The Death of A Poor Wife

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The Death of A Poor Wife.

The country which aims to conquer moon has failed even in providing peaceful last rite to a dead woman. A tribal man of Odisha ‘Dani Majhi’ compromised the dignity of his dead wife by carrying her corpse on his shoulder after hospital administration denied ambulance for the purpose. He was noticed by a villager who informed local media which helped him getting an ambulance to his village which was 60km from the hospital only after covering the distance of around 10km on foot with his wife’s dead body on his shoulder and a weeping daughter walking by his side.

We city dwellers are not used to such news. We open newspapers either for Bollywood gossip or for political corruption or either to read about rape/murders to blame governments for everything. We don't care about social problems and believe that poverty is the word only in dictionary. Dani Manjhi‘s was so poor that he couldn't afford a private ambulance when hospital denied one to him. He found it easier to carry her burden on his shoulders than to beg the authorities for help. Acute poverty will never let India to reach the position it dreams. Unless the poor and deprived lot of the society feel safe, secure and happy any development work is incomplete and any success is a mere myth. You can measure the development in Kalihandi area where is Dani Manjhi’s village from the distance of nearest hospital to his village i.e. 60 km.

We often heard the real India reside in its villages if it is true then believe me that India is hungry, jobless, poor, don’t have proper schools, neither have access to health services and is extremely undernourished/ malnourished.  Like many foreign nations India don’t have free medical services for all not even in government hospitals. Poor can’t afford costly medical treatment. They are forced to die by our system. There is a need to make hospitals affordable if not free for everyone. Dani Manjhi received government and hospital’s help only when the news reached the media. They even offered money to him. If this money would have reach in time his wife could have been saved.
Such images of helplessness really tear apart the heart and soul. I can only wish/pray that such things never happen anywhere in the country again. God Bless India.

Girl Power in Rio

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Girl Power In Rio

“The greatest happiness is achieving something which none believe you can
 – Prophet Mohammad”

Indian Olympic contingent was all time bigger so the expectations were high this time since we also have Nehwal, Bindra, Narang, Paes, Phogat, Mirza like champions who all have earned respect in international arenas. But today we have a bronze medalist and a silver medalist both of whom were never in the media limelight neither expert’s favorite before the Rio Olympics 2016. Sakshi Malik who have won bronze in women wrestling and PV Sindhu who won first ever women silver for India in badminton has ended the medal drought for the country. The third athlete which also came closer to winning and make India proud for qualifying for women gymnast is Dipa Karmakar who was also not among favorites.

This is also an eye opener for all those who believed women meant only for producing babies and to run the house. Even though there is no need to established women supremacy in every field to prove they are equal to man some still needs such achievements to praise Girl Power. Their achievements also questions sport reporting and expert sports panelists who were putting their money on already tried and tested players. They were mentioned for formalities only. Ironically their winning is now covered on first pages of newspapers as well as prime time slots on TV news.

India is a land of cricket here people eat, drink, bleed only cricket so achieving highest rewards in other sports than cricket is a marvelous thing. Governments as we all know are negligent towards these sports if started giving help to them then we can achieve much more successes in these fields. Indian schools concentrate only on academics, their motto is not all round development as a result of which we create mechanical individuals not interested in sports, art or crafts but on ways of earning money. We need to change our education system to make it pro-sports where all games are treated equally. A child must have choice in selecting the game of his/her liking.

Sakshi, Sandhu and Dipa have given us some wonderful moments to celebrate and cherish for years. Hope India cares for sports/sportsperson more in future so that we can get better results. God Bless India. 

Heartless Delhi

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Heartless Delhi

Indian Bloggers

It was a saying in India that Mumbai belongs to rich while Delhi to people with big hearts (Mumbai Paisewalo Ki, Delhi Dilwalo Ki) but the incident that happened early morning of 11th August in West Delhi's Subhash Nagar area is enough to show how big heart of Delhi is. Matibool a man who work two shifts to run his family was hit by a milk carrying over-speeding three wheeler vehicle when he was returning from night shift at 5:40 am. The milk delivery man stopped his tempo, examines the victim who was bleeding after striking with a nearby pole looked around and ran away with his vehicle. A rickshaw puller who came to see Matibool instead of helping took away his mobile phone. In the 30 minutes that it took for a friend to spot Matibool and run for help, 140 cars, 82 three-wheelers, 181 bikers and 45 pedestrians passed the dying man without helping. Among them was a police van that responds to emergencies.

