The Death Under The Feet

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The Death Under The Feet

Earthquake is a natural disaster which we can't predict, from which we can't run away. Where would a person go when the ground below his/her feet his shaking. It is difficult to escape from it and only your luck and precautions help you live in such a situation. After the Nepal Earthquake of April 25 death toll of which has increased to 5000+ till now you must be aware of the precautions you must take during earthquakes thanks to our print and television media. 

But I want to highlight that nature is forcefully altered for human gains which are resulting in loss of human lives much more than expected from such calamities. The mushrooming hotels,resorts and human settlements in hilly terrains are protruding by cutting trees and damaging natural structures resulting in natural imbalance. Moreover the construction work on such places are not done according to the environment of those places. Earlier people used wood, soil and rocks to construct their houses in mountain areas which are now replaced by bricks, mortar and cements. The houses constructed with modern technology causes more destruction than those build with ancient technology. 

The destruction by Uttarakhand flood and now by Nepal earthquake should be taken as warning signals from the Almighty to amend our ways. We should also use technological advances in building houses in such areas but according to the environmental and ecological conditions. Trees must be preserved in any ways. It is true that we can't predict earthquake but we can predict the damage caused by it if we started rating our buildings and houses for safety in earthquake.

The world today stand in support of Nepal for quick recovery from the damage caused by earthquake. The help of Indian government is also remarkable in this scenario. But few people find opportunity in such calamities to make money. Today everyone is asking for donations for victims of earthquake but few actually send money and things to the right place, so you must donate cautiously so that your hard earned money reaches to the right place. Prime Minister Relief Fund, NGO's of media houses and some government approved NGO's are better place to donate. 

I pray to god for the quick recovery of the injured and peace for those who have lost their loved one in this disaster. India specially parts of  Bihar is also affected by this earthquake I pray for quick relief for them also. Below is a video showing extent of damage caused to life, property and history by the earthquake. 

Celebrate Life

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Celebrate Life

Life is as simple a solution you know or as difficult a problem you can never solve. It all depends on how we see it. Life could be a burden of completing our daily assignments, business deadlines, exam preparations, household course, et cetera in which you find difficult to snatch moments for friends, family and even for yourself or it could be a life full of refreshment having time to dance on your tunes stole from your schedules to spend in the lap of nature, having family outings, keeping alive your hobbies or any such thing but I know it is more easy to say than done. We are trapped in such lives and waits for holidays, festivals to celebrate life. 

I celebrate every moment when I am at home with family. Taking to my mother, brother, sisters, playing with my niece these moments make me celebrate life daily without any need for some special occasions. When we are together every moment becomes special and worth celebrating. Lines from a famous Hindi songs says 'Tum sang ho to har raat Diwali har din meri Holi hai,' suits best to the time with the family. This line means that when you are with me every night is as bright as the night of Diwali festival and every day as colorful as the Holi day. 

Family and home plays a vital role in helping you to celebrate life. We can enjoy whatever less time in family gossips refreshing ourselves from work load and day to day pressure. Home environment also have a role to play in it. Kolte Patil Developers feel the same way that a good house is the best way to celebrate life every day. That is why they have created the Ivy Estate in Wagholi near Pune, a property spread over 85 acres in the lap of nature, which marries modern amenities and natural charm perfectly. The 1600 families already living there are a living testimony to this fact, and celebrate life every day.

If you know that everything is fine in your home and locality, that if your children are playing outside you needn't worry about their safety, if you are being friendly with neighbors they too will reciprocate the same then only you feel satisfied in your life and it was only then you can also concentrate on your work and prosperous. Good house give way to good life which further let you free to celebrate life.

#CelebrateLifeAtIvy by owning a dream home atIvy estate, an 85 acre estate with 34 acres of greenery and open spaces. Join the 1600 happy families already living here. Check out this walkthrough video and decide for yourself.

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Book Review : Blank Space

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Book Review : Blank Space

Blank Space is a book of 100 inspirational Short Stories by 100 writers compiled by Dinesh Kumar Radhakrishnan and Edited by Preethi Venugopal and Barun Bajracharya. This book is published by Propel Steps. Here it is also necessary to mention that I am also among these 100 writers and story no. 4 :  'Zephyr' is written by me. I should also make it clear that my involvement with this book in no way make this review bias.

