Government Approved Money Laundering Scheme.

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Government Approved Money Laundering Scheme.

Modi government believes in ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ since it has come in power ☺. Moving ahead on this mission the government has introduced amendment to the Income Tax Act in Lok Sabha on Monday for our dear black money hoarders who are experiencing sleepless nights after demonetization. Black Marketers who were facing difficulties in finding the way to convert their black money in legal money can now do this with government's help. Earlier they were either depositing this money in accounts of poor people with recovery period after March 2017 or were exchanging from some mediators or bank officials at the commission of up to 60% which means they are getting only 40% of their hard earned black money ☹. 

Modi ji is known for his deep thinking before any of his quick actions. This idea also proving the same where the government is offering only 50% tax on converting black money into white and no punishment.Not only that 25% of that converted amount can be withdrawn at once and the rest 25% will be used for welfare of the poor. Government has promised that this welfare scheme for black money hoarders will also ensure confidentiality so that their names remain secret and they remain nationalist in eyes of the people. Those who feared for arrest or scrutiny for their black money are now feeling proud of being part of the development work of the government. 

Sources among the black money hoarders said that this will boost their morale to accumulate more black money by tax evasion in the future endeavors which will further come handy for Modi ji in using it for the welfare of the people. Income Tax officers are also happy because they are hoping to get some incentives from black money hoarders while examining their balance sheets. The people standing in bank queues are yet to hear that news for busyness in depositing and withdrawing money. Source close to the government are sure for the success of this scheme after seeing the enthusiasm of their ardent followers on social media sites. Now people with ‘Illegal Properties’ are hoping for some similar measures so that they could contribute to the nation building. 

For more information on this government approved money laundering you can download Namo App or visit government or Income tax website. The anti-nationals and traitors who were opposing Demonetization without seeing that it has halted the fast paced lives of people so that they can think about themselves while standing in bank queues or arrange their marriages through Facebook live are now criticizing this welfare of poor dear black money hoarders. These Modi haters will go to hell. 

Naive Traveler : Delhi Darshan - Mehrauli

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Naive Traveler : Delhi Darshan - Mehrauli

View of Qutub Minar from Aazim Khan's Tomb

Delhi is mini India in itself having experienced thousands years of history it stores marks of multiple culture and dynasty. You need about a month to explore Delhi completely. This was my fourth trip to Delhi Darshan (Delhi Sight-seeing) in first leg I visited Rajghat and other leaders' memorial, India Gate, Lotus Temple and Qutub Minar. Then I have a wonderful experience of visiting Rashtrapati Bhavan in December last year. The third leg happened on Eid holiday this year when I visited Humayun's Tomb, Purana Qila (Old Fort), Red Fort and Jama Masjid. This time on Diwali Holiday I decided to explore less famous places of Delhi in Mehrauli area.

Today's Mehrauli which is in its South West part is ruled by many dynasties including Slave and Khilji dynasties and houses many monuments of that era. It was like discovery of that part of Delhi for us because three of us who visited there were new to the area having visited only Qutub Minar there. Somehow with names of some places searched in Google we first reached Hauz Khas Fort in Hazu Khas Village.

The old rock monument is near the deer park. Its entry is free and thus is a famous place for love birds. Almost under every arc window facing the deer park a couple was sitting and in the insides where some rooms are made they are getting little cozy. I will not recommend this place for family outings. The area around this place is so much encroached that it becomes difficult to spot it which should be taken care to attract more tourists.

We were clueless about where to go next when we come out of it because the places we searched on Google were not known to locals there. We saw a sign board of Rose Garden and walked to that direction. It was a garden without any roses but only couples of different age groups sitting under trees or on benches or on ground. Frustrated for not finding the desired places we decided to visit Qutub Minar to spend rest of our time. Qutub Minar was crowded and it was difficult to get tickets easily. We were hungry so we ate something and then started walking around that area. It was then I noticed a domed structure. We decided to discover that place.

It was Aazim Khan's tomb of seventeenth century build on top of a hill. It was neglected by the authorities and the people. No proper place to enter, staircase was broken and even the wild plants growing around was not trimmed properly. The view of the city from that height is beautiful. If governments maintain it properly then it could become a famous tourist spot. Adjacent to it was Ahimsa Sthal.