He died when the hospital was only half kilometer away with him humanity also died a slow death. The Delhi people who always remained at the forefront in displaying their support for people’s right didn't help to protect someone's right to live. The animals in this country enjoy more human rights than the humans. The people didn't even care to call the ambulance. The tempo driver was arrested but how will it help the family of seven which lost its only bread earner. It is sad that people don't come to help accident victims even after Supreme Court directions that the person who brings the victim will not be involved in any legalities of the case. Neither police will force him/her to be witness of the case.

The similar case happened few years back in Jaipur also when a man cried for help on a busy highway but none came to help save the lives of his wife and daughter. Here I have one question from the authorities also. Why these CCTV cameras didn’t have an observation center which can alert police if the incident happens on a particular road. This could save a precious life. People must also think of their actions. What happened to Matibool can happen to anyone of us in such heartless cities. Helping an injured reach the hospital would just waste your few minutes and nothing else. Let’s pledge together to help any injured on road. May god give strength to Matibool’s family and sense to all those who passed that road without helping him. God Bless Delhi. God Bless India.

Hum Bolega To Bologe Ki Bolta Hai !

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Hum Bolega To Bologe Ki Bolta Hai !

What a common citizen like me has an opinion on national issues of importance doesn’t matter neither it heal or agitate those affected but what the Prime Minister says hold ground and is important for each citizen of the country. A leader for me is not one who can lead us to victory but a person who instill belief in his team that we can win. Sadly our Prime Minister Mr Narender Damodardas Modi has failed in earning that confidence of a large population. 

Whether it is issue of farmers killing them in drought, anti-national debate, JNU row, Rohith Vemula suicide, Beef ban, FTII students’ protest, Love Jihad, Akhlaq lynching and most recently attacks of cow vigilantes on Dalits/Muslims and Kashmir unrest, he always reacted late or never reacted at all in an uncaring attitude. His silence many times comes out as his approval to such issues.  I agree that media and we the people of India are scrutinizing him more for his actions but he himself is responsible for it by generating high expectations during his campaigning before 2014 elections. All his promises like 1 crore employment in a year, control in terrorist activities, better relation with the neighbors and more importantly development which he marked his main goal are not achieved. In addition to the burden of fragile economy the disturbance through his party’s affiliated people/organizations and his silence have increased the unrest in people.

He reacted on Dalit flogging in Una Gujarat and on Kashmir unrest now when the situation is out of control. He must come out from the campaigning mode to understand the happenings of the country better which has varied problems unlike Gujarat which he ruled or 12 years. Even when he spoke about attacks of so called gau rakshak dals on Dalits he didn’t spoke about attacks on Muslims which are bigger target of these groups.  His reactions this time also were dramatic and appeared insensitive. The cows for which some are killing humans are also dying in government cow shelters (Gau Shalas) in BJP ruled states which clearly exposes their hypocritical attitude. 

Kashmir unrest is responded by army with violence when a sympathetic hug and unconditional dialogue with the people of Kashmir is required which have lost more than 60 young lives in army retaliation. Sometimes when I think about indifference of Mr Narender Modi on various important issues I fear that he has still left with about three years and things can go worse from bad. The programs he has initiated in these two years are also mere events without any fruitful result for people or the economy. Even if he does nothing for these issues he must speak timely or just tweet his opinion which he do for every small things. Hope the atmosphere of animosity soon ended and give way to love, peace and brotherhood. Good Bye. God Bless India.  

The Story of a Suicide

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The Story of Suicide

The Story of Suicide is a book or rather an e-book written by Sriram Ayer having illustrations by Ghana. It is a gripping novel that tells the stories of Hari, Charu, Sam and Mani, whose lives are interconnected in a web of love, passion, revenge and deceit. 

Plot: Hari his parents and his sister were excited for his admission in KIT, Chennai. They all went from Bangalore to Chennai to drop him in his hostel room where he met his room partner Sam. Sam was a technology geek from rich background having a dream to develop unique software. He was disturbed due to a broken relationship before coming to the campus but was feeling good after helping Charu(his senior in college) and Alex Sir in saving Mani's life who tried to commit suicide in his hostel room. Mani's life was saved and Charu came closer to Sam
Hari gradually found himself attracted to Mani for his friendly behavior he always craved in his life. He even shared his painful childhood memories with him which he never shared with anyone not even his sister Anju. The feeling of friendship soon turned to love when they both admit being homosexuals. Sam on the other hand started liking Charu forgetting his past relationship. Charu also found him interesting but his hate for men always came in between their relationship. She didn't want to be a commodity to use and throw which complicated their relationship to an extend which forced Sam to take an unimaginable step. Sam's action unfolded the sequence of events which changed the life of not only his and Charu but also of Hari-Mani.

