Maar Dala

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Maar Dala

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a name which not requires any introduction. The kind of work he has done through his films Khamoshi, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdaas, Black, Sanwariya, Guzarish, Ram-Leela, Bajirao Mastani , etc has not only shows his skills of a showmanship who makes poetry in motion kind of cinema but also his ability to show Indian customs and traditions to the world. He through his films has made India proud in the international arena. The praises he receives from world over are praises for not only him but for the country he belongs. 

Here I am highlighting his achievements because he faced a disgusting and disgraceful behavior from a headline grabbing Hindu Karni Sena who attacked him while he was filming for his upcoming movie Padmavati in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This so called history savers were against him for allegedly distorting history while filming for Padmavati. They who didn't even know about the script of the movie, who didn't involve in the film process without seeing anything claimed that film showing Rajput princess Padmavati in bad light. It should be noted that this group remained inactive for their rights when there is no TV or film involved while register violent protest at such occasions. They even disrupted shooting of Ashutosh Gowarikar's Jodha Akbar and Zee Media's show of the same name. They get fame by doing such things. 

More interesting is the fact that Rajasthan Government has not taken any strong steps against them in previous occasions and this time too they were arrested only when media pressurized them to do so and I didn't know about there current whereabouts. I am sure they were released since they are political vote banks. Every time there is a historic film or a film with any religious reference such groups stands from nowhere to disturb freedom of expression without any concrete proof that film is doing anything like that. Recently AR Rahman has also faced a fatwa for being involved in a film music based on Prophet Mohammad. Similar incidents has also happened in the past also. 

Films, books, TV, newspapers , etc are easy targets for these fundamentalists who are self proclaimed guardians of tradition and religions. They grab headlines in this process and no strong actions by politicians for fear of losing vote-banks has further strengthen them. Freedom of expression must be respected and safeguarded by our governments. Filmmakers should also avoid unnecessary controversies by deliberately mention anything which hurts someone's sentiments. People should wait till the release of the film before taking any action against the film and people involved. Today I am standing in solidarity with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his crew for this unconstitutional behavior against him. 

Character Dheela Hai

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Character Dheela Hai

V. Shanmuganathan resigned yesterday i.e on 26th January 2017 from the post of Governor of Meghalaya and Arunanchal Pradesh (having additional charge of AP state) after staff of Raj Bhavan complained to President and Prime Minister of his indecent behavior and reducing his office to the ladies only club. He was in this position for being a loyal RSS and BJP activist that RSS whose cadres prefers to remain unmarried in order to their promise of serving the nation and society. What an irony? 

The post of governor which is already useless and is there for political benefits of the veterans of ruling party. This post act as retirement plan for the aged politicians and often interfere with functioning of non-ruling party state governments on command of the ruling central government who has appointed him. This post serves as a political tool which was often accused by non-ruling party state chief ministers as agents of the central government. The post which should be mark of dignity have lost its stature in recent years and this behavior of V. Shanmugunathan has further demean the grace of this post. 

The Raj Bhawan of Meghalaya staff has also accused him of sexual offences. They said that he has compromised the security of the Raj Bhawan by giving some young ladies free access to his bedroom anytime of the day. By preferring only ladies staff he has displayed his vulgar intentions only. It is evident that government has pressurized him to resign after such complaints but such act of indiscipline should also be punished to set an example for future governors. Not only this behavior but acts like snooping of elected government of the state, hindering in government's functioning and trying to impose his party's agenda in the state should also be prohibited and punished as it is an unconstitutional and undignified act. 

Removal of V. Shanmuganathan give the benefits of this post to another veteran loyalist of the BJP and RSS and will settle the goals of their old age. Unless this post remains. God Bless India. 

RIP Om Puri

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RIP Om Puri

Om Puri is one actor who has worked both in Indian and International cinema garnering accolades in British and American cinema along with his successful run in Indian Cinema. He was a fellow of National School of Drama with Naseerudin Shah and later joined Film & Television Institute of India (FTII) , Pune also with Naseerudin Shah and he started his career like him in the Art Wave Cinema of the 80's but easily adapted himself to the commercial cinema later on in his career. I think a good actor is one who needs good films whatever be their medium and whatever be their audience. He was such an actor who won hearts of every kind of audience. Today on 6th January 2017 he died in his home of cardiac arrest. 

In his last days he almost remained in controversies for sharing his views in the various topic in the mainstream media. Most recently he was criticized for his comments on Indian Army for which he later apologized. Questions were also raised for his comments during Anti-National debates. His second wife's allegation of domestic violence on him also garnered the headlines. Leaving apart the controversies; he was known for sharing his comments openly on various national and international issues. He has won various awards in international and national platform including BAFTA, National Awards and Filmfare Awards. You can read more about his personal and professional life Here.

He has done great roles in various categories and has equally justified his each role. His role of a villain in Narsimha, Honest Inspector/Army-man in movies like Ghayal, Gupt, China Gate, Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha,etc. Or his comic roles in the movies Hera Pheri, Chor Machaye Shor, Mere Baap Pehle Aap, Dulhan Hum Le Jaenge, Chachi 420, Chup Chup Ke ,etc are all examples of his versatility and acting prowess. Except these commercial successes he has won awards in art cinema for his roles in films like Jaane Bhi Do Yaro, Aakrosh, Arohan, Ardh Satya, etc. 

We will remember him as a great actor who remained an important part of every film he has acted in and for popularizing Indian cinema internationally by acting in films there. I wants to mention Late Mehmood's one comment for him in his interview I watched years ago in which he referred him as the great actor having so many holes in his face to filled with about half kg mince meat as he forgot his name at that time. Rest in peace Mr Om Puri your vocal attitude on issues will be missed by this generation. 

Assembly Elections 2017

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Assembly Elections 2017

This is my first post for the year 2017 so I want to wish Happy New Year to all of you. This post is also a kind of achievement for me since I am completing 500th post with this one. I am blogging since 2009 and it took a long time to reach here. Between my 1st and 500th post I have won many contests, recognized by many blogging platforms for my work, have earned some valuable readers, rewarded for various feats and have become published author by participating in two anthologies. Since my blog is now more into politics and society; I hope to continue my fearless writing in years to come. 

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Election Commission today announced polls in five key states of India i.e Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Punjab and Manipur. The electoral process starts with the notification of elections (January 11) and ends with the announcement of results (March 11). Model code of conduct is enabled after announcement which means political parties are not allowed to inaugurate any government projects or policies. Manipur is still in disturbed state which need to be controlled before it goes to polls and that I think will remain the main concern for the voters. 

Demonetization going to remain the main poll issue where opposition will count on the drawbacks of the policy and Narender Modi led BJP will shout out its benefits. Only the result will decide how note ban has affected the nation. As the campaign progresses I am sure I would find more poll related issues to write during this period till then we have to see that Election Commission ensured that Supreme Court order about not using caste, color, religion to ask for vote is followed by the candidates along with the money limit allotted to them. Till then God Bless India.