The Masked Killer - Part 2

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The Masked Killer - Part 2

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A pizza delivery boy reported the incident to the police.  Sangita was unconscious with wounds on her forehead when they brought her to hospital. Girish meanwhile telephoned her husband about the incident who immediately drove to return. He also interrogated her about the incident.

"See Inspector I am not getting what you are saying about robbery.I planned to visit the nearby town to surprise my husband working there on Valentine's eve when I noticed an abandoned car. There were blood spots at its back seats, a masked man with blood stained knife attacked me and when I became conscious I found myself on this hospital bed. I am sure someone was murdered by that masked man and you are saying that some robbers attacked me in my house." Girish and Victor looked at each other in disbelief after hearing her because a patrolling police unit have found a similar car described by Sangita but no dead body was recovered from the spot.

As they finished Aarav entered the room, met with officers and consulted doctors to take her home. Girish decided to meet them in the evening after investigating the spot she found the abandoned car.


"Victor what do you think? " Girish asked while sipping tea in his cabin after returning from that site of abandoned car. " We haven't found any dead body as Sangita believes but there was truth in her statement about the car." Victor was moving in the cabin with worried expressions. As a crime reporter he has reported and worked on many such incidences but that was a real mystery.

A constable interfere their conversation by giving them report of the blood spots they found in the car and informed about the owner of the car. " The car belongs to some Vandana Chaudhary and ..." His eyes was wide open to see her address. She was Sangita and Aarav's neighbor. " I need a complete history of Aarav, Sangita and Vandana immediately and also the details of their phone records." Girish ordered the constable.


" How are you feeling now my dear ? " Aarav asked Sangita when she woke up. " I am fine now." She repeated the incident of last night to Aarav. " Baby, this must be your dream. How can you present at two spots at the same time." That thing was also bothering her but she was sure that it wasn't a dream.


Inspector Girish reached Aarav's home and asked Sangita about VandanaAarav was more surprised to hear that name than Sangita. " Yes! She came to our home yesterday and introduced me as our neighbor. She wanted to meet Aarav but you know he was not there yesterday." Their attention turned to Aarav who started speaking before they asked anything.

" Vandana is my friend and our only neighbor but Sangita doesn't know her because she left India before our marriage but why are you asking about her." Do you know some Jatin." " No I don't know him." Girish told them that Jatin was Vandana's husband and she was here to complete the process of her divorce. Aarav told them that he didn't know that she was married. She was missing and that blood spots matched her blood group and police believed that Jatin has killed her.

At this point Victor reached and said something in Girish's ear. " Mr. Aarav where were you last night." " I am in another city for some work but why you are asking this to me Mr. Victor." Victor showed him the copy of his mobile bill record which shows his location at home. He was the one who ordered the pizza and perhaps he was the killer of Vandana.

" What rubbish are you talking Mr Victor, inspector why don't you told him that Jatin is the killer." Aarav was sweating in the AC room. " I am also saying that Jatin is the killer and Mr Aarav you are Jatin," Victor threw some papers on the bad in front of Sangita. Sangita read those papers and started crying she looked angrily towards Aarav which broke him down.

" I am sorry Sangita but I did everything for your love and because I don't want to lose you." Sangita spoke nothing , he continued." Vandana was my first wife whom I married as Jatin for her money. I even succeeded in transferring some of her property to my name. But she discovered my treachery and charged me for forgery & also filed for divorce. She shifted to America after that incident while her lawyers fighting her case and I came here to this lonely place without knowing that the adjacent house belongs to Vandana. She informed me about her arrival and it was than I planned her murder so that Sangita remain unaware about her. It was only a chance that she met Sangita."

"But Sangita's surprise spoiled your plan. She spotted you in mask with a knife.You hit at her forehead, bring her home in her car, call for pizza and set the story of a robbery so puzzle her." Girish finished the story and hand cuffed him."

" Mr Aarav if you truly love Sangita you have told her the truth. We usually forget that love is not in days we spend to earn happiness for each other but in days we spend together with each other." Police recovered Vandana's body from her swimming pool and informed her aunt in America about her death. Sangita still struggling to come out of this shock.


