India In Danger?

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India In Danger? ( Part 1 Of India Series )

If you are thinking I am joking or spreading some rumor then you are wrong. India is in real danger not from any neighboring country,not from any terrorist,not from any nuclear or biological attack but from hatred forces residing within the country. Before I explain it further I would like to ask what India is? How it is unique and different from other countries in the world?

The answer is simple India is a country where all religions, cultures and traditions lives in harmony which is its uniqueness. No other country can vow for such diversity of language,culture,religion,etc as India can. What makes us different from other countries of the world is that in spite of so much diversity we live as one and with unity but now I feel this is in danger because of some people of this country. Unity makes India and if this is in danger India is in danger.

Many recent incidents and statements of politicians appears to be against the minorities of the country like a Goa minister's statement that stage is set to make India a Hindu-rashtra ( Hindu Nation ), targeting Sania Mirza by Telangana BJP  MLA for being brand ambassador of the state, force feeding a fasting Muslim by Shivsena MP's , series of riots in UP from Muzaffarnagar to Muradabad to Saharanpur to Rampur as if part of a planned move by some anti-national forces, needlessly highlighting Article 370 related to Jammu and Kashmir, promoting baseless and fact less ideology of Dina Nath Batra among school children etc. All such activities have increased since the new government came into power and our PM who have plans for every petty issue have nothing to say on this important topic. 

My main concern lies not with those politicians whose interest lies in gaining vote bank by spreading such hatred but I fear for the fact that masses have developed hatred for each other evident from social media comments and shares by them. The influence of corporate houses has also increased in TV media, since their motive is minting money they can run any damn news for the sake of money. If you observe certain news anchors and news channels you will find them airing only one side of the story hiding or suppressing the other side further increasing hatred in country.

India does not belong to any religion,party,region,community and cast but to each individual living in India. We respect each others cultures and traditions that's why enjoy each others festivals, rumor mongers and some political parties finds no gain in togetherness they wants us to divide. The formula of divide and rule is still prevalent and we all are becoming its victim. If those who believe in love,togetherness,peace and harmony would not stand up for the country then that day is not very far when we see neighbors killing neighbors and country again divided into small blocks. Today Yash Chopra's Dhool Ka Phool's song " Tu Hindu banega na musalman banega insaan ki aulaad hai insaan banega"( You will not become a Hindu or a Muslim but a human being child of a human.) is resonating in my mind. We try to make our children a good Hindu or a Muslim but never a good human being and a good Indian. I am leaving you with this song :

Inhuman Mind

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Inhuman Mind 

If I was blessed with the power to read others' mind, I will be reading the mind of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I want to know what leads him to sound sleep after killing innocent children, destroying school and hospitals. What runs into his mind when he order a missile fire on helpless civilians. I am sure to hear some satanic laughs in his mind. I will try to hear his policies which keep mum United Nation even after breaking so many international laws. How he justifies his inhumanity and cruelty to himself. What lies in that inhuman mind.

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Zest Up Your Life

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Zest Up Your Life

If there is no zest in life,there is no life at all. We have converted ourselves into machines to work day and night killing our desires to enjoy this wonderful life. Unless we encountered some people or visit a place,cherish a moment,situation,food we don't realize how dull and monotonous our lives have become. Then an urge to break all shackles of our boring routine lives emerges inside which encourages to add life to days and not days to life. That urge is zest.

We all in the course of our mundane lives creates some moments or find someone/something which zest up our lives. I too have things,moments,people who zest up my life:

1. Long Drive: A long drive on an empty road surrounded by trees from both the sides is what zest up my life. I can drive miles on such roads in a comfortable car like Tata Motors Zest which is having cutting edge design , a look to give you ardent following and never before connectivity option to connect your smart phone with the car. Away from the hustle-bustle of city roads right into the nature's lap enjoying cool breeze coming from lush green trees surrounding the road is a heavenly moment. You needn't required your car AC to cool your senses at that time. The smell of green lush tree leaves, feel of sunshine filtered through tree branches, smooth ride, would surely transport you to some other magical world full of zest.

2.Writing: Writing zest up my life like no other thing in this world. I feel relieved,complete,relaxed and possessed with an unknown power when I sit to write. This act as a medium through which I roam in large mountains, wide forests, fast flowing rivers , unending universe, I through my writing whether it's a poem or a story pour all my feelings, anger,love,concern,etc for the things which strike a chord with my heart or which shake me from inside. Filling empty papers with some meaningful words is like giving life to a soulless thing. It zest up my life by introducing me to the life itself.

