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Zoomed - 55 Fiction

He jumped from the terrace and zoomed to the sky. His soul after leaving that blood soaked body was not feeling any parent's pressure or peer pressure which was experienced by his mortal body when he was forced to pursue career in medicine. He was flying freely which he always wanted by becoming a pilot. 


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Kohinoor is a Persian word which means mountain of light. This was the name given to a colorless diamond one of the biggest of its time by Persian ruler Nader Shah. Kohinoor since the time of its discovery near Guntur in Andhra Pradesh in the 13th century has become the matter of pride for many. Though there are no direct reference in history which makes it the reason of any battle but it remained the status symbol and a must have during wars between rulers which possessed it during the course of history. 

Currently this diamond is decorated in the royal crown of Queen Elizabeth of England and is in the possession of British monarchy. India, Pakistan,Iran and Afghanistan have all tried to claim its ownership and demanded its return to their respective country. When you read about the history of this diamond you will know why all of them are demanding it. Kohinoor is in news after government's contradicting statement in a span of two days during hearing in Supreme Court to raise claim on the diamond. 

“Kohinoor cannot be said to be forcibly taken or stolen as it was given by the successors of Maharaja Ranjit Singh to East India Company in 1849 as compensation for helping them in the Sikh wars,” Solicitor General Ranjeet Kumar told a bench led by Chief Justice T S Thakur but when the issue became a topic of discussion in public domain government took a U-turn and said that we would raise the issue of its return in international forum. My question here is why such unnecessary issues like Kohinoor Diamond, Akhand Bharat, to say or not to say Bharat Mata Ki Jay, Mughal Heritage, Love Jihad, etc which helped in dividing the society are discussed and debated more than rising inflation, increasing unemployment, Rupee falling, low exports and high imports, economic slowdown etc. Are useless polarizing issues raised to divert people's attention from more important issues of public welfare? Is government veiling its shortcomings behind so called nationalism and majoritarianism?

Will we also claim things build in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan because some time in history they were part of India? Will we ever come out from burden of history to have a reality check of present and to aim a better future? There are many right and wrongs in history which we can't change now in the present. By claiming stolen/gifted/abducted things we are only wasting our time which we can utilize to make policies, easing courts' burden to hear some sensible cases. You change names to alter history but do changing of name removes history related to that name. No, it will never be changed. So forget Kohinoor or any other such thing you are claiming from anyone, buy them when they were auctioned in future till then remember it as the biggest diamond of its time discovered in our country. God Bless India. 

Movie Review : FAN

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Movie Review : FAN 

FAN released on 15th April 2016 is an Indian thriller movie starring Shahrukh Khan in the lead role. He is playing a double role of a superstar Aryan Khanna and his doppelganger Gaurav Chandna who was his Fan. Others staring in the film are Waluscha de Souza (Gauri Khanna-Aryan's wife), Sayani Gupta (Aryan's PA), Shriya Pilgaonkar (Neha - Gaurav's love interest), etc. The film is directed by Band Baja Baraat fame Maneesh Sharma who said that making this film was his only dream. It is produced by Aditya Chopra under Yash Raj Films.

Pre-Production and Marketing : News of film's release was in public domain from more than a year. Its release was delayed several times for VFX and special effects requirements. Promotion was handled mainly by SRK as he always did for his films and was visible everywhere before and after film release. From motion poster, to title designing to Fan Anthem to movie release , SRK's fan were involved on social media platforms which helped in creating buzz around the movie.

Music: You will be surprised to know that this SRK movie has no songs except the JABRA FAN song which was used for promotional purposes but is not featured in the film. Usually SRK movies' music set the stage for big release however this time it was done by a single song which was translated and sung in 11 different languages by famous singers of that language. You can say that a single song created as much publicity as the entire album.

