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Pack Up 2015

Pack Up 2015

Only few hours left to down the curtains for 2015. It's 'Samay Samapt Hone Ki Goshna' for 2015 the year which gave us 365 days to learn, to love, to fight, to hug, to make enemies, to make friends it was our call how we have used it. The coming year have 366 days i.e one day more than this year to think, act and do something better than before, to mend our mistakes and to try ones more for a failed attempt. 
Lets look back at events of this year and pack up its memories. While searching about events of this year I realized that we have more bad news and negativity this year like Paris Attack, Charlie Hebdo attack, Nepal Earthquake, Love Jihad, Ghar Wapsi, Intolerance, Beef Ban, Award Wapsi, Nepal border problems, Chennai floods, inflation in Dal prices, Syria migrant crisis, floating Rohingya Muslims of Burma, farmers suicide, racial abuses, riots and the list pile on and on and on but lets take out good from them. Humanity found new hope when people open the…

Naive Traveler : Visit To Rashtrapati Bhavan Part 2

Naive Traveler : Visit To Rashtrapati Bhavan Part 2
Read Part 1: Here

Our next stop after museums was a corridor which leads to an open area called the heart of Rashtrapati Bhavan. At the heart area bust of Edwin Lutyens the architect of Rashtrapati Bhavan is placed opposite to this on other side of that open area stands a statue of Mahatma Gandhi inaugurated by current president Pranab Mukherjee after completing one year in office. This open area give the nearest view of RB dome. 'Edwin Lutyens loved geometrical shapes which he mostly used in designing this building. Apart from geometrical shapes you will notice pillars and chandeliers have bells in their design these are called silent bells. He created these bells to denote India as Britisher's mute colony,' our guide said and took us from a 20m high door to see dining hall.

She told us about the light controlled dining etiquette of that hall in which butlers act silently through signals of light by head butler. In fron…

Book Review : Deception Point

Book Review : Deception PointDeception Point is a Corgi Books publication written by Dan Brown. Like Dan Brown's other novels this book too looks at the possibility of truths behind conspiracy theories but not of the ancient world as in Robert Langdon series but the mysteries of modern world.

Cover: The cover is similar to other Dan Brown's book, snow mountain in the background is indication of the set up of mystery and a creature like black image in the foreground at the center of the book is part of the mystery explored in the book. But mainly the cover has Dan Brown's name covering half the book which was enough to generate reader's curiosity.

Plot: President of United States Zach Herney summoned Rachel Sexton who was an analyst at National Reconnaissance Office, Washington and also the daughter of his competitor Senator Sedgewick Sexton to confirm a NASA discovery. Senator Sedgewick Sexton was attacking president Herney for bailout packages to NASA in spite of failu…

Naive Traveler : Visit To Rashtrapati Bhavan Part 1

Naive Traveler : Visit To Rashtrapati Bhavan Part 1

Rashtrapati Bhavan of India is the official residence of President of India situated at Raisena Hill in Lutyens Delhi i.e the area of New Delhi designed by Edwin Lutyens. Edwin Lutyens is also the architect of this house, he also designed Indian Parliament and other such important buildings. It was build as an official residence of British Viceroy of India after Britishers declared Delhi as new capital of India in Delhi Darbar of 1910. Its construction started in 1912 and completed in 1929.

Don't think I remembered above information from the speech by guide of my group in Rashtrapati Bhavan. Wikipedia is source of above information. Rashtrapati Bhavan was one of many things I haven't visited while living in Delhi since my birth. During Internet search I came to know about the way of visiting inside Rashtrapati Bhavan. You have to request it through a link on official President of India's site . There you have to fill your…

