Book Review : Story of Tublu

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Book Review : Story of Tublu

Story of Tublu is written by Jahid Akhtar and it is his first book. It is published by Lifi Publications and I have received this author signed copy from the author. In his words this book is an amazing journey called life. 

Cover : Cover is simple and nice. A boy and a girl in first half of the cover page depicts a childhood love kind of thing which is true for the story and the city landscape in the lower half looks like Berlin where story ends. Thus cover shows the start and end and their life is inside the book. Full marks for the cover.

Plot: Tanmay aka Tublu a three year old boy left his village with his father Bipin after the Brahmaputra river floods. They went to a faraway land to meet Mr Sharma for some job and shelter after learning about him from an acquaintance. Mr Sharma ran the biggest public school in that area and was a helpful person. He appointed Bipin as his driver and gave them place to live in their backyard. Here Tublu meet Sujata aka Maina Sharma who was Mr Sharma's daughter. With age his likeness for Maina grew strong but he never expressed his feelings. On Paplu's suggestion (son of Mr Sharma) Tublu was admitted in Mr Sharma's school for better future where he joined in Maina's class. Days passed and they came in college. They needed to be apart for their career choices and it was there in the college where Maina met Ikram her senior. They started loving each other. Tublu was shattered after hearing this news but he was happy for Maina's happiness. Story takes curious turns with Mr Sharma's sudden death, Maina's unwanted separation from Ikram and her forceful marriage with Suraj. The journey of Tublu's life moves on in different directions with different people coming and going out from his life and after a rough phase comes a sweet ending. 

Highs : This is a simple story as if we are reading about some real happenings of some real characters. Characters are believable which we can easily see in real life.

Lows : The story is clumsy. Author have jumped from one scene to another without finishing the previous act in the story. He looked lost in language also, it seems he was thinking in some other language and writing it down in English. Repeated use of words like 'earlier', apprehensive','mesmerizing', 'also','very', 'even', lately etcetera ruined reading experience. Some characters and scenes were inserted unnecessarily without there proper role in enhancing the story or in impacting the protagonist's life. I am sorry if I am too harsh but I have to be honest with my work. The story failed in leaving a positive impact on readers.

Verdict : If you wish to read a simple, uninteresting life story than you can pick this book. A story which was going here and there without reaching anywhere.

Rating : I would give it 1.5/5. 

Author wrote interesting memoirs in his blog Flashbacks. 

Movie Review : Saala Khadoos

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Movie Review : Saala Khadoos

Saala Khadoos for me is the Movie of the month January 2016. This month saw some big Bollywood releases like Wazir (two stalwarts wasted in bad storytelling), Chalk N Duster ( a nice movie to claim the place of teachers in our society and a comment on today's education system), Kya Kool Hain Hum 3(vulgarity personified), Mastizaade (another Sunny Leone disaster) and Airlift (impressed with Akshay's performance but story not connectable) along with some other movies. Saala Khadoos stood victorious both in story and performances.

Cast: R. Madhavan as a boxing coach is the male lead of the film and new comer Ritika Singh is the female lead in it supported by Mumtaz Sorcar, Zakir Hussain, Nassar and others. The film is directed by Sudha Kongara and produced by Raj Kumar Hirani, UTV and R. Madhavan.

Marketing: Week marketing as far as reality show promotions are concerned but trailers of the movie were present on every channel at different time slots. Many people knew its release date which is a sign that marketing was up to the mark but not aggressive.

Story : Adi Tomar (R. Madhavan) had a dream to win the boxing gold for India. But his dream was cut short by politics in sports. He lost a decade recovering from the problem during which his sporting career ended. He remain frustrated after his loss and became cynical. He was appointed as women boxing coach but here also due to his rivalry with head of federation played by Zakir Husain,  he was charged with sexual harassment case and send to Chennai to select boxing players a city which was least known for boxing players. It was a move to kill his coaching career as well. Here he met a fiery young woman Madi (Ritika Singh). Adi discovered in her passion and hunger to win similar to him. He became keen to train her for national championship. In spite of her refusal he was adamant to coach her and even pay her to attained training sessions. So begins a partnership between a man who loves his sport and a girl who loves her freedom. It is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a journey towards an impossible dream.