3.Movies: Movies are a mirror to our society. The unheard voices of the masses. The unwritten story of deprived. The unfulfilled dreams of common man. They have it all one relive a lifetime with each good movie one watches. Movies helps you to unleash yourself along with refreshing your senses. When I watch a movie I forget all my surroundings, they are actually literature in motion. They introduce to the world where everything ends in a happier mode Movies are not always meant for entertainment, they show you harsh realities of our society unknown to us. They give a dream, a hope, an aspiration and most importantly zest to our lives.

4.Politics : It may sound absurd to many but yes politics and political discussions add zest to my life. I enjoy discussing various political aspects. Try to find hidden agendas of governments and political parties. If you ever feel lonely and boring tune into any news channel airing debate on a certain topic and you will find your condition improving seeing their blame game. How they shift the topic is another interesting thing to observe. It is politics which shape our lives by forming public opinion, it is also politics which unites the nation in many ways. Whole nation speak in one voice against any wrong political statement. Politics never let rest come into my life which is the reason it adds zest to my life.

5.Music : It is not wrong to say that music has the healing power. It can mend your broken heart, heal your painful soul and even give you courage to face the world. Whenever I feel low and a decrease in zest I prefer music. Indian movie songs, qawallis, melodious harmonies or any other symphony it acts as food for the soul.  You can forget the story of a movie but it was its songs which make it evergreen. In time of despair each word of a song appears powerful enough to enlighten and strengthen your heart. Music has the absolute and unique power to add zest in our life.

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Black Is Beautiful

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Black Is Beautiful

Black is not my favorite color but still I like black for the style and personality attached to it. Black gives grace,confidence and a mystical charisma as you wear it, hold it or connect to it in any what way. It's the color of royalty, you feel like a king of the world dressed in a black suit sitting in the car driven by a driver. This is the color which enhances other colors if used with them,it glorifies the presence of other colors. Black eyes are enough to make a lover crazy and who don't want to possess long black hair to get the attention of boys. Black is always beautiful. There are many things black which I desire the top 5 of which are: 

1. To immerse in the beauty of long black lustrous hair. The hairs which when open brings cloud in the sky much like the heroines of Hindi films. I desire to write poems for such beautiful black hairs and sing for them," Yeh reshmi zulfein...." To twiddle my fingers in such hairs and forgot all my worries in their enchantments. I want to lost in that black forest of hairs.

2. I also desire to own a black Limousine and feel like the king of the world. All influential and powerful people in the world own a limo. It is not only a status symbol but a style statement. It is hard to see on Indian roads which increase my curiosity for it. By owing it I will be among the leagues of presidents, head of states, superstars and powerful business tycoons. I desire to have a black limo to blind others eyes in its shine. The black limo has power fixed to it name I wants to feel that power.

3. To have black smart Samsung gear on my hands. Recently I bought latest Samsung Galaxy S5 ,these Galaxy Smart Fit Gear was also launched with it but I couldn't buy this for budget constrains. As it keeps track of your sleep patterns, walking,running,heart heart ,etc. This device is the need of the hour to have a healthy lifestyle from which I am very far away as of now that doesn't mean I am unhealthy but that device would make me more fit. It is the latest gadget and will suit my black colored phone very well. 

4. Long black mustache. I desire to have such Ranveer Singh like long black mustache which I tried but removed due to family pressure before attaining that shape and size. Only once I wish to roll the ends of my mustache with my fingers. There must be some trick for their speedy growth. I want to know that trick to flaunt that black tresses of hair above my lips.

5. Black suit. Men looks good or I should say great in black which was the reason that black suit dress code remains the theme for awards ceremonies as in Oscars and Filmfare. A magazine voted Shah Rukh Khan as best dressed actor of India. He also looks fabulous in black suit when he walked on red carpet. I also desire to walk the red carpet in black suit clicked by the photographers all around. 

Black is dashing, it depicts the confidence. Most things are colored black because you could have doubts with other colors but the black is always beautiful. One can faith this color with closed eyes.

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Terror Versus Terrorism

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Terror Versus Terrorism

Is terrorism is the answer to the terrorism? We all know how big the problem of terrorism is to the world. Thousands of people get killed by terrorists without any fault of them, they don't deserve to live but more innocent people were killed on pretext of killing the terrorists. Some among those who were tortured and exploited in the name of curbing terrorism becomes rebellious and then mislead by terrorists. Thus it has became a vicious circle. The western world in order to occupy the oil minerals of the Arab world are controlling them by setting up there military bases in those regions in order to solve conflicts which are created by them. Osama Bin Laden was supported by US against Russia who later became threat to them.

