Voodoo Cricket

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Voodoo Cricket

Our group decided to watch India-Pakistan T20 match together at one of our friends house. But it was a working day, it was impossible to get a leave in March as there was financial year ending work load. It was also difficult to miss that match. It's the India - Pakistan clash and not any ordinary match. We were five friends in that group including Rohan whose presence at match viewing place was in doubt from the very first day we made this plan as the quota of his yearly allotted vacations was over. He gave us assurance for his arrival but we didn't have any hope of his coming.

I didn't face any problem being self-employed but all others came with the help of excuses.We were ready to watch match with switched off phones,Pepsi and many eatables when door bell rang. We were surprised to see Rohan and watched the match together after which he told his superb excuse. Since his boss was superstitious he made a doll with old clothes and Cotton similar to voodoo dolls used in black magic. He wrote his name behind it and showed it to his boss who got frightened for him. He told his boss that he found that doll in the lift and doubted that someone in office was doing such a heinous act. He pretended that he was feeling headache from the time he saw that doll. His boss gave him an address of a voodoo expert he usually consulted in the matter of magic along with the leave for that day. He did visit that expert so that his boss didn't got suspicion, he gave him a thread to wear.

It was genius on his part to think like that but we enjoyed his presence for his special comments during the match. He jumped with each boundary and wickets taken by his favorite teams which on that occasion was India. One if not glued to TV could watch a full match on his face which changes color and expression with each ball telling you exactly what was happening. Before starsports.com app he was the one doing all these works. Like Action Recap feature of this app he too could give you quick and complete recap of the match as if you were always there during the match. Action recap came handy for matches parts of which was missed due to office hours that's why I liked this feature the most.

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Read the first part here : Yearning 

Zeal to live from his life was gone which soon send him to hospital bed. The condition of government hospital in his area was so pathetic that his death was evident. He was also prepared for his death, he cleared all dues of various people in his village including his servant whom he advised to leave but he refused owing to his beneficence and treating it as his duty to serve him. 

His condition became bad to worse. His physical food intake stopped and he became unconscious with weakness. Later he transferred to another hospital where he started improving. After seven days he came in a position to open his eyes properly. He surprised to see himself in a private room of a different hospital. His servant was sitting beside him. He ran outside in excitement to see Rajan in senses. A young man in mid-twenties entered with Rajan's servant. Rajan didn't recognize him at first glance but as he came closer a proud smile enveloped his face.

That young man was Abhinav who was his student ten years ago. Abhinav's parents died in an accident when he was in class tenth. He fell in bad company. It was Rajan who brought him on right track, supported his studies and gave him space in his house till he completed his twelfth standard. He got scholarship from a reputed college in a foreign country and went abroad for his higher studies. He married and got a job there which he left to work in his own country India and to spend time with his teacher Rajan Sir. But when he returned Rajan shifted to his village. He searched for him wherever he got hint for his existence. One day he received a call from his old friend who told him about Rajan sir. When he reached the village,he found that Rajan was in hospital. 

He shifted him to a renowned hospital and cared for him. Rajan's eyes filled with tears learning all this from his servant. A zephyr was felt by him which cooled his distracted heart. Abhinav took him to his home when doctors discharged him. His teachings were not useless. Perhaps time changes the people's perception about someone or something but it was also time which teaches significance of something or someone. It was then you feel zephyr is refreshing.


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Yearning for his old days when he was a teacher in high school he called his servant to give him the photo album. Thirty years of his life were spent with students from all categories of society. However he never discriminated among them and treated them as his own sons and daughters. He don't have his own children which attached him more to them. He didn't feel that void of not having children in  their company. His wife Asha was also very fond of them. She enjoyed when they came home to discuss their problems whether academic or personal. She prepared food for them and remained concerned for their problems. 

But things changed after his retirement five years ago. Initially some old students used to visit them but as they got busy with work or higher studies their visits also stopped. Asha for the first time in her life felt emptiness which deteriorated her health resulted in her untimely death. Her death shattered Rajan, he leaved that house and settled in his village home with only a servant to take care of him

Whenever he felt lonely he saw the photos of his student which have became successful doctors, engineers,lawyers, businessman,etc. Their success was a source of satisfaction for him. But their ignorance raised negative questions in his mind about his teachings which weren't available in books. He thought that he would be more happy if he was not a teacher. He had only his pension to support his living. He was old and his health was also deteriorating. At this age he need someone to care for him not only with money but also with love. He wished his yearning for love end soon.

Did the teacher would die silently in his exile or someone would come to pay debt of his teachings.Next and final part tomorrow.

Today's alphabet is Y and it's UBC DAY 29


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Xylographer ( wood artist - A Drabble ) 

Xylographer presented his most appreciated creation to the king the engraved wooden life size structure of the demised queen. King's eyes filled with tears, it was truly a masterpiece appearing as if queen was standing alive in this wood. 