Hit : Outstanding performances by R. Madhavan and Ritika Singh. Superb story and screenplay which never let down your interest from the movies. Film succeeded in conveying the message that politics and favoritism have ruined our sports organisation. I liked it more than Mary Kom which failed to bring out the political part of the games common in India.

Miss : You will definitely miss some good songs in the movie. Although songs are apt for the movie they don't impress the audiences. 

Verdict : Go and watch it this weekend.

Rating : I will give it 4/5.  

Book Review : Monkeys, Motorcycles and Misadventures

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Book Review : Monkeys, Motorcycles and Misadventures

Monkeys, Motorcycles and Misadventures is a travelogue written by Harsha and published by Frog Books of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. It is a non fiction and I have received this book as part of book review program of Reader's Cosmos.

Cover : I didn't like the cover much as it not indicate to an adventures journey. Hanuman's picture is connected to the content along with other animals shown in the picture but it somehow fail to ignite curiosity to read. 

Content: The book is about narrator's dream to follow Lord Hanuman's path which He took in search of Sita(according to Ramayana) from Hampi, Karnataka to Mahendragiri near Nagarcoil, Tamil Nadu and to Sri Lanka. He started this journey with his friends Sri and Sam his best friends who also accompanied him in his previous tours. This book is an account of this journey, their experience and author's retaining faith in humanity and God.

Comments: When I applied for reviewing this book I thought it would be interesting anecdotes of authors journey to Hanuman path but sadly it failed to impress me. The description of places is like reading a boring tour guide without any interesting tales to involve the readers to this book. There are instances in this book which have potential to be interesting but the writing style make them just plain description of events without any humor and adventure. At times it became difficult to continue further reading but since I have to review it I painfully read it till the last page. Although the Sri Lanka journey part was bit interesting than the first half of the book. I like many quotes given in the book and some conversations between author and his friends were also interesting but overall impact of the book is one word  - Boring. Non-fictions should be engrossing with interesting anecdotes, humor or stories.

Verdict: Don't read if you are not interested in following the path taken by Hanauman to reach Sita through author because I am sure the path would be interesting otherwise. Read for some knowledge of places in South India and Sri Lanka.

Rating: I would only give it 1/5. 

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Award Committee

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Award Committee

"Dear members of award committee, being the chairman of this selection committee its my duty to honor the talented people for their contribution to their respective field. This is the list I have made after your recommendations. Please feel free to discuss if you have any doubts so that I can forward a final list to the ministry." The conference room came alive after announcement by the chairman. 

All members started reading the names on the list, it was their responsibility to give a fair decision to keep nation's faith in these prestigious civilian awards. After reading the list there were discussions on some names, they added few to the list and deleted some from it. Finally after two hours all members were satisfied with the outcome. They gave a nod to chairman to announce these names to the ministry. The final list soon reached the PMO for Prime Minister's approval. PM after approving the list send an appreciation letter to the committee.

' Dear members of the committee, I am happy with your work. I am satisfied that after weeks of deliberation you finally zeroed down the name similar to the list send by my office to you at the time of formation of this committee. By doing this task some of you also qualified for next years Padma award list. Thanks again Best of luck for the future.'

All members of the committee were proud of their sycophancy after hearing this letter from the PM. They have done the job given to them. Chairman was on cloud nine, he was sure of Padma Award next year. ' Sycophancy is the best trait to get these awards,' he said to himself and dismissed the committee. 

Note :  Above scene is an imaginative reconstruction of what I think happens in Padma Award committee looking at the awardees each year. 