Tera Saaya Saath Hoga

Tera Saaya Saath Hoga

Yesteryear beautiful actress Sadhna passed away today on 25th December 2015. I have watched almost all her films on either television or on Youtube. She was among the top heroines of 60's who after retirement remained away from the media spotlight because she wanted to be remembered as young and beautiful. We can hardly recollect her looks in our memories any after 70's. During the period after 70’s when other heroines of 60’s started taking character roles of sister-in-laws (bhabhi) or mothers she took a backseat and spend her life in hiding. 
I was aware of her name in my childhood even before recognizing her by face due to discussions and references to 'Sadhna Cut' a hairstyle in which hair strands fall over forehead almost covering it. This style of female hairs became synonymous to her name and will remain so as always as a tribute to her. I read somewhere that a director suggested this style of a Hollywood actress of that time to her but I …

Cricket Mein Kuch Kala Hai

Cricket Mein Kuch Kala Hai.
'Where There Is Uncontrolled Money, There Is Also Black Money' 

Cricket is an Indian religion without any formal god and temple but yet like religion people showered their praises and hard earned money on unofficial gods and their priests for their love for the game. Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is a private entity uncontrolled by any government agency and out of the reach of RTI (Right To Information). In spite of irregularities, immoralities, corruption and unlawful acts in this organisation no political party is bothered to clean it. On the contrary political parties and business tycoons enjoy representation in various state cricket boards nobody knows why and nobody has any objections about it. Hum Saath Saath Hain on such issues. 
BJP MP Kirti Azad lost his party membership on raising DDCA (Delhi Districts Cricket Association) corruption issues and alleging Finance Minister Arun Jaitley who headed DDCA during that period for hid…

Book Review : The Bestseller She Wrote

Book Review : The Bestseller She Wrote

The Bestseller She Wrote is written by Ravi Subramanian and is published by Westland Ltd. I have received this author signed copy from BlogAdda as part of their Book Review program. This is I would say a thriller love story by Ravi Subramanian whose previous thrillers were also bestsellers.

Cover: The cover is attractive and catchy the way it should be. The image of a man and woman behind pages of a book ignites your interest in the book and later after reading the book when you recognized them as protagonist Aditya Kapoor and his protege Shreya whom he help to be a bestseller you liked the cover even more. Full marks to cover from me. 

Plot: Aditya Kapoor was a professional banker and a bestseller author who lived happily with his wife Maya a social worker and son Aryan. He met Shreya Kaushik during his lecture at IIM, Bengaluru. Shreya after a conflicting argument with him during lecture read his book and started admiring him. Her admiration, att…

Family Tradition

Family Tradition

Malini quickly reached the temple to stop the marriage of his son Neeraj with Rashmi an acid attack victim as soon as she heard this news from her neighbors. When she reached there all marriage rituals were over. Neeraj and Rashmi were standing in front of her with garlands in their necks. She didn't know how to react; scold him for marrying without informing her or hug him to maintain the family tradition. His grandfather married a widow, his uncle a prostitute and his father a rape survivor. 'It's a family tradition you have maintained.' They touched her feet for blessings. 
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Noorullah's plan against Salman failed.

Noorullah's plan against Salman failed - Victory of Justice.

Salman Khan’s acquittal by Bombay High Court in 2002 hit and run case is yet another victory of justice in India. With the verdict it has became cleared that Noorullah the man who died that night on pavement in front of American Bakery in Bandra, Mumbai was plotting against Salman Khan. He hated Salman Khan for an incident from his childhood.

Noorullah came to Mumbai in 90’s with a clear intention of maligning Salman’s image even if it cost him his life. He skipped his exam for Maine Pyaar Kiya Salman's first hit movie which became a worldwide hit. When he got failed in his exams his father scolded and beat him badly for his failure and stopped his school. He blamed Salman Khan for his miserable condition and pledged to take revenge. If Salman's would have released his movie on a different date he could have saved his precious year. He came to Mumbai and took a job in A1 bakery which was on the way of JW Marriot h…

Living In A Gas Chamber

Living In A Gas Chamber
"Living In Delhi Is Like Living In A Gas Chamber" - Delhi High Court