Cover : Cover is simple giving out positive waves much like the stories in this book, a Vodafone Zoozoo like image holding a page on it's back indicates holding on to the life even in troubled times. The rear is more interesting showing names of all the writers in a crossword manner.

Plot: There are 100 stories in this book which are all bound to a same thread i.e inspiration and hope. Stories ranges from love stories to heroic deeds, from suspense to sacrifice, from touching heart to shaking souls. They have everything to keep reader hooked to it.

Highs : The simplicity of each story is the high point of this book. It is maintained throughout the book by encouraging readers to use simple than complex words or sentences. Each story filled your heart with positivity. All budding and established authors tried to inspire readers with their feel good stories.

Lows : I think 100 stories are too much for a reader to read in one go. Some stories don't draw any conclusions or looks as incomplete to the reader making motive of the story unclear. 

Verdict : If you wants to fill your heart with hope and inspiration then this book is a right choice.

Rating : I would give it 3/5

You can buy this book from Propel Steps

Will of Steel

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Will of Steel

Apni Sharton Par Apni Duniya Banadi,
The Inke Irade Buland Aur Hausle Fauladi.

Only those who have extreme determination and the will of steel can only make the world of their choice. Life isn't always easy and likely more difficult for those who try not to follow the herd but to create their own way, their own destination. The things which looks almost impossible at times looks simple and easy if we look at those who have shaped their destiny with a mold of their choice.

Will Of Steel is an endeavor to honor unsung heroes of India who have crossed the hurdles of life with flying colors without thinking about it's repercussions. It is always difficult to achieve something for yourself in our country due to our social,mental and biological restrictions even than people achieve what they wants with their strong will and determination but the value of achievement increases many folds if somebody his getting the fruit of your toiling. I salute those who have dedicated their lives for the achievements and betterment of other. 

That's the reason why I have voted on for Rufus D' Souza from Kochi, Kerala who is highly committed in training young boys to become better footballers, Dr. Debal Deb of West Bengal who is helping farmers to save indeginous rice varities and Gyanedra and Monika Purohit who are giving right to entertainment to deaf by dubbing Bollywood movies into sign language. 

The reason I voted for these people is that they are toiling their lives for the cause of the others they are perhaps earning a meager sum of money for their daunting task but if you examine they are getting almost nothing as outcome for their task. Their determination are bringing changes in the life of others like students,farmers and deaf people in above mentioned cases. I have also seen nationally or internationally recognizable faces in the list and the fact that we recognize them proves that they have achieved their share of fame while these unsung heroes are still waiting for a pat on their backs for their selfless services.   

Every achiever on's wall is a winner in itself, they are doing their work selflessly and they will continue to do the same even if they don't receive a single vote on their name. However our one vote on their names would energize their will to face more difficulties on their way so what are you waiting for visit WILLOFSTEEL.IN and vote for the story appears inspiring to you enough to instill inspiration in you also. Match their matchless willpower with the power of your votes.

I’m voting for (Rufus D'Souza, Dr.Debal Deb and Gyanedra Purohit-Monika Purohit)’s#WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help them get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.

Ye Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaaye To Kya Hai !

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Ye Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaaye To Kya Hai !

Ye Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaaye To Kya Hai is a famous song sung by Mohammad Rafi, written by Sahir Ludhianvi and music composed by S. D. Burman for Guru Dutt staring Pyasa (1957). These lines aptly describes the condition of the farmers who are currently dying almost everyday after the damage of their crops due to untimely rain and hailstorm. They are thinking what's the benefit if I get this world.

The debt ridden farmers have no hope from the world, governments and system to wait for any compensation thanks to their previous experiences resulting in their suicides. According to some media studies approximately 45 farmers are committing suicide daily in Vidarbha region (Maharashtra), Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh. These are also the regions responsible for major agrarian product contributors to the GDP of India if condition there is so pathetic you can easily imagine the other areas with poor farmers. It is shameful that we are doing nothing for our 60% population dependent on agriculture. 