Plot: Gaurav Chandna is a die hard Fan of superstar Aryan Khanna. He is known as Junior Aryan Khanna in his locality for his appearance and mannerism. He his mad about Aryan and can do anything to meet him. When he won trophy and prize money of Rs 20,000 at his colony's Dussehra function by performing an act based on Aryan Khanna's movies, he decided to show his trophy to Aryan after meeting him personally on his birthday in Mumbai. He reached Mumbai where he found himself standing among thousands of Aryan Khanna fan who wanted to meet him but have to satisfy with just his glimpse. Gaurav is not a ordinary fan so he did something which forced Aryan Khanna to meet him. This meeting turned Gaurav from a fan to enemy of Aryan Khanna. What he do after that incident? How Aryan deal with his obsessed fan? A thrilling story answers this questions and take you to a memorable climax. 

Hits: We all know Shahrukh Khan is a great actor but director exploits his star image more than his acting prowess. This film yet again highlights his acting potentials. He has done a marvelous job in making Gaurav believable to the audiences. Director Maneesh Sharma has proved his worth in thriller genre as well after successfully directing rom-coms. You don't miss the songs while watching this movie and not even the SRK you know till know. I also like the action chase sequences.

Miss: I think some emotional scenes between Gaurav and his family or with his love interest would make this film more sensitive. Aryan Khanna's character is not much highlighted which bereft the audience of his psyche. 

Verdict: This not just for SRK fans but for all those who has loved a star selflessly. Its a tribute to all Fans. Go and watch it now. 

Rating : I would give it 4/5. 

Book Review : Pandora's Box

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Book Review : Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box is debut novel of Tushar Sen a banker in Mumbai. The book is published by Frog Books of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd and I have received it from the author. It is a collection of 21 short stories all filled with the element of surprises to grip the readers. 

Cover: Cover is simple. It has not the attraction neither it is imaginative but it is not bad also. It shows colors coming out of a box which is probably Pandora's Box.

Plot: The book contains 21 stories which deals with different subjects. Some stories revolved around or involve some known personalities of history and explore conspiracy theories around them. It has story about Apollo 11 moon mission, Saddam Hussain's CIA connection, Moldof, secret army of Indian Prime Minister and so on. All stories are connected with the element of surprises.

Highs: The stories are strongest point of the book. The way they are narrated make them more interesting. Jaw dropping climax left you mesmerized over author's imagination and writing abilities. Characters whether real or fictional portrayed in a believable manner. The stories which are related to some real characters provokes your thoughts and left you thinking what would have happen if these conspiracy theories were true?

Lows: As such there is nothing which is unlikable but after reading few stories writer becomes predictable and you can guess the surprise ending coming your way at least I guessed them. Some stories like one related to moon landing, Saddam Hussain's CIA connection, Modolf, etc becomes confusing for readers if they are ignorant of these characters and stories related to them.

Verdict: Go grab your copy for a journey to spine chilling narratives and jaw dropping climaxes.

Rating: I would give it 3.5/5. 


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Right now NIT Srinagar has more security personnel than any other educational institution in India. Some reports says that there is one army man for two students. People outside don't really know what is happening or has happened inside because media is not allowed in the campus. Bandwidth is also lowered in campus premises so students wouldn't send their videos outside through social networking sites. Nothing is actually clear but a large part of the country still knew that some Deshbhakhts/Nationalists/Patriots who were chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jay by carrying National Flag were beaten by some Deshdrohis/Anti-national/Traitors and also by J &K police. Thanks to what's app messenger service the country is divided this time into Kashmiris and Non - Kashmiris.

Since media is not allowed in NIT Campus none of us have confirmed reports about what has happened on the night India lost to West Indies and on the night when India defeated Pakistan in T20 World Cup Tournament. Some unconfirmed reports said that some Non-Kashmiri students teased Kashmiri students for Pakistan's defeat which prompted them to celebrate India's defeat in the semi final stage which lead to tussle between both the parties. This outrage increased during students' protest against the administration for not hearing some demands of students. It was then administration called police which attacked students with force, national flag was also taken by police which students were using in demonstration. Political gamblers who are pro in playing with such issues saw this as an opportunity to put oil in the already heated debate of Bharat Mata Ki Jay. 

There is a pattern in all university tussles whether it is Hyderabad University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and now National Institute of Technology, Srinagar that a mere protest against university management by the students was curbed with force and the students who retaliate in response to violence were labeled as anti-nationals. It all appeared organised because as soon as the violence irrupted a group of social media rioters were ready to set the course of debate. Some of us who take all what's app and facebook messages as Words of The Book gets trapped in their clutches and help them to promote animosity among our fellow countrymen. None of them questions the role of university management even HRD ministry issue statements without confirmed reports and discussion with the university management. 