" What do you want xylographer ? "

 Being aware of the fate of Taj Mahal's artisans (their hands were cut ) he destroyed that structure and told the king that he wanted to build it again while living in the palace with his family. He was arrested with his family. Forced to make that structure again in prison. He was executed after its completion.

Today's alphabet is X and it's UBC DAY 28.

Criminals Not To Be Part Of 16th Lok Sabha

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Criminals Not To Be Part Of 16th Lok Sabha

May 17th 2014: New Delhi : When nation is witnessing a hung house as no party or coalition is heading towards a clean majority a good news is coming from behalf of Election Commission (EC) and Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) that all candidates with criminal records have lost their elections. Chief Election Commissioner VS Sampath labelling it as the victory of democracy said," EC's team efforts for free and fair election has given us such results. I thank all Indian voters for this victory."

Responding to the news PM Manmohan Singh gave his government the credit for initiating electoral reforms by giving more powers to the EC and for providing an environment where guilty got punishment. BJP's PM post candidate Narender Modi told our reporter that he encouraged people during his public meetings to vote for the honest and decent candidates. AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal mocked his response and said ," Modi Ji's sense of humor is very good it was his party that gave the most number of tickets to candidates with criminal background and there are also ministers in his Gujarat government convicted by the court of law." Rahul Gandhi and his mother Congress chairperson Sonia Gandhi remained silence on the issue while most of the other congress leaders tweeted it as the victory of their party's no tolerance for criminals policy forgetting that many party ministers are in jail bars various scams and crimes.

It is still not clear who will form the government at centre in coming days but this result will bar political parties to contest elections with candidates having criminal backgrounds. Some experts believes that apart from efforts by EC and ADR, Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayate played a pivotal role in decriminalizing these elections. The whole nation for the first time in the history of Indian elections is celebrating the victory of Indian democracy rather than victory of any leader or political party.

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PS : This news excerpt perhaps will never appear on 17th May 2014 after result of General Elections but there is no wrong in dreaming good. As I believe that's its only dream that comes true. 

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World Temple

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World Temple

"World Temple would be a place of worship for all." As teacher finished the lesson school bell rang and all students started leaving the class except Mridul. The idea of world temple where every religion would be equally worshiped struck him so strongly that he wanted to know more about this theory. He ran towards his teacher and inquired the details.

" See Mridul this chapter put forward this idea in sync with 'all world is a home concept'. Holy books of all religions would be kept there,there would be walls inscribed with stories and teachings of Islam,Hinduism,Christianity,Sikhism,Judaism,Buddhism,etc. All caste,culture,creed,color would be allowed in this temple. All world would be equal there as humans and not as Hindus or Muslims or Christian or anybody else." " Sir who will build this temple." His teacher's answer that he didn't know made Mridul more curious. He went home and told her mother about what he learnt in the school and asked the same question from her. She averted the topic and asked him to be ready for lunch.

That day he didn't go outside to play with friends. Everywhere in news he saw hatred at its peak,people making demeaning remarks for other religion or region. World temple would be full of love for everyone. He asked this question about world temple from many around him in the building where he lived but all ignored him. They didn't knew the answer of his question. They never thought about that, how its possible that each religion resided with harmony with other religion under same roof.

 In the evening when his father returned from office he explained his lesson and asked the same question to him. His father smiled patted his back and said," You will build this temple my son." " Me Dad!" He looked surprised." Yes my son,world temple is in you. It's in everyone who respect all religions equally.Those who keep God in their heart and not in any religious place. It will be a place for god loving people rather than god fearing people." His father's answer satisfied him. He gave a promise to his father to construct a strong world temple and to spread its roots to others as well.

Today's alphabet is W and it's UBC DAY 26.

Viscous Solution

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Viscous Solution

Victory smile was spreading over his face after preparing that viscous solution which would change his fortune. He was researching for last five years about a liquid substance which would replace patrol. The solution prepared from plant extracts and other things would be a cheaper fuel. He filled the solution in an empty bottle to show it to his seniors scientists the next day in the laboratory. They would be surprised for his adept research single-handedly. 

He slept in satisfaction only to wake up with the sound of a fire alarm. Fierce fire caught his kitchen, his servant and his wife rushed outside from there towards the exit gate. He too followed them with his bottle. Before fire fighter could reach the spot whole house was under fire. At that point he noticed that he picked the wrong bottle." Where is my bottle." " Which bottle?" His wife asked. " A bottle containing a solution." She told that she had removed that edible oil's bottle from his room and kept that water bottle in its place. 

" We should complain about that oil,it caught wire when Radhe heat it to fry some snacks." He realized that owing to color and texture of that solution her wife used it as an edible oil and that's the reason his house was burning in fire. All his research papers were also burning inside his home lab. He had to start  the whole process again. 

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Today's alphabet is and it's UBC DAY 25.

