The Rise of The Indian Taliban

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The Rise of The Indian Taliban

Family of Mohammad Akhlaq

If we were against Taliban and their atrocities in Afghanistan then we must raise our voices against the emergence of the same in India the country known in the world for peace and humility. The new trend of curbing rational and scientific thinking evident from the murders of rational thinker M.M. Kalburgi and Narender Dhobalkar. Bans of different kinds to restrain freedom of people. Killing or abusing of people who speak against any wrongdoing. Confining women to homes. These are all signs of the rise of Indian Taliban i.e the group of fanatics which think what they are doing is right and every one must follow their will.

These groups are dividing society on the basis of religion to spread their agenda by creating animosity between the communities. Recent public lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri village of UP for alleged possession of beef which was not even banned in the state and killing of a Muslim youth in Kanpur area by projecting him as a Pakistani terrorist confirms the reach of Hindu fanatics in the interiors of our villages. Since the time Modi government has came in power such incidents have increased drastically, groups claiming them as torch bearer of Indian culture beat Muslim youths seen talking to Hindu girls, they don't allow them entry in Garba and other such celebrations which are breaking 'Ganga-Jamuni' culture of India to intermingle in each other's festivals. Hindu dominated societies deny flats to Muslims, some companies inclined to their thinking don't give jobs to Muslims. This have never happened in the country so openly before, a trend which is a threat to India's unity.  

Below is the table showing trend of the rise of The Indian Taliban : 


·         Eat according to Islamic beliefs. (Pork Ban, Liquor Ban)

·         Women should not study, work, should remain covered.

·         Religious education of Quran and other Muslim scriptures.

·         Other faiths not allowed.

·         Attacks on people of other religion and destroying their religious places.(Destructions of ancient Jain temples)

·         Western education and traditions is state enemy.(Attack on Malala Yusufzai)

·         Public lynching of offender.

·         Eat according to Hindu beliefs. (Beef ban, meat ban)

·         Women should not work (leads to male unemployment – Chattisgarh text book) , Should keep long hairs.

·         Religious education of Geeta, Vedas and other ancient Hindu scriptures.

·         Other faiths need Ghar Wapsi.

·         Attacks on people of other religion and destroying their religious places. ( Church attack in Haryana,W.B, mosque attacked in U.P, Bihar.

·         Western culture against our tradition.

·         Public lynching of offender.

Uttar Pradesh is witnessing highest number of communal clash cases, riots incidents and hate crimes. Akhilesh Yadav's failure in curbing these incidents is an open secret, Mulayam Singh Yadav's sudden soft heart for Narender Modi and then allowing of communal clashes in the state I think have something to do with CBI inquiry scheduled against him. Whatever be the reason but the common people are facing the burnt of this fire. The victims of riots are not limited to people of Muslim or any other minority community but poor people of all religions suffers its brutality. 
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The spread of fanaticism of any kind is injurious to the health for a progressive society. These fanatics bring the rocks of culture,tradition and religion in the way of development by limiting our thought processes and thus cutting our wings of free thinking. A strong action is required against these forces and when we have Prime Minister who believes that communal-ism is poison for society, I hope for a strong and effective action against these incidents. I also wants to appeal to the people of all  the communities to not give your ears to the rumors by hate mongers. Whatsapp and facebook are good to connect with friends but these days they are used mostly to spread hate messages which you must avoid to send further for the development and betterment of the nation. 

Book Review : Operation India One

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Book Review : Operation India One

Operation India One is written by Shiv Kumar who works as Commercial Tax Officer for the government of Bihar. The book is published by Om Books International and I have received this signed copy from the author. The book is a journey into Naxalite affected area of Bhagatpur, Bihar.

Cover : Impressive cover. Gives an idea about military action which matches the title related to Operation India One. It attracts and creates interest in the reader about the story which I think is the purpose of the book covers.

