Amazing Teenage Singer

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Amazing Teenage Singer

In my quest of life,I mostly roam in books or on Internet or hear people's experiences and also through television and news paper to gather information and experiences. This journey of mine is never ending and teaches me something somewhere.But the incident or situation I am sharing through this blog is felt by me in the real world and the thing what touches my heart and made me compel to write this article is voice of a teenage boy named Md. Faiz whom I met on a marriage I visited with my family. He was from a very small town and cousin to the girl whose marriage I attended.
Somebody told me that he sings very well and than everybody asked him to sing. He sang Sonu Nigam's Apna mujhe tu laga from the movie 1920 Evil Returns. He sang it so well that I wanted the song never come to an end and to keep on listening him but the situation and that gathering was not a place for that to happen as everybody was busy in something and I don't want anybody to neglect such a voice. I asked him that where he had learned singing but he told me that he learned it through watching television and listening radio,he has no professional vocal training as where he lived there are no music schools or music teacher and it is difficult for him to go somewhere else because of his studies and limited resources. Than I decided to record one of his songs and to upload this to youtube to show his talent to the world. Today after uploading this song to youtube , I decided to write this blog on him and share my thoughts about him and his voice. I request all of you to please listen his voice and give your opinion about it so that I can ensure him that he really sings well and deserves to go to heights in singing and only than I can only try to convince his family to send him here in New Delhi where he can get further training in music and may be do something in life. This is my small try for him I hope you all will join this campaign for him with me. 
This song which he sings in this video is from the movie Raaz 3 , Zindagi se churake sung by Shafaqat Amanat Ali.

Aam Aadmi Party by Arvind Kejrivaal

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“Aam Aadmi Party” by Arvind Kejrivaal

India Against Corruption has finally announced their political party. During this one and a half year or I should say that during the hatching period of their party there was a struggle between themselves to whether launch a party or not, what will be its purpose? How it will function? What it will look like? On all these issues they asked for public opinion through mobile sms and online voting, I think they were not wrong in doing so because you need to have the opinion of those for whom you are doing something or willing to do something but this to have limitations. Even now mobile phone is not available to everyone, secondly everyone is not an active participant in nation building.  
Finally on 2nd October 2012,they announced an unnamed party and present a draft of it to the nation, it was strange to know that they are willing to project themselves as national party but remain mum on several issues of national interest like Kashmir issue, FDI, reservation, secularism, etc which are basis of public voting since 1st general elections. Everybody has an opinion about these issues,( everybody here means aam aadmi ) which they share in public frequently and they are discussed among the masses in public gatherings. My question arises here why they put burden back on public when they were asked about such questions?  What if I asked someone about how to construct this house? And in reply to it he asked me the same question that you tell me how to construct this house? And there is a second reason to be against this thought, people here gets easily influenced and this tend to appear in what they say.  
Indian public is mature enough to understand the politics better than any political analyst and is maturing day by day by the spread of education and news channels. In such a situations some bunch of people are trying to lead an aware public without showing their leadership skills. Are they believing that only anti corruption speeches and highlighting scams can mobilize the masses against such a system which is rooted even in the citizen of this nation? Is only anti privilege candidate can change the public which create temples for their leader or weigh them with gold, sweets, etc? This country actually requires a leader which make them(citizen of India) to leave their privileges for the sake of nation, who can make them realize their own mistakes and obstructions in the path of building a prosperous nation and tell them how they can be part of such prosperity.   

Tragedy Of Being Mr.Rahul Gandhi.

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Rahul Gandhi was always an inspiration for the congress, from ever since he had entered the politics( some people still think he should better be outside it) there were speculations that he will be the next prime minister of India.
But as time passes such speculations rises but Rahul Gandhi falls from being so. Being a politician from such a valuable family and giving such a high promises to the nation his policies,his ideology is still alien to people. Sometimes when he ate in dalit houses (who support their families with difficulty and arrange their meals with lots of efforts) he presents himself as ‘ Mesiha’  for them who will change their destiny but when there was a bill on ‘promotion in reservation’ (which his party bring in haste to divert from Coalgate) he remains quite and his views are unclear to the masses.
It appears that he his a true Gandhian of today of believes in Gandhi’s monkey philosophy but with a twist. Gandhi ‘s monkeys say never to listen bad things, never to hear bad things and never to speak bad things while Rahul Gandhi follows it as never to say anything, never to speak anything and never to hear anything. His silence on very big issues of the nation is slap on those faces who thinks to promote him as future PM. Nation is not in a position to carry another PM (like Manmohan Singh) who had sealed his lips on every issues.
Why Rahul Gandhi is in national politics? Why he project himself as future PM? Why he believes he has the power to bring a change in nation? Is to bring younger generation to politics without assigning any bigger role to them will do anything?  If Rahul Gandhi by chance reads this blog please speak something about  inflation or corruption or CAG or CBI or anything of national interest and in a place other than a election gathering. 

Thought shrinking

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World has shrunk a lot. I am not talking about the size of the earth, nor i am concern about the closeness technology had brought. I am talking about thought shrinking. It is a phenomenon developed in the course of time and not a sudden change. The thoughts of people of about 120years ago revolve around the whole world, they wanted to know other cultures other nations, other people. They do concern about the changes in the world or its necessities. Soon time changed thoughts started shrinking to the national level. National problems as a whole was main thoughts. Those countries fighting for their freedom at that time struggled for countries' freedom and liberty, national development used to be their aim. They do not bother for other nations and if do so than it would be for their nations benefit. But as i say CHANGE IS PERMANENT, it happens with the thoughts also as the human race advances in science and technology with the world thoughts too shrunk. People then raises local problems of particular area and now they think or i should say we think of ourselves. Our world shrunk to my privacy,my personal life, etc. Now people don't know the names of the person living next them. Thoughts shrinking became a problem when by thinking of ourselves we forget others, when we are not keen to know the effects of our actions an others what others think of our behaviour ,this in turn leads to another problem of not behaving well with others thus became more self centered.
Our thoughts should be big enough to incorporate the thoughts of others and to have a room for other opinion.
One should always remember that like a criminal always left behind a clue to its crime, one's thought always stays with the one it has been shared. Now its up to the person for what thoughts he wants to be remembered.
Broaden your thoughts to have others thought fit in it.