Gang Of Four ( Part - 1 )

Gang of Four( Part - 1)

Arjun,Deepak, Ejaz and Raghav were childhood buddies. They attended same school and were studying in same college. They were like one soul in four bodies.Their bond of friendship got a new name in college the Gang of Four. They have some conditions attached to their friendship since their school days like not to date the same girl, to choose similar stream in high school regardless to family pressure,to have a stubble look throughout their life, always to attend each other's phone even if busy,to not have best friends from outside the group,to not hide any family problem from each other,etc.etc.

Their stubble look gave them an identity of their own. They sometimes look identical to each other owing to their same heights, body shapes and with that mustache and beard style. Their bond of friendship also gave them a reputation in their locality and college but there was a drawback of this. Girls avoided to have friendship with them first because of their closeness and second because most girls like a clean shaven look,they refused them by saying ," I hate that unclean stubble." Sometimes they thought to change their style but how can they forget their oath they took in class six.

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  1. Ah! This is going to be interesting series. I like to read them all :) Thanks for accepting the tag :)

  2. Wonderful stories of friends!
    I have accepted your tag in postSmelly Stubble. Hope you will accept mine too :)


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