Plot: Intelligence Bureau (IB) planned a secret mission (Operation India One) to eliminate MAF a Naxal organisation based in the remote village of Bhagatpur, Bihar. ACP Gautam Dhaliwal of Delhi Police got involved in the mission after arresting MAF chief in a Delhi raid. Charulata the second in command of MAF became more violent after their chief's arrest. Gautam then went to Bhagtpur on secret mission after IB's instruction where he met his college friend Nisha who was running a NGO there for betterment of people of Bhagatpur. Gautam's interactions with Nisha and villagers changed his perception about the mission and he took a drastic decision which changed the course of his life and Operation India One. The plot showing the true face of Indian politics take many turns to reach an action packed climax.

Thriller : The checkmates of Indian politics to retain chair was beautifully presented in the book. The detail account of Naxal problem, its effect on local people, inefficiency of our system in curbing the movement and the political games played in its shadow comes out well with the narrative. The action sequences are written superbly which transported you straight into the war zone.  

Spoiler : Author's vision about the story is not clear in the plot. At one point the characters supporting the mission turns against it and at other point they became part of it and then again changes their view. In highlighting the political game, characters are not properly explored. The plot lacks the emotional connect with the characters of the story which further disconnects it from readers. I found the language repetitive and uninteresting in accordance to the plot.

Verdict : The book is a nice read to see the ugly face of Indian politics and apathy of Naxal affected areas but it fails in its impact and vision. 

Rating : I would give it 2/5.   
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Back Off India!

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Back Off India!

First #GoBackIndia during Nepal Earthquake and Now #BackOffIndia after promulgation of new constitution by Nepalese is a proof of diplomatic failure of Indian government in dealing with Nepal. The people of Nepal trended Back Off India hash tag on Twitter worldwide after Indian government try to intervene in their internal matter by taking note on seven points in their new constitution. Yogi Adityanath MP of ruling party BJP ( Bhartiya Janata Party) from Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh went one step ahead in dictating terms to them by sending a letter to Nepal constitution assembly suggesting to make Nepal a Hindu State than a Secular State.

We have a tradition of politeness in our Indian values but the present government which cared for culture and tradition so much that they have separate Cultural Ministry forgets that basic principle of our culture while dealing with our neighbors. They show a Big brother attitude to the smaller nations, the Akhand Bharat (Unified India) advertised by associates of the government challenges unique identities of these nations which is unacceptable to their people. Pakistan, Myanmar and now Nepal's mention to India to back off from their internal affair have maligned India's international image. 

PM Narender Modi says that Indian felt ashamed of them before he was Prime Minister of India but we have never faced such humiliation in international arena for our government's action in the past. If the government have some suggestions and ideas for their new constitution or even if they have some objections to it they would send a diplomat to Nepal to deal with it secretly without creating media hype which have brought embarrassment to both the countries. It seems Nepal's move of adopting a secular state over Hindu state have spoiled ruling party's agenda to promote the same in India.

Tweet: #BackOffIndia another proof of #Modi government's foreign policy failure via @cifarshayar

It is true that happenings in neighbor's house effect situation in our home but that doesn't mean we dictate them how to live or how to deal in a particular situation. When we are not comfortable with someone’s intervention in our internal matters then why we expect the opposite from others. I have said so many times that Modi government need to revisit their foreign policy in case of our neighboring countries to have better connections with them. Boosting what you have done for them on international stage is not a right move when we in India believe in the concept that even left hand shouldn't know about the help made through right hand. I hope for some better strategies from the government so that we not hear phrases like #BackOffIndia from any nation in the future.

Book Review : The Secrets of The Dark

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Book Review : The Secrets of The Dark

The Secrets of The Dark written by Arka Chakrabarti is first part of the series The Saga of Agni. This book is published by Shrishti Publishers and Distributors and I have received this book as a part of Book Review program by The Reader's Cosmos. The series is a fantasy fiction about adventures of Agni.

Cover : The cover justifies the title by depicting some dark figures signifying The Seven which were discussed in the book. It's an ordinary design and after reading the book I think this could be better if a picture of Agni surrounded by some shadows at the background of a burning ship would be there, anyways it is not a bad cover design.

