My Doomsday Moment

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My Doomsday Moment

I was excited for my first day of my first job at McDonald's Rohtak. This job was suitable for me as it allow me to continue my studies. I was prepared for hard work because my friend who worked there told me about extra workloads for newcomers. It was after I delivered my first order mob of hundred people entered in the mall where my workplace my McD was also situated and started destroying everything. I was frightened with their screams and shouts. They were not only destroying property but also looting things and attacking people. Soon some twenty to twenty five people with lathis in their hand also entered in the McDonald. I was near the entrance, they pushed me down and started beating me. I was hoping that someone would come and save me but all staff was receiving the same treatment even girls were not spared. They started setting the mall on fire, somehow we all came out before the fire started. I was witnessing my workplace in blaze. Our manager told us to go home now. My home was not very far from the mall so I reached home receiving few more blows from the people on the road.

When I reached home my mother was standing and crying outside with my younger sister as our Jat landlord threw them out of the house. She told her to wait till her husband and son reached home but he didn't listen to her. Our things were scattered on the road many of which were picked up by the agitators. After sometime my father came whose condition wasn't different from me. He took us to our relatives nearby where things were controlled by the army. My mother was worried about my elder sister who hasn't returned home from her work from Murthal. My father has informed her to come to this new place where we were staying before he came to pick us but it was long time ago. As night approached my father was also worrying for her. It was then we heard knock on the door. My sister entered with torn clothes, wounds and bruises were visible on her body. My mother hugged her and started crying, my father remained still for few minutes and then collapsed on the ground. I lost my workplace, my home, my father, my sister was raped and soon fire engulfed that house in which we were staying with all its occupants. 

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Book Review : Rukhsat - The Departure

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Book Review : Rukhsat - The Departure

Rukhsat - The Departure is written by Sujit Banerjee and published by Frog Books of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. I have received this book from Meera of The debut book of author is a collection of twenty six stories each starting with a name from an alphabet of English language, twenty six alphabets hence twenty six stories.

Cover : Both cover and title were attention grabbing and because of title and cover I got interested in reviewing this book. A tree whose leaves are coming down giving the feeling of loss and departure. Full marks for the cover and title a Urdu name for a English book is a nice idea. 

Plot : Book comprises twenty six stories, each starting with a letter of English alphabet and representing a name starting with A for 'Abhimanyu - The Beginning' to Z for 'Zayan - The smell of Green Apples'. Abhimanyu is a story of unborn child and Zayan is the story of a man who has died. Stories starting from birth and ending with death covering life in between. There are stories from an illegitimate child, a unhappy marriage, gay sex encounter of strangers, a prostitute, a street child to a forgetful man, a lost child, etc. All stories bound with the common thread of sadness of incompleteness in life. 

Highs : The concept is the hero of this book. The wide variety of characters gives a unique attribute to each story. The language is simple and easily understandable. Some stories are told with two different perspectives which gives you glimpse of psyche of both the characters in that particular situation which I think makes reading interesting in those parts. 

Lows : Only some stories are interesting and there is none I found which leave an everlasting impact on readers. The sadness, remorse, emptiness in characters' life was almost similar and after ten or twelve stories you started losing interest in the book. Emotions related to sexual desires are dominant in most of the stories. Author failed to create variety in stories in spite having liberty of varied characters. There is a depressing undertone in all stories. 

Verdict : A well conceptualized book worth a one time read in free time. 

Rating : A would give it 2/5

Riotous Reservation

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Riotous Reservation 

Reservation is an arrangement in Indian constitution which is committed to provide a level playing field for backward and underprivileged sections of the society. With time this arrangement became a vote guarantee scheme for the political parties and on their behest at several occasion this dirty politics have turned into bloodbaths. The reservation system on the other hand became so inept with the changing scenarios that its benefits never reached underprivileged and backward classes which resulted in more exploitation of these classes along with creation of uneven society.