Part 1 + Part 2 Word Count = 1488 

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The Masked Killer - Part 1

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The Masked Killer - Part 1

It was Valentine's eve and she was driving in an isolated road. She found it odd to see an abandoned car parked there with doors open. A distant cry triggered her to stop her car to check if things are alright. She peeked into the car's back door and found fresh blood spots at the back seats. That's when she witnessed a masked man approaching the abandoned car. She tried to hide herself but it was all in vain he noticed her car and knew that someone was intruding his privacy to complete his task of killing. Her futile running ended when he gripped her wrist and turned her to face him. A long blood dripping knife in his hand was enough to tell her his motive. She fainted when he brought the knife closer to her neck.


Sangita was not happy with Aarav sudden departure to nearby city for some work when Valentine's Day was knocking at the door which would also be their first wedding anniversary. " Can't you postpone this trip? I was waiting for that day from a long time and it was our first anniversary." She said dejectedly. " I know baby I have also planned for that day but I have to go this is urgent." He said to coax her. She packed his bags and accompanied him to the car. They hugged each other and he drove away to his destination.

Sangita and Aarav were married for almost a year. There love story was not lesser than a roller coaster ride. They were good friends in college and loved each other but both of them never expressed their feelings. They parted their ways after completing college and met in a college reunion after four years. Aarav thought it was some heavenly sign that they both were single even after these years and a right opportunity to confess his love to her. He proposed her to marry him which she readily accepted and they tied knots on Valentine's day.

She was in her thoughts when door bell rang. " Hi ! I am Vandana your neighbor. Is Aarav home? " A young girl in her late twenties dressed in modern attire surprised Sangita since there was only one vacant home adjacent to their. " I guess you are Aarav's wife." Sangita was still puzzled." Oh ! Actually this is my home but I lived in America. I am back in India for some unfinished work and am just arrived. Aarav is my only friend here so I thought to meet him first." Sangita welcomed her inside and told her about Aarav's absence. " You wait here I bring something for you." " No it's OK, I need some rest now catch you later, bye." Sangita was happy that she was not alone in this locality.


"Hi ! I am inspector Girish from the crime branch and he is Victor Bannerjee senior crime reporter from famous fortnightly magazine The Arbitrator and also my good friend."

"Am I alive?" Girish smiled at this question , "Yes madam you are alive and I think you are now fine enough to answer our questions. Did you see who robbed your house?"

" My house robbed ? Who robbed my house? She didn't understand what Inspector said to her as she was at the roadside of a deserted road.


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Book Review : Project S.A.I

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Book Review : Project S.A.I

Project S.A.I is written by Srinivas Gopal is a small book of 86 pages which is published by Frog Books of Leadstart Publishing Pvt.LtdSrinivasa Gopal completed his B.Tech from IIT-Madras & then went on to do his M.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Regina, Canada, for which he even received the prestigious Governor General of Canada’s academic medal in 1992. Since then, he has worked for several leading multinational firms in India and in the U.A.E. I have received this book as part of Readers Cosmos Book Review program

Cover : The faded image gives an impression of spirit or something supernatural which looks good. The small teddy bear at right hand corner somehow implies that this supernatural experience is related to this toy which seems different when we explore the book.

Plot : Sarangan and Lakshman lived with their wives in Namakkal. Lakshman left their village to study and work in the city leaving the family tradition behind. After years when his children grew up he realized that how he forget his rituals and traditions in the city life and even after successful life he couldn't rest as his duties for his children were not fulfilled. When he met his brother again after years they decided to repeat their family's Dipawali pilgrimage tradition which they haven't performed in years, Lakshman and his wife were unable to visit so they send their sons instead. Something happens on this journey which made Ananth the elder son of Lakshman to suggest Inspector Muthu to use the Ghost Machine he had developed with Raghav , this leads to Project S.A.I.

Thriller : The book is not lengthy and uses easy language which make it a quick read. Comparison between Sarangan and his family's village life to Lakshman and his family's city life is nicely gives the contrast between both the places and people. 

Spoiler : Their are more bad things about this book than the good ones. The story lacks any motive except to fit his fantasy of Ghost Machine in the narrative without any solid purpose for it. The beginning of the story gives a different conception about the story than what it would end. The Project S.A.I which is the title of the story is not thoroughly explored. The story would be interesting and appealing if it would have started with discussions of Project S.A.I in the beginning and then revealing why it was discussed. I have also found many grammatical errors in the book.