Special 62

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Special 62

62 billionaires enjoying wealth equivalent to the poorest half of the world population which means their wealth can feed half the world yet hunger and poverty is prevalent in the world. This Oxfam report was published recently just before the World Economic Forum 2016 meeting in Davos - Switzerland. This inequality of resources is root cause of almost all the problems in the world.

The number of richest people owning wealth of the poorest half of the world have decreased from 388 in 2010 to 62 in 2016 which brings forth that only few people are getting richer day by day and they only enjoying the resources of the world. If the world would run by only privileged few than there is nothing which could stop the unrest among the deprived rest. This unrest resulted in crimes, rapes, riots, wars, depression, suicides and what not. Money surely can't buy anything but for those who have nothing even something matters and to get that something from those who have everything they can go to any extent. In short these 62 people are running this world according to their whims and fancies. 

The Indian condition is not too different here only 1% people have wealth equivalent to 99 % of Indian population. The poor mainly consists of Dalits, Muslims and Other Backward Classes and I am not surprised because they are the people exploited by politicians as vote bank without much improvement in their living standards. Dalits and Muslims faced discrimination in the Indian society which have further marginalized their status. 

The inequality is not only among rich and poor but also between Men and Women. The Oxfom report mentioned above suggested just 9 women in the list of 62. Oxfam is calling for urgent action to tackle the inequality crisis and reverse the dramatic fall in wealth of the poorest half of the world. It is urging world leaders in World Economic Forum to adopt a three-pronged approach - cracking down on tax dodging, increased investment in public services and action to boost the income of the lowest paid.  As a priority, it is calling for an end to the era of tax havens which has seen increasing use of offshore centers by rich individuals and companies to avoid paying their fair share to society. This has denied governments valuable resources needed to tackle poverty and inequality.

The black money which remained the hot topic in 2014 election has become outdated now for Modi government, the rich are making wealth and illegally hiding it from the government to save tax. World leaders and Indian leaders must think for quick action to part this inequality among rich and poor. Till then God Bless India, God Bless The World.   

Ek Student Ki Maut

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Ek Student Ki Maut

The title of this post is inspired from a 1990 movie Ek Doctor Ki Maut (Death of A Doctor). The story of this movie was based on the life of Dr. Subhash Mukhopadhyay an Indian physician from Kolkata, India, who created the world's second and India's first child using in-vitro fertilization, Durga who was born 67 days after the first IVF baby in United Kingdom. Unfortunately, Dr. Subhash Mukhopadhyay was harassed by the state government, and not allowed to share his achievements with the international scientific community. Dejected, he committed suicide on 19 June 1981.

There is another incident in similar line of Rohith Vemula a PhD scholar in Hyderabad Central University who was suspended in August last year along with five other research scholars for allegedly attacking member of Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP) a student wing of Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP) without proper investigation of the issue. The Vice Chancellor of the university also stopped his fellowship amounting Rs 1.75 lakhs in these seven months and ordered them to vacate their hostel rooms. Dejected and depressed Rohith Vemula committed suicide on 18th January 2016. 

In both cases some responsible people behaved irresponsibly taking away their precious life. I haven't used the word 'Dalit' for him as used by the media because for me suicide by any student is equally shameful. That doesn't mean that there is no ill-treatment with dalits in that university. This was the 10th suicide by a dalit student in last 9 years. Rohith was punished for protesting with Ambedkar Students Association (ASA) against ABVP's attack on screening of a documentary Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai. He was framed with four others for attacking ABVP student leader and without proper inquiry these five students were suspended, their hostel rooms were sealed and no one from the university authorities heard their grievances. 

Rohith in his last letter held no one responsible for his suicide but for me the vice chancellor who have not listened to them, the BJP MP (Bandaru Dattatreya) who labeled these students as anti national and who wrote letter for action against them after ABVP students met him, HRD ministry who keep on writing letter to the chancellor but never took action against his no reply to those letter, we the people of India who remain quite when constitutional right to protest was suppressed illegally by authorities. 