Plot : There are two stories running simultaneously in the narrative which may connect in the next part:

  1. Agni was an orphan found at sea shore by Briksha a merchant sailor and raised as King Adhirath's ward along with Prince Yani and Briksha's son Vrish. Agni loved Briksha's daughter Malini and wanted to marry her to experience the joy of a family he never had. She died along with her father at an accidental fire in their ship when Agni and Vrish were at festival of Trinetra in the city of Himadri at The Land of the Rising Sun. His last meeting with Malini on her death bed revealed that fire was not an accident but a planned act of killing. His search for truth lead him to discover his past and the motive of his birth. Agni and Vrish in journey full of dangers uncovers many secrets to know the reason behind Malini's death. Will they overcome all dangers to know the secret?
  2. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Leu in The Land of The Setting Sun was under threat from Beast's attack after the seat of king became empty because of ill health of King Crux who had only a daughter Princess Lysandra which according to the law of land is not entitled to become heir to the throne. The Lysandra known as warrior princess decided to have a war to regain their city than to give her kingdom easily to them. Will she win? 
Thriller : How story unfolds in a captivating narrative is the highlight of the book. Author has beautifully created a new world and have made it believable in a fantastic way. You started thinking that such a land really exists and all of them, Darshana, King Arkansas, Mahaguru Sidak, Agni, etc are real characters. The suspense is maintained till the end and it unfolded naturally in the climax without extra efforts. The book is part of a series but where it finishes it completes a chapter properly and reader not feels that it is incomplete.

Spoiler : Malini was killed without exploring romantic side of Agni which further detaches reader from Agni's pain of her loss. I think the story of Kingdom of Leu shouldn't be there but told in next chapters. Here in this chapter it stops the flow of narrative and make this book a lengthy read. 

Verdict : If you love adventure, if you love thriller, if you love suspense, if you love fantasy or if you just love reading a good fiction than this book is for you. A thrilling tale of an unknown world which looks believable. 

Rating : I would give it 4/5.

I have read the second part much before the first part. The Book Review of second part : The Rise of Grey Prince.

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Women Power

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Women Power

It is beyond doubt that a woman is powerful but it's sad that we have to say it again and again because many people in our country and world believes opposite of it. They treat women as inferior to them and didn't value their contribution in our lives and society. Women have achieved significantly in every field of life. She is the best homemaker, the best business woman, the best in field of cinema & art, the best in field of politics and so on. Yet she is not empowered and suffers badly in our society.

This distinction happens because we have made women special by creating God out of them instead of treating them as mere human. Now as god they have to maintain certain set of rules written in scriptures or orally imposed by traditions breaking of which is considered as an act below morality of a woman. The woman must adhere to these orthodox boundaries which were never drawn for men and the girl or woman who wants to come out of it is either labelled as a whore, a witch or a weed unwanted to the society for fear of ruining others. 

 I think women want to be treated equally than as a special being which have reduced them to a commodity. Treating someone specially means you don't consider them equal to yourself. Equality not only means equality in opportunity but equality in respect. I definitely believe that men is aware of this difference but don't want to breach it because they think that their power depends on suppression of women. That's the tragedy with power it comes at the cost of some one's rights. The patriarchal society snatches rights of women to establish superiority of men. Religion, custom, tradition and scriptures become their tool to affirm their right to rule over women. 

Until this unending urge of power in men which is not only the cause of misery of women but also the reason behind some of the biggest problems in the world ends the equality of women remains a dream. The people who wants to make women powerful must do so without asking for privileges . Separate queues at ticket counters, less income tax rates, reservation at any level, etcetera have only made women puppets in men's hand. This is their way to show women as weaker sex and thus denying equality to them. Yes there is a need to uplift women but as their right and not as kindness towards them because the feeling of kindness make the one at the receiving end inferior to you. So, women which has power of life is much powerful than what we men can think about them. 

One Patient, Three Deaths.

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One Patient, Three Deaths.

couple with Avinash in happier times.