The most horrifying thing about the whole crop damage and suicide problem of farmers is that neither the state governments nor the central government is serious for their sorry condition. Union Cabinet Minister Nitin Gadkari's remark that farmers shouldn't rely on god or government for help shows how serious government is about this issue. Even affected land area measurement by different government agencies are having different figures confusing the whole scenario.

What hurts more is the fact we city people who came out on roads for rape victims, corruption issue never lend their support to farmers who feed us by providing food. The bloggers who have a big impact on online news and information also avoid such issues. Twitter never trends with farmers plight. Let's hope that some relief should be send immediately to farmers without waiting for the evaluation of the damage and steps like loan waiver, help for new crop, etc should be taken to make them stand again on their feet. Yesterday was the Earth Day and no one but farmers are the most near to her. They are the true son of soil and I pray on this Earth Day for new ray of hope for farmers.

The Leader He Never Was

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The Leader He Never Was

Aggressive, progressive, regressive no one really know who Rahul Gandhi is. He looks like a Messiah for the underprivileged at times and on another occasions he looks as a burden for the party. What he wants to do with party or the politics is still the secret after 11 years of him in active politics. If he is not interested in it then he must leave it and do what he really does well because we don't even know about his qualifications however if he is interested then party must trust him and follow his ideals.

I am not among those Twitter Trenders who makes mockery of people by making fun of them but his return after a long holiday reminded me of a song in Zakhm ( Ajay Devgn, Pooja Bhatt starring movie of the 90's 'Gali Mein Aaj Chand Nikla' sung by Alka Yagnik) seeing Congress's hope in him. And after not so successful year of Modi government India has also some hope in him to be alternative for Modi in future. Here is a video song dedicated to Congress and Rahul Gandhi.

Dil Ki Deal Is A DilSe Deal

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Dil Ki Deal Is A DilSe Deal

I am a shy person and the extent of it was experienced by me during my brother's marriage four and a half years back in 2010. Everyone in my home including my brother started talking to Bhabhi ( sister-in-law ) even before her marriage with my brother. But in my case forget about talking I was hesitant to come in front of her when our family visited her home on few occasions.

My attitude didn't change even when she came in our house after their marriage. There is a tradition in India to give a welcome gift to a newly wed bride. Every relative and family members from groom's side gave something to her before looking at her face for the first time ( Muhn Dikhai ). To avoid this function I remained absent from that ritual when relatives were present in our house. I was sure that Bhabhi would have noticed my absent when all my sisters gave something or the other to her. Although she never complained me about that till now, but I knew she would have felt bad. 

I believe this tradition as one of introducing the new member of family to all relatives, it's good in a way to make her comfortable in an almost unknown place and atmosphere. This informal introduction makes one comfortable among strangers. Few more days passed relatives left the house but I neither introduced myself to her nor gifted anything to her. My sisters, mother scolded me for my this behavior. I was also ashamed of myself but that nature of mine was hard to change.

Some more days passed, everyone forgot that I hadn't gave her anything but that feeling was making me guilt ridden. I thought day and night about it and then one day a thought struck to me. I was too late in this ritual so I have to do something special. I figured out one essential thing which no body gifted her a watch. I presented her a watch along with a paper written with following message,

Ye ghadi nahin hai mein hun!
Chuti si hai badi nahin hai,
heere moti jadi nahin hai,
har kasauti par khari utregi,
sahi samay par sahi karegi,
Ye ghadi nahin hai main hun! 

These lines of Hindi means 'This is not a watch but me, all though small and not valuable but sure to stand victorious in any test of time.' Her eyes became moist she looked towards me with a smile. I knew from this smile that my gift has touched her heart. A message from heart always reaches the heart. That DilSe deal became Dil Ki Deal at that moment.

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The Lost Love (Part - 3)

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The Lost Love (Part - 3)

Read : Part -1 and Part - 2

All night he waited for her answer but she didn't replied. He thought that she would answer him when they would met personally the next day. He reached the airport on time in the morning. There were still few minutes to his flight when his phone beeped. It was a message from Saya.

 ‘It is not the right time to meet. You are in urgency for some commitment. I never thought you would behave childishly in such a crucial situation. I too like to talk to you but your desperation is suffocating. It feels as if you wants to stick me like a ghost. Please don't come. I need more time to think.'

