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The Death of A Poor Wife

The Death of A Poor Wife.
The country which aims to conquer moon has failed even in providing peaceful last rite to a dead woman. A tribal man of Odisha ‘Dani Majhi’ compromised the dignity of his dead wife by carrying her corpse on his shoulder after hospital administration denied ambulance for the purpose. He was noticed by a villager who informed local media which helped him getting an ambulance to his village which was 60km from the hospital only after covering the distance of around 10km on foot with his wife’s dead body on his shoulder and a weeping daughter walking by his side.

We city dwellers are not used to such news. We open newspapers either for Bollywood gossip or for political corruption or either to read about rape/murders to blame governments for everything. We don't care about social problems and believe that poverty is the word only in dictionary. Dani Manjhi‘s was so poor that he couldn't afford a private ambulance when hospital denied one to him. He found …

Girl Power in Rio

Girl Power In Rio
“The greatest happiness is achieving something which none believe you can  – Prophet Mohammad”

Indian Olympic contingent was all time bigger so the expectations were high this time since we also have Nehwal, Bindra, Narang, Paes, Phogat, Mirza like champions who all have earned respect in international arenas. But today we have a bronze medalist and a silver medalist both of whom were never in the media limelight neither expert’s favorite before the Rio Olympics 2016. Sakshi Malik who have won bronze in women wrestling and PV Sindhu who won first ever women silver for India in badminton has ended the medal drought for the country. The third athlete which also came closer to winning and make India proud for qualifying for women gymnast is Dipa Karmakar who was also not among favorites.

This is also an eye opener for all those who believed women meant only for producing babies and to run the house. Even though there is no need to established women supremacy in every fie…

Heartless Delhi

Heartless Delhi

It was a saying in India that Mumbai belongs to rich while Delhi to people with big hearts (Mumbai Paisewalo Ki, Delhi Dilwalo Ki) but the incident that happened early morning of 11th August in West Delhi's Subhash Nagar area is enough to show how big heart of Delhi is.Matibool a man who work two shifts to run his family was hit by a milk carrying over-speeding three wheeler vehicle when he was returning from night shift at 5:40 am. The milk delivery man stopped his tempo, examines the victim who was bleeding after striking with a nearby pole looked around and ran away with his vehicle. A rickshaw puller who came to see Matibool instead of helping took away his mobile phone. In the 30 minutes that it took for a friend to spot Matibool and run for help, 140 cars, 82 three-wheelers, 181 bikers and 45 pedestrians passed the dying man without helping. Among them was a police van that responds to emergencies.

He died when the hospital was only half kilometer away with …

Hum Bolega To Bologe Ki Bolta Hai !

Hum Bolega To Bologe Ki Bolta Hai !

What a common citizen like me has an opinion on national issues of importance doesn’t matter neither it heal or agitate those affected but what the Prime Minister says hold ground and is important for each citizen of the country. A leader for me is not one who can lead us to victory but a person who instill belief in his team that we can win. Sadly our Prime Minister Mr Narender Damodardas Modi has failed in earning that confidence of a large population. 
Whether it is issue of farmers killing them in drought, anti-national debate, JNU row, Rohith Vemula suicide, Beef ban, FTII students’ protest, Love Jihad, Akhlaq lynching and most recently attacks of cow vigilantes on Dalits/Muslims and Kashmir unrest, he always reacted late or never reacted at all in an uncaring attitude. His silence many times comes out as his approval to such issues.  I agree that media and we the people of India are scrutinizing him more for his actions but he himself is respo…

The Story of a Suicide

The Story of Suicide

The Story of Suicide is a book or rather an e-book written by Sriram Ayer having illustrations by Ghana. It is a gripping novel that tells the stories of Hari, Charu, Sam and Mani, whose lives are interconnected in a web of love, passion, revenge and deceit. 
Plot:Hari his parents and his sister were excited for his admission in KIT, Chennai. They all went from Bangalore to Chennai to drop him in his hostel room where he met his room partner Sam. Sam was a technology geek from rich background having a dream to develop unique software. He was disturbed due to a broken relationship before coming to the campus but was feeling good after helping Charu(his senior in college) and Alex Sir in saving Mani's life who tried to commit suicide in his hostel room. Mani's life was saved and Charu came closer to SamHari gradually found himself attracted to Mani for his friendly behavior he always craved in his life. He even shared his painful childhood memories with him…

At Least Punish The Rapists.

At Least Punish The Rapists. 

The rape was not a severely punishable offence until the Delhi gang-rape of December 2012 of Jyoti Singh which not only opened government’s eyes towards the cruelties of rape but stirred the nation’s conscience to raise their voice against the crime. The people’s agitation resulted in quick arrest of her rapists and forced the government to amend the rape law to grant up to death penalty to the rapists. The media spotlight on rape crimes ended with this case along with the anger and frustration in the common people. The fact is those rapists are still in the jail enjoying government’s hospitality and the rape crime or crime against women having increased manifold since 2012. 
What has happened few days back (July 2016) with a family going to Shahjahanpur on Delhi-Kanpur highway near Bulendshehar took the rape crime to another level. The dacoits not only looted the people in that car but gang-raped a mother and her daughter by tying her husband –son with …