touch through social networking websites be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and get regular updates eliminating possibilities of missing any offer and deal.

The one thing which I don’t like about this site is the appearance. All e-commerce site and the sites which have offer deals and coupons like Coupondesh have modern and trendy look which I found missing in it. It has an old looking appearance which is not eye catching and doesn’t appeal to the audience. This look could be turn off for the audience and drag them away from the site otherwise the deals, coupons and offer are better or at par from the other sites.

So next time when you need something you know where to go, i.e Coupondesh.com and then either grab Flipkart offers, Amazon offers or Jabongoffers. 

By The Order of The Odour

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By The Order of The Odour

Metro man S. Sreedharan would have highlighted many problems during conceptualization of Metro Rail in Delhi but I bet he haven't thought of the odour problem in the overcrowded coaches of the metro. There is no doubt about the efficiency of Delhi Metro in tackling with so many passengers daily but I doubt their ability to deal with odour of different varieties. Women are lucky to have their coach reserved for them which gave them space to breath and at least not poke nose in some body's armpit when the train jerk to stop.

They say that love begins in the heart and smell begins in the nose. Nose knows best about the good or bad smell and directs brain to take decision accordingly. Once while travelling in the overcrowded Delhi Metro I encountered an incident for which my nose still curses me. After boarding the metro from a deserted station of my area for Shahdara almost the last station of the Red Line of Metro, heap of people entered from all doors at Kashmere Gate metro station the most crowded station due to the part of underground Yellow Line. Anyways details of the station and metro was not important but what happened after that was more interesting.

A man dressed nicely came and stood near me, his looks and appearance was not lesser than a gentleman but his body odour , OMG! He must be on bath diet for days. It was unbearable to stand by his side. The deodorant or powder he used to hide that smell of his body betrayed him badly when he raised his arms to grip handle bar on metro coach's roof. The body odour + deodorant or powder smell + his current sweat = Gave way to a bomb of foul smell which exploded in my nose convincing me to stop at whichever station came next.  I deboarded that coach by the order of the odour at the next station and entered in another coach, going to another coach without exiting that one was impossible due to the crowd. 

I breathed a sigh of relief because I would have fainted at that moment due to suffocation if I would have remained near him. That was a strange bad body odour which I haven't experienced before or after that incident. Overcrowded metro do put you in pool of bad odours but you can manage with them but that odour was out of order to tolerate. My Nose Knows best which smell is good for me and I thanked her for acting promptly in that tough situation. 

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.

The Finish Line

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The Finish Line - A 55 fiction

He bought a guitar and nurtured a dream to be a rock star since he attended a rock concert at the age of three. His guitar was inseparable from him. It was also lying on his lap when he consumed poison after failing to cross board exam finish line. The ultimate test of your skills?

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

2 Minute Ruk Sakte Hain !

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2 Minute Ruk Sakte Hain !

Maggie Noodles lovers who finds it hard to wait even for two minutes to eat it now with almost a nationwide ban have to wait for days to taste it again. The recent test on Maggie in UP, Kerala and Delhi have found increased quantity of MSG i.e monosodium glutamate a taste enhancer not mentioned in ingredient list of Maggie packet along with increased lead amounts which is a poisonous substance.  

The MSG has an addictive nature and its excess consumption promotes sluggishness in the body. It may also cause headache, nausea, increased thirst and chest tightness. These findings are not only strange but shocking for a product used almost in every middle and upper class home for over three decades ( in market since 1982, Note : I have never tested it.) It is possible that these substances are part of ingredients from years but negligence of our officials have never brought it to life due to irregular checking schedules. 

The food adulteration laws are not strict in India due to which food consumable manufactures and sellers often broke them and walk away with petty fines. In United States of America even street vendors are required to have clearance certificate from food safety department before operating and here even big companies like Nestle is not concerned with public safety. There are also possibilities that only some batches of Maggie have increased quantity of poisonous substances but if it so then also it is a serious mistake from Nestle which mentions no added MSG on packets. Such big companies should have their own self regulatory food safety mechanism.

The notices have also been sent to celebrities who endorses Maggie noodles. Celebrities do have a social responsibility but blaming them for unsuitable compounds in product is ridiculous. It is like blaming a politician for inaugurating a shop which starts selling fake items. I hope this controversy over Maggie noodles would resolve quickly and this product would come back in market after all safety measure as it has became a part of Indian households and being an instant noodle which is easy to make and eat, it also offers a great relief for those struck in floods, landslides, Tsunami and earthquake situations. 

Book Review : Checkmate

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Book Review : Checkmate

Checkmate is written by Hrishikesh Joshi who is an engineering student living in Pune, Maharashtra. This book is published by Frog Books of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. This book received from author is a crime based thriller fiction.

Cover : It is an ordinary cover design, the title and the cover doesn't go well together. The picture of terrorist with gun do gives a hint of story's relation with a terrorist but I was looking for something else on the cover (like a chessboard with players as terrorist on one side and Indian intelligence people on the other or something else more related to the story).    

Plot : The story starts with Lashkar e Taiba's (a terrorist organisation) head Muhammad Zia ul Afridi planning something to release his three terrorists from Indian jail. They use Bombay High Court chief justice Ramakrishna Shastry since high court judges are from list of VIP's free from security check at the airport to help them in their plan to send arms to the terrorist in Air India plane. Terrorists hijacked the plane and their partner Taliban hijacked Karachi airport to land that plane. RAW chief Vikram Roy on the other hand came in action to save the hostages from terrorists hand. His search to track the plane revealed something which shocked him to the core. What would happen to the hostages? Would government kneel down to the terrorists' demands? The story took interesting twists and turns to give a high action climax.

Thriller : The setup of the story is nice and the author has cleverly blended the facts with the fiction to make this story believable. Story progresses step by step with short chapters without confusing the readers with unnecessary details. The pace and action of the narrative is maintained throughout making it an interesting read. 

Spoiler : The plane hijack remained a subject of many Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films. Although the plan to hijack plane was different in this book the climax looked similar to a Nagarjuna movie. It is difficult to find a connection to any character thus detaching the reader emotionally from the narrative.

Verdict : A fine time read suitable for those looking for a an action packed thriller.

Rating : I would give it 2.5/5. 

You can buy this book online from :  Landmark,  Flipkart, Infibeam , Amazon.in , Amazon.com , Uread , Crossword