Gang Of Four (Part - 2)

Gang of Four (Part - 2)

Arjun,Rajeev, Raghav and Ejaz avoided any family gathering outside the town (like relative's wedding,birthdays,funerals,etc.) only because they wouldn't want to be separated from each other's company. If necessary all of them go there together. Their families sometimes get worried about them for the thought that what would happen if they didn't get jobs in same company,what would be their behavior after their marriages but then they have their faith in time. Time will change their thinking.

One day Arjun's parents told him about marriage of his cousin sister." You have to come with us and there is a very strict guest list you can't bring your friends their." " But dad I don't want to go their and without my friends it's impossible." No further argument on this topic. You are coming without your friends properly shaved,I hate that unclean stubble.Your elder brother looks more younger than you." He protested but all in vain. 

He discussed that problem with his friends who advised him to go with family. " But I will not change this stubble look." " Do what your father says we are not bad boys." said Ejaz. " That beard and mustache is our own property we can grow it any time we wants," added Raghav. " Ok but I will shave only once there on the day of arrival of baraat." " That's not a problem." After two days he went to the wedding.

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  1. Comparing to younger brothers, or saying that you look old, happens Cifar :) I have accepted your tag here and tagged you as well. Sorry for the delay :) I did not write for the past two days, as I had writer's block :(

    Good luck to you!

    Someone is Special

  2. Hey Cifar, I tagged you in my PAUS pot here ADOLESCENCE Please respond if you are writing for the same.

    Will definitely come back to read your posts.


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