Verdict : If you don't have something interesting to read or wants to finish a book in a day it is a good book. Otherwise it lacks directions and a proper story. 

Rating : I would give it 1.5/5.

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Van Huesen : My Fit Is The Right Fit

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Van Huesen : My Fit Is The Right Fit

All of us dreams about a perfect toned body shape but we hardly gets it due to our routines. We even forgets about our body shape until the day we need to find new clothes, it was then we realize how much shapeless is our body and in order to avoid the situations of trying clothes which not fits us we usually drop the idea to buy them or ended with non-fitting garments which are either too loose or too tight for us.

The same thing happens to me also owing to my body shape. I am in a business which requires very less physical labor as a result my belly protruded making me vulnerable to unfit garments. Although now I am trying hard to get back in shape but shopping for clothes is a tough task until the time this fat pouch on my stomach would vanish. All garment manufacturing brands make standard sizes for shirts as S,M,L,XL or in numbers like 38,40,42,44 and in pants as 32,34,36 ,etc without caring and catering for the needs of those who falls in between these sizes or for those who have different body sizes (usually refers to the size of chest) but having different body type. They have standard patterns set for lifeless mannequins which mostly not suits the body types of real people specially among Indians. I never found that perfect fit due to that reason since my body size is 40 but that size is tight on my stomach due to my belly fat this kept me away from the ready made garments many times.

Van Huesen has launched the solution of this problem in the form of My Fit. My fit is an innovative solution that helps to find correct size for your body type. It offers clothing for 6 different body types in 9 sizes for shirts and 5 body types in 18 sizes for trousers in different colors and fabrics with choices in collars types, cuff types, sleeve length, pleats, etc. so that you don't need to compromise with your fitting and style. The range of sizes and body types are enough to tell you to where to buy your right size next time you need clothes. You can visit the Van Huesen my fit site here and experience this revolution in clothing.

Like me you can also order online and try your fit at the convenience of your home when it gets delivered in 10 to 14 days or you can go to your nearest Van Huesen My Fit store to try it personally before buying and I am sure that you are going to like this concept. The list of stores can be searched at .

Looking at the fit,colors and style I can say that Van Huesen My Fit is the Right fit for every body type whether it is tall,healthy, plus size, slim or athletic. It is not a customization or made to measure solution but not less than it in providing you all options for a better fit.  

Book Review : Hifi In Bollywood

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Book Review : Hifi In Bollywood

HiFi In Bollywood is written by Rishi Vohra who writes for delWine and is a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW). I have received this book published by Jaico Publishing House from the author who can be visited at . His debut novel Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai was a bestseller and awarded a special mention at the Hollywood Book Festival. Hifi In Bollywood is a story which gives you an inside into the Hindi Film Industry or HiFi.

Cover : A boy in front of Mumbai background who looks like a wannabe actor very much give the hint what is waiting inside this book. A slight glimpse of girl at one side of cover points to some love angle. Overall it's a nice cover according to the story.

Plot : Reyhan Arora who wanted to be a filmmaker in Hindi Film Industry found hard to cop with his finance degree and search for a job in California,USA. He was doing it in pressure of his stubborn father who had also planned his marriage to his friend's daughter living in America. He wanted to settle his son in America but Reyhan had some different dreams and in order to pursue them he came to Mumbai without telling his father and rejecting that girl Vanita  for a try in HiFi. On his journey in Hindi Film Industry he encountered with different people and fell in love with a girl named Viola working with him in the same movie as assistant directer like him. Would he get success in Hindi Film Industry? Would his father ever discover him in Mumbai? Did Viola also love him ? The story answers these questions with an unexpected ending.

Boiler : The simplicity in narration is the plus point of the story. Interchanging from first person to third person also looks appropriate with the flow of the story. It gives realistic view of the working of Hindi Film Industry. The characters are real and we can connect to them from the people in the film industry. I also liked the simplicity of language and the flow of the narrative. Its a total recipe for a masala entertainer.

Spoiler : The flow of the narrative is good but slow. The story lacks the high points and the twist barring the ultimate twist in the end. At times it becomes boring with some repetitive scenes. Their are missed instances of humorous situations which would if take care of definitely add to the flavors of the story.