Jat Reservation demand was not new and such protests which have tendency to go violent were common occurrence from last so many years but this time Haryana government failed in controlling the agitators. The protest was not a mere protest but an organised mob rampantly attacking, looting and burning railway stations, police stations, buses, cars, trucks, malls, shops, etc, they also raped women during their agitation. Protesters even attacked army men and blocked their entry which forced army to open fire on them. The way these armed agitators were leading the protest in a planned manner were also hinting towards a backdoor organizer. Pressurizing government by cutting Delhi's food and water supply not looked like mob thinking. Haryana government’s wrong estimation of the intensity of the Jat movement made it uncontrolled. Victims of this violence accused police and government inaction behind the heightened protesters attacks.

Comments of BJP MP Ram Saini about Jats added fuel to the fire which turned reservation movement into inter caste fighting. The protesters selectively destroyed non-Jats establishments. The agitation only ended when state government promised reservation and central government agreed to form a committee for the issue. This agitation episode and its outcome have set a wrong example by succumbing to the demands of violent agitators. Now others will also resort to such extreme protests while demanding anything from the government. Those behind the violence must be identified and punished harshly to teach a lesson to all those who think nothing wrong in damaging national property for personal gains. Armed mob of thousands destroying national property on state roads and streets are more dangerous for country's integrity than some vague slogans by a bunch of people in a city corner.  

This act of violence should be an eye opener not only for government but for all political parties who for time and again have used reservation to ensure their votes. In present political and social environment removing reservation is not possible but it is necessary to have different look to reservation process. It must be ensured that its benefits reach to the one for which it was intended. There are many upper caste people who make fake caste certificates for getting benefits of reservation depriving lower castes from its advantages and even in the lower castes only a small section is getting help through reservation. Most of all we must identify ourselves as Indians first and then with some caste, religion, region or race. National interest is higher than personal gains. Till next post God Bless India. 

Freedom251 : Revolution or Today's Shree 420

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Freedom251 : Revolution or Today's Shree 420

Freedom 251 is a revolutionary smart phone by a budding startup company Ringing Bells for just ₹ 251. Even some mobile covers are costlier than this phone and the closest phone which offers features equivalent to this phone cost almost 16 times i.e. ₹ 4100. Ashok Chadda president of Ringing Bells claimed 'economies of scale' business model for such a low price for this phone despite manufacturing cost of ₹ 2500. The height of successful launch event marked by the presence of BJP MP's can be measured through six lakh hits their website received in the first hour of booking. Although the site crashed frequently almost 30000 bookings were registered by the company on first day i.e. 18th February 2016.

The company which is new to the business and which have currently no functional manufacturing unit if delivered this phone in four months deadline promised by them than it would not be less than a miracle. Industry experts are suspicious about this phone and termed it impossible to produce a phone in such a low cost even if all parts are manufactured in India. It must be noted that at present parts of mobile are not manufacturing in India and Indian mobile giant Micromax also resourced these parts through foreign partners. The phone model showed in launch event have whitener hiding name written on front side and the back panel have tricolor printed covering logo of Chinese company ADCOM. Is Ringing Bells trying to sell Chinese phone in garb of Prime Minister Modi's Make In India campaign?

The above points raise doubts and forced me to compare this phone launch to 1955, Raj Kapoor - Nargis starring movie Shree 420. In this movie a rich man exploiting the honest image of Raj Kapoor's character offered ₹ 100 permanent homes to the poor. Actually it was his plan to grab poor people's money and then run away with the money blaming Raj Kapoor for the scam. Eventually Raj Kapoor found out the truth and exposed the respected fraud (Shree 420) in front of police and public. The mobile launch event with backing of Narender Modi's flagship Make In India campaign and the public response that follows refreshed memories of that film in my mind.

I hope that my doubts and suspicions are only illusion and the company would perfectly deliver smart phone sets to the consumers after four months. The rate of scams, innocence of large population and charm of our people towards large scale advertisements always awake ACP Pradhyuman in me "Kuch To Gadbad Hai"(Something Is Wrong There). Only time will tell the outcome of this scheme till then stay peaceful, informed and patriotic for country. (Not for any party or organization). God Bless India. 

Anti-National Patriots

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Anti-National Patriots. 

This image and headline speaks more than thousand words. 