Ahimsa Sthal is a Jain temple having big sculpture of Bhagwan Mahavir situated on a similar kind of hill as Aazim Khan's tomb. It is peaceful and beautifully maintained by the staff and administrators of Ahimsa Sthal. 

When we came out of Ahimsa Sthal, again we have no idea where to go. It was already 5 pm so we decided to go back home. It was then we found the dirty pillar stone with Mehrauli Archaeological Park written over it. I asked a flower seller for its direction and we went to that place. Actually the places we were searching from morning like Jamali-Kamali Masjid and tomb, Jahaz Mahal, Rajaon Ki Baoli, Quli Khan Tomb, etc were situated inside that park along with many more structures some of which are ruined with time.

Before sunset we saw only Jamali Kamali Masjid and Tomb which was closed for the visitors at that time and Quli Khan Tomb. There were no lights in that park which forced us to move outside. We saw some pre-wedding photo shoots happening there I think because its entry is free and you required no permission to do so. The Qutub Minar in the back ground makes it a wonderful destination.

Overall it was a nice experience and it felt that we have discovered Delhi again that day. These places should also be promoted by the Tourism Ministry and not just Qutub Minar, Humanyun's Tomb, Red Fort, Rajghat, etc. And before promoting these places government must ensure proper lighting and cleanliness of these monuments. Appoint care takers and other supporting staff in places like Aazim Khan Tomb and Mehrauli Archaeological Park.

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Trump Triumph

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Trump Triumph

Donald John Trump is the President-elect of the United States who will serve as the 45th President of America. He was also a businessman and a television personality. His acting skills were visible in his year-long campaign. The way he talked, the way he expressed himself animatedly and dramatically caught attention of not only American media and people but also of the people all around the globe. The winning of a man who is charged with rapes, misbehavior with women, financial irregularities and other such charges including spreading hatred for immigrants/minorities is not going well with a part of the media and large number American people.

Before going further let’s check these facts that only 50% people who are eligible for voting cast their votes and Donald Trump won 49.6% votes against 49.5% for Hillary Clinton of these total votes. It is also possible that those who haven’t cast their votes are against Trump that means even after winning more than half of American population is opposing him which is also visible in #NotMyPresident protest in all over America. Something similar also happened after 2014 general elections in India where Narender Modi became Prime Minister with only 30% of the total votes that means 70% didn’t like him as a Prime Minister. But imagine if we have such protests against Mr Modi then in our country 70% people would have termed as anti-national and demands to send them to Pakistan would have voiced from the BJP supporters.

This feature makes American democracy great where they have the power to criticize and oppose their President without fear of going to any other country or to label as anti-national.  The trolls there are not abusing and threatening them for life. The Media criticism of Trump is also taken as sportively. Considering his campaign speeches world is worrying about stability, peace and brotherhood but nothing could be changed for next four years there we can only hope he would understand the responsibility of his post and the repercussions of his actions on America and the world. Till next post God Bless The World. 

Keep The Change

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Keep The Change

The decision to demonetize Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes came as a surprise to the nation on the night of 8th November 2016. PM Narender Modi who was addressing the nation for the same also appeared surprised during announcement. Although he was not in his usual energy while delivering this speech his announcement energized the nation. I applauded it as a great decision which in a single stroke get rid the nation from counterfeit notes, black money and terrorist funding until the other side of it came in front of me. 

Grocery stores, departmental stores, dairies, chemists and other such stores started shutting doors for people with Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. Chaos was also created in the ATM's where large number of people gathered to withdraw Rs 100 notes. The machines were empty with Rs 100 notes quickly. Delhi Metro is also accepting lower denomination notes troubling the travelers even those with cards are having problem since recharges for them is not available in Rs 500 or Rs 1000. Banks are closed on 9th which troubled many people who thought to withdraw some money for daily uses. Daily wage laborers, rickshaw pullers, small businesses like mine, vegetable vendors and even wholesale dealers who mainly have cash transactions, salaried people and housewives started feeling pain of this decision in the morning when everyone discontinued to accept them. Those holding debit cards,credit cards or electronic wallets are able to transact up to a limit. 

