Useless Parcel

Useless Parcel

About three-four years ago,I was reclining at home watching television when my mother came and said to me ," You are on holiday today that doesn't mean you can't shave, I hate that smelly stubble look of yours,It seems ugly on your face," I interrupted her with a dose of enlightening thought that body is mortal one should try to make one's soul beautiful at this point door bell interrupted me. I went outside there was a man with parcel. I was surprised to see a parcel with my name on it, because I hadn't order for anything.

He refused to give it to me because he could only gave that parcel to the one whose name was on it by verifying it with the photograph he had.He was carrying a photostat of my old photograph with a clean shaven face unmatched to my stubble face that day,my curiosity to open that parcel was also increasing so I made him wait for few minutes and shave off my beard and mustache my mother laughed at me.I went again to him with a new face and my driving license then he smiled and gave that parcel to me.

It was from a publication house.I remembered that I filled a form during my Delhi Book Fair visit for free comics and magazines.I opened it with excitement as this was the first time I was receiving something free but all my enthusiasm came to an end to see a magazine and lots of pamphlets with different subscription offers to be filled and send with a demand draft to receive their books and magazines. I threw them in dustbin and thought that why I shaved.

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I would like to tag Arish Dhawan, Roshan Yadaw and Saru Singhal in this post.


  1. nice WOW entry. all the best for PASS contest

  2. Perhaps your soul needed a nice clean body too. Oh lol, that was a nice take ont hhe prompt.
    Dropping by from the WoW prompt.

    Suzy-Someday Somewhere

  3. Nice post..good luck for th contest... :)
    Btw, whats the logic behind the tag?

    1. tagging is part of the contest visit link for details

  4. Life is full of disappointment. Get a helmet.

  5. Good one, Sifar! Imagine shaving in anticipation & not getting goodies in return! :)
    Even I combined both the WOW & PASS prompts :)


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