It is not strange and nothing unusual to hear or to have sentiments against your country. Thousands farmers die every year because they don't have faith in their country. Anti India slogans are raised everyday in parts of Kashmir and in Naxalite areas and anti India sentiments are also prevalent in those privileged citizens of this great country who have experiences of foreign holidays. They cursed their country for not having facilities, roads and systems like in countries they have visited so what has happened in Jawaharlal Nehru University ( JNU) that triggered a nationwide uproar and labeled all students as anti-national traitors?

A program held in JNU campus to protest against the capital punishment suddenly turned anti-India and pro-Pakistan when few individuals shouted slogan in support of parliament attack mastermind Afzal Guru. It is highly condemnable act and no one either from students’ union or JNU administration is supporting it. Neither people like me who are standing in solidarity with arrested JNU students and attacked journalists are supporting such sloganeers. Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP) the student wing of ruling BJP then took things into its hands. They started beating all students by declaring them anti-national and traitors even before reporting this incident to university authority. The issue when fell in the hands of few BJP MP's all students who were not affiliated to ABVP became agents of Pakistani terrorist Hafiz Saeed. Delhi Police without any investigation and interrogations entered in hostel rooms and harassed students who they found anti-BJP. Kanhaiya Kumar the president of JNU student's union was detained on charges of sedition.

The events that followed in the days ahead further let down the head of the Indian democracy. When Kanhaiya Kumar was presented in front of magistrate of Patiala House court, BJP members dressed like lawyers entered in magistrate’s chamber and attacked JNU students and reporters who were present there to cover the incident. Mob of about five hundred people including lawyers many of whom were BJP members and a Delhi BJP MLA O.P.Sharma were attacking students and journalists outside the court. O.P. Sharma reportedly threatened to kill all JNU anti-nationals. These so called patriots try to suppress journalists’ right to report thus suppressing our right to know. Delhi Commissioner of Police Bhim Bassi seemed unaffected by this incident and dragged away his feet by saying things were under his control. His policemen in court complex remained mute spectators of attack on democratic values and these attacks mocking Indian judiciary are not anti-national for these so called patriots.

The RSS-BJP opposed Left ideology of socialism and Anti-Brahamanwad due to which violent attacks are rampant in left dominated areas between both party workers but with this kind of attack on a reputed university without proper investigations is unlawful. Even if such speeches are made according to sedition law if a speech or gathering is not incitement to violence than it is not punishable. Moreover in this incident there are also videos which linked ABVP in orchestrating anti- national campaign. So actions should be taken after proper investigations and not in the heat of the moment.

People should also note that every time there is a state election around,  BJP and RSS tries to make it 'Us' versus 'Them' fight whether in the form of Hindus vs Muslims, Upper Castes vs Lower Castes or Anti-national vs Patriot. It is all politics of propaganda and I only appeal people of this country to understand this and act accordingly. I also pray to god for peace. I suggest Modi government to find ways of development, to uplift economy, to generate employments, to reduce inflation than to polarize for poll benefit. God Bless India.

Writing Is Adventure

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Writing Is Adventure

Adventure dictionary says is an unusual and exciting experience. Any risky activity with exciting outcomes is adventure. The excitement to discover the unknown region, territory or activity which enthralled all your senses also comes in this bracket. It is the emotion you feel in doing a task which otherwise seems impossible. In short adventure is daring to dare and imagine something extraordinary and the contentment you feel after it. It is the process through which you let yourself free from all the attachments of the world in a way to discover yourself. 

Writing is that exciting thing for me which sets me free to roam in the pool of imagination from which I can pick anything I want without any pressure from anybody. A writer feels all the excitement through his/her characters. These characters who risks their life while trekking in difficult mountain terrains of the Himalayas or camping in the wilderness of Amazon forest or with the acts of bungee jumping, river rafting or by traveling in the harsh desert conditions brings that contentment in the writer’s life which he would experience by doping such things himself. A small room, notepad/computer screen, pen/keyboard helps writer to create a world of his own where he is the master, the creator and also the destroyer much like a adventurer. 