Unusual Demand

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Unusual Demand - A 55-fiction

Unable to stop his ten years old son Rohit ,she called her husband to bring him from barber's shop. To her surprise they both returned bald from there. Rohit's unusual demand arose to support his friend suffering from cancer as he was teased by others for his baldness while Rohit's father supported his unusual son.

Today's alphabet is and it's UBC DAY 24.


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Travelling abroad was Rashmi's dream which came true when she won a travel package to Malaysia in a contest. He pressurized her husband Aakash for the trip as they spend little time together due to his work commitments. She thought that a foreign vacation would help to strengthen their relationship which was otherwise in a brittle state. His communication with her was limited to casual salutations only. She felt that he had something to say and that trip would provide an opportunity for him to lighten his heart.

He halfheartedly boarded the flight with her while she was in full confidence to heal their relationship. When the plane was in air she initiated the conversation in romantic manner while he remained quiet. Suddenly plane started shaking, oxygen marks came out hanging in front of them, pilot announced to tie seat belts. Children started crying, every passenger was in a state of fear. Many believed that the plain was going to crash.

Believing that his end was near Aakash confessed to Rashmi about his second wife. "I knew her before our marriage but my family was against her and compelled me to marry you. I maintain a distance from you because I don't love you. Because we are dying now I think you should know this truth." Rashmi started crying. After a while airplane became steady and the pilot announced ," There is no need to panic. Everything is under control now. It was just air turbulence".

Today's alphabet is and it's UBC DAY 23.

Cricket Crazy

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Cricket Crazy

As I came to know about crazy cricket contest last year's incident came flashing into my mind. Tracking the match this year with starsports.com application's match centre feature is a cake walk. It shows most interesting thing about a particular match like interesting stats,missed moments,spectacular catches and so on. On the whole this app satisfies all your cricketing needs.

But that wasn't the case on 15th May 2013 i.e first birthday of my niece. Since it was her first birthday all relatives, neighbors and friends were invited but that day coincided with matches of my two favorite IPL teams,during day it was Kolkata's match ( I like KKR for ShahRukh connection) and at night it was Mumbai's match ( Mumbai for Sachin Tendulkar.) I knew it a day before that these matches would be missed. There was not a chance to see them at home and we have declared holiday for that day in our office and factory. I lost the hope to see them and remained busy with preparations of the event in dejected mood. and when my cousin told me that KKR lost the match,I became restless for Mumbai's match.( Why she chose that day to born?)

So in evening I went to a neighborhood tea shop and sat there to watch the match while others were busy with birthday and dinner. Talking about the match with fellow tea mates I completely forgot the birthday party, when match ended around 11:30, I reached home where everyone was waiting for me in anger. My elder brother started scolding me,my mother was crying. They thought I have lost the way or in some trouble to miss an occasion awaited by me. My phone was also in silent mode.) When I told where I was they burst into laughter being aware of my cricket love.

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Six Word Memoirs - Studied Hard

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Six Word Memoirs - Studied Hard

Set of six word story indicating two contrasting image of study in our country and also in many parts of the world:

1. Torn books. Dim light. Studied Hard.

2. Humongous buildings. AC classrooms. Class Bunked.

Today's alphabet is and it's UBC DAY 22.

Run Away

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Run Away

"Run away with me,happiness is waiting for you." 
She trusted him and leaved her poverty-stricken village life for a better future in the big city. She had two younger sisters her success would benefit them also. Rajiv told him that even a servant in city earns more than a village collector, she was educated and could earn even more there. She loved him that's why went with him. But quite quietly he left her in a brothel for money. She jumped off from brothel's terrace and quite quietly the news of her death was also buried with her.  

Write Tribe's 100 Words on Saturday #12 : quite quietly.

Today's alphabet is and it's UBC DAY 21.

The Pain Of Last Moghul

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The Pain Of Last Moghul - Lagta nahin hai dil

लगता नहीं है.....................ना मिली कु-ए-यार में। 

This ghazal was written by the last mughal emperor of India Bahadur Shah Zafar when he was in exile by the Britishers in Rangoon now Yangoon in Burma. In this poem he has depicted the sigh of being away from his country and loved ones. He said that he don't love this deserted place(Burma where he was exiled in his last years) but he knows his helplessness and admits that it was his fate and no one gets everything what he or she desires in this mortal world.

He has stop desiring as pain has engulfed his whole heart. He then curse himself for this long life which remained futile being wasted in yearning and waiting. In a way he was saying that his weakness in ruling his land was responsible for his destiny. They (Britishers) killed all his sons and his wife and a daughter was also in exile in Burma. Being aware of the situation he was definite that his end was also near.He claimed himself the unluckiest of all for not deserving resting place in his homeland,the land of his lover,the land he loved i.e India which he describes in last two lines of this poem.

Full poem can be read with its translation at : Lagta nahin hai dil.  