Their military occupations are killing thousands of innocent children,men, women and animals in these areas. We witnessed how Afghanistan was destroyed by US forces in their futile search of Osama Bin Laden who was killed later in Pakistan when already towns and cities were deserted in Afghanistan. We are still to see weapons of mass destruction in Iraq for which the whole of Iraq was demolished. There army created so much unrest there that people retort to violence by standing against their own army. The same is the case with Syria and now Gaza was attacked daily by Israel with the support of European Union and United States killing civilians unaware of any Hamas activities ( which Israel labelled as terrorist group has actually elected ruling party of Gaza but not their sycophant). Israel and Egypt wants to get hold of Gaza and Palestine and for that they are killing them.

From childhood we were told that there is always a solution to the problem then why there are no efforts for any solution when these problems are running for years. What is the role of United Nation in the world scenario when it failed in maintaining world peace and act only as a puppet in the hands of powerful nations to put sanctions on small countries which don't follow American foreign policy. Why they still think it to be a white man's job to maintain world order? Why world is silence when Israel is attacking Gaza without any solid reason? Why not mainstream media is covering this news? Where are those humanitarians who raised hue and cry for just a slap on the face?

The answer to these questions is hard to come as there are hardly any benefit of the world from this place. The Britishers sowed the seed of hatred and conflict at each place they left like Palestine issue between Israel and Palestine, Kashmir between India and Pakistan, divided North and South Korea , etc. These conflicts keep alive there weapon businesses and thousands of innocent civilians die daily with these weapons. Why not ban weapons which are built to kill only? I hope world will be a better place for generations to come. Pray for peace in the world. Pray for some strength for the people of Gaza facing such hardships in holy month of Ramadan. May Allah bring harmony in the world. Ameen!

Last Few Days - Bye Orkut

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Last Few Days - Bye Orkut

"Babumushai!' He called me with love in his voice at my recent visit to him." What happened you are looking depressed?" " Am I, " He rubbed his face,looked into the mirror as if I looked what he was hiding his real emotions of pain. Doctors had already made this news public Orkut's days are numbered. I tried to console myself so that he wouldn't feel bad but as I looked into his eyes all those years of our togetherness came in front of me and tears started flowing automatically.

He became upset," Oh! That means you know all." " Yes," " and now you will try to give me your shoulder to cry, to curse my fate, to blame my stars, you will now give me sympathy and some tears of separation. I don't need such type of treatment. Whatever time I have I want to enjoy it. I wants to see everyone smiling. I wants to distribute happiness in this little time left with me. I wish people remember in me a face which not only smiles but also spread smiles." "Orkut! Isn't it any hope?" " Love arises hope my friend and that lovely thing was snatched from me long time ago and after my death news people are coming only to take away their belongings kept with me. That love was lost long time ago"

"But aren't you shocked with sudden news that you are going to die?" " No Babumushai! Zindagi aur maut to uppar wale ke haath main hai ,hum sub to uske hato ki kathputliyan hain, woh kab kahan hamari dor kheench le koi nahin janta.( Life and death are in God's hand. We are puppets in his hand. He can cut our roles whenever He wants.)" That Anandish Orkut was hiding his pain, there was a time when he was apple of everyone's eye but as they say change is permanent he couldn't coup with the change and declined in status and health. Something which remained our integral part became useless after sometimes. This is the law of the nature old gives way to the new. Being unable to say anything I left him to adjust to the situation and accept the reality. He still wanted to spread happiness in the world which I think would ease his last days. Soul is immortal it will change its form if something interesting is available.

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The Unknown Mardaani

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The Unknown Mardaani

It was a Wednesday evening 2 to 3 months back when I decided to go to market. I usually shop online but since I was on a holiday that day my sisters insisted that I bought things I required by myself. " Don't be so lazy, this time try to feel things you are purchasing." They said as giving order.

This was a weekly market in our area famous for cheap and the best things and there was lots of scope for bargaining too. I was roaming alone in the market looking for things I needed when hustle-bustle of the market was breached by a loud scream of 'help!help! The sound of a woman was coming from a deserted by-lane in the market. All those who were present in the market rushed towards that area along with the police constables posted there. 

When I reached there I saw a women hitting a man in dirty clothes with her hand bag and shouting for help. He perhaps was wondering why she was shouting so loud even after giving him such hard blows. A child of about eight or ten years was standing aside. We stopped her and grabbed that man who was a drug addict. She told that her son came here to urinate when this man suddenly came from nowhere and grabbed him. She was standing at the corner of the street keeping an eye on her son. As his son shouted she ran towards him without thinking anything and started hitting him with her hand bag and high heel sandals. He loosened his grip and fell down on the ground but she didn't stop shouting and hitting.

She was explaining it without any fear on her face as if it was her routine. I don't know from where women get strength when their dear ones face some problem. He would have some weapon with him but she didn't give a second thought while attacking him. Police constables arrested that man and appreciated her courage. They told her to come with her husband to the police station in the morning to record her statement. Everyone present there clapped for her. Who could have imagine that salwaar-kameez clad shy and simple looking mother possessed so much power. She went away silently for remaining shopping and that unknown uncommon Mardaani again disappeared in that common crowd.