National Capital, crime capital and now pollution capital, Delhi is gaining popularity in all negative things thanks to negligent approach of government authorities and callousness of Delhihites for necessary issues. This statement came from the bench of justices Badar Durrez Ahmed and Sanjeev Sachdeva while reading the action plans filed by the environment ministry and Delhi government on dealing with pollution of Delhi. They said that action plan is not comprehensive as they did not contain specific responsibilities of each authority and the timeline for carrying them out.
Delhi registered almost 1400 vehicles daily which add to the already severe pollution level. The pollution by dust particles comes second after vehicular pollution in making Delhi's air unfit for breathing. Apart from this pollution created by burning of dry leaves by Delhihites, burning of coal in thermal po…

Chennai Floods

Chennai Floods

Chennai received its heaviest rain in a century resulted in a flood like situation. The death toll has reached around 200 in the rain affected parts of Tamil Nadu and the condition is still critical. Army and Navy have arrived for the rescue operations in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu. The excess rain coupled with improper drainage system resulted in disastrous circumstances in the city of Chennai.

Chennai always receives more than normal rainfall in every twelve years, although situation became out of control due to heavy rains the authorities were not prepared for even the excess rains. According to environmental surveys of Chennai city, natural drainage system has been destroyed for the development purposes. Ponds, marshes, streams and other natural waterways have been damaged and replaced with illegal constructions. 

Chennai is not the exception; every metropolitan city is prone to such urban floods which caused due to excess rains as these cities have alte…

Book Review - Train To Paksitan

Book Review - Train To Pakistan
Train To Pakistan is a classic novel written by eminent writer, columnist, humorist and satirist Khushwant Singh in 1956. This book is a hard hitting account of atrocities during the partition of India. I have bought a paperback edition published by Penguin India.

Cover : Cover is showing a steam engine train of India of early year of independence. Though it didn't give you idea about the content of the book but you came to know the effect of this picture after reading the book.
Plot: The story is based in a village Mano Majra on the border of India and Pakistan. After partition of the country Muslims were migrating to Pakistan and Sikhs and Hindus to India. Mano Majra was the only village unaffected by the partition here Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus were all leaving peacefully. Juggat Singh aka Jagga a bad character in police record was in love with Nooran daughter of Muslim priest Imam Baksh. A robbery and a murder happened in Mano Majra resulted in Ju…

Delhi - Drive,Design and Connect

Delhi - Drive, Design and Connect

Delhi is a city which drives you crazy when you look at its age old architecture, feel its zealous past and peep into its mystical history. From ancient architectures to the modern marvels this city offers everything you crave for. The rulers which have ruled India from this city designed it in their own style. Even now in the modern times it is the center of all political and governmental activities. It was and it is the point of connect of people of this country. The special thing about Delhi is that it belongs to everyone. People from all states have settled in this city and has enriched it with their culture and traditions. I like it for its composite culture where a road (Chandni Chowk) having a Temple, a Church, a Gurudwara and a Mosque displays the India full of different cultures living together in harmony.

This city drives in you the real spirit India. No other city offers you the hullabaloo of news makers, the patriotic flavor of armed forc…

Certificate of Indianness

Certificate of Indianness.
The ruling party and its parent organisation RSS (Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh) have now distributing certificate of Indianness. According to their leaders and spokesperson one who is born in India and who respect Indian constitution,culture, heritage and value is only entitled to be Indian if he follow rules laid by them like having a Khaki nikkar (half pant) in wardrobe, must follow politics of hate and so on. I got a specimen of this certificate which will first awarded to prime minister Narender Modi so that his absence in India should not give wrong impressions about his nationality.

Their spokesperson said that this procedure would be helpful in their earlier venture of Travel Agency where they are distributing free tickets to Pakistan. On question of news related to closing of travel agency after Bihar debacle and the loss in firecrackers brought to distribute in Pakistan he said travel agency is still working and they have sold crackers to Mahagadbandh…