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Quarter Past Twelve

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Quarter Past Twelve

"Quality writing my boy, not just silly fictions. I want a real story with an amazing end." When I came out from my boss's office listening such discouraging words,I felt very low today morning. This was my third consecutive rejection in a week,one more rejection means that I should search a new job. I didn't waste time and started thinking about a new story but all ideas I had were similar to the previous ones and in no way they are near to reality. I went outside on the road and started walking which I usually do for a new idea. From busy road I came towards lonely streets where from a deserted dark corner I heard a voice calling my name. I walked towards there as he was saying that he had solution to my problems.

In that corner was standing a man with long black beard and dispersed hair covering most of his face except his big eyes,big red bulging eyes as if blood was flowing inside them. He was wearing a black attire and a garland of human skulls. I was trembling with fear,my lips seize to speak. He gave me a pen and said," this pen will write a real story and a right end for you,go and do your work." He suddenly disappeared ,I ran away from there and came back to office. I wanted to go home but my feet ran towards office everything was out of my control. I was not thinking but the pen given by that strange man was writing something very fast. Unexpectedly it stopped after few hours when everybody left the office, I collected all papers and ran towards lift. As I reached towards lift lights went off my fear increased with the darkness. But then I thought what was happened today was hallucinations due to stress of loosing my job and the reason I didn't remember the story I have written was my excitement. I thought to read it, I went back to my cabin with the help of Mobile's torch.

Our office has backup light but I wasn't aware why they were not working. I kept a chargeable table light in my cabin which I lit to read that story. As I read I found that it was my story about my life, my village,how my parents died,how I killed a man in meditation during hunting in jungle near my village,how I hide my crime with help of my friends,how I reached this city,how I study in college,earned my living with small jobs,how I got this job by a treachery with my close friend,how I succeeded,how my friends involved in hiding my crime strangely died. It mentioned the incident happened today morning,boss's scolding, my meeting with that strange man,my writing of that story with that pen,my leaving for home in a hurry,my reaching towards lift and then how that light went off and I started reading this story. It was written in the end that while reading it I was perspiring profusely, I came into tension,someone opened the door and killed me with his gun as clock struck quarter past twelve. I am perspiring,I am in tension and the door is opening,its quarter past twelve.

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Police force gathered for a short briefing on law and order situation at minister's office. "See what happened yesterday was not a good sign for me. Your force stopped killing of those people who killed few men of our religion." "But sir we have arrested the culprits. Killing every one on basis of religion is an act of inhumanity absolutely  unconstitutional and undemocratic. " Don't teach me democracy commissioner and remember that for next two days I will handle every thing close your eyes remove your phone connections and just stop listening complaints. Two days would be enough for our reactions on their actions. "

Minister informed his associates and party workers about next day's plans. They were ready with arms and ammunition to eradicate people of those religion with whom they were living in harmony for years. They started giving hate speeches to instigate common people so they could spread fire of hatred amongst them. But people remained calm and quite , people  of both religion shook hand and hugged each other in front of them. They were surprised to see such reactions. Their speeches were not changing their relation like before.  Soon police also reached there to catch rioters because someone leaked a video of minister's briefing of last night to the media which helped in failure of this political propaganda.

" Sir you exposed the minister with your plan." An officer told the commissioner. "Shhhh! don't tell anybody else about this. Let him think who made this video. If  someone has exposed them last time thousands of innocent lives could have
been saved. "

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One Day

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One Day

One day changed everything for her. A day before she was free,independent and an earning child who was taking all responsibilities of her mother and in a day's time she was sitting silent in a room surrounded by some girls and women chatting about her marriage and her husband. Whole world has turned 360 degrees for her.New family,new home,new atmosphere,everyone around her was a stranger. After few minutes all left her alone in the room to wait for her husband.

She remembered arguments with her mother when she told her to marry. She was against this marriage because her brother was still studying and she didn't want any extra burden on him and her mother. But her mother denied her opposition as such a good match was rare ." He was educated,well settled,well behaved,what more do you want? Soon you will be overage then who will marry you?" " But what about you and Ashwin who will take care of you both and what about my job? You know that my salary runs this house ?" She was not satisfied with her mother's answer that they would manage themselves but she kneel in front of her mother's emotional blackmail and pressure. She was required to marry an unknown,unseen person which she did.

She was sweating even in air conditioner thinking about her new life this one day has brought for her. She was worried about her partner,his nature,would he allow her to meet his family,would he let her go to work,all such questions were frightening While she was thinking about her past and future,she heard someone opening the door. Her husband entered the room and sat beside her. She was trembling. He raised her head and stretched his arm in a position to offer to shake hand," Hi! My name is Naveen will you be my friend."

His words put smile on her pale sweating face. Her fear and hesitation were gone. He made her so comfortable that she talked her heart out.She explained her concerns about her mother and brother to which he said that she could work if she wanted and could give salary to her mother. As that night was approaching to end she realized that one day has changed her world in a better way. 