Verdict : It tells us to follow our dreams and work hard for their success. You must read it if you are a Bollywood fan and wants to have a glimpse of working of Hindi Film Industry or HiFi as they called it.

Rating : I would give it 3.5/5.

Tujhe Dekha To Yeh Jaana Sanam

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Tujhe Dekha To Yeh Jaana Sanam - A Tribute To Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge

A girl craving for her dream boy went on holidays with her friends after getting permission from her father who wanted to marry his daughter with his friend's son in his homeland India. She met a boy during this journey and fell in his love. He too started loving her but both of them didn't reveal this to each other. The boy went to India for expressing his love and to win the trust of her family. Finally the father approved their love and send her daughter with him.

Who knows on 20th October 1995 (release date of this film) that this simple love story would create history in Hindi Film Industry with longest ever run by a movie in the world. This film was continuously running in Maratha Mandir Mumbai from last 20 years ( 1009 weeks ) till 19 Feb 2015 when it was screened for the last time. Produced by Yash Chopra of Yash Raj Films and the directorial debut of his son Aditya Chopra who is also the story and screenplay writer of the film, stars Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Amrish Puri, Farida Jalal and Anupam Kher in the lead roles. 

This film gave its first romantic hero to the film industry before that heroes were either angry young man or super fighters or tragic emotional being or heartthrob but not lovers. Not like Raj the screen name of SRK in the movie (inspired by the great Raj Kapoor ) who can do anything to woo his girl Simran - Kajol's screen name but never dare to break the tradition that girl must marry with her parents' will and went on to impress them. The story touched the heart of every Indian in such a way that every young boy aspire to become Raj to woo his girl and every girl dreams of Raj as her perfect match. It became a trendsetter and inspired many movies. 

Here are few reasons which I think helped in long run of this film : 

1. Raj became the face of changing India of that time carefree with lots of job opportunity in country and abroad and thus having the time to chase their love and dreams.

2. Music of the film was a success world over. Many foreign surveys rate it at all time hit Indian music of that decade, who can forget the evergreen melodies like Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jaana Sanam, Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye, Doli Sajake Rakhna Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna, Zara Sa Jhoomlun Mein , Hogaya Hai Tujhko To Pyaar Sajna, etc.

3. Superb performances and dialogue, captivating locations with equally matched cinematography which never aged with years and give it a high repeat value.

4. Love - the eternal love and not the lust , you can see a romantic and emotional film again and again than a high action drama. Most of us lacks love in our lives such movies filled that void.

There may be many other reasons but for me Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jana Sanam Pyaar Hota Hai Diwana Sanam. This movie which I watched in my childhood was the first impression of how love should be and those of us who have spent their childhood in 90's can feel how special this movie for us. Today I am feeling nostalgic after hearing that this movie held it last show today it brought many memories back like dancing on menhdi lagage rakhna in my class for dance exam, singing tujhe dekha to ye jaana in Antakshiri whenever the word 'T'came to me. But we can now see this movie on Internet whenever we want but yes this movie holds a special place in my heart from thousands of Hindi movies I have watched. 

Here is the new trailer of this movie released on completion of 1000 weeks: 

Face To Face With Cricket

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Face To Face With Cricket

Cricket as you all know is respected as a religion in India. A child when started standing on his feet first hold a bat in his hands in this country. Since this sports is religion cricketers i.e the player which plays this sports automatically becomes God. Cricket World Cup which held in four years is like a sacred ritual for followers of this faith in Indian subcontinent, you can see cricket everywhere in clubs,restaurants,buses,homes and even some cinema halls playing important cricket matches in their theater instead of movies during this period. But what this sports think about its status in this part of the world. On my special request and some approach it was ready to give me some time for this conversation, here is excerpt from the same.

Me : First of all thanks for taking out some time for me from this busy schedule.
Cricket : It's all right, you deliver your questions fast please.

Me : How do you feel about your status in this part of the world i.e Indian subcontinent ? 
Cricket : Who don't like attention. People are crazy about me and I enjoyed it.

Me : Don't you think you are overrated in this part of the world?
Cricket : It depends on how you see me. If you treat me as a sport I am overrated but if you treat me as a religion I think I have still a long way to go. My followers most of the time maintain decorum in the stadium.