Safe Skin Healthy Baby - 2

Safe Skin Healthy Baby - 2
First post : Safe Skin Healthy Baby

In a joint family like mine when a child comes, he/she becomes the responsibility of whole family and not just the parents. My involvement and observation of child care prompted me to right one more post for #SoftestForBabySkinActivity. Naturally child's skin is soft because it remains submerged in amniotic fluids and sebum (oil on baby's skin) keeps it moisturized. Thus to maintain a soft skin we must adhere to the natural ways. Vernix outer covering of child which go away in two to three weeks after birth protects child skin from wrinkling inside amniotic fluids and maintain natural oils in the body after birth. As I also mentioned in the first post frequent bathing should be avoided in first few weeks. 
Here are some more points which helped in keeping baby skin soft : 
Lukewarm water should be used to clean baby skin. It helps in keeping child skin soft and also keeps a child warm which further protect him from…

The Teacher From Bihar

The Teacher From Bihar

"You Can't Imagine How This Poor Bihari Boy Climbed The Wall Of This Big Private Institution."

I can still remember these words uttered almost twelve years ago were enough for you to judge the importance and impact of these words on me and my life. His facial expressions and moist eyes are still fresh in my memory. His eyes conveyed his entire story to me in a second. I don't know what others present in that class felt at that time, perhaps some have laughed at his emotions but those emotions touched my heart which inscribed these words for always.

I am talking about my Math teacher of 11th and 12th class Mr. Pathak. He was from Bihar an upper cast who was affected by V.P.Singh's government agreeing and applying of Mandal Commission report in 1989-90. The Mandal Commission was formed to analyze social differences in society which effected in increase of quota of reservation for SC, ST and OBC. Bihar being the initiator of Mandal movement ex…

The T - Day

The T - Day

World Toilet Day is celebrated on 19th November to raise awareness about the people in the world who don’t have access to a toilet - a basic human need. It also focuses on the health and hygiene problems arising due to improper sanitation. 2.4 billion People do not have adequate sanitation. 1 billion people still defecate in the open and shamefully India is home to half of these people. Poor sanitation increases the risk of disease and malnutrition, especially for women and children. Women and girls risk rape and abuse, because they have no toilet that offers privacy.
In India not only villages but cities are also facing this problem. Even in the capital of India - New Delhi people defecate in the open compromising their dignity, health and privacy. Besides creating health problems, open defecation give rise to safety issues for women and girls. Most of the rapes reported in rural India are of those girls and women who went to defecate in open alone. Some mischievous eleme…

IS - Islamic State or International Slackness

IS - Islamic State or International Slackness.

Paris Attacks on 13th November 2015 which killed around 200 people opened world's eyes to a new threat to the world peace i.e Islamic State or IS. It was not the first attack by IS but it became their 9/11 moment which garnered them worldwide headlines and hours long news coverage. Facebook even offered safety check feature for people affected by the attack and France flag as DP (display picture) for those who want to show their solidarity with Paris and France. For few more days people will outburst their anger on social sites and then terrorism will go out off discussion from public debates.

Islamic State is creating havoc from last one year or so, it has captured a large part of Iraq (including some oil well), Syria and Egypt. Islamic State is involved in killing of innocent people of these nations which forced many to leave their country and demand refuge in other countries. The reckless attitude of America and European countries…

Book Review : The Lost Symbol

Book Review : The Lost Symbol
The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown is third in the series of Robert Langdon adventures after Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.Robert Langdon a symbologist from New York is destined to solve another puzzle of mysteries of the mythical world hidden in secrets of Washington D.C. 

Cover : It's a simple cover with a key having symbol of Masons which connects this book to masons and there secrets. The US Capitol building in the bottom signifies involvement of this building in this mystery. Both images suits to the title and story of the book, hence full marks for that.
Plot: Robert Langdon's old friend Peter Solomon's secretory calls him for an urgent lecture in US Capitol building due to unavailability of any person after the assigned speaker became unavailable. He also urged Langdon to bring a sealed box once given to him by Solomon. He also send a private jet to pick him from New York to Washington D.C. The truth revealed after reaching Capitol buildi…