New Home

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New Home (A 55-Fiction)

"No they can't separate us."
" Darling! they are demolishing our home."She cried.
"Wherever we live together we will built a new home with love."
"But don't they know the importance of our homes for them."
" Perhaps they know more,they are humans." They flew leaving behind their nest to find a new home again.

Today's alphabet is and it's UBC DAY 16.

Mine Forever - Diary Confessions - 6

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Mine Forever - Diary Confessions - 6

"My love for Mohan started when I was a little girl the time when I didn't understand the real meaning of love. We used to play together and my favorite game was when he became husband and I became his wife. This was my dream actually this is my dream. All these years we shared everything with each other. When he went abroad for studies he called me daily. I too keep him updated of happenings here. Love was understood between us. We were close enough that words are not required to confirm our relationship.

Our parents talked many times about our marriage in front of us. We both liked those discussions,I used to shy away from their and he teased me for that making me upset and then amended his mistakes with hugs and kisses and ..... I waited for her return but he disappointed me. He returned with a girl and declared to his parents that he would marry her. It came as a shock to me. We talked almost everyday but he never told me about her. He said that I was his best friend and would understand him better than his parents. He was also my best friend did he understand me ? 

I tried to forget him,tried to remove his memories from each corner of my room,from everything that belonged to me,from pillows,from curtains,from walls and from every bit of me. All my efforts were in vain, I found him everywhere. Everything I wear, everything I use was of his choice, my appearance was also as he liked ,I was all his and he should be mine for now and forever. He came few minutes back to give me condolences but it was not enough. I have drank poison and I will die soon to make him mine forever."

She put her diary and pen aside and lay down beside Mohan's dead body. 

Today's alphabet is and it's UBC DAY 15.

Large Heart

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Large Heart - A Drabble 

Larsen Villa was known to everyone as the home of elderly couple with large hearts as they gave shelter and food to the orphan and homeless children. It was known as an orphanage to the authorities where these twenty something children also get education. It was known as a heaven for children to villagers until two kids ran away from the Larsen Villa and told the horrible truth to the police. Old couple were showering this conditional love to abuse,molest and to sell them in cities as servants.They were absconding when police raided but all children were rescued.

Part of Write Tribe's 100 Words on Saturday 2014 #11 prompt: conditional love

Today's alphabet is and it's UBC DAY 14.

Six Word Memoirs - Strange Love

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Six Word Memoirs - Strange Love

A set of six word story,showing two contrasting tales of love.

1. Moth kills in fire. Strange Love.

2. Black Spider eats mate. Strange Love.

Part of Ultimate Blog Challenge. It's UBC Day - 13

Killers Of Faith

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Killers Of Faith

Kabir believed in equality of every religion which was also the reason for changing his name. The word Kabir didn't tell his religion,caste or community as it belonged to a saint poet of 15th century India who was equally followed and appreciated by Hindus and Muslims of that time. He married Dhara who also believed in the same way this was the reason they came close and married against their families' wishes. They both visit each temple,sufi shrine,mosque,gurudwara and churches and giving alms to poor was their routine during those visits.

While visiting different places of different religion they noticed a beggar common to all these places. He was handicapped but during a long drive at night, they saw him walking with both feet. They were shocked and decided to caught him red handed next time they visit a temple or a mosque. They also informed police about this con-man. Next day when they visited a temple police accompanied them. Kabir snatched his crutch to show police his real face. When he stood straight he asked him the reason for his behaviour.

"Sir I am very poor,I tried for work but nobody gave me a job. To run my family it was necessary that I would beg and who gave alms to a healthy person?" " But you are playing with people's faith." " I am playing with people's faith? I am not sir! I am doing this only to rear my family, killers of faith are those who mint money in the name of god ,who raped girls hiding behind godly masks,who make charity to hide their black money,who instigate riots backed by political parties.I also believes in every religion like you the only difference is that I am poor."

Kabir didn't know what to say. He didn't have counter questions for him. He asked police to leave him and gave him peon's job in his company. 

Killers of faith are everywhere around us but then there are also savers of faith who are also thriving fast.

Today's alphabet is and it's UBC DAY 12.

Jungle Law

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Jungle Law - Five Sentence Fiction

"Just kill or be killed."
 He took his gun and went to kill the leader of opposition gang leader.
This killing would make him the ultimate don of the underworld.
But his opponent planned his encounter with the help of the police. 
Survival of the fittest is the law of the jungle.