Such incidents are shattering the ideals of equality and justice on which our constitution is based. Our republic day is coming we must strengthen our vows towards our constitution. The present government in inducing their ideology in the educational system of this country made universities and educational institutions the playing ground of their political motives. They have forgotten that its our unity which have brought us so far in our journey as a nation. 

 I stand in solidarity with Rohith Vemula and hope for some actions for prevention of such incidents in the future. The voice of dissent must not be curbed but listened as feedback for improvement. 

Fragile Religious Sentiments

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Fragile Religious Sentiments

"Kindness is a mark of faith, whoever is not kind has no faith." - Prophet Mohammad

Fragile religious sentiments or ignorance of the followers? Basic principle of every religion is almost same. All religions have same teachings but different gods it’s like so many different companies making same product with a different name. Except some beliefs every religion teaches us the same kindness, humanity, caring and forgiveness. Messengers, gods, prophets or anyone related to any religion are figures of idealism. Their lives are examples to be followed by their believers. 

Now I come back to my question fragile religious sentiments or ignorance of the followers? Followers of every religion, sect or community get offended easily if someone criticizes their religious beliefs it is because of their ignorance they don't argue with criticizers instead try to abuse or physically hurt or kill the criticizers. Situation became out of control when so called torchbearer aka god-mans, mediators between god and follower took things in their hands. They instigate ignorant believers into doing things which appease them and their political allies. 

Recently Kiku Sharda famous comedian best known for his role as Gulgule in Sab TV's FIR and Palak in Colors' Comedy Knights with Kapil arrested for mimicking Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh of Dera Sacha Sauda. Baba's followers get hurt seeing him mimic their sacred leader. What about us who hurt seeing him as hero on silver screen? Interestingly Baba himself is seeking pardon from Sikh community for hurting their sentiments by behaving as Guru Gobind Singh. 

Muslim community staged nationwide protests because Kamlesh Tiwari member of a right wing Hindu organization defamed Prophet Mohammad. One such protest in Kaliachak of district Malda, West Bengal became violent and some of the protesters set a police station, some BSF vehicles on fire. Last year Hindus were also hurt by the depiction of Hindu Gods in the movie PK and some theaters in many parts of the country were attacked for showing the film. Renowned painter M.F.Husain forced to leave India for improper depiction of Hindu Gods. Christians were offended during release of Da Vinci Code. Sikhs became violent when Guru Granth Sahib was damaged and Prophet Mohammad's cartoon violated Muslim's religious sentiments.

Sometimes I think about futility of all Gods who don't have power to stop their insult. How easy is to make a believer angry? Question his/her god and be ready to face the consequences, your rational thinking may be wrong but not the things written in scriptures long ago?If a religion stops rational thinking, I stop blindly following that religion. It is also strange that those who get offended by questioning/mimicking/representing/drawing/ god or His messengers remain unaffected when His creations suffers. So make beliefs in your god strong and respect His sense of judgment. If what He did is always right than whatever He is doing is also right. Stronger beliefs mean stronger sentiments which wouldn't hurt easily. God Bless Himself, His Followers and India. 

Book Review : You Are The Best Wife

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Book Review : You Are The Best Wife

You Are The Best Wife is a memoir written by Ajay K Pandey for his wife. It is story of their love and how he lived his life after her sudden death. I received this book published by Srishti Publishers and Distributors from Reader's Cosmos.

Cover : Cover is nice actually more interesting than the story of this book. Picture of a man and woman meeting at hospital depicting the pain of separation. Pen at one corner is indication of his writing about his wife. 

Plot : It is a true story which starts with Ajay's admission in IERT, Allahabad, he is from Rihand Nagar, Sonebhadra, UP who came to study in that institute. Here he met Bhavna Pradhan who was his classmate. It was love at first sight. They became good friends and Ajay started loving her, sensing similar feelings from her side he proposed her but she wanted only friendship with him. Their love grew gradually with course of time and it was then they decided to marry each other but only with parent's consent. Resistance came from Ajay's family due to their different castes but after some emotional drama by Ajay they were also ready for their marriage. After two years of successful marriage she suddenly died of Dengue leaving an incomplete wish behind. Story ends with Ajay's realization of true life and the lessons learned from it.