The students who were beaten by police when narrated the incident to officials of HRD ministry not said that they were beaten for chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jay while there are incidents elsewhere in the country where people attacked for not chanting this phrase. For god's sake never react on social media rumors. It has caused Muzaffarnagar Riot, ignited Dadri incident, made terrorist out of JNU students, brought Bangladeshi migrants in a Dentist's killing and triggered many other big and small incidents. We have to look and understand the politics behind it. In all university tussles 'Left' ideology is the main target. Why? Because two poll bound states out of five namely Kerala and West Bengal have clear fight between Left and others. Assam also has Left's presence so by abusing this ideology BJP can polarize the voters to favor them. 

On pretense of NIT Srinagar incident Kashmiri students who are studying in other parts of the country are threatened for dire consequences. 16 Kashmiri students were suspended in Mewar University, Rajasthan for fight over T20 match. All that is happening is not right for Kashmir issue. This will increase the feelings of alienation among them which would turn them towards currently increasing separatist ideology. It is difficult to end this post on a positive note so good bye and just take good care of yourselves. 

The Panama Papers - 2

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The Panama Papers - 2

I am wondering from last three days why there is no uproar in India and many parts of the world over Panama Paper Leaks i.e the 11 million documents of Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca which helps its clients in setting up offshore shell companies in tax heavens like Panama and British Virginia Islands so that they can escape tax authorities of their nations. It is also astonishing that a single firm is dealing with so many high level clients who rank from State heads to sportsman to corporate houses to millionaire businessman and their relatives. Seeing lethargic attitude of media, opposition and government on The Panama Leaks I was also started detaching myself to go deep into the issue until I heard about the resignation of Iceland PM. 

Have we not understood the Panama Leaks properly or we are indifferent to it because it didn't involve any big politician's name? Are businessmen's who accumulating the money through illegal means hold no concern for us? Don't they harm nation's economy? Have we succumbed to our fate of a corrupt nation? Don't forget that these very business houses give donations to political parties. No political party is clean in this regard and the corporate houses or business tycoons which have so much money power over these parties are powerful enough to force politicians for amending laws and procedures. Politicians on the other hand use them for personal gain in making money and property. So if there is no political name in these leaks that don't mean our politicians are clean. Look for the proximity of these individuals with any particular political parties. 

Iceland people come on streets to pressurize their PM for resignation; we at least should pressurize government for time bound inquiry regarding these leaks. I am not saying that all named in these leaks have accumulated wealth by wrong means many would have done it through proper government channels. These leaks have dented images of such people and a time bound inquiry will only clear their name. Right now we have ignored Panama Papers. I am not seeing a proper debate and discussion on the topic. Except from few news reporting there is not much concrete happening on part of TV Media or digital media this is because we common citizen of this country is showing any interest in them. 

It is also possible that these papers have left something or not investigated someone thoroughly but these will only come in public domain after an inquiry from a government agency. All world countries are doing these but as mere formality and not as obligations which should be the need of the hour. We raise our voices to end terrorism but terrorism rises because some people are funding them through these tax heaven companies. Silence over leaks is equal to silence over death of innocent people in terror attacks. So think again and read more about Panama Leaks. Till then God Bless The World. 

The Panama Papers

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The Panama Papers

The leaks of Panama Papers draw our attention to the need of free and fair journalism. How important it is to get the right news without sensationalism because governments tend to corrupt with power and money. The involvement of who's who of various fields from world over in diverting money to tax heavens of Bahamas and British Virginia Islands is a startling news. It would have never revealed if governments have the responsibility to do so since most of the government heads are involved. I am stressing on free and fair journalism because India stood 136 in 180 countries in the list prepared by Journalism Without Borders even Bangladesh is ahead of us. 