His one message ruined his life. He was sensing the end of his love life before a start. His eyes became moist. He remembered Sandhaya’s face when he mistreated her, when he didn't care about her feelings. Something similar was happening with him. He was so lost in his thoughts and turmoil that he missed several announcements about his flight. He missed his flight as quickly as he missed Saya from his life. His love was lost again. He silently went to his home and locked himself in his room. He wanted to talk to Sandhaya, he wanted to repent for his doings perhaps that would change the course of his life. His phone rang at this movement blinking Sandhaya's phone number. "How she knew that I need her at that moment." He said to himself and picked up her phone.

They regretted for their conduct on that frightful day. They then talked about their beautiful childhood days when they quickly apologized when ever they fought with each other. " I missed those days." "I too." " Why don't you come here we would eat lunch together. Mom has cooked our favorite Chinese food." He also needed to share his pain with her so he readily accepted her offer. After lunch they went to her room where he told her about Saya and how he ruined that beautiful relationship.

" You are now an expert in ruining relationship." She said hinting to their incident. "I don't know what happened to me at that time. After listening about your marriage I was determined to have someone in my life. I was angry with you for not discussing your marriage with me so I wanted to do the same to you." He said all in one go but later realized that he should not express his opposition to her marriage in this way. 

"Abhishek ! Do you still love me." Her question surprised him, , he didn’t know its answer. But before he could say something she continued, " I never went to London. I was in Jaipur to my aunt's place just to be away from you. She asked me to consider Raunaq's proposal, since my family was ready for this match I couldn't do nothing but to remember your saying that we must listen to our hearts in time of confusion because it never lies. I know you will never come to my life so I accepted the proposal but I wants your happiness. I need an answer to this question for it, please close your eyes and ask your heart."

"I will definitely give you the answer and I think I too need an answer to this question," he closed his eyes, "wait a minute, you said that I told you this listening to heart thing." "Yes!" She was not making eye contact with him. " Sandhaya look at me, look into my eyes, you are Saya." She hugged him tightly and started crying.

"Abhishek! You didn't want to talk to me and I know when you were alone you spend your time writing on then I thought to keep in touch with you through this method so I created my shadow 'Saya' using first and last to letters of my name for this purpose. I was not aware that you will love my writing and then you contacted me. When you confessed your love for Saya I thought that I must not stretch this bluff any more and send you that message." 

He was still stunned with these revelations the girl he loved and was loving all these days was Sandhaya. She was crying in his arms, he consoled her, " Idiot don't you see the good side of it, we can't live without each other. The writing that impressed me was yours because only you can understand the situation of my heart being in that situation yourself but you have done a blunder in all this by agreeing to marry Raunaq and not waiting for things getting normal between us."

"No mistake is bigger than your love," their parents came inside. "Your aunt told me that you were talking to Abhishek in Saya's disguise. We know that you can't live without each other but were hesitant to express or perhaps you don't even know about your love so we planted Raunaq in your story," Sandhaya's mother explained to them. " And now be ready for your wedding the same date next month." Both of them laugh at their idiocy and embraced each other while uttering three magical words.' I LOVE YOU.' 

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The Lost Love (Part - 2)

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The Lost Love (Part - 2)

Read : Part 1 

Saya was similar to him in thinking, in reading habits. His online conversations with her also revealed that they both like Chinese food and like the same Bollywood Hero and Heroine. He never thought anybody could understand it better than Sandhaya but Saya was much higher in that aspect from her. He wanted to meet her as soon as possible but she lived in another city.

“It was not a problem with me. I can come to meet you if you wish.” He said in excitement.

“ Oh My God! You are so desperate. What’s running in your mind.” She said impishly.

“Nothing of the sort you are thinking, I am just curious to see the beautiful face behind that beautiful writing.”

“Why you are so much confident about my beauty what if I am a seventy year old granny.”

“I always listen to my heart and it says that you are very beautiful and I am sure that you would be same as my imagination.” He said with confidence. He could judge by her voice and her thinking that she was of his age.

“If you are so eager to meet me than wait till next month I am coming there for my cousin's wedding." She said softly.