Note : It is difficult to review such a book which is so much emotionally connected to author's real life but here as a reviewer it is my duty to judge it as a love story book and point out its good and bad for readers. 

Hits : The language is simple and easily understandable. The flow of the story is nicely maintained till the end. I also liked the message of the story i.e. 'To find happiness in the happiness of others.' There are few more inspirational quotes which I liked in the book.

Miss: The story is predictable. It is straight without any high points. By not writing about incidents of Ajay's visit to Bhavna's house during her sister's marriage and Bhavna's visit to Ajay's house during his sister's marriage writer has lost the opportunity of humor and romance during these occasions. It is not clear in the end what he learned from life and what he was doing after learning these lessons. He has tried to insert some funny lines or incidents which not came out the way he wanted and allegory used at some place are not in sync. If he would have connected the incidents of his life with situations of some movies the story would be more interesting. 

Verdict : Read for Ajay's love for his wife Bhavna

Rating : I would give it 2/5. 

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My List : Top 10 Hindi Film Songs of 2015

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My List : Top 10 Hindi Film Songs of 2015

Songs are must in Hindi movies as they played an important part in our movies. A huge budget is set aside for the songs in a movie, actually they are the first glimpse of movie and the best platform to promote films. It has been observed in the past that some of the worst movies have some of the best songs of that year. I am too fond of music. Old Hindi songs are my favorite but I also keep track of each song released in a year and download those I found melodious.

I have selected these 10 songs from my list of songs of 2015. Here is the list of them from 10 to 1. 

10. Banno - Tanu Weds Manu Returns : A complete foot tapping song totally in sync with the character of Datto played by Kangana Ranaut in the movie. This song played a crucial part in creating hype for this movie.

09. Chand Aasmano Se Lapata Ho Gaya - Alone : You may not remember that Bipasha Basu staring movie but this song of this movie is very melodious. A song in praise of Bipasha's character is worth praiseworthy. 

08. Jeena Jeena  - Badlapur : It scores well in all the three departments of a song lyrics,music and singing.  Listener could feel the loneliness and longing in this song. We have few female lyricist in our industry and with this song Priya Saraiya urged us to crave for more songs from her.

07.Mein Tujhse Pyaar Nahin Karta - Baby : Melody at its best. A different way to express love comes out in this song. This action packed movie don't have much songs but this one helped in film's promotion because it clicked with the audiences.

06. Sun Saathiya - ABCD - 2 : Sachin-Jigar are not known for this kind of soft melodies but they did a great job in this song. Slow choreography in sync with the lyrics also attracts in this song. 

05. Saware - Phantom : I shortlisted two songs from this film another one being foot tapping number Afghan Jalebi but finally zeroed down to this song. Arijit Singh's voice fit such songs perfectly. This song makes you feel for the characters.

04. Tere Bin Nahi Lage Jiya - Ek Paheli Leela : This film was sold solely on Sunny Leone neglecting such a beautiful song composed by Uzair Jaswal and written by Kummar. Beautiful lines of the song echoes in your mind after listening. 

03. Deewani Mastani - Bajirao Mastani : Remo D'Souza surprised me with his choreography in the movie Bajirao Mastani. Pinga and Deewani Mastani was totally different from his style and in this song set up, costumes, dance steps all were fabulous. Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Music and Shreya Ghoshal's velvety voice make this song stunning. Lyrics too was beautiful.

02. Gerua - Dilwale : This song is currently my ringtone. The word Gerua is used for the first time in any Indian Hindi Film song and its relation to sacrifice was beautifully used by lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya to write this love song. Arijit Singh and Antara Mitra's voice were perfect on evergreen onscreen couple SRK and Kajol. Picturization of this song was mesmerizing.