Story writing in itself is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs of emotions, situations, twists and turns. Writing make you experience all these turmoil of a protagonist. The situations which one never faces in his entire lifetime or those impossible things which are not practically possible could also be experience through writing. An ordinary life becomes extraordinary and a common man become super human thanks to the power of imagination which is adventures enough like living another life inside one’s own life. Writing not only creates the risk taking ability but also creates suitable environment for taking these risks and testing your abilities.

A person who is unable to walk and stand up due to his/her physical inefficiency if writes could experience all things through adventures journey of someone in his/her writing. Writings liberate and sets free a person bound in social obligations, help do things not attached to social norms by breaking all barriers of the society. It challenges establishments, rotten cultural practices, old traditional set up, becomes voices of those who were pushed towards the end of social strata and thus helps in giving rise to revolution. Writing gives self satisfaction to writer like adventure to adventurer. A writer discovers unknown territories through his writing and in this process he becomes a more adventurer.

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Book Review : And Then There Were None

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Book Review : And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None is the best thriller novel of all time. It was written by none other than the queen of thriller Agatha Christie. This Harper Collins published book is a suspense novel in which you remain puzzled till the end about identity of the killer.

Cover : The cover of the paperback which I have read was ordinary and didn't excite me at all but I have also seen some other edition's cover which were more interesting and intriguing. 

Content : Ten people from different places belonging to different backgrounds and who were totally strangers to each other were lured to come on Soldiers Island on invitation from Mrs and Mr U.N.Owen. Each one ranging from a judge to a doctor from a police constable to a military general, a governess and others were tempted on island on promise of either summer holidays or meeting old friends, a job and things like that. These eight people along with two servants were unaware of whereabouts of their hosts Mrs. and Mr. Owen. On reaching this island they received a message through a gramophone player about some crimes related to their pasts. Each one of them was accused with murders of someone and the voice in the gramophone warned them of dire consequences. They all get frightened to hear this gramophone record and it was a then first death happened. As the time passed each one of them died according to an old nursery rhyme 'Ten Little Soldiers'. After four deaths when they found that they were the only inhabitant of this island they realized that one of them was a killer, they started doubting each other but killings didn't stop and one by one they all died till there were none. 

Comment : First of all I must stand up and clap for conceptualize this story. It was difficult to write such a book and Agatha Christie herself regarded this book as her difficult book ever. The suspense starts right from the first page with the mention of story about the ownership of the Soldiers Island later the plot thickens and tightly took you into its grip and then you left with only one option to finish it quickly. There was no single dull moment in this book. Some may find it difficult to understand for interwoven plots but with the flow of the narration all things seems clear and understandable. I finished reading it in two nights (3 hours each night). The killer is not guessable till the last page. A letter in the epilogue open the lid of suspense from the plot which bold over your imagination. A superb thriller with suspense story, gripping narration and an out of the box revelation. 

Verdict : If you loves thriller then what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy today. 

Rating : I would give it 5/5. 

Diary Confessions - 10 : Hidden Love

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Diary Confessions - 10 : Hidden Love

You could see me everywhere today as if it was my daughter's wedding. All arrangements from decoration to food and from band to beauty parlor bookings were in my control because I knew best what she like the most. Today was the wedding of my best friend Shruti. It all happened so quickly that we didn't get a day to celebrate our friendship by remembering childhood days but then I always believe that anything that happens is for our good. Kushal is a nice guy, Shruti's parents approved him in first meeting but they only informed Kushal parents only after my approval. Seeing them happy and Shruti satisfied with all that was happening I have least reason to say no to such a brilliant match. I am proud of myself for two reasons today, first that all functions from sangeet to vidai were liked by all and secondly nobody knows that I was hiding my tears behind a veil of smiling face. My first love, my only love, my childhood love remained incomplete. 


Somewhere Shruti was also writing his diary entry: 

Even today when I was leaving my home I didn't notice slight remorse in Karan's eyes for not having me in his life. He was in his usual energy managing all my marriage arrangements. Bhaiya and Papa wouldn't do such arrangements of my choice. He is like that always ready to help. Nobody knows that I loved him from my childhood and always thought he also loved me but he never said anything not even when my parents asked for his approval regarding Kushal. I have found a good life partner in Kushal but I knew and I would lament that my first love, my childhood love remained incomplete. 