Safe Skin Healthy Baby

Safe Skin Healthy Baby

With a baby comes a responsibility of keeping him/her free from infections, rashes and other ailments. Keeping your baby warm and nourished thus becomes your priority. Newborn skin is delicate and so is the baby's immune system. Chemicals, fragrances, and dyes in clothing, detergents, and baby products can cause newborn skin irritation, dryness, chafing, and rashes. It is important to select correct products and apply proper care to keep a child healthy. I have witnessed caring of several babies around me, babies of my sisters and brother. Most recently i.e. in August 2015 my Bhabhi (sister-in-law) gave birth to twin boys which mean double responsibility which we all share with her. This recent experience makes me learned if not an expert in baby care.
My recent and past experiences with babies helped me formulate these five points to keep babies' soft skin safe:
Resist the urge to bathe your baby frequently. Too-frequent bathing -- more than three times…

Modi Lost Bihar Battle

Modi Lost Bihar Battle.

The month long elections of Bihar assembly ended today 8th Nov, 2015 with victory of Nitish Kumar lead Mahagadbandhan. The all efforts of prime minister Narender Modi lead National Democratic Alliance (NDA) were lost in vain. The election which fought on subjects of Chemistry (DNA remark by Modi), Mythology (Lalu's Nar Pishach and Rakshas remarks), Biology (Cow and Beef politics) and Tourism ( Fire Crackers in Pakistan and sending critics to Pakistan) more than political and developmental issues concluded with victory of Indian values of tolerance, peace and unity.
BJP attempted to polarize these polls by bringing Hindutva and cow in between the development (vikas) model. Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar did their best to play caste card and Bihar honor issue which have nurtured them a sweet fruit of victory. It seems the issues which were point of hot discussion in the nation also played an important role in this elections. Bhartiya Janata Party and Narender M…

BJP - Bhartiya Janata to Pakistan

BJP - Bhartiya Janata to Pakistan 

The ruling party of India always comes up with novel concepts to spread their ideas. After successful campaigns of Rath Yatra, Chai Pe Charcha, Achche Din, they have come out with another interesting idea i.e. Ticket to Pakistan to send all critics to government and its policies to Pakistan. They have partnered with Hafiz Sayeed in Pakistan who will receive the people send by them with open hands. When Hafiz Sayeed was asked about how he would accommodate Indians in already populated Pakistan he said that he was sending thousands of Pakistani residence to India from several years after fore-sighting this scenario.
BJP also revealed the hidden meaning of their name as Bhartiya Janata to Pakistan. While briefing a media gathering their spokesperson said that they were working on this type of travel agency even before 2014 general elections. The idea is brainchild of BJP MP from Bihar Giriraj Singh and Yogi Adityanath, Sadhvi Prachi and Sakshi Maharaj

Criticism- An Anti-National Activity

Criticism - An Anti-National Activity

A man was building a house. He put the base stone right but as he progressed with side walls, the structured started looking clumsy. His neighbors pointed out his mistakes and he realized where he was going wrong. He changed his strategy, consulted some professionals and then came out with a wonderful building praised even by those who didn't like him.
Another man on some other street was also doing the same thing making a building by his own. He also put the base stone right and his building too became clumsy. His neighbors pointed out his mistakes to which he became defensive and said that he knew what he was doing and they were criticizing him because they didn't like him and his ways. He keep on building in the same way as a result walls start tumbling when he reached the half way and eventually fell down. He looked at his neighbors in shame but now it was too late. Rainy season has arrived and he reached nowhere with his strategy. 

Book Review : Murder On The Orient Express

Book Review : Murder On The Orient Express
Murder On The Orient Express was written by Agatha Christie regarded as Queen of Crime. This book is published by Harper Collins. I was so unfortunate to not read her till now. Although I was aware of Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot but this book recommended by +Anmol Rawat on Goodreads provided me chance to experience her writing.

Cover : The placement of title on the smoke coming out from chimney of old steam fueled engine train is enough to create mystery right from the cover page itself. Moreover author Agatha Christie's name appearing bigger than the title was proof enough of her popularity.
Plot: Private detective Hercule Poirot cancels his stay at Tokatlian Hotel in Istanbul after reading a telegram calling him back to London immediately in relation to a case. He booked a seat in first class compartment of Orient Express and departs for London the same night. Mr Ratchett a millionaire believes that his life is in danger and asks f…