Me : Most of the time! That means not always.
Cricket : It sometimes happens in passion, hitting bottles to opponent, destroying sitting arrangements, burning posters I think it is good at times for humanity.

Me : But you are not known in many countries of the world. 
Cricket : (Laughs) Kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta . Do you know baseball, rugby, ice hockey, basketball? Everybody has its own territory , has own area of rule.

Me : Look at football it is famous all over the world.
Cricket : That cheap sports! Just take a ball and make twenty two people run in knickers behind it. What is it's status in front of me. Countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana, Sudan, etc plays this game have you heard about existence of such countries. Don't compare me with football I am gentle men's game whereas football is the game of hooligans. 

Me : So much money was wasted on you in Indian subcontinent that other sports felt neglected.
Cricket : I also feel sad for them but people worships rising sun. You win with me that's why you all like me when in past you were good with hockey you treated it as national sports. It all depends on timing and I think now I am done with your questions, I have to go now.

Me : One last question Sir. What you think about words like war,battle, ground zero, attack, enemies used for you or in reference to you? 
Cricket : ( Sad ) I am just a sport, a tool which brings nation,people together with the spirit of game and sportsmanship. I don't like these words, war and battles spread hatred, I am for love. I request all who are reading me that I am just a game and not the matter of life and death. Win and defeats are my part and with every defeat a team tries to be better next time.

He left after that but his last words echoed for hours in my mind. Why sports which teaches us team work,leadership skills, respect for the opponent, humility,etc becomes a mark of animosity? We must think about it.  

Book Review : Rapescars

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Book Review : Rapescars 

Rapescars is written by Gaurav Sharma a Mathematics teacher by profession. His first novel is Love @ Air Force. He also contributed a poem in The Essence of Eternal Happiness. Rapescars is published by Petal Publishers and I have received this book as a part of Readers Cosmos Book Review Program. This book is a story of an unusual revenge on her rapist by a rape survivor.

Cover : Cover design is nice and apt to the story. A rape victim putting fingers on her lips while the news of her rape has became a topic of debate on national media.A true reality of our society emerged from this cover.

Plot : Akriti a young college girl start loving a boy Raman Chaudhary who used to travel in the same bus which drop her to her college. After few casual glances Raman proposes her which began their relationship. She crosses all limits she decided for herself in his love and succumb to his advances of sexual relationship. After few sexual encounters he betrays her and invited his two friends to have sex with her. She was gang raped by them. The story then revolves around her fight of seeking justice and how she grew as a woman in her fight. It ends with her decision of an unusual revenge for her rapist.

Highs : The story is narrated by the girl who have faced this heinous crime thus perfectly highlights the psyche of a girl during her journey from being in love for the first time to the time she decides her fate. The court room trials are penned realistically one can easily feel the trauma of the victim and debate between defence and prosecution. The narrative is pacy which keep you to hold your seats till the end. Simple language and small chapters strengthen the grip of the plot.

Lows : The story take a downward turn near the end. The speed of the narrative slows down and you forgets that the narrator is a rape victim. Though I do believe in killing the crime and not the criminal even then I am unable to gulp the existence of such a perfect scenario to repent.

Verdict : A story which bring you face to face to the ferocity of rape and rape trials while highlighting the situation of victim's mind.

Rating : I would give it 3.5/5.

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Triumph of Democracy

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Triumph of Democracy - Part of India Series 

Indian public for time and again have proved that public is the king in the democracy. No wave, no cult figure is strong enough to rule the mind of the country which after years of betrayal is no more ready to be dominated by any one in any way. These are the instances which keep alive the hope in the constitution of our country.

Delhi Assembly Election results with historical victory of Aam Aadmi Party have  reconfirmed the same thing. This is not only the victory of Arvind Kejriwal lead AAP but of the people of Delhi. The unbeatable Modi-Shah combination tastes a defeat after an eight month show of arrogance and one man leadership. The man who never falls short of words on any issue remained silent on his party's MP flabbergasted remarks against minority communities. He never spoke against  'four children remark' issue, 'Raamzado-Haram--do speech', omission of 'secular and socialist' from the preamble of the constitution, attacks on Churches in Delhi, Ghar Wapasi row, etc instead he flaunted Rs 8 lakh suit weaved with his name on it which was contrary to the image of common Chaiwala he projected before the 2014 general elections.