Today's alphabet is J and it's UBC DAY 11

I Love You

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I Love You ( part three of Girlfriend )
Part 2 = Hostile

"I will die soon John", he said in a low voice. "I am alone in this world, what should I do with such a life. He started crying cursing himself to be the most unlucky person of the universe. "That means you don't value me. My love holds no importance to you." No but....", "What but Akshay you are ready to die for one who don't care about you but can't live for one who was standing with you in every good or bad. Your servant told me that you haven't eat anything from last night. "
He fed him with his hands. John agreed to stay with him on his servant's advice. He took him to the doctor next morning who prescribed that he needs love more than any medicine. John met Twinkle for help but she wasn't ready for Akshay. In her life there wasn't any place for a looser, she said bluntly that she wanted to enjoy life to the fullest and not to waste it in loving someone.
Akshay was like a child then which had lost his most loved toy, but John wasn't behind in caring for him like a mother. With John's love and care he started to recover. He started going out meeting people, but he enjoyed only John's company, his absence from his vision made him worry. He avoided girls after getting deceit in love his trust on women was zero. He behaved as if allergic to them.John was his only hope, John became every thing for him. He asked John before taking any decision. John's likeness for him also grew more than just a friend. He loved him and wanted to be with him.
Akshay's hate for girls attracted him more towards John. "John is my life now. " He said to himself , "the time has arrived to declare my love to him. It's time to say I love you John."
If  you demand a different ending you are welcome to share your views in the comment box.
Today's alphabet is I and it's UBC DAY 10


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Hostile - part 2 of Girlfriend
He approached her in little doubt but to his surprise she was open and frank with him. She told that she was coming to meet him if he would not have asked her for a date. They started meeting daily. They spend their most of time in each other's company. Akshay showed tremendous change in his behaviour. He started maintaining distance with other girls, for him she was the only one.
Twinkle on the other hand was friendly with each boy she met. She didn't find it wrong to spend time with other boys. When not with Akshay she was with every guy who could bear her expenses and could support her lavish lifestyle. Love for her was a bookish thing being brought up by a single divorcee mother she found difficulty in trusting men. "Every man is a cheater. Men only use a girl then why shouldn't we use them first." These was her views for men. In a way she was the female stereotype of what Akshay used to be before meeting her.
One day Akshay decided to purpose her for marriage , he couldn't wait more to have her his wife. He bought flowers of her choice along with a diamond ring when went to meet her at pre fixed place which was a restaurant. He gave that ring to the waiter to bring with drinks.
He sat with her and said his heart out ,"Twinkle I want to marry you." He signalled waiter to bring the ring. "What are you saying is this a joke or something. " Her loud voice brought attention of every one to them." From where does this marriage came in between. "She was hostile to her proposal. In anger she humiliated him so much that he was almost into tears no body ever insulted him in such a way in front of so many people. He broked. She left him alone in the restaurant.
He was feeling extremely weak and depressed that he was unable to move. Waiter took his phone and called his friend John who came to  take him home.
What will be the end of this weird love story to know read the next and the last episode. 
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Festival Of India

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Festival Of India

Festival of India perhaps is a confusing heading if writing about General Elections but this is actually a festival for democracy. It is the time to celebrate the uniqueness of a democratic system. It is the time to realise our power of vote. Those who believe what a one vote can do ask candidates who have lost a election by just few hundred votes. Your vote make you responsible for the happenings in the country and make you eligible to ask questions to your representatives if they don't perform their duties well.

The irony of the current election is that it talks about the issues of inflation being the most expensive election in the history of the country. The election battle before really going into the ground zero is being fought at newsrooms in TV studio debates,at social media platforms like face book,twitter,google+,etc. All these media platforms are taking away actual issues. No party is talking about any issues and the one man who have raised many issues is missing from media coverage. But I am not here to blame or support any body. I just wants to share few important things.

We follow parliamentary system of governance in our country. In this form we elect a representative from our area. Then these representatives elected by us if gets majority select a leader among themselves as a Prime Minister which runs the government with his council of ministers. So first thing to keep in mind is to check the background of all the candidates standing from your area ( data available on Election Commissions website), read their parties manifesto to know their vision for the country,( don't let any wave created through media influence you), if possible connect to your candidates and ask them what they have in store for your area, to select a winnable party is also important so don't follow only TV debates,search Internet to know winnablity factor,local newspapers and news channels will also help.

If you didn't find a better candidate then NOTA ( None Of The Above ) is also an option now. But do go to the polling station to excise your right to vote otherwise your vote can be caste by someone else to an undeserving candidate by corrupt means. Collect information, read policies,look for any criminal charges and finally CASTE YOUR VOTE and celebrate this festival of India.


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Girls were always his weakness. Whole college knew his reputation but charm in his face,magic in his voice and confidence in his attitude made him wish of every girl in the college. Girls got attracted to him and fall in his love even being aware of that he changes girlfriends like clothes. He wanted a new girl by his side daily. It was also the fact that these girls who roam,dine,enjoy with him,receive gifts from him never care to love him,as he was using them for time pass,he was also the time pass for all these girls.

The void of true love was always there in Akshay's heart. His mother died at an early age and his father never bothered what he was doing in his life. His close friend John was his only support. He remained with him in all his good and bad times. He always told him that only true love could change him but Akshay believed that true love didn't exist. But as they say nobody plans love it just happens. Twinkle became that catalyst. At first sight of her his heart started beating fast. She was a new admission in the college. The glance of her made whole world static for him. He got those vibrations of love where one decides to spent one's whole life with someone. He said to himself that she was the one made for him.