“One month is a long time. I can't wait for so long. I am coming in your city this weekend” He said firmly.

"Okay if you insist. Come this weekend."

He immediately booked his flight for the weekend. First time after so many days he was not thinking about Sandhaya’s incident. The guilt of mistreating Sandhaya was not feeling as a burden to him that day. He was happy and wanted to ease Sandhaya from the burden of the relationship they were carrying. He wanted to talk to her one last time. To end everything between them amicably. He went to her home to request her mother to compel her to talk to him. They were friends and they would remain the same if she wished.

Some guest were coming out from her house when he reached there. Abhishek inquired about them when he met her mother." Sandhaya didn't tell you? Don't tell me that both of you are still not in talking terms." Before he could speak anything she said,"they were Raunaq’s parents who came here to fix the date for Sandhaya and Raunaq’s wedding next month.” " What?" Sandhaya's wedding. It was difficult for him to absorb that his best friend the ex-love of his life was going to get married without any information to him. " Aunty! Have you asked Sandhaya about this." " Yes beta! You know that we don't force our decision on her. We were waiting for her decision about Raunaq from some time and she confirmed it last night that she is ready for marriage. We are happy , Raunaq is a nice boy and a good match for her." 

He came out quietly without understanding what to say to her mother. She was feeling betrayed by his best friend. He was waiting for her return to apologize and mend their friendship and she decided on her wedding without telling him. The thought of losing her friendship in such a way filled his heart with despair. For him it was like someone giving his prized possession to someone else without his knowledge. He consoled himself ," Sandhaya has no place for me in her heart now. I should also move beyond her. I must confess my love to Saya before going to her this weekend. Sandhaya you haven't done right to me." He took out his phone and messaged ' I Love You' to Saya.

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The Lost Love (Part - 1)

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The Lost Love (Part - 1)

Abhishek was happy after talking to Saya his new-found online friend on phone. This was the first time he talked with her and the icing on the cake was her acceptance of his offer to meet him. He first encountered with Saya’s write up on , he was so much impressed with her writing that he started following her and spend long hours online to get a chance to talk to her. Every article, poem, story of her mesmerized him to an extent that he read them again and again.

Saya’s writing came to him as a welcome relief after his breakup from Sandhaya . He felt that she was writing for his condition, to ease his pain, to lift his spirit. Each word of her filled his heart once again with love whose arrival he thought impossible when Sandhaya left him abruptly few weeks ago. He knew Sandhaya from his childhood, their parents were family friends so they automatically became friend when they were children. The childish affection grew into unbreakable friendship of the teenage which further converted into love. They never felt the need to admit their love because it was understandable with the way they treated each other.

But the fruit of love ripen only after the test of time.  Things changed between them after completing their studies when they were searching for jobs in order to pursue the career of their choice. Abhishek started getting irritated with Sandhaya’s undue concern for him. He felt her obsession for him was ruining his life. He was unable to concentrate on his career goals. She inquired about his whereabouts every time he was away from her and when he got a job in a multi national company she also applied for a job there which annoyed him.

“Sandhaya! Stop following me like this we are not children now.”  He said sternly.

“But we are still friends and I love you. I always wanted to be with you.” She said in her usual enthusiasm without bothering about his anger. Her behavior further angered him.

“Stop your nonsensical talks. For the god’s sake give me some space in my life.” He turned his face away from her.

“Oh! You don’t even wants to see my face. You are a changed man Abhishek. I never expected this from you.” She started crying.

“You forced me to behave in such a way by sticking with me like a ghost.” He didn’t care that she was crying.

“These silly concerns about you, caring for things you like, …” she continued talking while sobbing ,”these used to be the things you liked in me and now you are saying that these things are burden on you. My continuous talking which you see as fulfillment of your nature of taking less now annoying you.”

They both remained silent for some time and then she spoke again,” Abhishek I think  my time in your life is over and you are right that we must find our own ways.”