The new currency notes were also displayed by RBI governor. They are much beautiful than the one discontinued but now we have Rs 2000 note instead of Rs 1000. Will it not in the future become the reason of hoarding black money? Why like USA and Europe we can use only note up to Rs 100? Moreover for the common people who find it difficult to get change for Rs 500, Rs 100 or Rs 1000 getting change for Rs 2000 would be a daunting task. 

Government should have introduced the new notes before discontinuing the old ones or prior information should be given to the common people or Rs 100 notes should be in plenty in the market. According to RBI from total cash circulated in the country 85% notes are in denominations of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 so the chaos created from their absence can be easily judged. I am sure long queues are waiting when the bank opens and new notes started coming out from them. News coming from all over the country is showing only confused people. The one without bank accounts are tenser to think how will they exchange few notes with them. It is still to see how much black money this move will unearth because I am sure those with millions and billions of such unaccounted notes must have the ways to regulate them also. Till anything new happens in this matter keep the change.  

Love You Zindagi

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Indian Bloggers

Love You Zindagi

Dear Zindagi,

It has been a long time we two are together but it’s never come to me to thank you for everything you did for me. Today I have got this opportunity to frankly talk to you and express my love and gratitude. Right from the beginning you challenged me continuously, even when I was unaware of what is happening around me I knew about the financial difficulties in the family due to restricted spending. I blamed you hardships faced by my family but I now know such are your ways to prepare us for the better days. As a family this period connected us strongly to each other inseparable in the toughest of times when nobody supported us.

I also want to share with you a secret that it is you who made me the poet/writer. I am an introvert who developed this way to express myself in poems and stories.

Cheden Hain Dil Ke Taar Tere Hi Sang Akele Mein,
Bas Tu Hi Bana Hai Sachcha Yaar Is Duniya Ke Mele Main.

I considered it the biggest gift from you. It helped me to overcome the loneliness, betrayal in friendship, the shock of the accident which almost took me near the death, losing father at the time when we are becoming stronger financially, there are numerous occasions including the frustration on the system and the society which I wrote in my poem. Perhaps I would be lost in the depression if you haven’t gifted words to me in my childhood. The power of imagination and the world of magical words changed my life at every step to an extent that I became the published author of two anthology along with the praises I receives from my blogs.

You know what you are hard at times and crushed emotions, endurance and all capabilities. Once with you I have faced a time where my self respect was shattered. I felt I am useless. Dear Zindagi your loving and caring side disappears at such crucial instances for which I hated you and will hate you in the future also. Sorry for being harsh but today I want no curtains between we two so saying what emotions I experienced. On second thought about tough times I have realized that you played a different role of a motivator during my struggles like a sports coach who when you falls kicks you to stand up and run again. You made me understand the laws of nature to repair recreate and recycle.

Giro Utho Chahe Phir Gir Jao,
Tham Ke Mera Aanchal Sada Muskurao.

As I said earlier I am an introvert who feels difficulty in expressing my emotions personally (I can express them in my poems and stories.) I just want to say ‘Love You Zindagi’ for building me stronger emotionally and for letting me enjoy this world fully. I know you cares about me but I didn’t care that much about you, so today I am giving it in written that I would love and care for you attentively in the coming time. You will never be disappointed with me again. Whatever be the conditions I will cherish you, thank you always. Bear me, be with me, Love You Zindagi.

Tune Manga, Tune Choda, Giraya Aur Sambhala Hai,
Pakadkar Haath Mera Har Kadam Chalna Sikhaya Hai.

Always Yours


“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda”.

Below is the teaser of the film. 

My Way and Only My Way

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My Way and Only My Way

That’s the motto of current government and the administration working under it. You are a nationalist, a patriot, son/daughter of the soil only if you believe in the ideology of RSS (Rashtriya Swamsewak Sangh) which says that Bharth Rashtra belongs only to the Hindus. All the other religions namely Islam and Christianity came from outside and hence their followers doesn’t belong here. Interestingly their Bharat Rashtra constitute today's India+Pakistan+Afghanistan+Bhutan+Bangladesh+Nepal+Sri Lanka+Myanmar and they claim all of them. The Hindu Dharm for them is of the upper caste Hindus where Shudras or lower castes are at the bottom of strata. This ideology in the recent past say after coming up of Modi government has hold strong ground and targeting religion of others, others Hindus (Dalits and lower castes) and anyone who differs from their ideology like left ideology and secular ideology. 