01.Hamari Adhuri Kahani - Hamari Adhuri Kahani : This song is top on my list because it loaded with emotions enough to break you in to tears. This song in a way explains the complete story of the movie and captures beautifully the emotions,love,pain and passion of this movie. Arijit carried this song superbly which is penned by Rashmi Virag and composed by Jeet Ganguli.

On music front this year was not too bad. There are other songs like Selfie from Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Meherbani from Shaukeens, Yadaan Teriyaan, O Khuda from Hero, Teri Meri Baatein from Piku , Suraj Dooba Hai and Chittiyan Kalaiyan from Roy and many more songs which I liked in this year. Music help us to concentrate, connect and even in easing our pains. Connection of Indian films and music is inseparable but they shouldn't compromise with the flow and pace of the story. Waiting for many more good songs this year. 

Taakat Watan Ki Tumse Hai

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Taakat Watan Ki Tumse Hai

I can't find enough words to thank our soldiers and officers of our armed forces for safeguarding us. Every time there is a terrorist attack, a natural calamity or any other adverse situation they lead from the front without caring for their lives. It is their selfless sacrifices which gives power to the nation and maintains peace in the country.

The military yet again proved its worth by neutralizing Pathankot Attacks in which group of heavily armed terrorists who attacked Pathankot Air Force Station (part of Western Air Command of Indian Air Force) were executed after a long battle of around four days. Seven soldiers (5 Defense Security Corps personnel, 1 IAF Garuda Commando and 1 National Security Guard) sacrificed their lives in killing six terrorists. Seven crucial lives were lost due to intelligence failure and lack of coordination among various defense agencies. 

 It is not the first instance that terrorists entered by crossing Beas River on India-Pakistan border yet security was not tightened in that area. Why Punjab Police didn't take any action after the news of abduction of the superintendent of Punjab Police Salwinder Singh whose vehicle was captured by them to reach their destination. The recovery of dead body of a civilian driver also failed to alert Punjab Police about the seriousness of the situation. The Home minister behaved immaturely in briefing the media about the incident and the media also was not managed properly during the operation. It seemed that there was no coordination between the central government, home ministry, defense ministry and the commanders of the operation. Although the operation succeeded bravely thanks to our soldiers it exposed the NSG condition which hasn’t changed since 26/11 Mumbai Attacks of 2008. 

National Security Guard and other armed forces still lacks bullet proof jackets and state-of-the-art equipment promised to them after Mumbai Attacks. The media management we learned during that incident still appeared forgotten to me during this attack. Live reporting and continuous negative commentary by news channels created an atmosphere of fear, hatred and war among the citizen of the country. Why politicians considered life of soldier useless to not take security measures promptly? Why media is not managed by proper authority? Why government acted in haste to report the details of the operation to media? 

Narender Modi after coming in power not only broke the protocol but also broke the Indian government's stand to talk with Pakistan only after they stop sending terrorists to India. I am not questioning his actions however they failed to show any positive impact in relationship of India and Pakistan. For every terrorist attack India blame Pakistan and if you look at reports of Pakistan they blame India for such incidents in their country. There is distrust between these two countries which further widens in news channel debates and news paper editorials. Thus any actions which grab undue public attention should be avoided and official level talks should continue without media attentions in spite of such attacks which try to derail the peace process. 

Once again in the end I like to salute our soldiers whose bravery didn't get any mention in our political discourse and who are neglected by every political regime. I am leaving you with this song of courage of our soldiers 'Taakat Watan Ki Hum Se Hai' from the movie Prem Pujari

My List: Top 10 Hindi Movies of 2015

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My List: Top 10 Hindi Movies of 2015

I am an ardent movie buff who has made it a duty to watch all Hindi movies. Hollywood movies lack songs, drama and the X factor of Hindi movies. Their hyped big budged movies have ruthless violence or unnecessary sex scenes or aliens and super heroes. Our movies are total time pass and that was my criteria of making this list. These movies according to me are full time pass, entertaining, meaningful in one way or the other and are having X factor. List is in order of their release: 

1. Badlapur : This movie blew me with its performances. Varun Dhawan was totally different from what he was known for and the role performed by Nawazuddin Siddiqui remained with you after watching it. He is truly a versatile actor. The story was gripping and underlines a message that it is difficult to pardon but necessary for freedom to live. 