 He realized that evening that he was too harsh on Sandhya but she never spoke to him after that incident and within a week of it she went to London for a job she rejected before to be with him. Although he wanted that she didn’t interfere in her life he never wanted her out of his life because he knew how difficult it was for him to live without her. She was his only friend and he knew that she too didn’t have any friends in her except him but strong love give rise to strong anger.  She didn’t give her phone number to him and when he got it from her parents she didn’t responded to his calls. He was shattered with her behavior and consoled himself that she would be fine with time as she could not resist talking to him for a longer time. He started living a lonely life spending most of his free time at home with his computer writing on his blog or just reading what others were writing. Sandhaya’s absence in his life made everything boring for him and it was only after reading the write up titled ‘The Lost Love’ that something sparkled inside him. It was the write up written by Saya.

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Book Review : Warrior

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Book Review : Warrior

Warrior is written by Olivier Lafont popularly known as Suhas Tandon of 3 Idiots and is published by Penguin Books India . I have received this book from the author. Lafont is a multi-talented and versatile personality who writes fiction, feature film screenplays, and editorial pieces, but also acts in feature films, endorses some of India’s most popular brands on television, and lends his voice to many media in many languages. A French polyglot, Lafont pursues his eclectic interests at the highest standards having worked with some of India’s most acclaimed directors on films like 3 Idiots, Guzaarish and two Hollywood films. This book is a fantasy fiction set in modern day India.

Cover : Cover is eye catching. The modern day warrior looks stunning at the background of crumbling world. The image glorifies the title and increase interest of the readers.

Plot: The world is facing it's end. Saam the last demigod son of the Destroyer - Lord Shiva on earth could only save the world from destruction at hands of his father. Saam who lives as a watch mender with love of his life Maya in Mumbai went on his journey to save the world along with six other companions including Maya and his half-brother Ara with whom he has estranged relationship. The journey with an undecided end let him discover love, trust,deceive before its final conclusion. How he save the world? Who deceive him? Will he gets united with Maya? The path to stop the End of Days is littered with death,danger and betrayal.

Thriller : This fantasy fiction will change the way you see the gods. The story is engrossing and the narrative is simply superb. How the mythology is mixed with the modern times is commendable. The way history,mythology, facts are blended with fiction make it real and believable. The language is easy to understand and the procedures and back stories are thoroughly explained which makes understanding of the narrative easier. 

Spoiler : The narrative becomes slow in the middle and thus stopping the further movement of the story. Somethings are unnecessarily added in the narrative which distracts reader from the original plot.

Verdict :  A must read for the way the subject is treated. An amusing and entertaining journey into the fantasy world existing with the real world.

Rating : I would give it 4/5

Hope In The Dark

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Hope In The Dark







31 MARCH 2015

'Are you afraid of the dark? The dark of the corruption and power,' Jatin asked himself looking in the mirror. ' No,' he answered loudly. ' Today I will record my meeting with him.' He knew that the mining minister wanted to meet him to bribe him for taking his report back on his illegal mining. He also knew that the minister would kill him if he wouldn't accept his proposal but he also knew even if he died his death wouldn't get wasted.  

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Ab Tak 46

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Ab Tak 46 

24 years in service as an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer has brought Ashok Khemka more than salary and government benefits in the form of 46 transfers. No matter who was leading the government he was transferred frequently from one department to another without any prior notice and without any solid reason.

Ashok Khemka became famous in the country after he found out loopholes in Robert Vadra land deals under Congress government. Robert Vadra the son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi then became the face of corruption for the opposition party of that time BJP  who used this issue to target corrupt practices of Bhupinder Singh Hooda government by supporting Khemka for his honesty. They labelled his transfer as a move to bury the allegations against Robert Vadra but after coming in power what BJP has done is not different from doings of the Congress Government. Haryana's present Chief Minister M L Khattar ordered his transfer in just five months of him in the transport department after complaints from some transporters of Haryana who objected his stopping of trucks from some mining sites at night. It is not difficult to understand that mining at night means they were engaged in illegal mining.

If he is an incompetent officer who doesn't fit in any department then he must be sacked from his duties but if he is competent then governments must give the reasons for his transfers. Honesty is a good policy but that seems different if you are talking about bureaucrats in our country. Who knows how many more transfers are waiting for him before his retirement but I stand with him for his honesty and injustice against him and if he is wrong we have a right to know his wrongdoings.