He changed that day,no other girl but Twinkle was his only choice. First time in his life he found difficult to communicate with a girl. His feet trembled as he tried to approach her. He told his condition to his best friend John," What should I do now?" He laughed," You are taking advice for a girl from me. Sorry friend! I can't help in that and you know very well that I don't have any interest in girls." So the ball was again in his court. He decided to talk to her without thinking about the result. " She is also a girl,she will accept my friendship."

What will happen next? Will Twinkle become his next girlfriend or god has some interesting plans for him. Do read the next episode on 9th April 2014. 

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For him it was a routine,she would be his twentieth prey. She was in an inebriated state. He set the camera and unclothed himself." Just do it man she is all yours now." He said to himself as he went to the bed to take off her cloth. Suddenly the door knocked. An unexpected visitor was waiting for him with the police. He was frozen to see him. He was her father,he slapped him and gave to police.

She signaled her father through a mobile app as she smell her intentions. Stay alert don't frozen in love blindly.

100 Words on Saturday 2014 #10 at Write Tribe : An Unexpected Visitor

Wednesday Prompt 2014 #10 at Write Tribe: Just do It

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Nature's Friend

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Nature's Friend

We all are part of nature as nature is part of us. In today's fast paced life when we are leaving in concrete jungles where we just see patches of greenery as decorative material ,title of my post is not justified. Nature's Friend? Are we? I think the most answers we will get for this question is no. The reasons are told many times and by many people. Rapid urbanization provide less opportunity to enjoy nature.Years ago when we city people have roots in our villages then we used to have chances to be in nature's lap during children's vacation . With latest trends that routine has also became a thing of the past. Now vacations are laden with homework and projects thus outings are limited to shopping at the mall or movie watching or a visit to amusement park.

When my sisters' children visit our home,I found them indulged in video games or cartoons. My niece who haven't reached two also enjoys only television and mobile touching in her father's phone or my phone. That's why I dropped the idea to write about this contest by kissan because I don't have such experiences and children around me are indoorians ( those who enjoy being indoors) but an incident few days ago changed my perception.

My niece while watching a photograph in her father's phone stretched her arms to be caught by someone in that photograph who was standing in a farm. She cried to be at that place in the photo which took our attention to her. She reacted in the same way when other photographs of that place from some one's vacation ( Facebook pics of my brother's friend) was shown to her. She was never been to such a place which is green,full of plants and trees,some photos were showing their interactions with farm animals. We laughed at her behavior. Next day my brother decided to take her to a nearby park,she enjoyed a lot among plants,she ran to catch butterflies ( my brother took photographs of her but I will show them only when she would give me permission). This was her first interaction with nature and a lovely one I should say, her father brought her forcefully from there.

I will repeat my first line again that we all are part of nature as nature is part of us. It was nature inside her which filled her with so much joy when in its company for the first time. She now go to the park daily with her father which have also initiated health consciousness in my brother. He walked in park as she play around ( I am still lazy though and prefer to sleep at that time of the morning). We are now planning to experience nature in these summer holidays when my sisters' children will also at home.

We have separated nature from our life. Cold drinks have taken places of fresh fruit juices,canned fruits have replaced fresh fruits, some of us don't even know how some fruits and vegetables look, so how will we tell about them to children? They learn about them only from textbooks. The charm of full moon light is alien to today's children. Everywhere ,everything is artificial ,the essence of real is missing. Like Kissan  I also believe that happy childhoods are best nurtured by true friendship and an environment that is 100% real. It's time we start nurturing those happy childhoods with children around us by giving them everything which is made up of things which are 100% real and natural like Kissan Tomato Ketchup. Let them connect to nature by indulging them in planting a seed or watering the plants and things like that.

This post is written for Nature's Friend contest by Kissan at Indiblogger.

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Exchanged Luck

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Exchanged Luck

" Entrance of his office is difficult to cross but after that everything will be easy," Vinayak gave him five Rs 1000 note for this information. Vinayak was an investigative journalist who was planning for a sting operation on Urban Development Minister D.Rajan. An insider from his office gave each detail about minister. Vinayak and his team fixed everything,they planned to offer him money disguised as some builder to have the government land allotted for an amusement park to make their building. 

It was an open secret that Urban Development Minister Mr D. Rajan is corrupt. Trapping him in this sting was a definite explosive story which would grab attention of all prime time news viewers. Vinayak's team fixed a meeting with minister. Everything was going according to the plan,they passed the guards at the gate without hidden camera being caught by them.They started their conversation with D.Rajan to expose his covetous side to the public. But to their surprise he declined to accept the bribe and to entertain their cause.

