Gang Of Four (Part - 10)

Gang of Four (Part - 10)

Arjun's suggestion to get shaving done by all raised some suspicion in Raghav. He took him aside," Arjun what's the matter you have changed since you came from your cousin's marriage, emphasizing on shaving," " nothing have changed,it was just a suggestion." Arjun somehow changed the topic and went to barber's shop with Ejaz .

" Rajeev don't you think Arjun is looking different in his behavior since his arrival from his cousin's wedding." " No! I don't think so." " Is this possible that he liked some girl there?" " What do you mean?" " I mean he shaved there,his clean shaven look bowled her over, he also started liking her and perhaps she is insisting him to remain clean shave and he now stay busy on phone also." " You are watching CID from 16 years you are thinking like ACP Pradhyuman, don't you think he will never hide something from us,this is not expected from him." " But Dost ( friend), when the matter is concerned with women unexpected always happens."

On the other hand Surbhi met that girl loved by Rajeev alone as Arjun was helping in Ejaz's preparations. Her name was Nidhi, Surbhi convinced her that Rajeev loved her but maintaining a distance only because of their gang of four. She planned their surprise meeting at audition site where Raghav was not going with his friends. Nidhi was ready as she was also interested in Rajeev he was his type of person,she still remembered the pleasant time she spent with him.

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