What are Panama Papers? Panama Papers are collection of around 11 million papers leaked from a Panamanian law firm and corporate service provider Mossack Fonseca which helped its clients in account management, property purchase and foreign investments.These paper revealed unlawful investments by the companies' clients. Suddeutsche Zeitung a German newspaper got these papers from his sources, since the scale of investigation and authentication of these papers required a multi-nation collaboration, they took help of International Consortium of Investigative Journalists which is a global network of journalists from around 65 countries. Then around 300 journalists from different countries of the world including journalists from The Indian Express, India carried out the investigations for about a year to reveal the trails of Black Money of white people. 

If journalists get hold of such information then why not investigating agencies of different countries which have more power and more sources. Black Money remained the hot topic in India during 2014 general elections. It was then promised by our current PM that each countryman would receive Rs 15 lakh in their bank accounts if black money comes back to the country. If you try to multiply 15 lakh with current Indian population of about 125 billion you receive a figure with zeroes unable to adjust in a calculator. If PM knew that much amount is in foreign banks then he must also knew where it was why then he is unable to reach the offenders even after 22 months in office. The SIT which is currently investigating Black Money is formed by The Supreme Court's intervention and not by the government. The Panama Paper reveals name of many multi-billionaires and give a chance to government to bring back black money. 

The Panama Papers have stirred the world and many countries including India have started investigating the people revealed in the leaks. It has observed that money used in funding terrorist activities, drug mafias, illegal arm traders have done by network of companies that dodged international embargoes which indicates that this black money is not only hurting world financially but also disturbing world peace and order. I hope this courageous act of journalists get rewarded by the governments by sending wrongdoers behind the bars. Till then God Bless The World. 

Jungle Jungle Pata Chala Hai

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Jungle Jungle Pata Chala Hai

No only Jungles but all villages,cities and metros knew that 'Chaddi Pehan Ke Phool Khila Hai' back in the nineties. I still remember this show used to air on Doordarshan on Sundays at 10 AM and all roads/streets wear a deserted look at that particular time. It was the time when there was no round the clock cartoon channels and we children of 90's waited for these few animated shows on Sundays. We used to sing the title song entire day, this song was even allowed in Antakshri the favorite time-pass game of that era in which you have to sing songs in chain where the last alphabet of first song became the first alphabet of the second song. This one was favorite when you were required to sing from Hindi alphabet 'Ja' (ज )'. 

We also competed in boomerang throwing competitions. You must have remember that boomerang was Mowgli's weapon but the one we used in competitions were plastic made and they were unlike his wooden boomerang which returned to him after the assault, we ran to fetch them back to us. The recent Disney's 'The Jungle Book' which is releasing on 8th April in India brought back all childhood memories. Even the song' 'Jungle Jungle Pata Chala' was recreated for the Hindi version by original composer Vishal Bhardwaj and Lyricist Gulzaar

Each and every moment of this show was memorable. Although now I don't remember the episode to episode scenes but there are still fresh flashes of most of the scene. This was the story of Mowgli who get separated from his parents as a toddler and reared by wolves as wolves in jungle. Baloo ( a bear), Bagheera(a black panther), Kaa (python) were his friends and mentors. Sher Khan a royal Bengal Tiger who was the killer of his wolf father was his main enemy. Mowgli killed Sher Khan and also discovered himself as human being after coming in contact of human settlement near the forest. The moment from the show which I recalled the most was the encounter of Sher Khan and Mowgli. Nana Patekar's voice over on Sher Khan gave the weight-age to his character. Mowgli knew about his wolf father's given injury in Sher Khan's leg which he attacked again to make him weak. Mowgli then attacks his head,his eyes and finally kills him by piercing his heart. 

In my childhood days I also wanted to swing from one tree to another, I searched for honey like Baloo in many tree trunks and tried to make a wooden boomerang which broke glass window at many occasions. This show has many memories because it remained the topic of discussion in school also. Later when it rerun on many satellite channels I again watched many of its episodes. They don't pick such stories to make shows these days which taught values of friendship,family and brotherhood. Such shows makes us sensitive towards animals and environmental problems. I want to thank Rudyard Kipling for writing such a wonderful 'The Jungle Book' , The TV Tokyo for making original series and Doordarshan for making it available in India in Hindi. I also like to thank Disney for popularizing jungle book and keeping it alive through movies. I am excited to watch this new movie releasing in theaters on 8th April. 

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