That's heading sounds weird because one patient means one death if he/she was seriously ill but one patient's death leads to two more deaths in Lado Sarai area of the capital of India, Delhi. The incident is another example of unsympathetic private hospitals which this time resulted in not the death patient i.e Avinash Raut a seven year old boy who succumbed to dengue on September 8 but also the death of his parents Laxman Chandra Raut and Babita Raut who jumped off from fourth floor of their building together and ended their life.

Avinash Raut was rejected admission due to lack of beds by five hospitals Moolchand, Max Saket, Akash Hospital, Saket City Hospital and Irene Hospital and when he was finally admitted to Batra Hospital his condition was deteriorated so much that doctors couldn't save his life. The doctors who treated him told that they could save him if he would have come 10-12 hours earlier the nine hours of which was wasted in searching a place in the reputed Delhi hospitals. Both central and state government have ordered legal inquiry in that issue because August 28 order of Delhi government compels hospitals to not deny any dengue patient due to lack of beds. 

The Dengue fever is common in Delhi at that time of the year yet government remained unprepared which leads to hundreds of death each year. The attitude of money making hospitals at such a critical time add salt to wounds of Delhihites. There is no social awareness from both the governments on Dengue which become dangerous only if mishandled. The mere proper maintenance of fluids in the body along with the blood pressure is enough to control the dengue. The self medication using aspirin can cause damage to the patient. Only use paracetamol tablets for dengue. 

The private hospitals which according to the Supreme Court's order must reserve 25% seats for poor often deny entry to them but in this case Avinash denied entry because his parents were not influential people or they won't have any extra money to throw on their faces. It is shameful for us that private hospitals are mushrooming in the city and government hospitals neither increasing in number nor increasing in facilities. Barring few all government hospitals have become place of attracting diseases instead of curing them. 

This incident was heart wrenching where parents blamed themselves for their son's death to end their lives. Perhaps this was an uncontrollable situation but if hospitals' view towards the patient would be a bit sympathetic these lives would be saved. 

Bang The Ban

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Bang The Ban

The recent eight day meat ban in Mumbai for a Jain festival is not the first for the city. The city have previously been involved in banning Dance Bar, Bear Bar, Night Life, Beef etc even a facebook post against ban during death of Balasahab Thackerey resulted in jail for a lady and her friend. I wonder how people of such a progressive and modern city live with so much bans. 

They say that they want Mumbai to be like Shanghai a city under dictatorial Chinese authority where you don't have any right to stand and speak against the government and If I am not wrong the first step in this direction has been taken by the Maharashtra Government with an order in which any written or verbal statement against the government would be considered as treason or the crime against the State. If they are making Shanghai in this way than I am sure Mumbaikars better prefer Mumbai over it. 

We in other parts of India knows Mumbai as a city which never sleeps, which fulfill dreams and which accepts you without judging who you are. This is the city which have emerged victorious from every troubled situation and I think Mumbaikars should raise their voices against any injustice to the free spirit of Mumbai and the right to freedom of our constitution. If you are banning meat for a Jain festival for eight days than you should ban vegetables during four days of Bakri Eid or Eid-ul Zuha.

Every one is free to follow his/her religion in this country and if someone is not happy with someone's else action during practice of their religion then community discussions should be the way out and not the government interference with ban. The city has a bad name for banning and abusing of north Indians by a political group but people there welcomed everybody with open hearts and I am sure they will bang every kind of ban which present city in a bad light.

Opportunity To live

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Opportunity To Live. 

"The smallest coffins are the heaviest."

The image of three year old Aylan Kurdi wearing bright red T-shirt and shorts and lying face down in the surf on the beach town of Bodrum, Turkey is enough to raise the question on our humanity. The boy was on a ship that capsized due to overload while going from Turkey to Greece. This wasn't the only case of boat capsizing, many boats carrying the refugees out of war-torn Syria have facing the similar fate.