The connect he made through development agenda was lost after his swearing in as the Prime Minister of the country. He remained on a campaign trail building his international image during his foreign visits without any benefit for the country. People trust a person not merely for his great persona but also for the way one conducts oneself. The self proclaimed lucky man don't even realized that hundred of soldiers died in cross border firing and thousands of people lost their loved ones,their valued belongings in severe Kashmir flood after he became PM.

The mandate would be same for AAP if they fail in their promises to the people in the future. This Oh Yes Abhi! generation wants delivery at the earliest or at least want to see some work in the direction of that promises and not mere boosting of certain things you are doing. People say that Delhi is mini India owing to its diversity equivalent to the diversity of our country and that it gives direction to the nation by its action as in the past with Independence day movement, Emergency period, JP movement, VP movement, Anna movement, the fire ignited here spread to the nation. The recent Delhi Election coverage by foreign media also shows that world is also watching Delhi.

I hope that Modi government will mend its ways after these eye opener results and would not haste now to annul important policies and laws by previous government like MNERGA, land acquisition law, environment clearance law, etc. I also hope that Arvind Kejriwal's government would deal more professionally with the issues in Delhi and not with the quickness they displayed in 49 days. Till any big political historical event hail the democracy of India. 

Book Review :The Game of Life - Shattered Dreams

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Book Review : The Game of Life - Shattered Dreams 

Ramayana The Game of Life - Shattered Dreams Book 2 is the sequel of national bestseller, Rise of The Sun Prince the first part of this series. It is written by Shubha Vilas, a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker who holds a degree in engineering and law with a specialization in patent law. It was published by Jaico Books. This book moves forward from Bal Kanda of the original work. Twelve joyful years have passed in Ayodhya since the wedding of Rama and Sita at the end of Book 1. 

Cover : Cover design is nice. It shows Dasharata on chariot in his nightmare which is an important part in this book. The image of Rama sleeping peacefully in dreams while Dashrata's dreams are shattering for what is happening in his life. The cover is neutral to the narrative.

Plot : The story of this second part of the series Ramayana The Game of Life starts with Dashrata's deteriorating health and his decision to crown Prince Rama as the king of Ayodhya and ends with Rama living in exile in the Jungle with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana. He is in exile after Kekeyi the second wife of his father Dashrata and mother of his step brother Bharata redeem her long pending wishes from the king Dashrata which she earned from him after saving his life at two occasions. What evokes her to ask the fulfilment of these wishes after so many years? Why Dashrata stops coronation ceremony of Rama ? How Rama's life starts in exile? This story revolves around these questions.

Highs : We are reading,hearing,watching and even enacting this story from so many years that we are accustomed to it yet after reading this book it appears to me all new. This book highlights the different and unnoticed aspects of Ramayana in thrilling and adventurous way with lots of emotions and drama. Dashrata,Rama,Lakshmana,Kekeyi,and other characters evolved in a new light which elaborates things about these characters which were previously unknown or unnoticed. The simple yet spine tingling narrative keep you hooked to the book from start to end even when you are aware of the future happenings. This is possible only through great writing. The footnotes helps us to understand the prospective of the book and it's relevance in today's time.

Lows :  It is difficult to find lows in this book owing to the characters it was dealing but yet I would say that book is glorification of his Lord from a true devotee which finds positivity in each aspect of his Lord thus becoming biased at instances which don't reveals the other side and other aspects of the story for example Why Rama was ready to be king without any competition between brothers just because he was elder? Is this just? Such question remain unanswered. 

Verdict : If you want to relearn the Ramayana and understand The Game of Life in Ramayana with a different prospective you must read this book which not only reveals the secrets of Ramayana but tells it in interesting and captivating way.

Rating :  I would give it 4/5

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The First Battle of Delhi

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The First Battle of Delhi

There are numerous battles in the history to conquer Delhi like three Battles of Panipat, Battle of Kurukshetra in Mahabharata ,etcetera fought at the outskirts of Delhi between different kings and rulers but none so big and interesting than the one going on within the limits of Delhi. This is the first battle of Delhi in this winter of 2015 for the 70 constituencies that form this city. Battle because it is fight between personalities and not for the people's issues. 