Comment: The story deals with the life and complications of today's youth. The imagery created with dream sequences is powerful which enthralled the reader with accompanying illustrations. This illustrations also helps reader to understand story better. The simple language and flow of the story makes it an engrossing read. The end I feel is abrupt which left the story incomplete in a way but story raises questions required to think and such ending gives that possibility. It takes time in building the characters and the connection with them ends suddenly with the climax. 


The frustrations, pains experienced by characters are what most of us feel when we are sad or broken. I can relate to the part of book where Charu is judged for her behavior. We usually see or hear people labeling girls with demeaning words for what they do or how they behave in their life while our criteria of judging the boys is usually different. Opinions about homosexuals too are narrow in our society, people considered it as a disease which requires medical treatment. Personal choice don't matter in our rotten tradition.

Life is wonderful which need to be experienced to the fullest. I think one reach to the point of ending his/her life when started to think about the consequences of our some actions not acceptable to family or society. But remember nothing is more important than your life. In the course of life we all manage to get something or the other which is good for us without following the usual paths lay down by our society. A point in life comes where neither money, nor love and not even your status is important but what matters is self happiness. Don't give up until you reach that point and after reaching there life and death holds no value neither are the things which you think are necessary to have and have pressurized you all your life. 

The story of suicide opens you for the realities of life and strengthen you to cope with every problem comes your way. You can read the full story at : The Story of a Suicide.

This post is written for The Story of a Suicide an IndiChange initiative by Indiblogger.  

At Least Punish The Rapists.

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At Least Punish The Rapists. 

The rape was not a severely punishable offence until the Delhi gang-rape of December 2012 of Jyoti Singh which not only opened government’s eyes towards the cruelties of rape but stirred the nation’s conscience to raise their voice against the crime. The people’s agitation resulted in quick arrest of her rapists and forced the government to amend the rape law to grant up to death penalty to the rapists. The media spotlight on rape crimes ended with this case along with the anger and frustration in the common people. The fact is those rapists are still in the jail enjoying government’s hospitality and the rape crime or crime against women having increased manifold since 2012. 

What has happened few days back (July 2016) with a family going to Shahjahanpur on Delhi-Kanpur highway near Bulendshehar took the rape crime to another level. The dacoits not only looted the people in that car but gang-raped a mother and her daughter by tying her husband –son with ropes. What shocks more is the non working of emergency police helpline no: 100 in that area. The fearless rapists escaped easily when there was a police post just hundred meters away from the place where the incident happened. Help reached them after five hours of the crime. My question is what made these rapists so fearless? The answer is weak justice system. The courts which are safeguarding our constitution have failed in assuring justice in such cases due to incompetent police system and the loopholes left in every law by the lawmakers. 

Rapists knew that there lawyers somehow manipulate the case to their favor or stretch it too much that media’s attention will divert somewhere else thus public’s concern towards the rape victim will also end and they will easily escape the jail term. The countries where hard punishments are given for any crime timely will report fewer crimes. Saudi Arab for instance cut hands for theft, public stoning for rapist so such crimes are almost negligible there. Even in China if rape is confirmed, the rapist is punished to death within one hour of conviction. Why India can’t make such strong laws? The answer lies with the parliament where one third MPs are criminals, how can they make laws to punish themselves? In most of the rape cases also we see involvement of MPs, MLAs, councilors, policemen or their family members or associates who never get punished. They roam freely with law on their side result of which we see such heinous crimes daily.

Whether an 80 years old women or a two year old child nobody is save in this great country from these sick minded criminals. The so called nationalists who feel offended when someone criticize government or army or religions dig themselves under layers when crime against women happens. There is no study in all these years on rapists to know why they rape. One we all know is the patriarchal mindset of our society which looks women as inferior to men even though they are ahead or shoulder to shoulder in every field of male dominance.

Lessons on respecting a woman/girl should be given to boys first at their homes and then in the schools. Studies should be conducted on rapists to know what type of people usually indulge in this crime and then such people prone to rape must be visited by councilors. Education should reach every nook and corner of the country and most importantly laws should be strengthened so that rapists get punished to spread fear in potential rapists.