The four and a half year long civil war in Syria have resulted in lost of life and childhood of Syrian children. The fear of dying have forced Syrian people to take refuge in neighboring countries of Europe and Asia. In their move to leave their country quickly they often overload the boats which resulted in mid sea capsizing of boats. But their problems just not ends there. Many countries are refusing entry to them and if they are allowed in some countries they lived in conditions which made them wish to die in war than to escape and live in fear and disgust. The so called rich Arab countries which are making the biggest and tallest buildings are so poor on humanitarian front to let children die by refusing any refugees on their soil. The UK government who was also denying entry to refugees is now ready to accommodating them after public outcry on social sites on seeing Aylan's image at Bodrum coast. Germany is the only country in Europe which have no restrictions on entry of refugees.

Sometimes I wonder what is the role of United Nations in the world when they don't have any powers to save life of millions of innocent people dying in such wars? Why don't they provide safe passage to people who are willing to move out of war-zone for a better life? Why USA who put its nose in every world affair is not inter mediating in resolving Syrian crisis? The conditions in Syria have also give rise to influence of ISIS in that region which further adds to threat to the world.

We as humans have failed in becoming a decent species. Our ever increasing desires and ambitions have reduced this beautiful world to a place to vent out our frustrations. The children who are unaware of any ill happenings around them suffers the most in any crisis. A hands up image of a Syrian child after seeing a camera still haunts me it describes what type of live we are giving to our children and what kind of world we are making. I appeal to all the nations which are still unmoved by the refugee crisis to welcome them with open hearts. We often say that today's world is inter connected but I don't think people in India have any concern about what is going in that part of the world. Few channels and newspapers are giving time and space to this news.

A world without children wouldn't be a nice place to live. As humans we must stand up for the cause of humanity. Here in the end I would also like to pray for all the children of the world who are dying of hunger, violence and diseases. May God give them opportunity to live which we humans have snatched from them. 

Salim-Suleiman's latest video song 'Khalipan' (The Void) written by Amitabh Bhattacharya and sung by Salim presents a horrifying image of world without children. 

Movie Review : Phantom (2015)

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Movie Review : Phantom (2015)

Phantom is an Indian action thriller film directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Siddharth Roy Kapur starring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif in leading roles. The film is a fictional and imaginative account of India's action after 26/11 Mumbai Attacks.

Marketing : The leading cast was present everywhere to promote this film be it reality shows, News channels or magazine and newspaper interviews. The public was aware of its release dates and there was a craze for it among the audience as Kabir Khan's previous release Bajrangi Bhaijaan is among the biggest earner of this year.

Music : The music album has six songs four of which are different versions the song Afghan Jalebi which is a foot tapping number. Saware in Arijit Singh's voice is also a good song. Unnecessary songs were not inserted in the narrative which was a good thing for the movie.

Story : R.A.W (Research and Analysis Wing) the secret service agency of Indian government plans a mission to execute all accused of 26/11 Mumbai attacks including Hafiz Saeed the mastermind of the attack residing in Pakistan. They select Daniyal Khan (Saif Ali Khan) an ex-Indian Army officer who was expelled from army for not acting according to orders which lead to death of his team members. He to regain his lost respect carry out the operation Phantom with help of Nawaz Mistry (Katrina Kaif) another R.A.W agent. Will they able to kill Hafiz Saeed in Pakistan? How they carry out the dangerous plan? Will they come back alive? A fast paced narrative answers all the questions.

Hits: This is the first time that Saif looks impressive in an action movie other than the Race series. The narrative is fast and simple which keeps the audience hooked to their seats. The action sequences are up to the mark and not exaggerated to show the protagonist as some super hero. The protagonist being a Muslim character rules out the possibilities of movie becoming an anti Muslim tale.

Miss : I missed the chemistry between Katrina Kaif and Saif Ali Khan. Though I was not expecting the love songs around trees but an emotional connect between the two should enhance the connect with the characters. The similar idea was previously used in D-Day which was based on bringing back Dawood Ibrahim back to India so the idea is not new. The climax could have been better than this. 

Verdict : Must watch to experience a dream which is impossible in reality. 

Rating : I would give it 3/5.