Gang Of Four (Part - 8)

Gang of Four (Part - 8)

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After three days they met in a coffee shop,they talked on phone several times after Anjali's wedding but joy of seeing each other in love is inexplicable. They just sat in silence for few minutes looking in each other's eyes holding their hands. Arjun spoke to break that silence," I haven't told about you to my friends yet.Perhaps they have started doubting my behavior" ," Hmm! we have to work quickly on our mission to change their mind from I love that stubble to I hate that unclean stubble."

" Yes I have something to say on this topic,this is very much possible." " How Arjun?" Arjun explained her that he felt each of them had desires to flaunt a clean shaven look like other boys of their age but none of them wanted to admit it openly." Have you met that girl Rajeev used to love?" " No not yet." She took number of that girl from Arjun and talked to her. " She is ready to meet us tomorrow ,we can then tell her the situation." " I think that will be fine."

"One thing more Surbhi! I think Ejaz wants to be a singer but curbs his desire because all of us wants to do MBA."" Then let's make him a singer." She told him about auditions of a singing competition running in city ,she said that her father knew the organisers and she could arrange direct entry for Ejaz. " Think something for Raghav  Surbhi ,he is the one who is the most rigid about his beard and mustache."

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