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Goro Ki Na Kalo Ki Ye Duniya Hai Dilwalon Ki

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Goro Ki Na Kalo Ki Ye Duniya Hai Dilwalon Ki

Silicon Valley of India has a big wallet but a small heart as came out from an incident happened last week where a 24 year old Tanzanian woman was stripped and beaten by a mob. She received this treatment because a Sudanese woman killed a local in car accident. Since both were black in color due to their African origin mob stopped car of Tanzanian woman and misbehaved with her. After her car was set on fire she tried to board a bus but people in the bus also became the part of that mob and paraded her without a top. Shockingly this scene was happening in front of a police constable who was deployed at the spot by Bengaluru police after they received the report of the incident.

But why blame only Bangaluru for this treatment of African nationals. We all called them Blacky, Habshi, Kalu and names like that when we encountered them. Similarly Northeast Indian receives racial treatments in form of words like Chinky, Gorkha, Nepali , etc. We are intolerant in accepting people who look different to us, who behave differently, who follow a religion different to us, who belongs to a different place and intentionally or unintentionally we all part of this racism. Many other things which don't harm others are projected as against our culture and a threat to our traditional values but in reality racism is against Indian values and culture.

It is ironical that this is happening in India where we have fought a two hundred year long battle to achieve independence from Britishers because they considered us different and inferior to them. We were second class citizens for them who didn't have rights similar to the whites Europeans and now we are doing same with others. Interestingly we all raise our voices when such incidents happens with people of Indian origin in America, Europe or Australia.

Racism arise from the urge of superiority. Superiority of one race over other, of one colored person over other colored individual. But superior is one who has a big humane heart. Goro Ki Na Kalo Ki Ye Duniya Hai Dilwalo Ki (Neither of whites nor of blacks this world is for those who have hearts i.e those who are human) so try to be Dilwale those humans who are against racism and who have the tendency to accept everybody. It is difficult as Shah Rukh Khan says,' Dil To Sabhi Ke Paas Hota Hai Par Har Koi Dilwala Nahi Hota' but it is not impossible. So Say No To Racism. God Bless India. 

I am leaving you with this song from Mithun Chakravarty starer Disco Dancer (1982) picturized on Rajesh Khanna sung by Suresh Wadkar and Music by Bappi Lahiri.

Policewale Gunde

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Policewale Gunde

"What do you expect from Delhi police that they will worship them?" It was the answer when I discussed the students' lathi charge incident with someone. "Jiski Lathi Usi Ki Bhains", he added which translates as power lies with one with the stick. This is the image of Delhi police and Modi government in people's view. It's not that I think Delhi police officers as saint but regularly watching Crime Patrol on Sony TV made me think differently.

Delhi police lathi charged students of Jawahar Lal Nehru University and other student unions during their protest in front of RSS headquarters in Jhandewalan, Delhi over suicide of Hyderabad student Rohith Vemula. What is more shocking was that some other people who were not from students' union and Delhi police were beating these protesters. The beating was same for both girls and boys and in video you can hear voices from students asking what was the reason of such police atrocities. It is not a rocket science to guess that civilians who were brutally beating students along with police were RSS workers. Is RSS above law and democratic values of protest?

Prime Minister Narender Modi who when on tours abroad boost about youth power of India and the potential lies in the youth of the country must bring out his Mann Ki Baat to his lips about this police atrocity. This is not the way to treat protesters. Are they trying to imply through such violence that nobody dare to protest against this supreme unconstitutional authority? Are we still under British rule? Here I will not blame only Delhi police and Narender Modi government because in every state of India student protesters receives such kind of police treatment. The political parties which crave for votes from them don't bother to listen to their needs and demands. 

I demand strong actions against all those police officers who were responsible for this incident and I also wants to know who ordered them to do so. Was Home Ministry aware of this lathi charge orders? It is sad the police system is corrupt and thrives on sycophancy. If you don't appease your masters you were not going to get promotion or some creamy post after retirement and the common man bears the burden of this police behaviors. Below is the video of policewale gunde beating the students.