The ruling BJP party in the center have put everything at stake to win this battle. The so called Modi magic which they believe helped them in winning 2014 General Election and then assembly elections in four states is fading here in front of Arvind Kejriwal who is just 2 years old in politics but has changed it dynamics since his entry in it before 2013 Delhi assembly polls. Congress party which is marginalized after 2014 elections is also hoping to regain their lost reputation through these polls but looking at the present scenario it seems very difficult. 

Arvind Kejriwal is the reason behind making this battle fierce and grand. He has shaped it in his own terms , played cards which demolished every strategy of his opponents. He didn't want it to be Modi v/s him so he compelled BJP to present a CM candidate in the form of Kiran Bedi, he pressurized her to debate with him which made her nervous and she committed mistakes during her media interviews. She appeared unprepared for her task without any plan and policy for the state she was contesting as CM , her authoritarian behavior irked workers of her own party, walking out from a TV interview and from a reporter's questions forced party to order her not to speak to media again proving beneficial to Arvind Kejriwal. He also displayed a rare trait in politics i.e apology for leaving government in 49 days last time. A country where politicians and political parties never felt sorry for their wrong doings his apology made him closer to the people.

 This is also a first that about 120 MP of ruling party including many cabinet ministers were campaigning for 70 seats assembly elections and that too for a state which is not even a complete state. This is also strange that BJP chief Amit Shah has not spoken a word in support of his CM candidate Kiran Bedi. Every weapon available has been tested from newspaper adds to social media campaign, from twitter trends to letter to each home but in all these hullabaloo core issues have lost. 

The nation is watching Delhi. The world is watching Delhi. Name, reputations, future, expansions, policies, leadership,marketing techniques all are at stake in this elections. This battle of personalities,this battle of ideologies, this battle of ego will change the course of politics of this nation. Will the unconquerable Modi taste a defeat? What will be the future of Arvind Kejriwal after this election? What will Congress get from this battle? There are many questions which will be answered on 10th Feb 2015 the counting day.

In the end I would like to say that whatever may be your choice do vote and exercise your right on 7th February 2015. In this historical battle of polls lets create history by making new record in voting.

No Fikar, Chat Quikr

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No Fikar, Chat Quikr

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If you are a teacher, a lawyer, a homemaker, a designer, a student or even a blogger then this name is not new to you Quikr the largest online buying,selling and renting platform in India catering almost all major cities like Delhi, Bhopal, Mumbai, Ahmedabad,etc. Quikr provides the local community with a platform to help them buy, sell, rent and find something and address needs across many categories. These categories numbering over 12 and sub-categories over 140 range from Mobiles, real estate, cars, services, jobs, entertainment, furniture, electronics etc.

If you haven't used it till now this is because of the fear of interference in your privacy . The buyers could call you at times you were busy in school,office, home or with your friends or you skeptical that making your mobile number or email id public would make you vulnerable to some mischievous elements and if you are a girl then your hesitations are not wrong looking at the increasing cases of mobile stalkers and abusers. I too was hesitant for such reasons. But Quikr in its endeavor to provide quality service with safety to its users have introduced a feature Quikr NXT.

Quikr Nxt, is a feature which allows users to chat using the website or mobile app. This means users can choose to make a listing private, which hides their email ID and phone number on the site thus making interacting with prospectus buyers and sellers convenient without revealing our identity which means No Fikar Chat Quikr. I have already mentioned why I would prefer chat mode over a phone call by outlining discomforts of a phone call. Following points would make it clearer: 

  • Chat will keep our number private which would be helpful in safeguarding our privacy which in turn would be helpful in prevention from anti-social elements.
  • With chat we can contact our buyer and seller with our convenience without compromising our precious time meant for other works of family and business. Moreover this feature would allow us to keep track of our chats like other messenger services we are using on our mobile devices.
  •  If there is requirement for more details to buyer than seller could send more images of product making it much more easier to select the desired product.
Chat feature is a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller without infringing any body's privacy,time and convenience. Choosing the seller or buyer of our choice without phone calls would also ensure that we are not hurting anybody by declining their offer or not buying or selling things to them.It happens sometime that buyer tries to contact us after first phone conversation at a time when we would have purchased or sold that product from/to someone else due to price difference. Chat feature would help us from the discomfort of saying no to someone. 

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