2. Dum Laga Ke Haisha : The film captured 90's atmosphere beautifully. Ayushman Khurana and Bhumi Padhekar did full justice to their characters. The brewing of love between the two strangers by accepting shortcomings of each other is shown in an entertaining way by maintaining the emotional quotient of the story. I would rate it the best performance from Ayushman Khurana till date.

3. NH10 : Anushka Sharma was one of my favorite actress before her lip surgery which snatched charm of her face but this film shows that her acting charm has not gone away with her looks. She did a role usually unexpected from Indian heroines. The film keep you hooked even without songs and a male lead character which I think is the USP of this movie.

4. Tanu Weds Manu Returns: Expectations from Kangana Ranaut was high after her Queen performance which she fulfilled with flying colors for her performance as 'Datto' the Jat girl in the film. Director Anand L. Rai and script writer truly deserves the success of this film because sequels better than the original film are rare in Indian cinema. 

5. Hamari Adhuri Kahani : Mohit Suri the director of this film has perfected incomplete love stories those love stories which don't essentially require physical union of lovers and which ended in death of either one or both the lovers. Awargee, Jannat 2, Ek Villain, Aashique 2 all were based on union of souls which Vidhya Balan summarizes in this film's dialogue, ' Usne Mera Jism Nahin Meri Ruh Ko Chua Hai,’ The flow of emotions, the tenderness of love and sacrificial love of Emraan Hashmi were the takeaway from this movie. Title song too was heart moving. 

6. Bahubali : This film released simultaneously in Tamil, Telagu and Hindi language. One should learn the scale of grandness and vastness of imagination and execution. The story is similar to other South Indian films where Hero can do anything he wants but the grand scale and direction make it a blockbuster movie of this year. No other dubbed movie did business in Hindi cinema like this one and the question it raised still is without answer.' Kattappa Ne Bahubali Ko Kyun Mara?' I am waiting for its next part. 

7. Bajrangi Bhaijaan : Who could have expected that Salman Khan would easily transform from his action image to someone who has so much innocence. He perfectly justified his role along with Nawazuddin Siddique who showed his comic side brilliantly. This film is about human emotions and love which is universal and that's why it touches your heart.

8. Drishyam : I usually get distracted while watching movies but this one was different it keeps you at the edge of your seat. The gripping screenplay and simple yet convincing acting by Ajay Devgn glued you to your seats till the last frame. A perfect thriller released in 2015.

9. Talvar : This movie changed the way I looked at Aarushi murder case before. Talvar in this movie refers to investigation agency which truly plays an important role in bringing true facts of a case in front of court. Irffan, Konkana Sen, has strong roles which they performed well but it scores high for his screenplay and direction so applauds for Vishal Bhardwaj and Meghna Gulzar for this wonderful researched film.

10. Dilwale : I have selected this movie only for Shah Rukh Khan. It has a weak story but an entertaining screenplay. SRK and Kajol's chemistry is the highlight of the film. Rohit Shetty knows best how to make a high earning film but SRK in his Chennai Express was far better than his Dilwale. 

When I prepared the list of best movies of 2015, I shortlisted only 14 movies which shocked me looking at the number of movies released in this year I hope making above list would be much difficult for me in the next year than this year. The other fuor movies on my list were Manjhi - The Mountain Man, Phantom, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Bajirao Mastani. If I have to select the best film of the year I would pick Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Good or bad I will anyways watch them for love of Hindi Cinema. Films I am looking forward in 2016 are Airlift, Fan, Wazir, Raees, Dangal, Sultaan, Jagga Jasoos, Nirja , Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Azhar and Aligarh.