" Sir! This amusement park is a necessity of the people for recreation purposes. Moreover it will increase our tourism." He point towards the door and said them to leave. Vinayak also planned for a raid at his office by Anti-Corruption Unit( A.C.U)and it was almost the time of their coming but Rajan haven't touched the money yet. This could put Vinayak in trouble. When A.C.U raided they didn't find Rajan guilty instead they took Vinayak and others in custody for unethical sting operation." Officer can I have a word with Mr.Vinayak." Rajan stopped A.C.U officer and talked with Vinayak separately.  

" Vinayak you are looking surprised at my honesty and at our exchanged luck." " Yes I am." He smiled and said," As you have sources in my office I too have sources in yours,I know It was a trap,which changed my colors completely." Vinayak stood silent than laughed and went away with A.C.U. He laughed because for a second he had thought that D.Rajan was an honest politician a rare species in our country.

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Damsel Of The Night

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Damsel Of The Night - A 55 Fiction

Doctors told him that she gave her blood and remained their with him until they declared that he was fine. He only got a glimpse of her while she put his injured body into the car with help of some mute spectators.He now searches his angel, damsel of the night everywhere in the town.

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Change The Game

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Change The Game

Cricket's position in today's India is beyond any challenge by any other game,thus cricketers also enjoyed the godly status whereas other games are neglected, forget about the international presence we don't have national presence and interest in these games. The players of other sports than cricket are not known faces of the country. Their earnings are almost negligible as compare to earnings of cricketers. They lived harsh life without any facilities by government. The dream of a sportsperson to be cheered by the crowd of their country also remained unfulfilled. The condition of women in such sports is more frightening. 

Women players in addition face social obligations. Even their families don't support them as girls are supposed to cover their body,they can't play in front of so many men,they are not allowed to go far away from the house alone and so on. The same is the case with Bhabani Munda and her Dooars XI of West Bengal. It's a women football team from Dooars in West Bengal. In spite of winning various medals and trophies they don't have proper sports shoes,jerseys and football. They support their dream and passion by selling rotis and tea. Half Stories - Do Right by Tata Capital initiative has highlighted this issue and helping them to buy those sports essential things.

In my opinion if we want to promote other sports we should take help of two other big things in the country Cricket and Cinema. Chak de starring Shah Rukh Khan helped a lot in promoting the cause of Indian Women's Hockey while endorsement of Men's Hockey by cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Verender Sehwag brought spectators during Indian Hockey League. Initially we can complete this half story by giving donations to Dooars XI through Do right to buy shoes and other accessories but the long term solution requires complete planning.

Organizing football matches along with cricket matches during IPL  (Indian Premier League) as experimental basis would indulge the audience with football. We Indians are big fans of international footballers,arranging friendly matches with European teams is also a good idea. This is election time so ask your candidates,your favorite parties ,your leaders about their policies regarding promotion of sports other than cricket. What are their plans of sports development in rural areas from where we get most of our finest sports talent. So lets pledge to Change The Game by changing our attitude towards other sports.

This post is written for Half Stories by Do Right at Indiblogger.in 

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"Boys and girls,we are going for a trip tomorrow," utterance of these words by their teacher brought excitement to the class and opportunity for David to express her love to Ana as this was their last year college. He felt her heart begin to heal from the pain of betrayal in her last relationship and she could be able to understand him. He was ready to express his feelings in the bus when it suddenly stopped and everything ended. Newspapers headlines next day read ,

                              NO SURVIVORS, VALUABLES LOOTED.

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Amateur Writer

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Amateur Writer

A childless couple in late forties decided to keep a Paying Guest. The location and atmosphere of their house suits the best to an amateur writer Pawan who came to their house. Mr and Mrs. Mehta who were living a lonely life found a good companion in them. He also likes to talk to them and spent a lot of time discussing various things. When Mr. Rahul was off to work he even help Anjali in cooking and other household works. In only few months his rapport with them became as if they knew each other for years.

Anjali was happy after almost twenty years when they lost hope to be parents again due to an accident. This accident was responsible for her miscarriage and to bring impotency in Rahul. Rahul knew how much void Anjali experienced all through these years ,people and relatives blamed her but she never spoke anything. Their adoption application was rejected several times after which they dropped the plan of adoption. But after seeing Anjali happy with Pawan,Rahul was planning something else. He had seen her in pain of being childless without any fault of her. Rahul could be one who can fathered their child. He decided to converse with them one by one to make them ready to have a baby whom he could give his own name.

One night he thought to share that idea with Anjali," Anjali I want to say something about Pawan." " Even I want to say something Rahul. You know what he told me today." " What?" " He said that he lost his parents in infancy, all his life he longed for parents a loving mother and a caring father,he said he finds them in us, he said that he wants to call me 'Ma'(mother) and you Papa" Rahul has tears in his eyes,he was speechless. He was wanting a child from Pawan while Anjali found their child in an amateur writer.

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