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Dead Is Alive

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Dead Is Alive

We all faced moments when our smart phone's battery drained out like water from a leaking vessel leaving us without any option of entertainment while in a boring party or during a journey. The problem becomes dangerous when we were alone in a desolate place, with a dead phone we couldn't inform our well being to our family and friends which keep them in state of worry unless we returned. In case of girls condition is more critical looking at increase in rate of crimes. 

In such situations we pray to have a superpower in our phone which give us companion as well as protection in complicated situations. How interesting it would be if phone started acting as a medium to the world of dead people when its battery was dead. You could call them to help you in adverse conditions or converse with them when you were lonely. Since they were omnipresent you would definite to find one if called. It would double the joy if we could see them around us through phone's camera.This power let me see what other's can't and let me do things what others don't like connecting me to someone funny like Charlie Chaplin when I was feeling low, bringing Michael Jackson when in a mood to party alone, having spiritual solace with likes of Sai Baba, saying my heart out to a close dead relative of mine,etc.

The superpower with which dead is alive would provide a partner while travelling alone,would console and give strength when in a deserted place. The today's human is so dangerous and opportunistic that you wouldn't get afraid of someone who don't want anything from life being dead and would stood better with you and for you in time of need. Perhaps I would help some spirit in his/her unfulfilled task (remember Boothnath ad The Sixth Sense). The world of dead people always fascinates me owing to the mystery of unknown attached to it. What happened when we were dead? Do someone really come on Buffalo ? How is heaven and hell? Who judge our sins.? That incredible superpower would open the doors of that unknown world to me and would give answer to all theses questions.

Think If beautifully crafted Asus Zenphone 5 with Intel processor for handling multiple tasks, incredible touch quality,excellent 8MP camera with Pixel Master and whole lots of other incredible feature would have used this feature secretly in it,you couldn't imagine how would you react to it. If this power is not in it then I would love to have it in it.

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Fragrant Oman

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Fragrant Oman

Oman is a prehistoric nation which is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. From caves of stone age and bronze age in Dereaze located in the city of Ibri to the modern day Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque,Oman has everything to vow the variety of tourists. From being part of tales of Arabian nights to now being part of award functions and film promotions Oman has evolved tremendously in catering every one's need.

Jabel Shams mountain,Jabreen castle, the Bimmah sinkhole,Wadi Bin Khalid,Wahiba sands (also known as Sharqiya sand) famous for sand dunes for SUV dune bashing and night camping at Desert Night Camps, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Alkasfah spring,Bandar Khayran Reserve,Turtle Reserve at Ras Al Jinz,beautiful city of Muscat,the list went on and on and on for the things to experience in Oman. The luxurious hotels and priceless hospitality offered by Oman is the requirement of every travel enthusiast. But what attracted me the most in Oman is its Salalah region.

This region in southern Oman receives a blessing from nature that no other region in Arab Gulf is fortunate to 
experience - the monsoon locally known as Kharif,it drapes the desert with a blanket of green and brings the temperatures tumbling down transforming wadis into a verdant paradise. The lush greenery that one witnesses in Salalah during the Kharif season( June to September) is comparable to the greenery of southeastern India giving Salalah the title of ‘Kerala of the Middle East.’ Who wouldn't like to experience a green desert but another unique thing of this region which captivates me more is frankincense due to my love of perfumes.

Frankincense is the aromatic resin of the Boswellia tree, which grows in southern Arabia, northern Africa and India. From Biblical times, it has been regarded as a precious substance and various books of the Bible are replete with mentions describing it as such. Frankincense is used in perfumery and medicine.The Omani researcher and historian, Abdul Qadir bin Salim Al Ghassani, mentions in his bookDhofar, the Land of Frankincense that Alexander the Great had imported huge quantities of incense from Arab lands.Even today Omani perfumes are exported throughout the world and are admired for their fragrance and quality. 

Some sources also suggest that frankincense was used round the throne of King Solomon as incense. Legend holds that when Emperor Nero’s wife died, the Emperor burned the equivalent of the whole of southern Arabian peninsula’s yield of frankincense. In the present time, frankincense is used at the Vatican in Rome.Wadi Dawkah, with its resident frankincense trees, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I would like to visit that place to see frankincense and hold them in my hands to experience that royalty and divinity associated with it. I have read about frankincense honey and ice-cream available in local markets there which I would love to taste.

It is not wrong to say about Oman that 'beauty has an address'. Apart from the beauty bestowed by nature in Oman the friendly and peaceful nature of Omanis is what that wins one's hearts as I learned from a facebook friend of mine working there. Surely a place to be placed at top of the list while planning for a foreign holiday.

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