All RSS affiliated organizations are working hard for a Hindu Rashtra which is totally different from one imagined in our constitution. ABVP(Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad) which is the students’ wing of the BJP is also one of them. They engaged in duels, violent protests against left student wings which is creating tensions in many universities of India. Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU) which is a stronghold of Left parties is their main target. They threw all their energy in declaring it anti-national during arrest of JNU Student Union president Kanhaiya Kumar and other left wing students after a protest in the university campus on Afzal Guru hanging. When this campaign failed after their release from the court ABVP students remain engaged in tussle with them. 

In the recent incident ABVP affiliated students assaulted Najeeb Ahmad a first year MSc student of biotechnology inside the university campus on 14 October 2016. Since that night Najeeb Ahmad is missing. Delhi Police which works under Home Ministry is failed in tracing him even after 21 days. Mainstream media is still busy in creating Indo-Pak war situation in their studios neglecting the news of missing student. Her mother along with s ome JNU students is continuously demanding quick action not only from Police but also from the Delhi CM, Lieutenant Governor and from the Home Ministry. Police delayed the search operation at every stage. They didn’t search the campus initially and haven’t arrested the ABVP students who assaulted him. I fear for his life because even if he was kidnapped his kidnappers would have killed him in fear of revealing their identity. There is a possibility that he is hiding for some threats thus finding him becomes more important for police.

People elected Modi government for development, for the good days he promised and because he believes in welfare of all but the incidents happening last two and a half years proving different intentions of the government. These things not only affected the work done by the government but also malign the image of country in the world. I am ending this post with the hope that police find Najeeb Ahmad soon and things transform for the better of India. God Bless India. 

Bhopal Encounter

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Bhopal Encounter

8 terrorists open locks with keys made of wood and spoon to escape an ISO certified central jail. They killed a head constable also with plates and spoons without alarming other guards. They cross one wall with the rope made of clothes and another by jumping from it to ran away in the forest and jail authorities knew about the incident only at 4:30 when this all happened between 00:00 hrs to 3:00 hrs. Interestingly the four or five CCTV cameras on the area around their cells were not working. That’s the first part of the story now look at the second part. All terrorists were spotted at the same place and when police killed them in jungle they were wearing new clothes (when their clothes were used to make ropes) and shoes while remain in hiding for all that time. Police found only a brand new knife from them while they fired six bullets towards police.

If you question these stories full of loopholes and raises the issue of judicial & human rights of inmates you become anti-national for some. The videos made by locals gathered around the encounter site shows police firing when they were ready to surrender and then firing at their dead bodies. After hearing police version and seeing the videos I have following questions in mind:

  • How someone open locks with spoons and wooden keys?
  • Why authorities remain unaware about the incident till 4:30 hrs.
  • How police knew about there whereabouts?
  • From which weapon they fired at police officers?
  • What were other guards doing when head constable Ramshankar Yadav was killed? 
  • From where they got new clothes and shoes?
There are many more questions like why IG police and Home Minister have different version of the story. Why police retort to encounter when Supreme Court disapproves it? The people who anti-national stones on those who are questioning this encounter first raise their voices for speedy trials of terrorist cases so that they didn't enjoy police hospitality in jails. Fake encounters for police is normal and in many cases they have been punished for misuse of their powers.

The police system right now is dependent on political masters. This has made them corrupt and also answerable to these politicians than to the public and the constitution. Police forces are used to set right their personal agendas of electoral gains. Such fake encounters, arrest of innocent people, release of criminals, etc happens easily because promotions, transfer in India is done by politicians and not by the police department unlike many foreign countries where there is a performance based promotions which make it possible for even a constable to promoted up to the rank of a commissioner.

The Bhopal encounter needs to be probed by an unbiased authority in a time bound duration. Those who were killed were under-trials whose crime has not been established by the courts. Their allegiance to the banned SIMI organization is also questionable. Indian constitution has provision for equal opportunity of justice for all which in this case has been altered by this encounter. The reason and circumstances of death of head constable Ramshankar Yadav should also be investigated and the bigger issue of police reforms should also be discussed and debated.